Ask Us Anything About Apploye!

There are two plans of Apploye. Monitored Time Tracking and Unmonitored Time Tracking. In monitored time tracking, application usage, url visits, keyboard and mouse activity level are monitored. Also screenshots are taken randomly every 10 minutes. 

In unmonitored time tracking, only total time spent under project and/or task are captured.

Data communication is done with secure SSL encryption. Also, data is stored in enterprise level cloud storage so that data is secured.

You can add as many as you wish. You will be charged per user.

Yes, you can. 

First,  you need to go to the “Daily Timesheet” option of Apploye’s web application. Then delete/edit the required timesheet to remove the part of time consisting the screenshot. In this way, you can protect your privacy from your organization owner or project manager.

An employer should have the right to know what employees are doing in working hour. We track only when an employee starts the tracker. 

Also we have an unmonitored plan for employers who only wants to track time.

Yes. It will sync the data after the user gets back online/get connected to the internet

But, for login, the user must be online/connected to the internet.

Yes, you can.

You have to go to the “Edit Config” option in the desktop application and allow the option there to get the screenshot alerts.

Windows 7 and later, Linux debian and Mac.

Yes. Apploye has a mobile application.

The mobile application will track time for unmonitored plan and track location and time for monitored plan. 

Employees working in fields are better fit for using mobile application.

Organization owner (i.e who created the organization in Apploye) can only select the plan.

No. We don’t log individual keystrokes. We just count the number of seconds in which there were keystrokes. But, we don’t store that keystroke.