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Apploye time tracker: The best task timer for you and your team

Apploye is a time tracking software with more than 100 useful features. Task time tracking with an advanced reporting system is a differentiated feature of Apploye.

Let’s explore Apploye and know how easy to track and manage tasks from a single place.

Create Apploye account and invite team members.

The onboarding process at Apploye is flexible and straightforward. Sign up at apploye and create your organizations. Add projects and invite your team members. You can add a single member to multiple projects.

Create tasks and assign to the member

Create tasks under projects and assign to the responsible team members. An employee can also create tasks under the assigned project. Tasks can be created from both Apploye desktop app and the web app.

Start task time tracking with a signle click now.

Instruct your team member to start the task timer in the Apploye desktop or mobile app. The mobile app is for tracking the task time of outdoor employees.

Check progress and increase efficiency

Get the task's progress based on time spent and improve the efficiency later. The Apploye task timer dashboard gives the overall idea of the time used for different tasks.

Check who is working from Live Feed.

From Apploye’s live feed feature, check who is working live on which tasks. Get the idea of which employee is working on the right task at the right time.

Calculate task payment easily

Get the total payable amount by setting the employees' hourly or fixed pay rate. See the payroll based on the time spent by the workers on different tasks.

Project management and client billing

Take your project management to the next level with the Apploye task timer. Divide the project of your client into tasks and allocate your team members. Track both projects and tasks progress.

Generate an invoice for your client upon project completion and receive your payment.

Outdoor employees’ tasks are well manageable now.

Track tasks of your outdoor employees with their time spent. Track their locations with the Apploye task timer app and their task.

Track tasks time from other apps

With Apploye’s integration with different platforms, you get the scope to assign and track tasks more efficiently. Track task time from the following apps:


ClickUp (Coming soon)

Asana (Coming soon)

Track task time across devices

Apploye task timer is flexible with different platforms and operating systems. So, you can use it at your convenience.



Apploye allows to track time in windows 7 and later



Use mac desktop app for tracking time easily



Apploye allows to track time from all Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Manjaro and many other)



Use your android for tracking time and location easily.

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Task Timer: All You Need to Know in 2022

Tracking time spent on the tasks is crucial. It is interrelated to ongoing projects, required to see how productive the team has been and connected to the Payroll, whether the system is automated or manual.

Today, Task Timers solve multiple issues that modern workplaces face to cope with the challenge of embracing automation. Task Timers help track the time, manage and monitor projects, generate reports for evaluation, etc. Today’s fast-paced business world, thus, keeps its faith in Task Timers like Apploye.

Apploye is a top-notch Task Timer for tracking time spent on your organization’s tasks. It helps boost productivity, manage multiple projects simultaneously, automate the payroll and attendance, handle essential business clients, and generate insightful reports to evaluate the performance of the employees of a particular duration.

So, why wait and waste time? Bring Apploye today and see the difference in the productivity and performance of the team yourself.

Guide Topics

What is a Task Timer? – A brief Description

A Task Timer is an important aspect that shouldn’t be put aside in modern-day business scenarios. It helps businesses track the ongoing tasks and therefore be proactive in maintaining the overall progress of multiple projects. As the name suggests, in the simplest definition, a Task Timer emphasizes tracking the time behind every task- something that we do with the help of a stopwatch and manual timekeeper.

A Task Timer should be able to provide you with accurate time tracking and a progress bar which percentages or any other mathematical terms might accompany to refer to task status and progress. There should be options for start, pause, reset, delete, edit tasks, and notification sounds.

An advanced Task Timer shall generate exportable reports (in different formats such as CSV, PDF, Excel, etc.) on the tasks and projects. It shall provide infographics, pie charts, background track, top-level project management, and many more features.

Why do you need a Task Timer for your business?

Below are the five reasons you should be contemplating implementing a Task Timer for your business.

  • Tracking progress: A Task Timer helps you monitor the progress of the tasks you've assigned to your employees. It enables the team to stay on the right track while the task is on the run.
  • Anticipating the Future: A finished task shall give you enough insight into setting the time for the following coming tasks and how to delegate the similar tasks to the team and finish them in a lesser time.
  • Benchmarking: If you're a startup that is yet to figure out how to allocate time behind the tasks you want to undertake, a Task Timer shall help you figure out the proper allocation of time after tracking a few tasks. That's how you can create a benchmark for the team.
  • Allocating resources properly: As you now know, how much time it requires to complete a task, it's now easy for you to allocate your resources. It may include time allocation, budget allocation, and team management.
  • Growing business from inside: Businesses that are capable of harnessing the actual value of time will excel in the future. A Task Timer helps you put one leg in the future, thus, allowing the business to grow from the core.

Which industries need Task Timer?

If you find your business in the following lists of genres, you may use a Task Timer for your business.

  • Startups & Small business,
  • Software firms
  • Freelancing & Individual contractors
  • Virtual assistants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Recruitment firms
  • Call centers
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Accounting firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Law firms & legal services
  • Data entry
  • Developers

How Task Timer helps in generating invoice based on tasks?

A Task Timer should enable you to create invoices based on the hours you worked for your clients and help you track the tasks accurately so that all dollars involved in the operation don’t go in vain.

A Task Timer will help you start from scratch by creating profiles for the clients with active and archive views. You can add, edit, archive, and delete client profiles whenever you want. Assigning projects to the clients should be easy to create a custom invoice for the client (Invoice for fixed fee project or hours worked). There should be a quick action bar in the app.

Additionally, a Task Timer will give you Tax and discounting features. You can have a preview before sending the invoice. The invoice should be downloadable and printable.

The use of Task Timer on individual level

It's not always the large business and enterprises; instead, a solo user, a freelancer, or an individual contractor can be helped using a Task Timer.

A Task Timer can contribute to boosting productivity even at the individual level. A freelancer for his work management can bring a Task Timer to help himself manage different tasks and log the time accordingly to charge his clients for the work he did for them.

An advanced Task Timer can enable a freelancer to track the time behind each task and project. It should help him generate invoice and proof of work to get the payment if the tasks given by the client has hourly payment. Moreover, the freelancer will be able to see the productivity level, set a benchmark of productivity for himself, and work hours accordingly. Some of the works mentioned here can be managed manually, but a Task Timer can help you automate those in the most streamlined way.

Apploye Time Tracker- as a Task Timer

Apploye is an advanced Time Tracker that helps you track time spent on tasks. It offers you the features that would be enough to manage your business and optimize the productivity of both teams and individual employees.

Apploye offers more than a hundred features in different sectors. It can work exceptionally well as a time tracker with screenshots or a remote employee monitoring tool. But as a Task Timer, it can be awesome too.

We’ll discuss two of the most important sectors of business that can be deeply benefitted by using Apploye, the #1 Task Timer, to enable Task time tracking.

✔ Task Management: Task management in Apploye covers all the necessary elements of managing and executing tasks seamlessly. You can create multiple tasks and assign the tasks to the team members who can provide a task-wise time log. You can see your tasks in both Project-wise & Assignee-wise views. So, with the help of Apploye, task management is no longer a painstaking job.

✔ Project Management: Managing projects through Apploye can’t be any simpler! Via Apploye, you can create new projects, create tasks under them, and set budgets with alerts. The project billing can be fixed or on an hourly basis. You can also set project status, add new people, and set roles for them. You can also add clients to projects so that you can bill them accurately and produce invoices automatically- which is another noteworthy feature.

So, implementing Apploye in your business can give you a massive leg-up in terms of productivity, profit, and overall performance management.

What are the costs of Apploye Task Timer?

Following is the table that can help you determine why Apploye is the #1 Task Timer.

Task TimerPricing
Apploye$3.5/user/month (annually) and $7/user/month (monthly)

The table above demonstrates why using Apploye as a Task Timer for your company is a cost-effective choice. Its yearly plan can save you up to 50%, while the monthly plan isn't too expensive at all.

How do I start using Apploye?

Deciding whether you need a Task Timer to track the ongoing tasks and projects is purely dependent on your business's needs right now. Tracking task-wise time is essential for the company as it deters the unnecessary flow of money and helps you create benchmarks for your business. That's why we recommend you Apploye, which is the best Task Timer in the market for its top-notch features and world-class services.

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