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Time Tracker App for Desk, Mobile & Remote Teams
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Time Tracking Feature Sets To Help You Build & Manage A High Growth Business

Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking for you and your team from Desktop & Mobile app.

time tracking

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Custom Timesheet

Calendar wise timesheet report for your members. You can track time worked reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom basis.

Employee work timesheets - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Custom
Employee work timesheets - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Custom

Timesheet Approval

To be exact and accurate, approve or deny timesheets before making payments via Payroll.

Approve Employee Timesheet

Clock In/Out

Check the attendance report with the clock in/out time of your members at the end of the calendar day.

Employee Time Clock App
Employee Time Clock App

Projects & Budgeting

Manage projects, track time spent on projects , assign roles & keep your budget on track.

Project and Project Budget Management

Task Management

Create & Assign tasks to the employees using the time tracker and measure time worked on the task.

employee task time tracking
employee task time tracking

Client & Invoice

Create your own client database & Invoice them on work done.

Client & Invoice Management

Field Service with Time Tracking

Track staff's GPS location, and manage field service on job sites with help of the time tracker with GPS.

gps-track field service

Remote-Track - Optional Employee / staff Monitoring

Optional Add-on to track & monitor productivity of remote staffs & contractors.

Optional Employee Monitoring
Optional Employee Monitoring

Live Feed & Instant Screenshot

Live Feed shows which project and task your staff is working on and their most recent start time, and captures instant screenshots from your employees' PC.

Real-Time View & Instant Screenshot Tracker
Real-Time View & Instant Screenshot Tracker

Reporting & Dashboard

Your command center of operation. Remain updated with key metrics of your team's performance & take data driven decision.

Apploye reporting and dashboard features
Daily Time & Activity Reporting with Dashboard

Team & Admin

Manage settings and Administrative roles from your command center.

Team Management

Payroll & Members

Manage team members & pay your team accurately according to the hour worked using the time tracker app.

employe hourly payment management
employe hourly payment management

Desktop time tracking

  • Track time with Apploye’s desktop app with a single click & focus on work. Clock-in & Clock out time is automatically synced to the system.
  • Use the Pomodoro timer to do deep work and remain focused. Periodic break & work cycle boosts productivity.
  • IDLE TIME feature reminds long time inactivity & gives a friendly nudge to work. Track time based on tasks & compare it with the previous week's performance.
desktop time tracking

Mobile Time Tracking

  1. Track time from the mobile app
  2. "One touch" clock in and clock out for attendance
  3. Track time on the Job site.
  4. Track staff's real-time location via Employee GPS tracking
mobile time tracking

Web Time Tracking

  • Manual web-based time entry

  • Add your time entry to the system via the manual time entry feature in case you forget to track time via desktop, chrome extension, or mobile app. Write an explanatory note to your manager.

  • Browser Time Tracking

  • Add Apploye Time Tracker Chrome extension to your browser. Select the project and task to start tracking time with Apploye Google Chrome extension.

    Your tracked time will be synced to the daily timesheet automatically.

chrome extenstion time tracking

Advanced Reporting of Tracked Time

  • Timesheet report

  • From the daily timesheet, you would be able to see the details of the employee’s personal daily timesheet on a project, task, and date-wise view. You can also view the timesheets in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and custom date range views.

    timesheet report
  • Time & Activity Report

  • Find the “total time worked” report by the members with notes with a project, member, and datewise view. You can also check the manual time entries of your team with explanatory notes.

    The reports can be exported as PDF or Excel format by clicking on the Export button in the top right. A summarized weekly email report is also sent to the admin periodically.

    time tracking with activity
  • Intuitive Dashboard - Your command Center

  • Remain updated with key metrics of your team's performance & take data-driven decisions. Find the Top performers based on time logged & activities at the top of the Apploye Dashboard. You can also check the total hours your teams have worked on, top assigned projects, ongoing tasks, and a brief overview of the timesheets.

    You can observe what employees are working on and identify areas of opportunity for your team's productivity to increase. You will have a transparent perspective of the performance of your team members, allowing you to maximize the productivity of your organization as a whole.

apploye dashboard


Easily connect Apploye with your favourite popular tools with Native-like integration.

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If you have a remote team you NEED this, I manage a remote team and figuring how productive or even if they are working or slacking off was a big issue. Early on I was screwed over - again and again, then I switched over to Apploye and life changed again, Loads fast, easy to use, lots of updates and powerful. Get this and move your company to the next level. This is very timely - right now you want to set up the system to be productive and recover and thrive during COVID.

Sharky J Liu

CEO at DentistFind


Loads fast, easy to use

Move your company to the next level


I personally suggest the cost of losing the efficiency of your team compared to the investment of Apploye I don’t think so you can even imagine. We have saved a ton of money with a little investment with Apploye compared to the many ask what we used to do. I would personally suggest to go ahead and try out Apploye and you will really thank me for this decision. I really want to say thanks to the Apploye team for being to bring in such a wonderful tool and I wish them good luck.

Kiran N

Founder & CEO, BrandMojo


Saved a ton of money

Try out Apploye and you will thank me


We’ve been using Apploye happily almost a year now. Not to forget, Apploye’s friendly and responsive support which helps us a lot. Specially, at the beginning when we were implementing Apploye in our organization. At the end I would like to say a big thank you to Apploye for helping “Douglas Tech Academy’’ for delivering awesome classes to our future generations.

Mohammad Douglas

Cofounder, Douglas Tech Academy


Friendly & responsive support

A big thank you to Apploye

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The Ultimate Guide to Apploye Time Tracker

Apploye Time Tracking App is helping hundreds of organizations to track their time, manage payroll, bill their clients, log work hours across projects, oversee online timesheets, and operate a productive team. With Apploye TimeTrack Software, you have no worries about the missing time of the employees, unproductive time spending, inaccurate billing, haphazard project management and inaccurate payroll management.

Success-driven organization owners use Apploye time tracking solution as the backbone of their profitable company. Apploye, being one of the proven market leaders in the time tracking apps industry, excelled in numerous capacities to win over the hearts of the company owners who believe in smooth workflow, flawless timesheets, and automated employee monitoring.

We have put together a guide to help you understand the necessity of a time tracking tool, how it can help your growth & how to choose the best one.

Guide Topics

Why do I need to use Apploye Time Tracking App for my business?

You need Apploye Time Tracker because:

  • Time is money

  • Did you know that businesses lose an average of $11 billion annually due to time theft?

    Paycheck errors can diminish your company's reputation, and it's not a rare incident if you are a manager habituated to manual time entry. When it's manual, it's prone to error, and the US economy loses 50 million hours annually due to inaccurate time entry.

    Apploye time tracking tool can minimize such manual errors and encourage proper time management across the company. The payroll management, invoice generation, client handling, top-notch report section and high-level project management platform are all there to smoothen your job and take your team to the desired destination in no time!

  • Task time tracking for better resource allocation

  • Apploye Time Tracker helps the business owners and managers track the exact number of hours their employees spend behind the assigned tasks.

    While tracking the tasks given to the employees, the supervisor in charge can figure out how the employees are using the allocated time. It provides insight into where the employees spend their time and how much time they need for definitive tasks. The managers can get a complete picture of how the allocated resources are being used and raise the standard they have right now. Thus, a task-wise time log empowers the business owners to allocate the resources prudently.

  • Project time tracking for efficient client billing

  • Most agencies use hours worked or a fixed fee as a benchmark for billing their clients. Inaccurate billing may sometimes cause cohesion with clients. Besides, tracking time on the project is also necessary for budgeting, as to how much time or money is being allocated for that particular project.

  • You can’t Micromanage everything

  • Did you know:

    One out of two US employees openly admitted that they manipulated their timesheet at some point? Punching a timesheet card for co-workers is not uncommon. Then you also have the heavy lifting of keeping your workforce productive. Creating timesheet manually with timesheet templates can be helpful, but it might not be enough. Once the number of employees rises, these things can quickly become unmanageable.

  • Efficient Management of remote employees through Remote Track Addon.

  • Are you concerned about how to monitor the remote workers? Do you fear diving into the global talent pool just because you can’t supervise them directly?

    Remove your doubts and bring Apploye Time Tracking app. Take a look at how powerful the remote track solution it offers is. You can see the remote employees’ real-time workflow through the captured screenshots, track the software and apps they are using and have insights into the websites they are visiting through the URL track feature!

  • You want to retain the best of the bests

  • Do you fear losing the top performers of your manpower as you don't really know who they are?

    Apploye Time Tracking software shows you an intuitive dashboard where the top performers will show up based on the time logged and activity percentage. You can see how they are performing in the projects you have assigned to them and get the reports of their accumulated performance during a week, a month or even a year if you choose to. Now, it's super-easy to retain the best people in your workforce as you have every information regarding them.

ROI of Using Apploye Time Tracker in your team

If you go with our top plan, you can expect a 20% increase in employee productivity after adopting the best time tracking software like Apploye, which leads to 20% more work completed across your projects.

As we all know, demographic differences can result in remuneration variations; here's an example of three different cases that show how time tracking & productivity monitoring software enables business owners to be more capital efficient.

Case-01 (Low-Income regions)
Case-02 (Middle-Income regions)
Case-03 (High-Income regions)
20% additional Output using Apploye Time Tracker in Dollar terms
Price of Apploye Time Tracker(Monthly Elite Plan)
Monthly ROI from Apploye Time Tracker Subscription purchase
DemographicsSalary20% additional Output using Apploye Time Tracker in Dollar terms Price of Apploye Time Tracker(Monthly Elite Plan)Monthly ROI from Apploye Time Tracker Subscription purchase
Case-01 (Low-Income regions )$500$100$71428.57%
Case-02 (Middle-Income regions )$1500$300$74285.71%
Case-03 (High-Income regions )$4000$800$711428.57%

The preceding table demonstrates how a business owner may immensely profit from deploying Apploye Time Tracker app, as we can see that the ROI in low-income regions (Case-01) can be as much as 1428.57%, while it can be as high as 11428.57% in high-income regions!

Apploye Time Tracking Use cases

Apploye is a comprehensive time tracker that gives organizations what they need in terms of size and functionality. It offers three different solutions for proper workflow management: Time tracking, Remote Track and Field track. These solutions assist firms in carrying out their functions effectively because each provides some valuable features for managing various types of teams in a variety of unique methods.

  • Apploye Timetrack Software for companies of all shapes & sizes.

  • Apploye pricing plan is made for companies of all sizes. So, there is no worry about the size of the workforce you contain.

    Apploye Web Time Tracker provides a wealth of functions that can meet the needs you have for proper team management. Starting with basic time tracking and progressing to complex capabilities such as payroll administration, Apploye Time Tracking app provides more than enough to have a big impact as a business owner, even if you are not present in the office. The report section allows you to evaluate personnel based on their performance, which is displayed in the dashboard.

    You can set the hourly and fixed rate inside Apploye, which makes payroll management a lot easier.

    Again, the project & budgeting feature in Apploye Time Tracker gives you access to a wide variety of customization such as setting budgets, allocating tasks to assignees, seeing the progressive report in terms of time and cost etc.

  • Apploye Time Tracker for Solo users & Freelancers

  • Freelancers and solo workers are now commonplace in this era of remote work culture. Apploye work hours tracker can be a right fit for increasing productivity & managing billable hours.

    Freelancers and independent contractors can use Apploye Time Tracker to track their work hours and manage their assigned tasks. Again, if you have assigned any work to a solo worker or a freelancer, you can do the same and even assign them to the projects according to the budget you set for that. The dashboard will show the performance overview, and invoicing is possible while choosing the Apploye for solo user package for independent contractors and freelancers’ time tracking.

  • Apploye Tracking Software for Remote Workers

  • Apploye Time Tracker includes useful features for remote employees. Apploye time tracking software will be an ideal fit if your firm employs remote teams.

    Apploye Time Tracking tool is used by businesses all over the world to track, manage, and assess the performance of their staff. Apploye Time Tracker app takes a random screenshot every 10 minutes. Using this capability, managers may keep their employees on target. The productivity percentage displayed in the employee portfolio is based on mouse clicks and keystrokes. This allows managers to identify the top achievers in terms of activity.

    Thus, the optional remote employee monitoring feature of Apploye enables employers to have complete control over their staff without crossing the line into micromanagement.

  • Apploye TimeTrack Software for Field and Mobile Employees

  • You may operate a company with workers who work away from the office, making it impossible for you to oversee them personally. Tracking and monitoring outdoor field employees and their whereabouts might be difficult at times.

    Apploye time tracking software offers you a high degree of flexibility in monitoring these field and mobile employees. The Employee GPS tracking feature can track the position of the employees from the mobile app. Again, the clock-in and clock-out features are there to keep the attendance record.

    Project and memberwise views are available to see the locations for each member. Employees can also make notes that are labeled with a specific location.

Apploye Time Tracker Case study & Testimonials

  1. Dentistifind : Fell in love with Apploye from Day One.

  2. Here is Sharky J Liu, CEO, and the Founder of Dentistifind, who gave a massive shoutout to Apploye, a game-Changer for his business-

    "We've been tracking time for a very long time over probably up to about ten years now, and we use a different software before, and over the ten years, we use that software it was horrible. It was frustrating, and it was expensive........Then Apploye came along, and instantly I said, well, this is amazing. We started using it. Everyone loves it. We have no more time tracking issues. It's a fast, great interface. It's intuitive, and they take a lot of my suggestions and put it into the software list, so I highly recommend" - You can watch the full testimonial video on YouTube.

    Dentistifind- the dental marketing management technology company which helps dental practices grow and attract new patients consistently in a cost-effective way. It is growing rapidly under the able supervision of Sharky J Liu. And Apploye made managing his remote team effortless.

  3. Douglas Tech Academy: Customer Delight at its best

  4. Mohammed Douglas, the Co-founder of Douglas Tech Academy, is a visionary tech leader who dreams of empowering 7–15-year-old children to harness the true power of programming. Here is what he has to say about Apploye Time Tracker App

    "I'd want to quickly describe our experience with Apploye, a useful tool that helped our administration and teachers stay organized. We've been using Apploye for about a year now. We have hundreds of teachers who teach online to our international students, and Apploye lets us measure their hours by taking screenshots of their work. It keeps track of hours and schedules on an easy-to-read dashboard. Save time manually counting hours, preparing reports, and inspiring teachers to stay on track. Apploye helps us check teachers' locations, and arrival and departure times to enhance productivity and usage hours. It also warns of emergencies. The customer support is friendly and responsive." To learn more, you can watch the full video testimonial on YouTube.

Which industries & company sizes generally use Apploye Timekeeping software?

Apploye Time Tracker has a global presence highlighting its user-friendliness and fantastic interface. Here are the industries and company sizes that can use the Apploye Time Tracker app:

  1. Software development firms
  2. Digital agencies
  3. Solo users and independent contractors
  4. Call centers
  5. Web Developers and designers
  6. Law enforcement firms and legal services
  7. Online business entities
  8. Startups and small businesses
  9. Consultant firms
  10. Accounting and CPA firms
  11. Recruitment firms
  12. Data Entry Services
  13. Virtual assistant companies

How do users track their time with Apploye hours tracker?

Apploye hours tracker, being one of the most intelligent and intuitive solutions in the time tracking industry offers you features that should suffice your requirement of tracking the performance of the employees.

Following are the ways Apploye hours tracker can track users' time:

  • Timer - Automatic & Manual: Track your work hours with the Apploye, which has simple "start" and "stop" buttons, or manually enter your time when necessary.
  • Timesheets - customized views: In the Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Custom Range Timesheet calculator views, you can see your employees' recorded time at a glimpse.
  • Clock-In, Clock-out: Clocking in and out is as simple as "one click" on the desktop and mobile applications.
  • Time entry notes: When you manually enter your time, your employees have to put a note that would show the rationale behind the entry.
  • Pomodoro Timer: To increase your efficiency, use the "Pomodoro" method.
  • Time Off: Apploye Time Tracker allows you to manage your leaves and time off, as well as view an interactive annual report.
  • Track time on projects & tasks: To keep track of your work efficiently, track time on particular projects and tasks.
  • Billable and non-billable hours: When you invoice your client, you can include or remove particular projects from the billable amount computation.
  • Idle time: To increase productivity, erase inactive time from your timesheet.
  • Timesheet export: Export the timesheet report in Excel or PDF format for extensive analysis.

Key Features of Apploye Time Tracker –

Apploye Time Tracker Software is offering some of the most unique and beneficial features that can be a game-changer for your business to excel from the root level.

Let’s know more about those features in brief:

👉 Time Tracker App

Apploye time track solution covers every primary and advanced feature for tracking your and your employees working hours. It has automatic and manual timers, a timesheet with a customized view starting from daily to monthly, or any other criteria of choice you want to see. There is a time entry note, time off option and additional features like the Pomodoro break timer.

👉 Task Time Tracking

Task management is for creating & assigning tasks & measuring time working on the task. You will have a task-wise & Assignee-wise view and see the total time logged in each task to monitor the tasks.

With this time tracking, you can easily get an insight into the time taken by the employees. If the same task is assigned to multiple team members, you can compare their efficiencies based on the time taken to finish the task.

👉 Project Time Tracking

Apploye has got a cool project time tracking feature. With Apploye time tracker you can track the progress of the project based on the time spent with customizable notifications settings.

With this project time tracking feature you can charge the client with a bill rate and pay your employees with the pay rate. You can also track project progress based on the expenditure of the cost. Thus, you can generate more profit and have a clear idea of the time spent on the projects that will help you to gain more efficiency next time.

👉 Reporting & Dashboard

The dashboard of Apploye tracking software is a comprehensive one as it shows top 5 Members based on time logged, the top 5 Members based on productivity, Top Assigned Projects, Activity Reporsts, Ongoing tasks etc.

In the reporting section, you will see the Time & Activity Report, Manual Time Report, Apps & URL Usage Report, export them in PDF and Excel files and see them in graphical and Tabular view.

👉 Optional Remote employee monitoring - Remote track

Remote Track addon is one of the key features of Apploye Time Tracker which offers you the most advanced solution for tracking remote workers & monitor work from home employees. Apploye time tracking app takes a screenshot every 10 minutes at random, which you can see as an owner or as an employee.

You will be able to see the ratio between activity and non-activity hours in percentage terms as employees' productivity. You can filter to see specific logged times for one particular project, task, or member.

Apps and URL tracking are two of the most intuitive features of Apploye Remote track as they record time spent on the visited websites and used apps.

👉 Client & Invoice

The client and Invoice feature is one of the most advanced features when time tracking software is considered. You may use this tool to do everything from creating a profile for your client to generating a tax-deductible invoice for them! You can also assign projects to clients, make bills for them, and check invoice previews.

Upon project completion, you can send the invoice to your client directly from the Apploye web app.

👉 Payroll & Member

Through the Payroll feature of Apploye Time Tracker, you can set the employees' salaries in terms of the hourly rate and one-time rate. You may look up the hourly pay rate for a given project, person, or date. Besides, the history of the payment will also be available.

In the member section of the Apploye Time tracker web app, Admin can add members, remove them when necessary, and designate different roles for them. There is also a member summary page, and you can see the pay rate beside each member’s name.

👉 Team & Admin

You can create teams of different roles and capacities in your organization with Apploye Time Tracker and set the desired people as admins. You can assign projects to the team members and set definitive roles for them. Adding multiple organizations, admins and managers are also possible.

👉 GPS-Track - Field Service

This feature is suitable to track the field or mobile employees. You can track your employee's location through a mobile app, enforce rules and allow for flexible time monitoring on the job site and at the location and check out the places based on each project and member.

Can I Use Apploye as an online employee timesheet app?

Yes, definitely you can use Apploye Time Tracker as an online employee timesheet app.

Most employers calculate the timesheet manually using pen and paper, Excel or Google Sheets.

The world is moving forward with automation. If you are tired of calculating your employees’ timesheets manually, you can try the Apploye Time Tracker App.

Let’s see how Apploye is going to help in calculating your employees’ daily, weekly, monthly or custom timesheets.

The process is very simple with Apploye timekeeping software. Once you have subscribed to Apploye Time Tracker, invite your employees to become a member of your organization.

  • Step 1: Ask your employees to download the Apploye time tracker software and log in to join your organization.
  • Step 2: Instruct your employees to start the Apploye time tracker app timer. However, you can add your employees to multiple projects and tasks for better timesheet calculation.

You can now check the timesheets of your employees from the Apploye Time Tracker web app.

However, you can also keep track of your own timesheets for optimizing your work more efficiently.

Does Apploye timeclock app have mobile time tracking?

Employee GPS location tracking is important for your outdoor or field employees, right? It may happen that you have instructed your employees to go from point A to B. But, the employees are not following the route as you cannot see them.

No more worries about the location tracking of your employees. Apploye has a mobile app to track your outdoor employees' GPS location. Know exactly where your outdoor employees are going.

Which Apploye Time Track pricing plan is better for me?

Apploye Time Tracker has got the most cost-effective pricing for you. Yes, you got us right.

Pay for the service that you need only. Let’s break down the pricing of Apploye Web Time Tracker to give you a clear-cut idea about which plan will be better for you.

✔️ Solo Plan: $2 Per User/Month (Yearly)

Check whether you fall under any of the following criteria This solo plan is suitable for the following users:

  1. Freelancers, independent contractors, virtual assistants or work from home employees who want to keep track of their own time for the better management of tasks.
  2. For better managing projects and budgeting.
  3. Anyone who works with clients and wants to invoice them based on the time worked. It creates better transparency between you and your clients.
  4. Anyone who wants to check the daily usage of different apps and websites. It helps to sort out the apps and websites refraining you from productive work.
  5. Daily, weekly and monthly timesheet calculations based on the logged hours.
  6. If you are a student and want to keep track of time spent on various subjects.

✔️ Standard Plan: $2.5 Per User/Month (Yearly)

If you have a team and you want to track their time, this plan will be suitable for you. Once you choose this plan, your subscription will be free. Let us make it more clear, if you have a total of 6 members including yourself, you will be charged for 5 members only.

Check the facilities you are going to avail of by choosing this pricing option.

  1. You will get all the features available in the Solo plan.
  2. Team feature and multiple admin access to manage the teams more systematically.
  3. Add multiple members to your organization and manage their activities.
  4. Calculate the payroll of your employees based on the time log.
  5. Track the apps and websites used by your team members during the work hour.
  6. Integration with project management tools like Trello.

✔️ Premium plan: $3 Per User/Month (Yearly)

If you have outdoor employees and you are concerned about their location, this pricing plan is the suitable one for you.

You get all the features stated on the above two plans. Additional features of this plan are

  1. Employee GPS location tracking
  2. Team feature and multiple admin access to manage the teams more systematically.
  3. Add multiple members to your organization and manage their activities.

✔️ Elite Plan: $3.5 Per User/Month (Yearly)

You will get all the features available on the above three features with some additional advanced features of remote tracking.

Additional features in the Elite plan:

  1. Optional screenshots feature. Get random screenshots of your employees’ desktops and know what they are doing.
  2. With app usage tracking you can know which apps your employees are using and how much time they are spending behind those apps.
  3. URLs tracking option lets you know which websites and Urls your employees are visiting with spent time.

Based on the above criteria and features you can easily understand which pricing plan will be the most suitable for you. If you want to explore further, we have got free 10-day trial option without any credit card entry.

Why wait anymore? Start exploring the features of Apploye Time Tracker.

How does Apploye Time Tracking compare with other time tracking solutions?

here may be lots of time tracking software, but most of them might not fulfill your needs. Apploye timekeeping software is serving its users with a very high satisfaction rate. Apploye Time Tracker is offering almost all the features that are available in the top competitors with the most cost-effective pricing option.

Comparison of Apploye Time Tracker with its top competitors:

FeaturesApployeHubstaffTime DoctorInsightfulEverhour
Pricing - Main Plan (Per user/Month)$7$10$20$15$10
Time tracking
Time tracking with screenshots
Time tracking once offline
Multiple organizations options
Apps and Urls tracking
Employee ranking based on time and activities
Screenshot monitoring
Chat support
Multiple admins and managers options
Pomodoro break feature
Manual time entry with notes
Employee GPS location tracking
Productive and non-productive time calculation
Comprehensive report generationLimited
Project details by cost
Project details by time spent
Payroll calculation
Instant screenshot

What are the hardware and software requirements for using Apploye Time Tracking solution?

Hardware requirements

It might be a matter of question on which platforms Apploye Time Tracker works. If you are with any of the following operating systems, you are eligible to use Apploye.

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mobile devices
  • Chrome extension
  • Web time tracking (coming soon)

Software requirements

Apploye Time Tracker software is straightforward to use. You just need to install the app compatible with your operating system from Apploye’s app download page and start tracking time on Linux, Windows, Mac or mobile devices.

How secure is your platform (Apploye)?

Apploye time tracking solution is built with very high-security standards keeping in consideration that our users are trusting us during their day-to-day company operation.

Let’s know more about the security aspects of the Apploye time tracker app.

  1. Enterprise-grade cloud via Amazon Web services

  2. Amazon AWS enterprise-grade cloud service is used for hosting Apploye infrastructure. AWS is the world leader in cloud computing technology with advanced security standards.

  3. End to End Encryption for Data Security

  4. For securing the sites we have used an SSL certificate which provides authentication for our website and enables an encrypted connection. That means all communications between users’ web browsers and our web server is encrypted. So it is not possible to steal information while communicating with the application server.

  5. Securing your sensitive information

  6. If you are using Apploye's optional remote employee monitoring feature, Apploye desktop time tracker software takes random screenshots of the computer as well as URL usage, Apps usage information. Apploye time tracker stores the screenshots data in AWS S3 bucket with a pre-signed URL. When the user/admin wants to see their screenshots we provide the screenshots with a URL associated with cookies of duration one hour. After that, the cookies will expire. So the previous URL will not work hence anyone will not be able to use that URL to see the screenshots.

    Moreover, every one of your companies will not able to access the screenshots, URL Usage & Apps Usage. Only the admin and authorized person of the user's organization will be able to see the screenshots and other members’ information.

  7. Captcha Usage preventing Vulnerability Attack

  8. We are using google recaptcha v3 for extra security during the sign up process. This will prevent vulnerability attacks.

How is your ongoing support?

Once you are purchasing anything, you must be concerned about the after-sales service and support.

Support agents of Apploye Time Tracker are efficient enough to provide optimal support to the potential and present users. For getting super fast support from Apploye, you can contact us through any of the following channels.

  1. Live chat support
  2. Support email
  3. Social media pages(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  4. Zoom/Skype call support
  5. Knowledgebase

However, Apploye time Tracker has got the detailed support documents and video tutorials for better onboarding.

I ❤️Apploye Time Tracker so far. How can I start using it for me & my team?

If you have gone through the above content, you are supposed to fall in love with Apploye Time Tracking Software.

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