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Employee Timesheet App
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All-in-one online timesheet app for better workforce management.

You will get everything from simple clock-in and clock-out to automatic payroll calculation in the Apploye timesheet app. Let's see how apploye is helping both employers and employees in managing timesheets.

Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and custom timesheet

With Apploye Time Tracker, get insight into your employees' daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and custom timesheets. Know how much time they have worked daily, weekly, or for specific periods.

Daily timesheet

Know how much your employee has worked on a specific date. You can check the timesheet of previous dates as well.

Daily Timesheet showing idle time and everything

Weekly timesheet

No need to calculate the weekly timesheet using the free timesheet app. Get the weekly timesheet of your team members from the Apploye time tracker automatically.

Weekly Timesheet for list of employees

Monthly timesheet

With Apploye you will get the monthly timesheet of your team members that will help you in payroll calculation. After the pay rate is set, Apploye can calculate the payroll automatically.

Monthly Timesheet with total hours

Custom date timesheet

Select the start and finish date in Apploye to check the custom timesheet. You can check the timesheet for any date range you want.

Custom Date Timesheet with multiple days

Detailed timesheet report

Get the detailed time and activity report of your team members. Export the timesheet reports in excel(.csv) or pdf to analyze further.

Timesheet report with export as PDF/Excel options

Manual time entry report

Time can be added to the Apploye timesheet app if it is missed out anyhow. Like, your employee may forget to start the timer. Know the manual time entry with reasons to remain more clear about your employees' timesheets.

Manual time entry with reason notes from two employees

Online Timesheet Approval

Review timesheets before including them in the payroll. You can accept or reject any specific portion of each timesheet from the timesheet app.

Approving one employee's timesheet from the members

More Features of Apploye Online Timesheet App

Active and neutral time calculation

Know your workforce's active and not productive time from the Apploye timesheet app. This productivity is calculated based on keystrokes and mouse clickings.

Active and neutral time calculation showing employee productivity

Idle Time Tracking

Notify your employees by tracking the idle time with an employee timesheet app. Make your payments to employees valuable and worthy.

Idle Time Tracking in timesheets

Break notification for better productivity

Set break alerts with definite time intervals in an employee timesheet app. Take a break, refresh and recharge to be more productive.

Pomodoro break interval settings in app

Graphical representation of employees' activity/productivity

Get a comparison of your team members' timesheets based on their average activities. It is much essential for performance evaluation.

Top active employees by activity

Accurate Payroll.

Get accurate and automated payroll for your employees. Based on the timesheet, Apploye time tracker calculates payroll. It is much more suitable for hourly-paid employees and can be used for fixed-salaried workers as well.

Payroll for the members with option to pay

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How to track remote workers' time

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Step 1

Create an Apploye account

Sign up and complete the getting started process.

Apploye sign up page with new account creation process

Step 2

Invite your team members to the organization

Use the invitation link to invite your employees and ask them to become a part of your organization. They can also join using the organization's code.

Inviting members to organization for timesheet management

Step 3

Create projects and assign members to the projects

Create projects in Apploye and then you can assign members to those projects.

Setting up projects in a timesheet app

Step 4

Start tracking time with Apploye

Ask your employees to download the desktop or mobile app. And start the Apploye app once they start working.

Using mobile and desktop app to track time for timesheet

Step 5

Check who is working right now in Live Feed

In the Live Feed, you’ll be able to see who is tracking time at this moment.

Live feed showing members who are working right now

Step 6

Check the timesheets and reports

You can check the daily timesheet or weekly, monthly, or custom timesheets. You can also export them as reports.

Reports of timesheet with activity and graph

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What is a timesheet? 📝

A timesheet is a record of work, a definite work duration that shows the number of hours an employee worked for an organization. This is an effective way to calculate the employees' payroll and record an employee's work history for a specific period of time.

Companies across the world have been using many ways to track the time their employees work for them. It all starts when an employee attends the office, and the process ends as soon as the employee leaves the premises. So, attendance management is a crucial factor to deal with while managing a timesheet.

The Timesheet app is utilized to keep track of the time spent on projects or other tasks. It allows users to enter the starting time and finishing time of their tasks. It could be a complete analysis of the duration of work. This online timesheet data is utilized to estimate project costs and billing of clients and time tracking, payroll and estimates of job tasks.

Why do you need an online timesheet app?

A timesheet has versatile usage and importance. By now, you could have understood the significance and rationale of having an employee timesheet app in an organization. A timesheet app lets you automate the work hours calculation of your team members. Instead of manually calculating timesheets or using a timesheet template, you can save both money and time by using automatic timesheet calculation.

Greater ROI with employee timesheet app

You can expect a 20% increase in employee productivity after adopting a solution like Apploye. That means you'll get 20% more work done on all of your projects.

According to what we all know, differences in demographics can contribute to wage fluctuation; here is an illustration of three separate scenarios that illustrate how business owners can profit from Apploye.

DemographicsSalaryExtra 20% Output using Apploye (in USD)Apploye Elite plan (Monthly/user)Monthly ROI
Case- 01 (Low-income regions)$600$120$71714.28%
Case- 02 (Middle-income regions)$1500$300$74285.71%
Case- 03 (High-income regions)$4000$800$711428.57%

What will you get from an online timesheet app?

Let's look at some of the most promising advantages of timesheet apps.

1. Easy clock in and attendance

Timely clock-in and clock-out had been a significant headache for employers for years. Often, employees manage clock-in and clock-outs properly, but you do not know what they have worked on as an employer. No worries, these activities are now much easier with a timesheet app.

2. Automated timesheet calculation.

Timesheet automation is the act of simply recording and tracking employee working hours using a single application that works across different platforms (mobile phones, desktops, and browser extensions). You can automatically calculate your team members' timesheets by tracking time across devices.

3. Active and unproductive time calculation.

You can know the productive and neutral hours from an employee timesheet app from daily timesheets. This productivity is calculated based on mouse clicking and keystrokes. Though it is not the perfect way to calculate productivity, you will get the general idea. This productivity calculation is perfect for employees working on laptops or desktops.

4. Idle time tracking

Idle time is the time when employees aren't being productive but are still being paid. With a timesheet app, you can track your employees' amount of idle time. There is a specific range of idle time that is acceptable. If you see unnatural idle time for your employees, you can notify them. It is a great way to ensure the productivity of your workforce.

5. Break time maintenance

The Pomodoro break feature is getting more popular day by day. It helps to remain focused on the work by dividing the work hours with breaks at definite intervals. Some studies have shown that shorter twenty-five-minute bursts lead to greater productivity. How long you work is up to you, but taking a break at least every fifty-five minutes is suggested.

Pomodoro break enables a worker to relax, refresh, and recharge. 😎

6. Billable and non-billable hours tracking

A timesheet app let you track the billable and non-billable hours for better client and employee management.

7. Better client billing

With an employee timesheet app, you can see how much you and your team members have worked on a project, how much you need to bill clients, set billable rates, and add narrative to time entries so you can justify invoices later. You need to set the bill rate once you start with your client's project.

Calculate resource usage and see where work hours are spent by estimating time and tracking time scheduled for tasks.

8. Automated payroll calculation.

HR activities are now more manageable with a timesheet app. It is easy to monitor employees' attendance and overtime hours and who was working on what when, sign off on employee timesheets, and understand what amount each person should be paid. You just need to set the pay rate of your employees. Online timesheet app will do the rest of the work for you.

9. Approve employee timesheets

Before payroll is calculated, you can opt for accepting or rejecting the timesheets. Instead of accepting or rejecting the whole timesheet, you can also accept specific hours from a timesheet. From the employee timesheet app, managers or admins can approve the timesheets before payroll is calculated.

10. Invoicing

Invoicing is related to client billing. Once you have completed the project and tracked the timesheet, you can bill your client and send the invoice. It is easy to generate and send the invoice directly from a timesheet app to your client.

11.No time theft

It is another crucial advantage of using an online timesheet app.

According to the American Society of Employers, time theft is estimated to cost a U.S. corporation 20% of every dollar made. According to the American Payroll Association, 75 percent of businesses lose money due to "buddy punching," a common sort of employee time theft.

You can reduce this possibility of time theft to a greater extent using a timesheet app.

However, an app that calculates work hours also contains many other important features are listed below.

Uses of timesheet app for different purposes

🕐 Timesheet app for personal works

A timesheet app is suitable for personal and organizational use. It depends upon the purpose you are going to serve with the app.

Here are some of the importance of using the timesheet app for personal work management.

  1. Daily time tracking to know how much you are working.
  2. Measuring personal productivity based on the time you have worked.
  3. Tracking project and use task timer to gain efficiency.
  4. Project time tracking and bill calculation for the clients.
  5. Managing breaks with definite time intervals. Timesheet apps generally contain the Pomodoro break feature. So, you can take advantage of it for your benefit.
  6. Personal idle time tracking to know when you lose your time due to inactivity at work.
  7. If you are working as an independent contractor or freelancer with your clients, you can use the timesheet app for billing clients with more transparency.

🕐 Timesheet app for regular office employees

You have come to know how useful a timesheet app is for employees by now. You can use a timesheet app to track of work hours of your employees and prepare their automated payroll.

🕐 Timesheet app for remote workers

It is much more necessary to track the work hours of remote employees than that of regular office employees. The reason is that remote workers do not work before you, and you have significantly less scope to monitor them. The world has seen the toughness of managing and monitoring remote employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many employers could monitor their employees using a time tracking app. If you have not thought of using time tracking software though you have remote workers, it's time to change your mind and join thousands of owners taking the fruit of employee monitoring software.

Monitoring the timesheet of remote workers is now easy with time tracking software like Apploye.

🕐 Timesheet app for mobile workforce

You have a mobile workforce who visits several places, and you do not know where they are spending time. It's often got complex to track the timesheet of the outdoor employees and prepare their payrolls.

Lastly, if you have a team containing different types of workers like remote, in-office, outdoor, etc., a timesheet app can help you manage all of them from a single place.

However, a timesheet app with a GPS location tracking feature can solve the issues mentioned above with mobile outdoor workers.

Timesheet app using guidelines

Guidelines make the work more accessible and more flexible. The following guidelines will help whether you are an employee or an employer.

Let's know the guidelines for using a timesheet app for employers and employees.

✍ Guidelines for the employers.

If you use the timesheet app for better employee management, you need to look for a few essential things.

  1. Use suitable time tracking software that you or your manager can handle easily.
  2. Make a time tracking policy and brief your employees accordingly.
  3. Make your team members familiar with the time tracking app. If needed, you can take help from the experts of the software's parent company.
  4. Inform the purpose of time tracking and a few advantages.
  5. Take consent from the employees before you hire.

✍ Guidelines for the employees.

If you are an employee of an organization or company where a timesheet is calculated with time tracking software, you can look at the following guidelines.

  1. Know the policy of the company regarding time tracking. If you have any queries, make that clear to your employer.
  2. Learn about the timesheet app properly so that you can handle it efficiently.
  3. Know the process of how your online timesheet will be used for payroll calculation.
  4. Know the break time and idle time management settings.

Wrapping up

The versatile features and advantages of the timesheet app are now favorites to many employers, independent workers, freelancers, and many more. Say goodbye to the manual calculation of employees timesheets using pen and paper or Excel or other templates by choosing a well-equipped time-tracking app.

It might be hard to compare all of the timesheet apps available in the market. Before you take any decision, be sure to compare with others and make an informed decision. Apploye is one of the best timesheet apps out there. There are many free timesheet apps on the internet. But, keep in mind that their feature will also be limited.

We can confidently say that Apploye will be your favorite timesheet app to manage online timesheets with ease. Apploye gives you a free 10-day trial. So that you can explore before you purchase.

Concerns for work hours tracking are there in every organization. Some are doing it manually, whereas others are automatically tracking the time with the work hours app. It can be individual work hours, employees’ work hours and work hours for clients.

Using the app for logging work hours, it is now easy to get insight on personal productivity, employees performances and project management with expense tracking.

Why is work hours tracking necessary?

It may be a question of why is work hours tracking important? Yes, you got it right, and it’s important to keep track of your’s, and your employees timesheets with a work hours app.

As a business owner or employer, you will not waste your time, but what about your team members? Maybe you do not even know where your employees are wasting their valuable work hours.

Let’s see some of the data collected from different surveys or research conducted on how employees waste time during work hours.

Employees in the United States waste 2.09 hours each eight-hour workday, excluding lunches and regular breaks. All of those wasted minutes cost an organization an average of $39.98 per employee per day.Source: Business Chief

According to a Salary.com survey in 2014, 89% of employees admit to spending time at work every day. 61% of these persons report to waste 30 minutes to an hour per day. While this may not appear to be a significant amount of time, it can build up to 5 hours per week or 260 hours per year - each employee.Source: Salary.com

Advantages of tracking work hours

We have already seen the reasons for work hours tracking. Many time wasters cause hindrance to the work time.

Let’s have a look at some of the important benefits of work hours tracking:

👉 Greater ROI

The salary you are paying to your employees is an investment, right? You obviously expect a better return on this investment. You can ensure that your employees utilize their time and provide better output with work hours tracking.

👉 Reduction of time theft

When workers are paid for work they did not complete or when they were not at work, this is known as time theft.

Time theft isn't limited to a specific sort of individual, job position, or industry. However, it does apply to hourly workers. Time thieves are everywhere, and they can get inventive in how they avoid work, which is on the rise in today's mobile workforce world.

However, successful work hours tracking can nullify the time theft of the organizations.

👉 Better productivity

We know you are concerned about the productivity of your team members. Once the work hours timer is there in your organization, employees will be more accountable for their time. This accountability will accelerate the productivity of your employees.

👉 Helps in easy payroll calculation

Once you track your employees' work hours, you know the amount of time they have worked. You can prepare the payroll based on the time worked by your employees.

👉 Enhances better task management

Managing tasks in an organization is not that easy. Missing deadlines is so common in the workplace. However, a work hour tracker can help you to manage the tasks better way. By tracking a task's time, an employee can easily understand where the time is spent. If there is any time wastage for using other apps or websites, it can be minimized in the next task.

👉 Increases self-satisfaction

Once you do not have a work clock timer, you hardly know where your employees are wasting their time. By tracking work hours, you can know the details of how your employees spent time that will ultimately give you self-satisfaction.

👉 Time is money.

If you are losing your or your employees’ work hours, you lose your money. It’s time that you should take care of the lost work hours of our organization.

Let’s monitor our work hours to get the best benefit out of our work.

What is a work hours tracker app?

It's a simple app to keep track of work hours that help you to keep a count of your and your employees’ work hours based on the time log. This app for logging work hours will also help you calculate your employees' payments automatically.

However, an app that calculates work hours also contains many other important features are listed below.

What are the features a good work clock timer should have?

Organizations are focusing on employee hours tracker tools for better personal and team management. If you are searching for an app for logging work hours for yourself, your team, or your clients, it is better to explore and know the required features.

We have listed some functions and capabilities that an ideal work hour tracking app should have.

√ Recording daily, weekly, monthly time logs.

√ Creating automatic timesheets based on the logged hours.

√ Having the feature to create multiple tasks and projects and keep track of time spent for both.

√ Manual time entry with an explanation.

√ Calculating payroll based on the time logged by the employee. It is more useful for hourly payment based employees.

√ Generating comprehensive reports with time spent on different apps or websites.

√ Tracking the productivity of the employees during work hours.

√ Options to add clients and work with them on a project basis.

√ Tracking the expense of project budgets and notify at the definite intervals.

√ Automatic invoice generation for the clients.

Besides the above functions, an ideal work hour tracker app should have a better interface and easy set-up process with higher data security.

How to track work hours with Apploye

  1. Personal work hours tracking to keep track of your own work time with Apploye.
  2. Create your Apploye account. Sign up for free
  3. Now download the Apploye desktop app and log in to your account.
  4. Now create tasks under projects and start tracking your work hours.
  5. You can also create tasks from the website that will appear on the app.

Track your employees’ times with a work hours timer and keep them more productive.

If you have a team, you can also track their work hours. In that case, you need to pay the subscription after the trial period. No worries, Apploye has got reasonable pricing.

Apploye, the all-in-one app to keep track of work hours helps you to track the work hours of your employees. Benefits you get from employee hours tracker like Apploye are:

  1. Easy attendance management.
  2. Daily, weekly, monthly and custom timesheet calculations
  3. Automatic time payroll calculation based on the timesheet.
  4. Manual time input with proper explanation.
  5. Assign tasks and track time spent.

Start tracking your teams work hours with the following steps with Apploye.

  1. Go to the Members section of the Apploye web app and add your employees to your organization by inviting them.
  2. Ask them to install the Apploye desktop app and start working by creating tasks.
  3. You can also assign tasks to your employees from Apploye’s web app.

Get details of work hours from comprehensive reports.

With Apploye Time Tracker, you can get the detailed work hours report. This report will help you know where the time was spent by your employees, including the apps usage and URLs visits.

Hour tracker for work to bill your clients.

If you work with your clients regularly and want to bill them with your work hours, Apploye is going to help you. You can also send the work details to your clients that will create trust and transparency between you and your client.

However, with Apploye Time Tracker, you can also create invoices and send them to your clients.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. Go to the Client section of your Apploye account and add the client you want to work with.
  2. Now, to go to the Project option, select client and fill up other details as shown below. To learn in detail about the Project feature in Apploye, just click here.
  3. Once you are done with the work with your client, you can send the invoice and get your payment.

Calculate employees’ payments automatically

No more manual calculation of employees’ payroll based on entry and exit. Apploye will calculate the payment based on the pay rate you set for your employees. You just need to set the hourly or fixed pay rate, Apploye will do the rest for you.

Apploye is one of the best time tracker and best employee monitoring software that helps to ensure teams productivity. This tool has got the most cost-effective plans with premium features.

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