1. Go to https://app.apploye.com/auth/register and sign up in Apploye.

2. Create your organization and select STANDARD Monthly plan ( Previously known as Apploye TimeTrack )

3. Click the button Try Fee For 10 Days

4. After creating Apploye account then go to (https://app.apploye.com/appsumo) to redeem Appsumo code.

5. Give the email of your Apploye account.
6. Select your Organization.
7. Then give the coupon code that you got from AppSumo.
8. Then click on "Apply AppSumo code"
9. Go to https://app.apploye.com/user/current-plan to check your current plan

10. Click the link https://apploye.com/download/ to download Apploye.