11 Best Suggestions to Increase Employee Productivity at Workplace in 2019

11 Best Suggestions to Increase Employee Productivity at Workplace in 2019 1

The productivity of an employee in the workplace is one of the most discussed topics in this corporate era. Employers are more concerned about the potency of the employee. A productive, high-yielding worker is like a gem for the company.  

If you are the owner of a company, you have to pay attention to the workforce you have. You have the responsibility to drive the workforce to meet your goals. Your employees have the same responsibilities too.

How do you increase productivity in the workplace? Well, it is a question that arises in the minds of both the employer and employee. The strategies to increase the productivity of workers in the workplace can be divided into two parts.

  • Productivity analysis at the staff level
  • Productivity analysis at the executive level


Productivity analysis at the staff level:


Every employee has a desire to get an eminent position in the workplace. Everyone wishes to get the best opportunities, high payroll, flexibility and security in the job sector. Before you think to get the highest position with all the benefits, you have to think about your capabilities and responsibilities to get the position.

So, employees should be concerned about being efficient at work. You will find here some tools to improve productivity.

  1. Know thyself: Before getting engaged with a new task, ask yourself if the field is of your interest or not. If the shoes don’t match on your feet, you feel it hard to walk. Most of us are confused about our desire and capability. We get puzzled and cannot focus on the task. In the long run, the work makes a monotony and boredom.

It’s really hard to find the perfect field of interest. So, take your time to think before jumping on a work. It’s better to get intense to know yourself than start randomly.

  1. Make your own routine: There is a proverb that says, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.”- Jim Rohn. Everybody has his own way of life. But there are some basic things that you should maintain properly. For example, you have to enter in your office at 9 a.m. sharp. You cannot be late. Before the starting of your office hours, you get some time of yours in the morning. Try to make the best use of your morning time. If you can utilize it properly, you can pay full concentration on your work. By this time, you will find it easier to separate your schedule from your personal tasks and office tasks.

Make a to-do list and try to stick to it. Obviously, one has some unavoidable interruptions but no one is beyond this problem. So, try to fix the noise in the minimum time of your schedule.

  1. Avoid Multitasking: A tendency to do multitasking is very common among us. We think that doing many tasks at a time helps us to manage our time and increase workplace productivity. But it is a misconception against productivity at work. According to research by Stanford University, it postulates that multitasking is less productive than a single task at a time because the human brain is formed in such a way that it can engage in one task at a time.

So, try to avoid multitasking to be productive in the workplace. 

  1. Keep updating yourself: Technology is changing day by day. With the development of automation, the work becomes easy. Moreover, the software is launched to ease the managerial work. To keep up on the track, you have to be updated with new technologies and try to be an expert in this field. It will improve the employee’s skills and expand ideas for business improvement.
  2. Nourish yourself with a healthy diet: Food is like a fuel for the human body. A proper and healthy diet is a prerequisite to be successful in life. Your mind is directly connected to your health. Without sound health, you cannot get a sound mind. Without a sound mind, you cannot give 100% of your productivity.

Nowadays, people are more interested to take processed food and beverage. These kinds of foods are very unhealthy and cause immense damage to our body. Moreover, people get lazy and overweight. This kind of physical imbalance has a long term effect on your body and mind.

So, try to get a balanced diet according to your body need and do some physical exercises. This will improve your quality of life and productivity motivation.

  1. Morale statistics: You have done all the things above but how could you determine you are upgrading or not? Here comes the self-scoring system. You can have a note of your tasks done. You can analyze these tasks every day. At the end of your targeted time, you will see a statistic of self-confidence improvement. It will automatically motivate you to improve your productivity. 


Productivity analysis at the executive level:

An employer always looks forward to improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace. He has a concern to increase his workers’ productivity. If a company does not take care of its workers, it will never touch its target. The company should have to ensure some basic things for the employees to get maximum employee productivity.

Some strategies that management can use to improve productivity in the workplace are given below:

  1. Facilitate some equipment to your employees: An employer needs some tools to develop team skills. The company should provide some software and collaboration tools to make the work more simple. These tools are some employee tracking software like apploye, collaboration apps, project management apps, storage software and communication software. These tools will help you increase productivity in the workplace.
  2. Provide a flexible working environment: The working environment is very important for an employee. If the environment is not affable, you cannot wish to get the best output from your employees. Flexible working environment means that an employee has control over the daily schedule at the office, independency on decision making in his part of the task, clear two-way communication between the employers and employees, flexibility to meet personal needs.

It seems that some points are adverse to the company. But a little sacrifice is always needed for great interest.

  1. Employee counseling: Corporate stress is very common to both the employer and employee. The pressure to meet up the target, corporate politics and personal tension make personnel physiologically distressed. This kind of mental imbalance harms productivity.

Employee counseling provides employee morale, advises to cope up with the problems and gives a motivation to be affluent. It helps to build a good working environment in an organization.

  1. Provide reward and recreation: Recognition of good works can motivate the employees and boost up their productivity. Big tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. are concerned about the job satisfaction of the employee. It implies providing recreational leave, festive allowances, annual picnic etc. All of these perks boost employee’s productivity and revive the ability to work.
  2. Productivity insight: It’s a matter of concern for the employer to measure the quality and quantity of work of the employee. Meeting the target within the deadline is a big challenge for a company. The ultimate demand of the company is to achieve the best productivity of the employee and utilize it. Measuring employee productivity can fill up the demand.

There are many tools used for this purpose. These tools ease to manage the project and monitor the employee.


How to boost the productivity level of employees? 

Your employee is not your machine but an individual like you. They cannot afford 100% productivity, nor can you. What you can do is to gear up all the process and efforts to make them productive. Already I have described some important facts. Try to implement these tips and tricks. Let us know which one gives you the most benefit. Please share your views and ideas regarding employee productivity improvement.

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