A Complete Toggl Review in 2021-Apploye

Learn an in-depth review of Toggl,how it works and is used. Get the reviews, advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives of Toggl.

Are you eager to get a complete overview of Toggl?

Welcome, you’re in the right spot. Probably you’ve already familiar with this simple time tracking app. However, if you want to choose Toggl for your business, It is wise to know its details, reviews, advantages, and disadvantages.

As all the apps come up with summarized features into their site, it always helps get an in-depth idea of the features and functionalities of an experienced user.

From this urge, we’ve tried to give a comprehensive review of Toggl. Hope you’ll find it useful till the end.

What is Toggl?

Toggl is superly famous for its time tracking. The robust time tracking facilities make Toggl acceptable to business houses and entrepreneurs. This free time tracking app has provided the necessary features in its freemium version to run the basic time tracking.

The features are-

  • One-click timer with timer mode, manual mode, and calendar mode,

  • Auto tracker, Pomodoro timer, billable and non-billable hours tracking,

  • Summary and detailed report, report saving with specified filter and date range

  • Time rounding, tracking reminders, project estimation, and alerts,

  • Profit and labor cost calculation, email tracking, time audits,

  • Integrated with Asana, Basecamp, Drupal, etc.

  • Available in Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Web.

How to use Toggl?

With superlative features, Toggl provides a premium user experience. To understand how toggl helps in time management, you need to go through the whole article. Here, we’ve divided some significant attributes of a time management app. We’ve tried to give a comprehensive study of them.


Toggl review

Setting up Toggl is pretty easy. Without any email confirmation or any additional setting, you may start your Toggl time tracking with Google, Apple, or any email account.

You’ll directly jump on your dashboard and start tracking. It seems a matter of one-click entry into the world of time tracking. You may download the desktop or mobile app. The web app is very functional too. The browser extensions are also available.

Toggl Tracker

In this section, you may get acquainted with the Toggl apps. You may know the general details of the timer.

Pomodoro Timer Mode

Toggl offers a free Pomodoro timer that you may use in your desktop app or the browser extension. This new feature aids more admissibility of Toggl. What you can do is assign the breaks to the timer. The timer will automatically stop at that interval.

From then, you may continue to another work or take a little break to reenergize your mind. It may notify you when it stops or the break time pass out. If you continue, it will start tracking.

Toggl Desktop App

Toggl review

For a wide range of use, it supports Windows, Linux, and macOS. You may download the native desktop app as per your need. All the apps run in offline mode and save the data into the local server. It synchronizes data when getting an internet connection. You may get seamless synchronization among the desktop app and server.

It offers two views; one is a list view, and another is a timeline view. You may track time and edit the entries in both views. You may add projects into the entries.

The differences between the two views are in the appearance, and the timeline view shows the unavailable activities in the list view.

Toggl Mobile App

Toggl review

You may get native mobile apps specially designed to trace the field employees. It has an Android and iOS app to support all the mobile teams. It provides a seamless switching for tracking over the phone, web, or desktop app.

The mobile timer is very easy to understand where all the tasks are listed accordingly. Here, you can see the ongoing tasks with the billable and non-billable status and previous tasks.

You may call this Toggl timer a mobile timesheet showing the details of tracking time. You may start new tasks, edit the entries or delete them too from the mobile app. Toggl iOS and Android apps have a similar interface. The extra fit for iOS is the Siri integration.

Toggl Browser Extension

Toggl review

Like other time management apps, Toggl offers multiple browser extensions. You may use the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on. It provides an automatic time tracking system that starts when you open your browser and stops when you close it.

It gives a reminder if you forget to start the tracker. The idle detection, Pomodoro timer, and integrations are also available. One of the valuable features of Toggl is to begin tracking from any text on the web.

Toggl Time Tracking

Toggl has earned a hall of fame in the list of time management apps. If you need a powerful and elemental time tracking system, you may go for Toggl. Starting with the fully automatic time tracker, you can get a native START/STOP timer for the different platforms described above.

You may use it as a simple time tracker, savings only the hours you work or run the project, and time-based hours tracking machine. It has been made easy with billable and non-billable hours tracking. In a word, you may use Toggl as you want.

The more you’ll get from it are the idle time detection, Toggl track calendar, reminders, and alerts. In addition, you can work in an offline mood, add time manually and edit the entries.


Toggl review

Toggl has given immense importance to reporting. In your business, getting an automated, crystal clear report is quite a big deal. Whether it is a sales team, marketing team, or development team, reports must be needed in any organization.

Toggl has exactly rung the bell on it. It offers a wide variety of reporting depending on how you want to get the reports for your business. You may get the summary, detailed or weekly reports. The date ranges are customizable.

You may export reports in any format you want. The detailed report may give you a comprehensive outlook on how you spent your hours. It has bulk editing capabilities. Also, you may filter out a specific report on the project, client, task, team, billable, and so on.

One of the most premium features is report scheduling. You may save reports, schedule them for their sender, bookmark reports.

On a special note, the reporting feature varies with the pricing plans. Some are basic features, and some are advanced. Depending on the plan you use, you may avail of the features respectively.


Toggl review

As a premium user, you may want some more advanced features. Insight is the premium feature providing an advanced reporting system. You may get an in-depth idea about the profitability of the project and its employees. You may filter out the result for projects, teams, or clients.

It offers a great vision of how your organization’s works and costs are doing. For example, you may add labor costs, billing rates, and taxes. A beautiful graphical view may show your cost versus revenue.

Project Tracking

Toggl review

Toggl not only gives you a time tracking platform but also provides project management. You might be thinking, how does Toggl help in project management? Follow the answer below.

As stated above, Toggl tracks project and task time. If you want to keep a close look at your every project and corresponding sub-projects, just add projects and tasks in the Toggl interface.

You may create a project on the project page or in the time entry. You may split any project into tasks to ease your project management. The project may use it as public or private.

You may add specific client, billable or non-billable status, and team members in your project. It's easy to track the project progress, costs and revenue. You may get alerts when you're nearly tending to the end of the estimate.

Team management

You may handle your team efficiently with the Toggl track. It has a team dashboard that shows you the members’ working progress. You may add groups and track team time.

You may save the member information, their email addresses, and the workspace. Though Toggl focuses on individual time tracking, you may get more output to maintain your team.

Idle notification

Toggl review

Toggl Integration has an idle time detector. It will pop up a notification if you’re away from your computer, but the timer is still on. You may custom the time to pop up the notification.

After getting the notification, you may decide if you want to keep the time, discard or discard and continue.

Toggl Integration

Toggl has more than a hundred plus integrations covering many categories such as web development, communication, project management, and so on. This helps this tool to use in a wide range of businesses.

The popular integrations include Asana, Basecamp, Drupal, Evernote, WordPress, etc. It has an API tool that helps to provide the integration you need.

Toggl Pricing

Toggl has four pricing plans. These plans are designed to target different customers for different purposes. For example, you may use Toggl as a free time tracking app as a freelancer.

This version is free for up to 5 users covering all the basics of time tracking and reporting with 100+ integrations. The rest of the plans are paid and dedicated to a small and large team.

The pricing for the plans are-

  • Free: Free up to 5 users

  • Starter: $10 per user per month

  • Premium: $20 per user per month

  • Enterprise: Contact vendor

You may get a 10% discount on the annual plan.

Pros and Cons of Toggl


  • One of the unique features and advantages of Toggl is to edit time entries directly from the desktop app.

  • Its freemium is ideal for freelancers and startups.

  • Synchronization with the desktop app and web app is amazing.

  • Managing projects and maintaining project budgeting is pretty easy with Toggl.


  • To records all the activities, you should have to start the activity tracker on the desktop.

  • The representation of the summary report seems to be hazy.

  • You may get a little upset with the employee monitoring and payroll service.

Toggl Reviews

The best alternative to Toggl-Apploye

Already Toggl has its own position in the marketplace. But there are some other toggl alternatives you may try instead of Toggl. One of the top alternatives of Toggl is Apploye.

Like Toggl, you may get all the time tracking features in Apploye. From automatic time tracking to project-based tracking, you may get the full advantage of time management. Also, the Pomodoro timer is available in Apploye.

The more service you may get from Apploye are employee monitoring, scheduling, payroll, and GPS tracking. Try Apploye free for 10 days.

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