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Apploye is the premium GPS time clocking app for tracking the positions of outdoor and field employees. Apploye GPS time tracker app is suitable for monitoring field teams and their activities on worksites.

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GPS time clocking with Apploye Time Tracker is easier and more flexible

Apploye time tracker is going to help you know the locations of your field employees. You get real-time data about your outdoors workers. It is the best real time GPS tracking app to track your mobile and field employees.

Track current positions of the field employees.

Know the positions of your all clocked in outdoor employees. You can also track the positions and movements of your outdoor remote employees with the Apploye Time Tracker.

GPS Time Clock with route of employees

Know the time spent on different tasks

Apploye GPS time clock app with time tracking lets you know the time spent by your workers on the sites on different tasks. Check the time utilized by your field employees and optimize next time. You need not go to the site to check your workers. Apploye GPS time clock app will keep you tension-free.

GPS Time Tracking with tasks, with 1 task being marked as completed

Easy Clock-In and Clock-Out

With Apploye’s mobile app your remote outdoor employees can ensure the time clock in and clock out. It will help you to count their work time automatically. Get the total time worked in a day, week, or month. If you have hourly paid outdoor employees, the GPS time clock app with a time tracker will help you to calculate the payroll automatically.

GPS Time Clock with clock in clock out data of employees

Get GPS time tracking details from the timesheet.

Apploye Time Tracker's timesheet feature lets you know the detailed work reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date selection basis. By setting a weekly timesheet limit you can allow your employee to work a specific amount of time within a week.

Time tracker with GPS, along with total time worked by an employee

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How Apploye GPS time clock app works

Apploye is an intuitive GPS time clock software with more than 100 other features. Let's know the easy process of employee GPS time clocking with Apploye.

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Ultimate Guide to GPS Time Clocking & Time Tracker App for Field Teams

What is a GPS time clock?

A GPS time clock, sometimes known as a mobile timesheet, is a type of time-tracking software that enables organizations with several project sites, or staff positions to accept time-in via mobile devices.

Why GPS time clocking is necessary

Let's know the importance of GPS time clocking with an example. Suppose you have instructed your staff to notify you once they reach the site for work. It can be annoying if they need to call you and ensure their presence on-site.

Again, if yourself is not present at the work site, you cannot track whether employees are working there or they have gone somewhere. If you want to remain tension-free and maintain the timely presence of your workers, a GPS time clock can be your best assistant.

Again the GPS time clock app lets you know whether the workers are working with their tasks onsite or not.

Let's look at some advantages of GPS time clocking

1.Knowing the positions of your outdoor employees

It is one of the key benefits of GPS position tracking your outdoor employees. Say you have 50 sales representative who goes to the market every day. But you are unsure whether they are visiting the market, collecting the shop's data, or just doing it over the phone.

GPS time clock app keeps you tension-free once your field employees are out for work.

2. Accurate payment calculation

GPS time tracking can be a great time saver if you have outdoor employees whom you pay hourly. Once a GPS time clock app lets you track the time as well, it will be easier to calculate the payroll for your workers.

3. Correct attendance management

Attendance is a significant concern for employers regarding remote field employees. You might not know whether the worker has reached the site once the attendance is given. But, if you have a GPS tracker, you can see the employee's position.

4. Increase accountability

GPS time clocking increases the sense of accountability of your field employees. Once your outdoor employees know that their activities are tracked onsite, there is no question that they will provide the wrong information fo with their presence on the worksite.

5. Increase employee productivity

Productivity and efficiency of workers are a matter of great concern for every employer. With the employees' accountability, there is a keen relation with productivity. Once the team members think of accountable, productivity will also accelerate in manifolds. This will ultimately benefit both the worker and the employer.

6. No more time lost

Once you track both time and outdoor activities, your team can’t manipulate the timesheet. You can know how much time your staff has worked with the places they have visited.

74 percent of businesses suffer payroll losses as a result of buddy punching. These losses average 2.2 percent of gross payroll, according to Nucleus Research, and that's only one type of time theft.

Organizations and companies that use GPS time clock apps

GPS time clock is used by specific companies and organizations. In this section, you will see who uses the GPS time clock app and for which reason they use it.

  1. Construction companies: GPS time clock apps are widely used in construction companies for ensuring timely clock in and clock out of their field employees. GPS time clock apps help these organizations to keep the field teams more accountable.
  2. Health care organizations: Heath care organizations contain many field workers. A GPS time clock app helps these organizations to keep well track of the field employees as they need to clock in after reaching the specific locations and clock out while leaving the place.
  3. Real state companies: This is another important sector where the GPS time clock app is largely used. Keeping track of employees' activities and timely onsite attendance is essential. These companies use GPS time clock apps for better staff management.
  4. Plumbing companies: Workers of plumbing companies need to move so frequently. The timely presence of the workers can bring customers happiness. These companies use GPS time clock app to ensure the timely presence of the workers.
  5. FMCG companies: Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies consist of many field employees. Sales representatives are responsible for collecting orders from the market. It might happen, they are taking orders over the phone from their house. To ensure the time presence of sales representatives in the market, a GPS time clock is the best option to choose.
  6. Cleaning service companies: Workers of cleaning service companies need to report to the house or place where they need to provide the service. These companies use GPS time clock app to keep the workers on track and ensure better service.

GPS time clocking best practices:

For employers:

Employee GPS clocking is necessary to keep the outdoor employees on the right track. It also increases the productivity of the field workers in many ways. However, before you start tracking your employees' outdoor activities, let's have a quick overview of the best practices. These GPS time tracking best practices will help you keep the system flexible and hassle-free.

1. Prepare GPS clocking and tracking policy

Before you start tracking your employees’ activities onsite, you should prepare a good policy. As a policy has a connection with the existing international and local laws, you can consult with a lawyer. Add the required rules and regulations to the policy.

2. Discuss with the employees and take consent

It's an essential practice to take into action. Once you hire an employee, discuss the policy and rules with the worker. If you introduce the GPS tracking system to the current workers, you should also take their consent. Everyone might not be comfortable with their outdoor positions being tracked. You can go with those who will comply with the policy and regulations.

3. Maintain the privacy of the employees

As an employer, you should always ensure the privacy of your workers. You should track the positions once required and during the work hour. You should also maintain the confidentiality of the data related to the employee in your tool. So, know the company's data privacy policy of which tool you will use or already use.

4. Be transparent with the field workers

Transparency between employer and employee is necessary for the work environment. For avoiding any anomaly, you should also remain transparent about the information you gather about your employee.

5. Use the right tool for smooth tracking.

You need to track both time and positions of your employees. There are many tools that can help you to do this individually. However, a time tracker with a GPS time clock feature can assist you in performing this field employee monitoring simultaneously.

Since you need to take the help of GPS tracking apps, you better research and fix the best suitable tool for your organization.

6. Introduce the tool to your employees

Once you have decided to use a GPS tracking tool, it's your turn to make that tool familiar to the workers. The following steps can help you to make this process easier.

  1. You can arrange a short training session for your employees.
  2. Senior managers may take responsibility to brief the tool's key features.
  3. If needed, you can ask for a demo from the product company. They will help you with the onboarding process.
  4. Tutorials and documentation available on the tracking tool's website can be good assets to get started.

For employees

If you are working for a company that tracks employees' outdoor activities with GPS positions, these best practices will help you learn more.

1. Know the policy and rule

Remember, it's a common practice adopted by employers who think about the productivity of the employees to track employees' activities. If you are going to join such an organization or already working, you need to know the policies and rules that the company's decision-makers set. This knowledge will help you to remain prudent in your work.

Employees should study policies attentively and ask for clarifications if they have any questions. Employees should aim to remain calm, and cooperative and provide constructive feedback if any issues emerge. A proper written record should be kept as a follow-up to any feedback exchange.

2. Get familiar with the tool

Employees should educate themselves on how GPS tracking works and the rules that govern it to avoid employer exploitation.

GPS time tracking won't be done manually. Companies will take the help of the GPS time clock with time tracking software. A conscious employee's core responsibility is to know the time tracker's details.

3. Motivation is a key factor

Once it comes to being monitored, there'll always be a definite level of discomfort. However, as long as the surveillance is legal and does not interfere with an employee's personal life, it is completely acceptable and expected.

Employees should know that the tracking is done to keep them more productive and punctual. An employee should accept the tracking system and remain productive for both self and the company's interests.

Guide to Apploye GPS time clocking app

If you have read the content so far, we know you are motivated to use GPS time tracking software in your company. If not, you might want to reread the advantages of the time clock with GPS.

We have learned a lot, right? It's time to know about Apploye, which is one of the best GPS time clock apps with many other important features.

What is Apploye Time Tracker with GPS time clocking?

With a GPS tracker, you can get only the outdoor positions of your employees, not the time they are spending in total. You can do that manually by noting the start and stop times. How will you feel if you get both positions and GPS time cards calculation at a time without spending any extra time?

Yes, Apploye GPS time clock app does this job for you to save your precious time and utilize that for other tasks.

Key features of Apploye GPS time clock app:

👉 Maintain accurate GPS clock in and clock out

If you have outdoor employees, you must be concerned about their time presence on the site. If the workers manually inform you about their presence, you are not sure whether they have reached onsite or informed you beforehand while remaining on the way. Apploye GPS time clock is going to help you know from where your employee has clocked in or clocked out as this tool picks the location.

👉 Field workers’ GPS position monitoring

With this feature, you can know the positions of your outdoor employees. Apploye tracks the positions of the employees.

👉 Track time on the job site

Other than the clock in and clock out feature, you can let your employees keep track of work hours. Having a daily, weekly, or monthly timesheet help you know the amount of time your employees have worked. It is even more important if you have hourly employees, virtual assistants, freelancers, or independent contractors. You can know how much time your employees have worked on-site.

👉 Assign projects and tasks sitting at your place

You can assign projects and tasks to your outdoor employees sitting at your place. Just instruct your employee to start the project or task from the mobile app. You can now see the time tracking in the project and tasks with their outdoor positions.

Pricing of Apploye Time Tracker with GPS clocking

Among four different pricing plans of Apploye, the GPS tracking option is available in 2 plans with many additional in office and remote employee monitoring features.

  • Premium Plan: $3 per user/month(billed yearly)
  • Elite Plan: $3.5 per user/mnoth(billed yearly)

To know more about the features available under these options, please check out the Apploye pricing page.


People around the world love Apploye Time Tracker. Overall ratings of Apploye on different review platforms are:

Capterra: 4.9/5

G2: 4.7/5

Let’s see what Apploye users are telling:

“The fact that our team has been working remotely for over half a year now makes Apploye a program that is both extremely useful and absolutely essential. Because I am able to quickly track their behavior, I can make sure that a significant portion of the time is not spent.

The user interface is quite straightforward, it is simple to find out what the team is working on, and I am now able to monitor how my staff spends their time.”

Modified and summarized review taken from here.

Supported platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

Frequently asked questions

What is GPS real-time tracking?

Choosing a Real-time GPS tracking system may involve utilizing a satellite connection to give you accurate information about someone's real-time position. Real-time GPS trackers like Apploye may help you get many benefits while tracking mobile workers.

What apps use GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is a common attribute in many apps that needs information about your location for certain functionalities. Apploye time tracking uses GPS to give the managers precise location information of their mobile employees when they are clocked into the system.

Is GPS time tracking accurate?

Apploye offers you a GPS time clock that provides you with the accurate location of the employees while they are clocked in the app. It will help you know where your employee has clocked in or clocked out as this tool picks the location. So, the time recording accuracy is unquestionable in this case.

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