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Top 10 Employee Monitoring Softwares of 2020

Top 10 Employee Monitoring Softwares of 2020 1
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With the passage of time employee monitoring has evolved and reformed the previous methods in Business. The technological revolution has replaced the traditional era of cc camera with the modern system of screenshots, video recorder, and live sessions.

Nowadays employee monitoring is used for workplace surveillance to gather information about the activities and locations of staff members. Get hold of their performance by constantly monitoring them through an employee time tracking software. Employee monitoring software allows you to monitor your employee activities on the computer, and smart-phones.

Employee monitoring enables businesses to track their employee activities individually. Hence you need a monitoring software which will provide you with detailed snapshots, videos or live sessions at regular intervals. It will also inform you how an employee is going above and beyond during their work time.


Ten best employee monitoring software:

Here in this article, we will give you a list of the 10 best employee monitoring software for 2019 based on the feature set, usability, pricing, and overall intuitiveness, among others. Because we know that business organizations and individual users have different needs and requirements, we made it sure to include the important aspects of each employee monitoring software and how they can work to your advantage.

  1. Teramind:

Teramind is one of the most divergent employee monitoring tools containing the features of time tracking, project management, increasing workforce productivity, and some other advanced features. It has created a revolutionary change from its original surveillance and tracking purpose to the territory of business intelligence(BI), HR management, Finance & other enterprise productivity tools.
This software scans employee data collection identifies suspicious activity, detects possible threats, and monitors employee efficiency. They provide businesses with alerts, warnings, redirects and user lock-outs to reduce security incidents and make it run as efficiently and securely as possible.


Business owners and managers can check on employees’ computer activity in real-time or at the end of the day with the live streaming and history playback features. It lets you observe your employees like when they are most productive, or when they are slacking, and which task, applications, and websites they spend their time on. Business owners and managers can even configure this application according to their company’s needs and requirements due to its flexibility.
You can also utilize Teramind fully by integrating it with other applications, such as JIRA, Redmine, Splunk, Radar, McAfee, LogRhythm, and NetIQ.

Teramind can be accessed through its website or launched using its self-hosted version. Price starts at $150 per month for cloud access and $750 monthly for self-hosted users.


  • Easy-to-understand admin dashboard. 
  • Intuitive user experience. 
  • Complete automation layer, including threat detection. 
  • Logs keystrokes. 
  • Offers OCR on-screen recordings. 
  • Privacy features for departments like HR. 
  • Flexibility to switch from stealth to revealed mode. 
  • Offers cloud and hosted deployment.


Comprehensive monitoring features can be overwhelming. There is a need to improve:

  • Remote-controlled graphics.
  • Speed and delay time.
  • Enabling the option to notify the user about remote control or not.


Teramind offers you a full package of employee monitoring and project management. You’ll find lots of advanced functionality and top-notch reporting functions, with integrated applications, privacy, and advanced features.


Kickidler is a next-generation employee monitoring software that allows you to effectively automate the control function in your company.

Kickidler’s main advantages include powerful functionality for employee control, ease of use and installation and flexibility of tariff plans (when you buy three-year licenses, the cost of the program is only $3 per month).

Kickidler allows you to monitor screens of an unlimited number of employees in real-time, to create a video recording of employees’ activity behind PCs, to generate reports on work time and productivity of employees, to record violations of work schedule. The reports of Kickidler allow you to analyze the activities of employees from different points of view, notice the spikes and declines of employees’ motivation, create employee ratings by different indicators and create a timesheet. Reports can be sent to mail in Excel format.

Additional features of the program include the ability to remotely manage employee PCs and a keylogger that records all keystrokes. Kickidler is advancing rapidly, and it is getting new functionality.

Kickidler works with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.


  • Online monitoring of computers. Kickidler allows you to monitor an unlimited number of employee screens at the same time, i.e. see a grid of screens on your PC.
  • History playback. The unique function of the software is the video filter. By applying the filter you can easily find and see the required piece of the employee’s workday video.
  • Usability. Despite the powerful functionality, the program is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Positive custom feedback. The program has a rating of 5/5 in Capterra



The disadvantages of the program include the lack of a mobile version and the fact that videos are quite heavy. The video recording of 1 workday of an employee is approximately 1-1.5 GB.


To describe Kickidler in two words, there is nothing useless in this program – it includes only the tools that are necessary for effective monitoring of employees, and they are implemented very well.

  1. Tanda:

    Tanda is an online workforce application designed to help businesses manage rostering, timesheets, payroll, employee onboarding, and other HR concerns altogether. This application deals with self-onboarding of new hires and terminates the painstaking task of collecting and recording new employee’s information. It also creates rosters automatically based on customer demand, staff availability, and budget limits in minutes using customizable templates.
    Attendance tracking and leave management with Tanda are also fully automated. You can provide staff with the information they need by publishing rosters directly to the employee scheduling app.

    Tanda’s time clock app uses photo verification and unique passcode for each employee for better accuracy of timesheet records. Wage calculation is automated and equipped with an award interpretation engine that monitors and adjusts base rates, allowances, and higher duty rates. The tool automatically syncs with your payroll system. It integrates with all major payroll and POS providers for seamless end-to-end processes.

    Tanda provides payroll flexibility as it integrates with more than 50 payroll systems, such as MYOB, Aurion, Redcat, ADP, Square, Elmo, Xero, Quickbooks, Google, Kounta, etc. And with a quote-based pricing system, Tanda allows you to choose the features and add-ons you need based on the size of your business.

    An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for a Tanda free trial.


  • Tanda makes managing staff very simple, excellent graphs to indicate rostering. 
  • Timekeeping, Award calculations, Onboarding, Interaction with Payroll everything is seamless with Tanda.
  •  The software is easy for both employees and administrators to use.


  • Leave approvals are open-ended. 
  • Managers and supervisors can approve any amount of leave, regardless of staff entitlements. 
  • Late notifications by SMS are inconsistent. 
  • Cannot publish a roster without finishing times. 
  • Dashboard Weekly Planner cannot show wages costs with On Costs. 
  • Onboarding of any Super Fund is not possible.


Tanda is an efficient, innovative, time-saving software. Keeps staff on time and accountable. Very user-friendly. The Tanda team has responsive customer service.

  1. ActivTrak:

    ActivTrak is a unique type of employee monitoring software for your team. It’s completely invisible and will allow you to monitor your employees’ activity in stealth mode. For example, you can monitor their emails, view which sites they’re browsing, and gather analytics to observe which apps are most used on their computers. You can even use a built-in GPS feature to see where your employees are doing the work.

    ActivTrak operates in stealth mode depending on the configurations you set before deploying it in your employees’ computers. Since the software is invisible, the users are ignorant of its existence on their computer.

    With your employees unaware that they are being monitored, you will get a more prominent picture of how they utilize their working hours.

    In addition to monitoring, ActivTrak is also equipped with tools that let you enforce compliance with company rules and regulations. Triggers can be set to automatically block access to forbidden websites, files, and applications so that your employees are free from distractions. You can also protect your company’s system from malicious threats.

    ActivTrak can be launched on the web or in your Windows, Linux, and Mac OS computer. The software has a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices. ActivTrak is also integrated with Slack, Basecamp, Github, Tableau, Quickbooks, Zapier, Jira, and more via Webhooks or Raw SQL Data.

    You can get ActivTrak for free but if you would like to request pricing for custom plans, you need to contact the vendor.


  • Quick and easy reporting about employee activity on work computers. 
  • Specifically, productivity, activity log and real-time screen viewing. 
  • It’s user-friendly, visually appealing and robust. 
  • Additionally, they release the most updates of any related software. 


  • The software has a tendency to create multiple “users” (people you are tracking) for the same person. 
  • One record for the computer, another for their associated Windows/Chrome identity and sometimes others if they have multiple user accounts on the same computer. 
  • This can cause you to have 3 or more user records to track for a single person. 
  • The overall number of users reporting will affect your billing plan.


ActivTrak is proving invaluable for the employers as well as parents who can monitor their children’s PC usage through it. This software is playing a vital role in restoring productivity and preventing restricted activities on company computer equipment that could result in viruses as well as wasting network bandwidth.

  1. Apploye:

    A brand new name in the field of employee monitoring is Apploye. Though it started off its journey last year in 2018, it has already become a tough competitor of employee monitoring software available in the global market because of its outstanding features.

    Apploye- a simple time tracking app that tracks time and monitors your employees, increases productivity and minimizes time waste.

    One of its unique features is that you can edit its configuration and enable the option to get notified about the screenshot. This feature works as a timely reminder for the employees and keeps them focused on their task and away from any sort of distractions. There are other options like Updating, and Report. If you want to send an error report you can send it using the Report option. Your log will be automatically uploaded when you report an error. 

    Keep in check your team’s work progress with random screenshots. Set screen capture once in every 10 minutes or turn off the feature when necessary. Automated screenshots and online timesheets contain in-depth reports of any ongoing projects. You can exchange these reports with your clients to keep them updated on your team’s work progress. Tracking working hours, productivity level, application usage, and URL visits is a matter of clicks now. Apploye keeps track of remote employees via Field Service GPS location tracker and analyzes their activities precisely. 

    With Apploye’s timesheet, you can assign specific task individually to each team member by dividing one big project into smaller segments. It allows you to track time both ways- automatically and manually with high-quality timesheet as per one’s preference. You can approve or reject any timesheet as per requirement. You can keep track of your absent employees and shift their schedules as per your need. The invoices are automatically generated based on billable and non- billable hours and can be delivered in multiple formats HTML, PDF or email. Calculation of taxes is made with a tax calculator. You’ll be able to see when your client has viewed the invoice and download it if necessary.

    All the calculations of payments are done automatically based on the time they track by Apploye’s payroll feature. It liberates you from the stress of miscalculation. Use PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, or Bitwage to pay your employees or you can use a manual payroll system if you want.

    Set daily, weekly or monthly budget limits and say goodbye to the stress of surpassing fixed budget. Apploye will notify you when you’ll reach your limit.

    It runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. 

    Pricing: Unmonitored pricing is $3.00 per user/month. Monitored pricing is $6.00 per user/month. Enterprise pricing is customizable.


  • One of its core features is that it notifies the user about the screenshot when it’s taken. 
  • This works as a timely reminder for the user. 
  • It helps them to get rid of distractions and increases their productivity level. 
  • It provides the highest quality at the best price.


Since it has just started its journey, it’s still developing. Some of its areas of improvement are GPS Tracking, payroll, and Invoices.


Overall Apploye serves as a complete package for the customers. It fulfills almost all the requirements of a small, medium or large-sized company. It offers the best pricing plan you can ever get. It allows you to access all the features you’ll ever need to optimize time and money altogether.

  1. Hubstaff:

    Hubstaff is originally a time tracking software but it also serves as an employee monitoring software. You can take automated screenshots of employee activities, to inspect their desktop activities, and track things like keyboard and mouse usage, URL visits to make sure they’re staying on task throughout the day. This employee monitoring application also accommodates features like scheduling, payroll, and invoicing, so you can manage both your employees’ productivity and payment all in one place.

    Hubstaff targets businesses with employees who work on the field and other remote locations. Using the GPS tracker feature, employers can easily view their employees’ location and computer activities and how much time they spend on applications even when they are on their mobile device and go offline. With both employer and employees using Hubstaff’s time tracking feature, work hours are recorded accurately and automatically exported to integrated payroll applications. Payments are sent to employees on time. Invoicing is much organized with Hubstaff. It notifies you if your budget reaches its limit. You can view daily, weekly, and monthly productivity rate in color-coded graphs.

    Hubstaff integrates with Salesforce and Humanity, as well as with Zendesk and Freshdesk.  Other integrations include project management applications, such as Asana, activeCollab, Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 2 and 3, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Zoho Projects, and more.

    Hubstaff is free for a single user who only requires access to time tracking, tracking activity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage, and limited screenshots. Basic Plan starts at $5 per month based on the number of users.


  • Hubstaff is a quick and easy way to track your time while working.
  • It has many helpful features such as the ability to add or edit your tracked time in case you forget to clock in or out. 
  • Different parameters used to measure color-coded productivity. 
  • Easy to use interface, set tasks, projects, invoices, calendar schedules. 
  • Admin can limit user access. 
  • Easy to use dashboard with graphs of productivity.


  • The screenshots of Hubstaff are blurred so the text is not visible, but you can see overall what was going on on the screen. 
  • Another con about this software is that during any video conference meeting it marks you as idle after 10 minutes or so.
  • You have to keep telling Hubstaff that you are not idle since your mouse hasn’t been moving for that time period.


Overall Hubstaff has been an excellent way to track and verify productivity and hours worked. Through Hubstaff, it makes managing people easier because there is transparency. Hubstaff’s ability to track time, measure activity level and take screenshots of what the workers are actually doing have helped Business owners and managers to achieve their business goals.

  1. DeskTime:

    DeskTime focuses on employee monitoring and ensures that all projects are progressing down the right track and do not exceed the set budget in real-time. You are also assured that the employees are not working the entire time and also take necessary breaks.

    DeskTime has tracking capabilities that allow companies to optimize productivity by monitoring desktop activities and allowing their employees timed breaks by activating the built-in Pomodoro timer. This application also ensures that there will be no shortage of manpower with the help of DeskTime Leave Calendar. This calendar is viewable to everyone so both managers and their staff can coordinate time-offs to ensure that there are enough employees to finish the project on time.

    Communicating with your team is also made easier using the contact information saved on the employee’s DeskTime profile. With DeskTime’s billing feature, you can set your team’s hourly rates and automatically determine how much a project will cost and how much you have to charge your clients with. Third-party integration is also not an issue with applications like Asana, Zapier, Basecamp, Google Calendar, and more.

    DeskTime is completely free if you would like to use the Lite version. DeskTime Pro, on the other hand, starts at $7 a month for one user.


  • DeskTime tracks time without thinking. 
  • It has cross-platform compatibility (MacOS-X, Windows, iOS, Android), simplicity, beautiful design available all in one. 
  • The graph that shows what applications you were using and active or idle time makes it easy to enter breaks for those days as well.


  • DeskTime is lacking significant alerts. 
  • Private time of employees can’t be mapped to specific periods within the day. Full-screen applications override private-time notifications. 
  • Not tailored enough for freelance work.


DeskTime is light and simple, does what it has to do. This secured time tracking app lets you increase your company’s efficiency and productivity and works as a lifesaver for you.

  1. Time Doctor:

    Time Doctor is time tracking and behavioral tracking software designed especially for remote teams. It also features automatic, regular reporting, so you can keep track of how your employees improve over time. According to their website, users of the software can save up to 31 hours per month, per employee.

    Time Doctor is an employee monitoring software that offers precise and detailed tracking of your employees’ working hours. It establishes a more transparent relationship with your clients by giving them access to screenshots and reports of tasks related to their projects.

    You can get a detailed view of your employees productive and less productive hours using Time Doctor’s time tracking and activity monitoring features. These tools allow you to see not only what websites or applications your employees are using, but also if they are using any chat applications. You can also set notifications to remind your employees of the task they are working on if they happen to spend a significant amount of time on websites or applications irrelevant to their tasks. Screenshots of your employees’ are taken automatically on set intervals and when your employees are working.

    With Time Doctor, you can be more transparent with your clients by giving them access to task reports; you can set up your clients’ login access at no extra cost. Time Doctor also has an optional feature for a payroll system with a customizable work-time period and currency.

    Moreover, Time Doctor integrates with leading applications, such as Asana, Trello, Slack, GitHub, Jira, Podio, Salesforce, Payroll Here, Redmine, Freshdesk, Basecamp, Quickbooks, Teamwork, Google Apps, and more.

    Price starts at $9.99 per month for each user with a 14-day free trial.


  • The Time Doctor desktop tool offers two versions: Pro and Lite, which helps you to choose the right application based on your usage and computer’s resources. 
  • It works great for keeping a step by step task list for each project. 
  • Ability to edit time for when software updates and/or restarts are required. 


  • Time Doctor has bugs which are not fixed despite customers complain. 
  • They need to improve their mobile app. 
  • The price of additional users is a bit expensive for entrepreneurs who are just starting their own business/startups. 
  • It would be great if the software kept some sort of log of active document time. 
  • The Desktop app has an old school appearance on PC.


Great monitoring tool with minor issues. There is still some scope of improvements in their app.

  1. Monitask:

    Monitask manages and monitors the remote employees of different sized organizations through its time tracking and employee monitoring features. It records work hours, takes random screenshots, tracks app usage, and reports on employees’ internet activity. All these make it easy for companies to monitor the time spent by employees on work and to examine their activity level.

    Monitask allows managers to check the apps that freelancers or employees use, view reports on the duration of time an app is used, and determine the best apps that can be used by the workforce instead of sticking with solutions that impede productivity. The software analyzes employee performance and generates statistics to give you a clear picture of how your team members are progressing with their tasks. Information from the time tracking and reporting function can be used to quickly make accurate billing and invoices.

    Monitask offers both the features of time tracking and project management – from creating projects, assigning project tasks to individuals and teams, and monitoring project status. 

    The software integrates with well-known task management, communication, and accounting apps such as Asana, Slack, and Freshbooks. 

    Two pricing plans are offered – the professional edition at $2.99/user per month and an enterprise edition with custom pricing.


  • It doesn’t use a lot of RAM so it won’t slow your machine down.
  • It’s easy to use and has reasonable pricing.


  • The Dashboard is too lifeless and lacks a colorful chart or graph.
  • It doesn’t have GPS tracker which is very essential for remote teams.


On the whole, it’s very simple and easy to use. It helps to get rid of procrastination.

  1. Ekran System:

    Ekran System contains a great threat detection tool for monitoring employees. It monitors internal network use, which makes it easier to identify threats that have penetrated your defenses. This is useful for finding both rogue employees or people that have impersonated legitimate users to breach your security.

    This activity monitoring software is used primarily in protecting sensitive information, networks, and assets by evaluating and regulating access to these critical data.

    Ekran System provides an organization with a centralized platform where complete control over information access can be executed by monitoring and managing user activities. With this software solution, individuals who have access to the system can have a detailed view of the activities of employees and even subcontractors, the specific device they are using within the company’s IT infrastructure, and the information being accessed using that device.

    If there is a potential threat, Ekran System is capable of detecting it immediately and addressing it before it gets worse. The system also automatically records user sessions in video format; these video captures are indexed in metadata and can be retrieved later on if necessary for an incident investigation.

    This software solution supports a wide range of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, X Window System, Citrix, and VM Ware. Ekran System also integrates with ArcSight, Splunk, IBM QRadar, SysAid, and Service Now.

    Ekran System online and on-premise versions are available for a free trial on request.


  • Ekran system ensures right functionality with good service. 
  • Its monitoring and controlling software provide good service.


  • In Ekran System, it is not possible to record tabs in browsers individually. 
  • This software is not translated into Spanish.


Ekran system protects the company from any insider threats and provides a good service.

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