Geofence Time Clock and Time Tracking App for Field Employees

Set your boundary and maintain employee attendance with a timesheet using the Apploye geofence time tracking. No more buddy punching and manual employee activities for employee attendance management. Apploye makes it easier for you.

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Geofence Time Tracking

Seamless Attendance Management with Apploye Geofence Time Clock

Set the radius around your worksite where you will count employee attendance. Field workers can clock in upon reaching the site. Apploye won’t allow anyone to clock in outside the radius set by the employer. Get the exact location from where your field employee clocked out at the end of work hours.

Geofence Time Tracking

Time Tracking with Geofence Time Clock

Geofencing time and attendance are essential to keep track of work hours. Apploye geofence time tracker makes it easier for employers to know how much time the employee has worked.

Geofence Time Tracking

Better timesheet management

Timesheet is automatically generated when your employees track time. Know your employees’ daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and custom date timesheets from Apploye’s dashboard. Do you want your employees to work a specific amount of hours in a week? No worries, Apploye has kept that option for you. Set the weekly timesheet limit for your employees. For extra work hours, workers will need your permission.

Geofence Time Tracking

Automatic Payroll Calculation

Apploye geofence time tracker helps you with automatic payroll calculation of hourly paid workers. Once the timesheet is calculated based on the time tracked, Apploye calculates the payroll and makes it easier for you by reducing accounting activities. As an employer, you need to set the hourly limit only. Apploye will do the rest for you.

Geofence Time Tracking

Tracking Live Locations of Employees

You must be curious about the live positions of your employee working onsite. Apploye geofence time clock is going to show you the live locations of the workers. For the internet connection issues, you will see the latest location once the worker was connected to the internet.

Geofence Time Tracking

How much does the Apploye Geofence time clock cost?

Among four different pricing plans of Apploye, the geofencing time clock option is available in 2 plans with many additional essential features.

  • Premium Plan: $3 per user/month(billed yearly)
  • Elite Plan: $3.5 per user/month(billed yearly)

Get started with Apploye Geofence Time Tracker

Apploye is an intuitive geofence time tracking with more than 100 other features. Let's know the easy process of employee geofence time clocking by Apploye.

  1. Create an Apploye account and complete the onboarding process.
  2. Invite your employees to join the organization.
  3. Ask your employees to install the Apploye android/iOS app from the play store/iStore and sign in.
  4. Set the radius of the Geofence attendance system taking one center in your site. Employees can clock in once they will reach within the radius.
  5. Geofence Time Tracking
  6. It’s all done. Apploye will start tracking time once the employee clocks in upon reaching the site

Manage Your Employees More Efficiently with Apploye Geofence Time Tracker App

Why do Employers Use Geofencing Time Clock?

Geofencing with time tracking can benefit employers in various ways. They can increase productivity in addition to assisting businesses in keeping track of employees. Let’s know some top reasons for which employers are inclined towards geofence time tracking.

👉 Knowing the live locations of the field crews

Employers have a significant edge in determining when workers are trying to clock in early or buddy punch. Also, you can know exactly who was working on the project and how long it would take to complete. Using time monitoring data, businesses can ensure projects are completed on schedule and under budget by properly staffing them.

👉 For hassle-free automated attendance management

Geofencing time clock app helps you get rid of the hassle of paperwork and other manual attendance processes, giving you more time to focus on your people. Using geofencing attendance management software it is easy to keep track of employee attendance in the office or field, so you can see at a glance if anyone is late or absent.

👉 Helps in eliminating time theft

If your firm has a large number of employees that work remotely or in the field, you undoubtedly already know how challenging it can be to keep track of all of them when they are on the clock. There are some employees who are attempting to take advantage of the situation by engaging in false time tracking.

Employers use the geofence time clock apps to eliminate time theft as these tools do not allow anyone to clock in without reaching the job site.

👉 Automatic and easy payroll calculation

The geofence time clock does more than just make it easier to keep track of employees' time. By using geofencing to track time, payroll processing can be made easier and less expensive. You can speed up the whole payroll process with a geofence time tracking. These apps automatically calculate payroll by taking the timesheets of your employees based on their hourly rates.

Geofence Time Clocking Best Practices

Geofence time tracking has got many benefits for employers. Again, it should not be made a burden on the employees who will be core resources to use the system. Geofence time tracking can be made more enjoyable to the employees. Know the simple practices to follow below:

1. Describe the benefits of geofence time tracking to the employees

As with any new work practice, it's important for employers to explain how geofencing works to their employees. Employers should talk openly about the technology and answer any questions that workers may have. Make it clear to the employees how geofence time tracking will help both the organization and the employees. Remember, well-defined benefits can increase motivation to strive for something.

2. Make a geofence time tracking policy

If you have already started using geofence time tracking software in your organization, it is better if you make a policy. These geofence time tracking tools will help you to onboard the new policy as they will have agreed to the policy. Enlist everything about the process of geofence time tracking along with the software details you use.

3. Keep employees’ privacy at the top

You can get workers to trust you by telling them that using geofencing is good for everyone. It's important to remind employees that their personal information won't be accessed and that they won't be tracked when they're not at work.

Organization/Companies that use Geofence time tracker

Geofence time tracking is more popular to organizations having field employees. However, these tools are also used by companies having in-office or hybrid employees. Organizations/companies that use geofence time tracking tools are-

  1. Health care organizations
  2. Real state organizations
  3. Construction companies
  4. Companies that provide cleaning service
  5. Companies that work with FMCG
  6. Companies having both field and in-office employees.