Attendance Tracker App for Employees

Apploye is an intuitive attendance tracker for in-office, remote, or field workers. See who was present at which time and at which location. Get a timesheet based on attendance.

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Apploye attendance tracking for employees

Easy clock in and clock out

With the help of the Apploye mobile app, your remote outdoor personnel will be able to accurately clock in and clock out at the appropriate times. The clock-in time will be determined by the time that each of your employees began the Apploye timer on their own devices. The same holds true for when you clock out of work.

Attendance tracker app with shift and clock in and out data.

Employee timesheet based on attendance app

With perfect employee attendance tracking of Apploye time tracker, you can get a comprehensive timesheet of the work hours. That is why it is considered as the best app for attendance.

You can view detailed work reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date selection basis with the Apploye attendance app's timesheet feature. By setting a timesheet limit, you can specify how much time an employee can work each week. If you want the timesheet of the workers to be reviewed, there is a timesheet approval feature of Apploye attendance app. If there is any unnecessary timesheet , you can delete that.

Weekly Timesheet generated for to track employee attendance

Attendance tracking with locations

There remains a lack of transparency once the attendance is tracked with a register or pen and paper for the field crews. You cannot exactly trace where your employee was there at the time attendance is written. However, you can remain tension free if you can see the employees' location once the attendance is given. With Apploye’s simple mobile app, this online attendance tracking can be tracked with the location.

Arrow pointing to employee's live location inside online attendance tracker

Geofence attendance system

Attendance for field workers has never been easy. However, it is now easier with Apploye’s geofence time tracking attendance system. Set the area in which you will count the number of employees present at your workplace. Once they arrive at the job site, field workers can clock in. Nobody will be able to clock in or clock out outside the employer-defined perimeter defined in Apploye. Find out exactly where your field person checked out at the end of their shift.

Attendance tracker for employees with clock and clock out time

More features of Online Attendance Tracker

Automatic payroll calculation

Payroll calculation for hourly paid employees is automatic in Apploye. You just need to set the pay rate of your employees. By tracking the employee attendance, Apploye will generate a timesheet upon your approval. Based on the timesheet, payroll will be calculated for the workers. Pay your employees whenever you want by getting the data from Apploye’s web app.

Employee payroll in online attendance tracker

Advanced reporting and dashboard

From Apploye’s web app get a detailed report of the attendance and work hours of your employees. Specifically, you will know-

  • You can see the detailed work hours log of your employees in a day in a single place.
  • Know the time and activity report for the in-office employees.
  • Get a detailed overview of the app usage and URLs visited for the in-office or remote desk employees.
  • Get the overview of the manual time entry as well. You can export the report in PDF or Excel.
Reports with activity and time worked inside Apploye attendance tracker

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How to get started with the Apploye attendance tracker app

The onboarding process of Apploye is quite straightforward and easy. Let's know the easy process of employee GPS time clocking with Apploye.

Step 1

Sign Up

Create an Apploye account and finish the onboarding process.

Sign Up in Apploye Construction Timeclock

Step 2

Invite your employees

Invite the members to join your organization.

Inviting members to Apploye online attendance tracker

Step 3

Ask your employees to install the Apploye Application

Ask the employees to install Apploye’s desktop or android time tracking app from the play store and sign in.

Desktop and mobile app of attendance tracker for employees

Step 4

Instruct your employees to start the project once they arrive office/ onsite

Employees will start the tracker after arriving on the site, and stop the timer when leaving the site. Once the timer starts, attendance will be counted.

Employee attendance tracker software by Apploye

Step 5

You are all set

Now, check the attendance and locations of your outdoor employees from Apploye's GPS time clock option. Once the work is over, your employee can stop the timer on the Apploye android app and the desktop app for office employees. This will be counted as a clock-out.

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Benefits of using online attendance tracker software

There are many inherited benefits of employee attendance tracking. An attendance tracker software can make the work easier. Let’s see some of the cool benefits of an online attendance tracker app.

Easy to use and removes manual work

Online attendance tracker tools are generally easy to handle and remove manual work. You can say goodbye to manual attendance tracking with pen and paper or with attendance machines. Get an online attendance tracker tool that will work not only as an attendance tracker, but it will also do some other important tasks like timesheet calculation .

Accurate attendance management

Sometimes it may not be possible to track attendance accurately using some hardware tools. Businesses pay a higher cost every year for buddy punching. It can be easily minimized by adopting an employee attendance tracker app.

Increases employee productivity

Once the attendance will be online and their associated locations, employees will be more sincere regarding attendance. It will ultimately increase employee productivity.

Employee payroll calculation is made easy

Online attendance tracker apps have made the accounting tasks like payroll calculation easy. Employers/managers can easily get the automated payroll calculated by the attendance tracker apps. We have already seen how Apploye is doing this task automatically.

Helpful for employee leave tracking

Based on the employee attendance it is now easy to track the leaves of the employees. On the day when there will be no attendance, there will be no timesheet for the employees. Once you check the monthly timesheets of the workers, you can see the empty timesheets and track the employees' leaves.

Increases transparency

Transparency between employees and employers is very important to run a business/organization easily. Once the attendance system is online and can be tracked easily, both employees and employers will be able to see the data.

Maintaining better staff schedules

If you keep track of who is there, you will be able to make better schedules. In the long run, this will keep team members from being underused or overworked. As a result, you will be able to increase productivity while keeping your employees happy.

Types of organizations need employee attendance tracker app

  1. IT companies for keeping attendance simple.
  2. Agencies that have both permanent and contractual employees.
  3. Construction companies have outdoor workers.
  4. Hospitals need attendance time tracker software for both doctors and staff.
  5. Educational institutions for managing the attendance of the teachers and other employees.
  6. Real estate companies for managing their employees' attendance.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to keep track of attendance?

To track attendance at the workplace, you should afford an attendance tracker for employees who are convenient to use, accurate at calculation, and better than any archaic processes (paper or paperless). It allows you to clock in and out, calculate billable hours and make accurate payroll.

How do teams track their attendance?

While tracking the attendance of a team of employees, it’s been a practice for a long time to use a punch machine or pen and paper method. Microsoft Excel and Google sheet attendance tracker may also track the attendance. However, a Time tracker or an attendance tracker can help you eliminate all the limitations of the former options.

How can I track my attendance if I work from home?

While working from, employees generally need to record their attendance online so their managers can have information on it. To track your attendance from home, you may use a platform that can be collaborated with others, such as a Microsoft Excel sheet or an advanced attendance tracker, as the point of bilateral communication is the key here.

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