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Work Hours Tracker

No more manual work hour calculations using a timesheet calculator or managing timecards. An automatic work timer app like Apploye will help you know the detailed time spent by your team members.

Whether you want to be more organized or have accurate billing for clients, Apploye Work Hours Tracker will help you keep your own time recorded for different tasks or projects.

Apploye is also suitable for anyone who bills clients by hours, no matter if you are a freelancer, virtual assistant, or looking for independent contractor time tracking.

Work Hours Tracker Features

Track Work Hours Accurately

Know where you are spending your time and optimize work time for more productivity. Know how much time you have worked on a specific day with time spent on different tasks. You can share the work hour reports to bill clients as well.

Work hours being tracked in a timesheet, showed inside a laptop

Get a Comprehensive Report on Tracked Work Hours

Advanced reporting system for knowing where the time has been spent. You can filter out the data, It includes:

  1. Time and activity reports show you the productive and non-productive time each day. Users can add notes from the desktop if there are any.
  2. Reports of work  hours with average activity percentage, productive and non-productive time and a green graph
  3. The manual work hour entry report shows the time that was added by the user if it was missed for any reason. Users need to write the cause of missing the time like, the user forgot to start the Apploye app.
  4. List showing Manual time change of each employees with reason and the person who edited it
  5. App and Urls usage report is there to give an overall time spent on different apps and websites

Share time reports with client

You can easily send invoice based on the billable hours or project time. You can also send the exported files to clients as well.

  1. Use simple steps to create Invoices for your clients.
  2. Download, print or send the invoice directly to your clients’ email
  3. Get your payment
Invoice for a client with amount due & paid amount shown in floating box

Keep Track of Hours Worked for Projects Progress and Budget Tracking

Check the daily, weekly, and monthly progress of your projects based on time spent and cost. Whether you want to maintain project budget or work with clients on a project basis, project time tracking will be helpful. You can also use the data to evaluate the project performance.

With Apploye you can know the details of your project-

  1. Total spent amount.
  2. Total work hours spent.
  3. Total billable amount.
Green graph representing the tracked work hours, with options for sending invoice to clients

Know where your employees are spending their time with Work Hours Tracker

You deserve to know how and where your employees are spending work hours. Get details of your employees’ time spent with Apploye.

  • Get detailed time spent on different apps with Apploye.
  • Know which websites and URLs your employees are visiting and spend time with Apploye’s URLs tracking feature.
  • Get a comprehensive report on time and activities with custom date selection. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or custom.
  • Detailed report on the manual time adding with explanations.
Icons of multiple different websites and software, with their tracked time

More features of the app to keep track of hours worked

Timesheet Approval

Approve the timesheet of employees before sending them to payroll. This would keep accurate payroll for employees. You can also reject idle time from here.

List of employees with time worked and timeframe, green tick marking approved time

Works across all devices

You can use Apploye Work Hour Tracker from almost any devices. Apploye supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. You can track time via chrome extension and third party integrations as well.

Mobile and desktop app of Apploye Work Hour Tracker

Track Work Hours from other Popular Apps

If you are using Trello for better management of the tasks, remember you can keep track of the time using Apploye and Trello time tracking integration. Add the Apploye power up in your Trello account and start tracking the work hours. Estimate the task time and start the task timer. You'll get a reminder once the time is over.

Trello card with work hours tracker power-up, along with a running timer on project

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How to track work hours?

You can easily log work time using the Apploye work hours tracker. To keep track of your personal work hours, please follow these steps:

Step 1

Create your account

Sign up for a free 10 days trial account.

Sign Up page for creating work hours tracking account

Step 2

Create projects in your Organization

Create Organization and Projects in Apploye. Check out this article on how to get started.

Creating projects with details, for tracking work hours, along with a golden arrow pointing to Save button

Step 3

Download the app

Now download the Apploye desktop app or the mobile app and log in to your account.

Tracking work hours from Mobile and Desktop app, shown side by side

Step 4

Create tasks

Now create tasks under projects and start tracking your work time. You can create tasks from the desktop app or web app.

List of tasks, showing tracked work hours for the tasks and assigned employees

How to use the log work hours app to track your team's worked hours

Step 1

Invite members to organization

Go to the Members section of the Apploye web app and add your employees to your organization by inviting them.

Inviting Members to organization in Apploye work hours tracker

Step 2

Assign projects

Create projects and assign employees. Then they'll be able to track their work hours.

Adding members to projects in Apploye, with golden arrow pointing to assigned members

Step 3

Let employees start tracking their work time

Ask the employees to install the Apploye desktop app. They can also creating tasks by themselves.

Work hours tracking with desktop app, with tiemsheet being shown in behind

Step 4

Check employee timesheets from the web app.

After employees have tracked time for a while, you will be able to see their timesheets. You can also check idle time and modify the billable work hours.

Timesheet showing idle work hours of employees, and total billable work hours

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In-Depth Guide to Work Hours Tracker 🏡

Organizing time efficiently can be hard. Without tracking the hours worked, it is not possible to accurately get paid by clients or pay the employees. Work clock timer is useful for calculating employees' payroll, measuring performances, managing overtime, estimating projects, tracking project expenses, invoicing clients, and many more.

What is a Work Hours Tracker?

Work hours tracker is a tool for keeping track of the time spent working on the projects and tasks. It can be paper log system, or an advanced time tracker. But, the goal is the same- keeping log of work hours for managing worktime, or bill clients. A work hour tracker can be used by freelancers, as well as large organizations to be more efficient.

While it is possible to keep tracking work hours manually, it is not quite simple. Using paper logs, spreadsheets or manual time entry need a separate system for storage and management of data. Whether you are looking to track individual work hours, employees’ work hours, and work hours for clients, using an automatic time tracker is more efficient.

Benefits of using apps for keeping track of work hours

Daily timesheet page floating over image of weekly timesheet with multiple employees

We have already seen the reasons for work hours tracking. Many time wasters cause hindrances to work time.

Let’s have a look at some of the important benefits of work hour tracking:

👉 Greater ROI using app that keeps track of hours worked

The salary you are paying to your employees is an investment, right? You obviously expect a better return on this investment. You can ensure that your employees utilize their time and provide better output.

👉 Stop buddy punching by tracking the work hours

Employees might use their coworkers to punch them in and falsify clock in/out data. This time of theft is going to exist, as few dishonest employees will remain in your organization. Most of the businesses suffer from this issue. That's why you should be keeping track of work hours with an software and get accurate reports on the work.

👉 Reduction of time theft

When workers are paid for work they did not complete or when they were not at work, this is known as time theft.

Time theft isn't limited to a specific sort of individual, job position, or industry. However, it does apply to hourly workers. Time thieves are everywhere, and they can get inventive in how they avoid work, which is on the rise in today's mobile workforce world.

👉 Overtime calculation

With a work hour tracker like Apploye, you can calculate overtime hours of employees quite easily. They forgetting to clock out or unnecessary time wasting is a probleme in managing overtime of employees.

Using an app that keep track of hours worked, you will be able to eliminate these issues and also be able to give right compensation. You will also be able to manage which tasks they are working on.

👉 Better productivity

We know you are concerned about the productivity of your team members. Once the work hours timer is there in your organization, employees will be more accountable for their time. This accountability will accelerate the productivity of your employees.

👉 Helps in easy payroll calculation

Once you track your employees' work time, you know the amount of time they have worked. You can prepare the payroll based on the time worked by your employees.

👉 Enhances better task management

Managing tasks in an organization are not that easy. Missing deadlines is so common in the workplace. However, a work hour tracker can help you to manage the tasks better. By tracking a task's time, an employee can easily understand where the time is spent. If there is any time wastage for using other apps or websites, it can be minimized in the next task.

👉 Increases self-satisfaction

Once you do not have a hours tracker, you hardly know where your employees are wasting their time. By tracking work hours, you can know the details of how your employees spent time which will ultimately give you self-satisfaction.

👉 Time is money.

If you are losing your or your employees’ work hours, you lose your money. It’s time that you should take care of the lost hours of our organization with apps that keep track of work hours.

What are the features of a good work hour tracker?

If you are searching for an app for logging work hours for yourself, your team, or your clients, you should know the functions and capabilities of an ideal work hours tracking app.

  • Recording daily, weekly, and monthly work hours logs.
  • Creating automatic timesheets based on the logged hours.
  • Having the feature to create multiple tasks and projects and track employee hours on them.
  • Manual time entry with an explanation.
  • Calculating payroll based on the work hours logged by the employee. It is more useful for hourly payment based employees.
  • Generating comprehensive reports with time spent on different apps or websites.
  • Tracking the productivity of the employees during the work time.
  • Options to add clients and work with them on a project basis.
  • Tracking the expense of project budgets and notifying at definite intervals.
  • Automatic invoice generation for the clients.

The ideal app for tracking work hours should also have easy set-up process with higher data security and a better interface.

Is there an app to keep track of employees' hours?

You can use multiple different apps to keep track of the employees hours. We recommend Apploye Time Tracker, for tracking the work hours of employees. You can easily view your and your employees’ hours based on the time log. The app for logging work hours will also help you calculate your employees' payments automatically.

Get details of work hours from comprehensive reports.

With Apploye's app to keep track of worked hours, you can get a detailed work hours report. This report will help you know where the time was spent by your employees, including apps usage and URLs visits.

Hour tracker for work to bill your clients.

Invoice to bill your clients based on worked hours

If you work with your clients regularly and want to bill them with your work hours, you can send them exported reports. You can also create invoices and send them to your clients. Let’s see how it works.

  1. Go to the Client section of your Apploye account and add the client you want to work with.
  2. Now, to go to the Project option, select the client and fill in other details.
  3. Once you are done with the work with your client, you can send the invoice and get your payment.

Calculate employees’ payments automatically

Payroll calculated based on worked hours

No more manual calculation of employees’ payroll based on entry and exit. Apploye will calculate the payment based on the pay rate and employee timesheet. You just need to set the hourly or fixed pay rate, Apploye will do the rest for you.

Apploye is one of the best time tracker and employee monitoring software that helps to ensure teams productivity. This tool has got the most cost-effective plans with premium features.

Frequently asked questions

How do you log time at work?

Logging time at work can vary from company to company, yet modern technology offers you amenities like Microsoft excel timesheet to work time tracker like Apploye. While the former requires some manual inputs and commands, the latter is automatic and flawless in operation.

How can I keep track of my work hours?

With the help of Apploye, you can keep track of your work hours and where you are spending them and optimize them for more productivity. You may Know how much time you have worked on a specific day with time spent on different tasks. You can Get details about the Apps and Websites you are using with time paid.

Should you track employee hours?

We are already familiar with the reasons for work hours tracking. Many time wasters cause hindrances to work time. So if someone asks, 'should you track employee hours?' then the plumb answer should be 'yes, for the sake of the company's overall benefits. Tracking employee hours help you minimize time wastage, maximize the company's productivity and help you get an edge over your business counterparts.

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