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Apploye time clock app for recording work hours of both in-office and remote employees. Know your team members' detailed timesheet, clock-in and clock-out, detailed time spent report for better payroll and billing.

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Apploye Time Tracker: An intuitive time clock app

Apploye is one of the best time clock apps to keep track of personal and employees work hours. Apploye gives you an extra edge for better employee management, starting from attendance management to automatic payroll calculation.

Time clocking features of Apploye that you cannot ignore

Easy clock in and clock out

Manage employees timely clock-in and clock-out with Apploye's mobile and desktop apps. You can say goodbye to your manual clock-in and clock-out system.

Track task and project time

Assign projects or tasks to your employees with deadlines and track the progress with the Apploye time tracker. Know who is taking how much time to complete the task and optimize next time.

Automatic timesheet calculation

No more paperwork or excel sheet maintenance to calculate employees' timesheets. Based on clock-in and clock-out, Apploye will calculate the timesheet automatically. With the help of it, you will be able to get every employee's daily, weekly, monthly, and custom timesheet.

Easy payroll and overtime payment calculation .

If you have set hourly payments for your employees, the Apploye time clock for work will give you accurate payroll and overtime payment calculations based on the timesheet.

Track project progress and budget

Managing projects with Apploye is quite simple. It will save much of your time with this advanced feature. You can track the project's progress based on time and budget spent. Create an invoice and send it to your client directly.

Export reports

Get a copy of your team members' time and activity reports, which should include both productive and non-productive time entries. Get a copy of the manual time entry report, including the reasons for it. Once a report is required, it can be exported in PDF or Excel format.

Clock-in and Clock-out from other apps

Apploye has got integration with different tools. If you are using any of the below-mentioned tools for better task management, note that you can track the time of the tasks from those apps as well.

  • Trello
  • Asana(Coming soon)
  • ClickUp(coming soon)

Clocking with GPS location

The use of Apploye allows you to keep track of both the hours worked and the locations of your outside or field workers. You will get to know their locations, and they can leave notes as per necessity.

Clock time across devices

Apploye clock time app is compatible with the following platforms.

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • ios (Coming Soon)
  • Web

How to get started with Apploye time clock app

Let's take a look at how simple it is to track an employee's location with Apploye.

  1. Create an Apploye account and complete the getting started process
  2. Use the invitation link to invite your employees and ask them to become a part of your organization. They can also join using the organization's code.
  3. Ask your employees to install the Apploye desktop app. For outdoor employees, they need to use Apploye mobile app.
  4. Brief the time clocking process, and you are done with the set-up.

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Detailed Guide to Time Clock App: Things You Must Know

These days, time clock apps are top-rated for better employee time tracking and management.With the help of a simple time clock app, an employer can execute a variety of employee management activities quickly and automatically.

We recommend that you continue reading this article to discover more about how to implement the Time clock app in your organization and the numerous benefits it provides.

Guide Topics

How you can take advantage of the time clock app.

1. Reliability

As opposed to traditional records, computer data is far more reliable. In addition, unlike humans, the time clock app does not make mistakes when manually filling out timesheets. Regardless of the source, you can always rely on the information being accurate and complete. That’s how time clock apps are creating trust for employers and entrepreneurs.

2. Enhanced accessibility

You can have access to all the time clock data of your team members. You do not need to keep stack files to keep your employees' data records. In a time clock app, you are just a few clicks away to access your team members' data related to work hours.

A time clock app can be accessed from any place at any time. Sometimes clock apps like Apploye can even function without an internet connection. The data will be put into the dashboard as soon as an internet connection is available.

3. Simplicity in time tracking

Knowing where your employees are spending their work hours is critical in order to manage them effectively. You can manually keep track of your working hours. But time tracking makes this work more simple and provides you with accurate data of time spent.

You only need to press one button to start the timer. This simple step should not be an issue for anyone; it is much faster and easier than filling out paper timesheets or Excel files. Because of the clock in and out app, your employees will save time and be better able to concentrate on their primary tasks.

4. Automated timesheet calculation

Say goodbye to manually calculating timesheets depending on when you arrive and leave your workplace. The timesheet will be calculated automatically by a time clock app. The time you are putting in to calculate and fill out the timesheet can be stored and used for other purposes later.

5. Better payroll management

Payroll calculation is an essential function for both employees and employers. Calculating the payroll is even more critical if you have hourly paid employees. No worries! All you have to do is enter the hourly rate of your employees, and the time clock app will take care of the rest.

6. Project time tracking and billing

With the help of a time clock app, project time tracking becomes much easier. A time clock app can keep track of both the time spent and the money spent.

Another cool thing in a time clock app is for better project management. That is, you can bill your client with your employees' bill rate and pay your employees with their pay rates. Thereby you can generate extra profit from every project.

Seems a bit confusing? You can read the project management guide of Apploye to be more precise.

7. Detailed work hours report (productive and non-productive time)

A time clock app will allow you to check the information of your working hours after you have created an account with the app. The work time will be divided into two categories: productive and unproductive.

8. Performance evaluation based report

The time clock app will assist you in evaluating the performance of your employees based on real-time information. You can tell who is remaining more productive and who is not by observing their activity. Other measures of a time clock app can also assist you in obtaining additional benefits for evaluating the employees.

9. Comprehensive Dashboard

The dashboard of Apploye encompasses items that can provide you with an insight into how the employees are performing in real-time. You can see the top-performing employees based on the time logged and productivity rate. You can also see top assigned projects, most hours logged project, most project activity and the total hours your employees are spending in their works.

10. Additional features

Apploye offers a Pomodoro timer which is a powerful feature to be mentioned. It helps your employees to stay productive by working in a work-break-work approach. Apploye offers an β€˜idle time’ option to give you a gentle nudge while it finds you in idle state for a specified amount of time.

11. Greater ROI

You can expect a 20% increase in your productivity after implementing Apploye in your business.

It sounds ridiculous at times but you’ll be surprised to see how much return you can grab by bringing Apploye to your premises. Here is a demonstration of that-

Case-01 (Low Income countries)
Case-02 (Middle Income countries)
Case-03 (High Income countries)
20% additional output using Apploye (in $)
Price of Apploye Time Tracker(Monthly Elite Plan)
Monthly ROI
DemographiesRemuneration20% additional output using Apploye (in $) Apploye Price (Monthly Elite plan)Monthly ROI
Case-01 (Low Income countries)$500$100$71428.57%
Case-02 (Middle Income countries)$2000$400$75714.28%
Case-03 (High Income countries)$3000$600$78571.42%

The above table is a picture of how much benefit you can derive from Apploye. A business based in a low-income country can get an astounding ROI of 1428.57%,whereas being a business in a high-income region, you can get a return of more than 8500%, which is quite incredible!

You can make these things possible once you leave the responsibilities on Apploye.

Uses of time clock for work

A time clock app can be used in a variety of dimensions depending on the situation. Work hours records for in-office, remote, work from home, and outdoor personnel are among the most useful features of the time clock app. Let's take a closer look at these uses.

πŸ• Time clock app for in-office employees

When it comes to managing in-office personnel, a time clock app can be really beneficial. A time clock app allows you to keep track the hours worked by your employees and the time spent on various tasks.

πŸ• Time clock app for remote employees

It is pretty impossible to keep track of the work hours of remote employees manually. You require something automated to assist you in assigning jobs, tracking progress, evaluating performance, and calculating remuneration. Here's where an Apploye time clock app comes in.

You must hire the most competent remote workers, work-from-home employees, or virtual assistants, and delegate responsibilities at the appropriate times; a time clock app will take care of the rest, keeping your remote workers on track. You'll have nothing to be concerned about!

πŸ• Time clock app for outdoor employees

A time clock app with location tracker can be a game-changer for employers with field workers. A time clock app lets you track the clock-in and clock-out of your field employees. With an added location tracker, you can check whether your employee has clocked in from the worksite or not. You can also track the real-time location of your outdoor workers.

If you have remote field workers, a time clock app is more suitable for you.

Apploye Time Tracker: The best time clock app

Apploye time tracker app contains all the essential features needed for a time clock app. It is now easy to keep track of employees' work hours more efficiently. Employers do not need to remain tensed about the employees activities. All time tracking data with gps location tracking can be found from Apploye time tracker.

Let’s know some cool features available in Apploye time clock app

Key features of Apploye time tracker

πŸ‘‰ Attendance management with easy clock-in and clock-out. With the start and stop of the Apploye desktop or mobile app, it is easier to maintain the clock in and clock out process. So, there is no need for a punch card or long list of manual attendance. Apploye will bring the Geofencing feature soon for better clock-in and clock-out management.

πŸ‘‰ Project and task time tracking. Apploye allows you to keep track of the development of your project depending on the amount of time and money you have spent on it. You can schedule a reminder to go off at specific intervals. For example, you can set up notifications to alert you when your 50% budget has been exceeded.

πŸ‘‰ Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and custom timesheets. During working hours, you will have a better understanding of how your employees spend their time. As a result, you can be well protected against time theft.

πŸ‘‰ Time and activity report generation to know the time worked daily with productive and non-productive time. You can also see the productivity percentage.

πŸ‘‰ Manual time entry with valid reasons. Unwanted situations might be there. For example, an employee may forget to start the Apploye app though it is not expected. However, that employee can add that time manually by adding a reason. You can justify later if you want.

πŸ‘‰ With the payroll feature of Apploye, you can ensure that your employees receive appropriate payments. It is suitable for both your regular employees and your independent contractors.

πŸ‘‰ You can control all of your field staff while sitting on your chair, thanks to the Apploye GPS time clock. You can also look up their locations if you need to do so.

πŸ‘‰ A stable internet connection is one of the prime factors of all time clocking apps. Apploye is different in this case. You may be having troubles with your internet connection, but Apploye will continue to function even if you are not connected to the internet. Once the connection is retrieved, Apploye can sync all the time logs tracked offline.

Apploye is a time clock app that offers practically all of the critical elements for a good time clock software. However, with the continual improvement of features, this will become a top-tier instrument in the field of time clocking technology.

What about the pricing of Apploye?

Don't be too concerned about the price. Apploye time clock app has the most affordable and competitive pricing compared to its major competitors. Let's have a look at the pricing plans of Apploye.

  • Solo Plan: $4/user per month.
  • Standard Plan: $5/user per month.
  • Premium Plan: $6/user per month.
  • Elite Plan: $7/user per month.

πŸ‘‰By selecting annual pricing, you can get 6 months free. That is the 50% savings on the yearly plan.

To know what you will be under these plans, please visit Apploye's pricing page.

User review

People around the world love Apploye Time Tracker. Overall ratings of Apploye on different review platforms are:

Capterra: 4.9/5

G2: 4.7/5

Before purchasing a tool, it is usually a good idea to read reviews and get feedback from other users. Feedback from consumers is essential to the Apploye time clock app, which also professionally manages all of its users.