On Apploye organization is one of the major thing to maintain, from where an owner/admin can do everything and major things, Lets see how this works

Firstly, the owner will create the organization from “Add organization” for initial starting.

Then later once done adding the billing method and completed the organization will be activated. From that time the owner can invite his/her members to the organization and can create projects and tasks as well.
If the organization is active, that means this active entity will be charged.
An owner can create several organizations but for every creation he requires to pay that specific amount for creating the organization.
If an owner doesn’t add any plan during adding the organization this won’t be active.
If the owner wants to shift to another plan, he doesn’t require to change anything except the plan.
An owner also can delete his organization, from the delete button with knowing the fact that after deleting all the data (Time hours and projects) will be gone together as he is deleting.
Archive, it's another way to delete and an owner can restore it

Note :
Employees will not be able to see the organization section