Top 10 Employee GPS Tracking Apps You Need To Explore in 2021

A GPS tracking app can help you keep your staff’s performance at the highest level. Here’s a list of the top 10 employee gps tracking apps you can check out!

Employee GPS Tracking

With time, employee GPS tracking is undoubtedly becoming an essential part of running a business in this modern world. Today, the economy comprises hundreds of small and medium-sized companies that employ a relatively small workforce. This implies that centralized and organized employee monitoring systems are often quite impossible to implement.

The organization might need customized and in-house tracking solutions that simply can not be developed by such businesses.

Regardless, small business owners would still want to track and supervise their employees during working hours. So, the question that arises is this:

What is the most straightforward, most effective, and economical approach a small business owner can take to monitor his workforce?

Fortunately, several third-party employee GPS tracking apps offer some features. But they will not cost you a fortune to run. If you’re a small/medium business owner, you can easily find various systems that consist of their own set of features and options. And we are here to help you select the right one for your workforce.

In this article, we’ll equip you with all the knowledge and information you need to choose the best employee GPS tracking app for your business. Here, we have made our research on the top employee GPS tracking apps. We have also given an overview of each system and discussed its pros and cons. Without further ado, let’s dive in to see which of these employee GPS tracking apps would best suit your workforce.

Top 10 Employee GPS Tracking Apps of 2021

1. Apploye

GPS Tracking App Apploye

In our search for the 10 best employee GPS tracking apps, Apploye tops the list. It is not only a time tracking app but an all-in-one solution to managing your workforce. This app provides big and small companies, remote teams, and freelancers a multifunctional platform to make the best usage of your time and capital.

Apploye has brilliant features that offer a GPS tracking solution and time tracking, employee scheduling, employee monitoring, and productivity checking. This app is easily compatible with both mobile and desktop.


Apploye offers a brilliant user-interface. It is simple, effective, and user-friendly. It also enables you to record your employees’ route, attendance, and position history.

Besides, this app has a feature known as the clock in and out feature. This feature lets you record the starting and ending times. It also allows you to turn the feature off when you take a break.

Additionally, the locations tracker lets you oversee outdoor employees. It also can supervise your payroll with its versatile payment method.

Moreover, Apploye offers a productivity measurement tool to observe individual employee performance. It will also provide a detailed report of your employees’ working hours and work progress.


  • Offers a free trial for 7 days

  • Offers real-time location tracking of your remote employees

  • Monitors attendance and working hours without any hassle

  • Checks the progress level of small teams so that you can rest assured

  • Increases the overall work efficiency of your remote employees with its effective monitoring


  • Apploye does not support iOS yet. However, the team is working on it.

  • So far, it offers a limited number of integrations.


Apploye’s pricing is as versatile as the features it has to offer. This app will give you the best value for your money without you having to make a hole in your pocket. As such, it comes in 4 different pricing options.

Give Apploye a try!

2. Hubstaff

Next up in our list of the top 10 employees, GPS tracking apps are Hubstaff. Hubstaff is a time tracking solution built for teams to help them understand how they use their time. That way, they can ensure maximum productivity.

GPS Tracking App Hubstaff

Founded in 2012, Hubstaff has developed powerful features to make the most out of its comprehensive employee monitoring system ever since. As such, this app has also added geofences to track GPS location and time more accurately. Thus, it has become a perfect all-around solution for a small, medium, or even large business.


Hubstaff consists of features that are designed to help your team the highest level of productivity. The platform initially started as an online monitoring system for businesses depending on a remote or freelance workforce. However, it now has a complete set of features that makes it an attractive choice for teams in a vast range of professions. Be it landscapers, consultants, developers, or attorneys, - Hubstaff is quite a popular choice for all.

Hubstaff features GPS and location tracking, activity monitoring, time tracking, app and URL tracking, geofencing, and optional screenshot capture. It also consists of online timesheets, invoicing as well as automatic payroll options. You can customize almost all of these features according to your needs.

This platform also integrates with more than 30 different project management tools, including but not limited to Hubstaff Tasks, Basecamp, Asana, and so on. Hubstaff is compatible with both Android and iOS. This allows you to monitor your workforce even when they’re working remotely.

Using a GPS tracking system, you can get the locations and total working hours for individual employees. Again, with the help of geofences, your team can automatically start tracking their work the moment they enter the workplace.


  • Offers a large number of intuitive features

  • Has a user-friendly interface

  • Supported on both Android and iOS

  • Suitable for teams across various industries


  • Primarily targets businesses that rely on a freelance workforce

  • Offers limited features for lone freelancers


Hubstaff has three pricing plans. The Solo Lite is completely free of cost, i.e., $0. The essential Plan costs $5 per user per month. Lastly, the Premium Plan costs $10 per user per month.

3. Hellotracks

GPS Tracking App Hellotracks

Hellotracks is our next choice in the list of top employee GPS tracking apps. It is a platform that primarily focuses on field services. It provides many features for those who run logistics, delivery, transportation, sales, and other business types that rely on a remote workforce.


Hellotracks offers you a pretty simple way to track all your employees.

This platform also supports a web interface that allows administrators to oversee the entire workforce. It also consists of a built-in messaging system that offers accessible communication between the field and office employees.

And that’s not all. Hellotracks offers more. With this software, you can track every employee, assign tasks, and oversee those as that work progresses. Administrators also can enable automatic data collection to collect data about employees’ effectiveness and performances.

Moreover, they can monitor every employee’s performance, track the number of tasks they’ve finished, the number of times they’ve experienced a delay in work, their average mileage, and so on.

Besides, the mobile app allows employees to notify managers when they finish an assignment quickly. The app also enables accessible communication among team members.

All in all, Hellotracks is the perfect choice for field service businesses. However, it lacks certain standard features like the app and web monitoring, taking screenshots, online timesheets, etc. Such features could be useful in monitoring remote employees.

The platform also doesn’t support a mobile monitoring interface. This makes administrators rely solely on its web platform with no other option. Besides, this app does not offer a geofencing feature for businesses relying on fieldwork.


  • Brilliant UI that makes it easy to navigate

  • Suitable for field services

  • Consists of several features related to GPS tracking

  • Comes with a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS


  • Lacks a set of standard features that are found in similar tools

  • Does not support the geofencing feature

  • Does not keep a mobile monitoring app

  • Not a good fit for office-centric businesses


Helloctrack costs $10 per user/month.

4. AllGeo

AllGeo is another one of the top employee GPS tracking systems we’ve found. This app also focuses on field businesses. However, unlike Hellotracks, it does feature some standard features for those who work in the field. Additionally, it also offers a fair number of options that office-centric businesses can use.

GPS Tracking App AllGeo


AllGeo consists of a web platform to monitor your workforce. It also ensures support for literally every smartphone OS through its mobile app. What’s also comforting is that your employees can use the platform even on feature phones.

This platform has a variety of features including but not limited to custom routes, real-time GPS tracking, a visual dashboard that can display every bit of data about any worker, and so on. It will also show custom reports that display information related to assignments such as mileage.

The mobile app can ease the workload of your business. This app provides an easy way for employees to collect practically any data and share it with administrators. Thus, it facilitates quick and straightforward communication with the rest of the team. Additionally, it also generates automatic reports.

AllGeo is very suitable for businesses that require employees to stay inside workplaces because it features geofencing and site attendance.

This app also features an advanced IFTTT (If-this-then-that) rulebook engine. You can customize this feature according to your business needs. Moreover, it can integrate with all leading payroll tools.

All in all, AllGeo is an excellent choice for field businesses. However, although it offers many features, it still lacks some features that are needed for office-centric firms. This app lacks web and app monitoring options and automatic screenshot capture.


  • Hosts a large number of features for field businesses

  • Supports mobile monitoring features

  • Has a compatible mobile app for every smartphone OS

  • Supports safety features for even lone workers


  • Lacks some important features that are required for office-centric businesses


AllGeo has a One-time setup fee of $110. It will cost you $10 per device. For subscription-based users, it will cost $5 per user/month.

5. Timr

GPS Tracking App Timr

Timr is a project and employee time tracking tool that also includes some basic employee GPS tracking features. This is an excellent platform for office businesses because of its focus on time tracking, productivity, and project management.


Timr offers a brilliant web solution that lets administrators track time for each worker easily. It also tracks vacations, absences and facilitates the easy making of timesheets. This app can also be integrated with payroll accounting. Vacations, holidays, and wants will be counted accordingly while creating payroll reports.

This platform also supports project time tracking, and it can be managed directly from the Timr web app. Some of the features are:

  • Managing time budgets,

  • Tracking employees working on individual projects,

  • Managing tasks,

  • Creating detailed reports and analyses that provides useful information regarding the time spent on each project,

  • Recording each project-related expense etc.

Timr’s mobile tracking app is available and compatible with every smartphone OS that offers GPS tracking and time tracking features. Individuals can track their mileage, total working hours, and routes are taken. Real-time GPS tracking is also available. At the same time, employees can manually record their mileage.

Timr does not offer advanced employee GPS tracking features. It does lack some advanced monitoring abilities, as well as a messaging function for teammates. Integration with project management platforms is also not possible with Timr. All in all, it is a pretty great time tracking app for office-centric businesses.


  • Mobile apps are available for all smartphone operating systems

  • Facilitates mobile monitoring

  • Offers a huge number of project and time tracking features

  • Has a great web app for centralized management


  • Lacks a good number of advanced monitoring features

  • Does not offer messaging functions

  • Does not facilitate integration with project management platforms

  • Consists of very basic employee GPS tracking features


Timr has three pricing options. Regular costs €8 per user/month. Plus costs €29 per month, along with Regular’s pricing. Enterprise costs €79 per month in addition to Regular’s pricing.

6. Vismo

GPS Tracking App Vismo

Amongst all the platforms we’ve talked about, Vismo is a bit different. This platform does not attempt to offer a complete package. Instead, Vismo focuses on the security of your employees while they are working in the field. It thus includes plenty of security-related features along with a specialized GPS tracking system.


Most features of Vismo are pretty basic. There are no timesheets, no payroll integration, no centralized web hub for monitoring your workforce, or any project management tools. This platform is all about employee security. This makes the app memorable for rescue teams, security firms, and public services that are likely to face dangerous situations.

Vismo also features a mobile app along with tracking apps for most satellite phones. These tools can record employee locations, track your employees, send you alert signals, and track your employees indoors. The mobile app also supports two-way communication so that managers can check up on employees and vice versa.

Since Vismo supports geofencing, the app sends alert signals every time a worker moves out of the fenced area. There is also a unique panic button that is available in each app and standalone products. Additionally, it has a special standalone tracking system for planes and vehicles.

Vismo takes personal privacy very seriously. Thus, it supports privacy mode so that users can choose when they want to be tracked. You can use the Panic Button feature when you have Privacy Mode turned on. In case of emergencies, managers can send mass messages through SMS or email all the employees.

To summarize, Vismo is the most suitable choice for organizations that provide security services for public services such as mountain rescue or firms with employees who need to travel to countries with a high crime rate.


  • Includes a huge number of security features

  • Consists of GPS tracking

  • Offers geofencing

  • Can work with satellite phones

  • Perfect fit for security firms and rescue teams


  • Not suitable for regular businesses

  • Does not offer any free trial

  • Lacks some regular tracking features


Vismo did not include their pricing plan on their official website. You have to contact Vismo directly to know more about their price range.

7. TSheets

GPS Tracking App TSheets

TSheets has earned a lot of name and fame as one of the top time tracking solutions that supports plenty of other features. Hence, it has made its way to our list of top 10 employee GPS tracking tools, too. This software is available for PC as well as smartphones. It also offers a large number of features that are handy for both field and office-centric businesses.


TSheets consists of various features. Some of the most noteworthy ones include manual timesheet entry, automatic tracking of employees, automatic timesheet tracking, time off including sick leaves and vacations, and employee reminders. This platform also features a neat employee scheduling option that makes assigning shifts and coordinating different task assignments a lot easier.

TSheets enables tracking overtime hours as well as custom alerts. It can make daily timesheet reports that managers and administrators can quickly review and approve. It will also show you who’s working at any point in time.

Moreover, Tsheets lets you set up customized employee permissions and restrictions. The platform also allows managers to create payroll reports and track timesheets through each project. It is worth noting that TSheets supports integration with bookkeeping and payroll solutions.

Next, the mobile app for TSheets supports clock-in and clock-out features, employee GPS tracking, and support for crews. This way, individual employees do not have to worry about having the app being installed on every phone.

There’s also support available for tracking time via text messages. This means that there’s no mandatory need for the app. Employees can have feature phones, and they’ll still be able to manually clock-in and clock-out through SMS. TSheets also supports tracking time via phone calls.

Although TSheets is a pretty powerful time tracking app, it does not support a couple of essential features. These include mileage, project management integration, web and app monitoring, data collecting for the mobile app, route features, and messaging options.


  • Consists of brilliant time tracking features

  • Facilitates mobile tracking

  • Consists of a mobile app

  • Supports a GPS tracking system

  • Has strong security


  • Consists of fundamental employee GPS tracking options

  • The mobile app is quite limited in functionalities

  • Not very suitable for field businesses


The base fee per month for TSheets is $0-$100. For per user/month, it costs $5. You can get a $20 discount for annual plans.

👉 Bonus: Check our list of best alternatives of TSheets.

8. Timesheet Mobile

GPS Tracking App Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet Mobile is an efficient employee GPS tracking and timesheet app. It is primarily built, focusing on mobile devices. This platform offers an amazing set of features that make it easy to create reports, monitor daily tasks, and set up tasks.


Timesheet Mobile offers you a number of features. This tool allows managers to speedily schedule shifts and different tasks for individual employees and oversee each employee’s timesheets. It also lets administrators create reports required for payroll processing and checklists for various jobs during each workday for every employee.

Timesheet Mobile offers a robust web interface that integrates location tracking, timesheets, jobs by individual workers, and many more elements. You don’t face any trouble navigating your way through.

This platform facilitates a mobile app that gives administrators a way to oversee every individual part of the business and every employee from their tablet or smartphone. The app also supports an employee GPS tracking system and geofencing features for automatic time tracking. Moreover, it supports all sorts of automated alert signals that can be sent to employees and administrators. This includes geofence violations, overtime alerts, late on shift, etc.

Timesheet Mobile provides teams with an easy way to communicate and coordinate while working on projects. They can assign different jobs, form checklists, and share files and links among themselves as well as with their superiors. The app also supports multiple projects at the same time.

The tool’s project-related features make it a wonderful choice for firms that occasionally need different employees and teams to work together on single or multiple assignments. Timesheet Mobile integrates with several payroll and bookkeeping services for speedy invoicing and automatic payroll management.


  • Clean and simple user interface

  • Consists of brilliant project management features

  • Facilitates geofencing

  • Features an overall powerful and feature-packed mobile app

  • Supports mobile monitoring for managers/administrators

  • Supports note-taking and file sharing


  • Does not support real-time GPS tracking features

  • Not very suitable for field businesses


Timesheet Mobile offers a 50% discount for the first 12 months for new clients. Apart from that, it has several pricing plans after Year 1:

  • Basic Plan: This costs $3.49 per employee for unlimited punches. The company subscription costs $14.99.

  • Punch Plan: This plan costs 15 cents per punch. The company subscription costs $29.99.

  • Small Business: This pricing plan costs $9.95 per employee for unlimited punches. The company subscription costs $29.99.

  • Medium Business: For Medium Business, the cost is $2.49 per employee for unlimited punches. The company subscription costs $149.

9. Labor Sync

GPS Tracking App Labor Sync

Another tool that has made it to our list of the top 10 employee GPS tracking app is Labor Sync. This platform offers a massive set of features. It attempts to be a comprehensive platform that is capable of GPS tracking, time tracking, offering payroll integration, and simplifying project management.


Labor Sync widely focuses on tracking time for small and medium businesses. However, field businesses can also use this tool because it offers real-time GPS tracking. You can view every employee’s movement and location on an interactive map. You can also look at their route data. This means that managers can check out if an employee has worked overtime or left the work site without clocking out.

This platform can also be used for tracking different tasks performed at various working sites. This makes Labor Sync a viable option for owners of delivery or repair companies.

Labor Sync also features a concise and straightforward web monitoring platform that can track each employee’s working hours and location in real-time. This reduces excess admin work pressure. You can also create customizable reports through Labor Sync. This tool supports several filters and offers brilliant data compiling abilities. As an administrator, you can choose the type of data you want to analyze and filter the data based on the time frame, job, and employee.

Labor Sync’s mobile app enables employees to see their work hours, clock-in and clock-out, and view other kinds of work-related information. It also lets them communicate with managers, and managers can use most of the features available on the web platform with their mobile devices.

Labor Sync is completely cloud-optimized, so managers and employees can use the platform no matter what device they use. Even if an individual employee does not have a smartphone, admins can log team activity through the mobile app.

While Labor Sync supports batch entries, it does not support tracking time for team projects. This could be a potential dealbreaker for many companies.


  • Consists of a clear and attractive web platform

  • Entirely cloud-optimized

  • Facilitates mobile monitoring

  • Has a powerful mobile app that supports field notes, messaging, and so on


  • Does not have direct-payroll integration

  • Lacks group project time tracking

  • Consists of very basic GPS tracking features


Labor Sync is pretty affordable. It just costs $10 per active user per month. You do not need to set up fees or contracts.

10. HoursTracker

GPS Tracking App HoursTracker

Our list of the top 10 employee GPS tracking apps is HoursTracker. It is quite different from the other apps we have discussed. HoursTracker mostly targets freelancers who work on several different projects.

This app uses GPS location to allow clock-in and clock-out and track time. It also facilitates exporting timesheets. This way, you can use them as invoices for your employers.


As said earlier, HoursTracker is primarily built for freelance workers and not for businesses. It features a simple, intuitive, and touchscreen-optimized UI that can sort through different projects you are working on. It is also capable of monitoring several different projects at the same time.

With the help of HoursTracker, freelancers can efficiently run their work diaries regardless of the number of projects they are working on. The app supports a few basic GPS tracking capabilities that, if switched on, will allow you to clock-in and clock-out automatically when you arrive at or leave your workplace.

Additionally, you can assign your desired number of working hours for every day of the week. The tool will automatically alert you once you reach the chosen number of hours. The app also enables exports of timesheets in multiple formats, including CSV. So, you can effortlessly create invoices and send them to your contractors. This is a pretty great app for freelancers and employees who work in small firms.


  • A perfect fit for freelancers and small firms

  • Consists of a simple interface

  • Supports the export of timesheets in CSV format


  • Focuses on individuals for the most part

  • Consists of very basic GPS tracking features

  • Lacks two-way monitoring options


You have to contact HoursTracker personally for any information on their pricing options.


In this article, we have thoroughly analyzed all the ten employee GPS tracking apps. Undoubtedly, all of them are brilliant tools that offer a huge number of features. The features also vary in terms of what the app is focused on. Some of them are better for field businesses, while others are a good choice for office-centric companies.

Of course, we have our own favorites. For an all-in-one solution for office-centric businesses, we’d definitely recommend Apploye. It’s wide number of features, and brilliant customer support has made it our top choice.

All in all, your choice will really vary depending on the type of business you run and the team you work with. Hence, before choosing an employee GPS tracking app, you need to understand your business needs.

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