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Call Center Workforce Management Software

Apploye Features for Better Call Center Workforce Management

Apploye has more than 100 useful features. You can utilize the best features for your call center to manage your employees. Let's look at some of the features that are essential for call center management.

Automatic Time Tracking

Apploye lets you track the time of your call center workforce. You can now track your call center employees' work hours based on the start and stop of Apploye app. Know who is working when and how much time they are working. The weekly time tracking limit of Apploye, lets you allocate the specified amount of time that can be used by your employee. However, you can adjust this time limit anytime.

Time tracking and logging time in timesheets, with Apploye, the best Contact center workforce management software

Better Timesheet Management

No more manual calculations based on the clock-in and clock-out for your call center. Based on the time tracked, Apploye is going to generate timesheets of various types. You can get daily, weekly, monthly, and custom date selection timesheets of your employees. Know how much time your workforce has utilized daily, weekly, or monthly. Timesheet approval features of Apploye, give you the extra advantage to review, delete and keep the necessary timesheet of the employee.

Time being logged into timesheet with Apploye's Call center wfm software

Manual Time Entry Option

Your workforce may forget to start the timer of the Apploye app. With Apploye’s manual time entry option, your team members can input the missing time. Of course, employee needs to mention a proper cause while adding the manual time.

Adding manual time and getting records, with Contact center workforce management software

Easy Attendance Management

Attendance or clock in and clock out is a concern of every employer. With the Apploye call center workforce management software, you can easily manage the attendance of your call center workforce. Based on the first start and last stop of the timer in the Apploye app, clock-in and clock out is measured. With Apploye geofencing feature, it will be easier to manage the attendance of the employees.

Recording clock in and out time for attendance management, with Call center workforce management software

Call Center Workforce Monitoring Features(optional)

Remote or work-from-home employe monitoring features are also available in Apploye to keep the workforce accountable and productive. Let’s see the optional remote employee monitoring features of Apploye.

i. Employee Screenshot monitoring

Do you want to know what your employee is doing on the desktop or laptop? Apploye’s screenshot monitoring feature allows you to set the frequency of up to 3 screenshots within 10 minutes for employees' screens. Screenshots will be taken randomly. Yes, Apploye is also concerned about employees’ privacy. The screenshot can be deleted and a mandatory note needs to be added while deleting.

Screenshot with option to change the rate in Apploye, a great Call center workforce management solution

ii. Apps and URLs Tracking

From the apps and URLs tracking option of Apploye, you can know which apps your employees are using and which websites they are visiting. Also, time spent will be calculated for the specific app and the URLs.

Visited websites and used software by the call center employees, using Contact center workforce management software

Idle Time Tracking of Call Center Members

This is another cool feature of Apploye . You get the scope to track the idle time of your call center employees. That means how much time your team member didn't work or remained out of gadgets. Besides, as an employer, you can set the time limit from 5 minutes and more. It will create accountability in your workforce and motivate them to remain productive.

Idle time recording in timesheet, of the call center members

Advanced Time Tracking Report

Apploye covers reports of various types. You can have an overall understanding of your employees from the report section. What you will get in the reporting part of Apploye:

i. Detailed time and activity report of call center teams

Get a detailed report of your call center employees' activities with time spent in different apps and websites with manual time entry in a single place. Generate report in pdf or excel to analyze further.

Report showing the time and activity of the members, in Contact center workforce management software

ii. Apps and URL usage report of call center employees

Get a detailed report of the apps used and URLs visited by your call center workforce. You will get detailed time spent on different apps and websites as well. You can notify the workers who are remaining out of track by using unnecessary apps during work hours.

Checking apps and URLs usage report of employees, with Call center workforce management solution

Project management with Apploye Call center WFM software

While managing projects for your call center, you have to act as the median of the entire process as you have to manage both the clients and your employees. You can manage projects of your call center easily with Apploye. Moreover, to make the project profitable you get the scope to set separate bill rates for your clients and pay rates for your employees. In project time tracking , we have more information for you to get a detailed overview of project management with Apploye.

Setting up projects and budget is being shown in a floating pop up, in Apploye, a Contact center wfm software

Pomodoro Breaks Management

Your call center workforce can take system breaks with Apploye’s Pomodoro tracker feature. Afterwards, you can ask your employees to set break time intervals with the Pomodoro feature of Apploye. With notifications, they can take breaks and get refreshed for more productive work.

Pomodoro break notification and settings in Call center workforce management software

Automatic Payroll For Call Center Employees

Payroll calculation for hourly paid employees is automatic in Apploye. You just need to set the pay rate of your call center employees. Based on the time tracked by your employee, Apploye will generate a timesheet upon your approval. According to the timesheet, payroll will be calculated for the workers. Pay your employees whenever you want by getting the data from Apploye’s web app.

Managing payroll of employees, in Contact center wfm software

Schedule Management with Apploye Contact Center WFM software (Coming soon)

Apploye offers Google Calendar-like schedules for teams. Assign tasks and jobs to your team members and schedule them. You do not need to manage the schedules of your employees from other apps as you get it in Apploye. Your employees will get timely notifications before the schedule starts.

Call Center Team Management with Apploye

You can easily create and manage teams separately with Apploye. Create a team and add the team members. Assign projects and tasks to the employees. Team manager access allows the leader to keep track of the team's work hours and activities.

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How to Get Started with Call Center Workforce Management Software

The onboarding process of Apploye is quite straightforward and easy. Let's know the easy process of managing Call Center Workforce with Apploye.

Step 1

Sign up

Create an Apploye account and complete the onboarding process.

Sign up page for new members in Apploye, a Call center workforce management solution

Step 2

Invite team members

Invite your call center employees to join the organization.

Invite Members to your organization with Apploye

Step 3

Install the app

Ask your employees to install the Apploye desktop app and sign in.

Installing and using apps for tracking time with Apploye, the best Call center workforce management software

Step 4

Create projects and assign the members

Add your workforce under the projects you are working with. You can also create tasks under projects.

Creating projects with details in Contact center wfm software

Step 5

Start tracking time

It's all done. Your call center employees can now track time by starting the desktop app while working.

Track time from the desktop app of call center WFM software

Frequently asked questions

What is workforce management software?

The call center staffing model called workforce management (WFM) was developed utilizing a series of procedures to guarantee that only the appropriate number of agents with the required skill sets are hired at the proper time. Employers use it to check attendance, distribute personnel and resources wisely, and abide by laws and regulations regarding the workplace that are continuously changing.

What is workforce management software?

Software for workforce management (WFM) helps ensure employees are present at the proper time and location for maximum efficiency. WFM software simplifies management's capability to oversee scheduling, timekeeping, and attendance, monitor productivity, improve performance management, process payroll, maintain legal compliance, and promote employee safety.

Why WFM tool is important?

You may design the best flow for your firm using workforce management solutions. Employers use it to check attendance, distribute personnel and resources wisely, and abide by laws and regulations regarding the workplace that are continuously changing. The ultimate goals are to maximize output and minimize risk. With it, you can spot inefficiencies, fix them, and create cohesive teams.

What is workforce management in contact center?

Ensuring that a contact center has the appropriate people and skill sets available to handle customer contacts promptly, successfully, and at a cost that is as low as possible to the organization is referred to as workforce management.

What does a WFM do in a call center?

Workforce management is a set of procedures used in contact centers to guarantee that the appropriate number of agents with the relevant abilities are scheduled at the proper time. This is even more crucial after the epidemic, as more teams adopt long-term distributed and remote workforce tactics.

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