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Hubstaff vs. Toggl

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How to delete screenshots?

Billing Settings

How does the invoice look from the client's side?

How to give permission to MacOS to monitor the screen

How to block employees from deleting screenshots?

How to find the location?

How to create an Invoice

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How to find the Organization code?

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How to turn on timesheet approval for your employees

Timesheet Settings

How does timesheet approval work?

How can I delete Timesheets?

How do I set a weekly limit?

How to fix AppImage not running on Ubuntu 22.04

How to install Apploye desktop app in Linux?

How does time zone work?

How to fix " πŸš€Hey, seems like you are in the future"?

How can I take Instant Screenshots? πŸ“Έ

How can I make someone a Project manager?

How to invite members?

Can I prevent employees from adding manual timesheets?

What is the difference between Productive Time and Non-Productive Time and how does Apploye measure it?

Does Apploye track time offline ?

What is the Difference Between Pay Rate and Bill Rate?

I don't need all the seats that I bought. How can I remove members?

How can I add members in my Organization?

How long does Apploye keep the screenshot data of the users?

Basics about Organization

How to add hourly payment?

How can I change the currency?

Does Manual Time overwrite existing time logs?

Can I work on projects without assigning tasks?

Can members create projects?

Does the standard plan offer screenshots?

Is there a free version of the Apploye?

How can I set Hourly Pay Rate for my Team Members?

Do we still have access to the data of our past employees?

Project overview

How can I change Desktop App to Dark Mode?

Does Apploye charge for the organization owner?

Do I need to manually click on the sync button for synchronization?

How to Redeem Apploye TimeTrack AppSumo Code?

How to delete my apploye account?

How can I send an Error Report from the Apploye Desktop App?

Timesheet overview

How do I add a Manual Time entry?

Does Apploye take multiple screenshots?

How can I see multiple screenshots?

How can I change my account email?

How can I check the version of Apploye Desktop App?

Can employees delete their screenshots?

How to contact apploye on any issues

Where is the note i have added?

Where can I view the screenshot?

Where can I find Instant Screenshots?

What is the screenshot time interval per screenshot?

How does RemoteTrack panel work πŸ€”?

Why am I billed both monthly and yearly on a Yearly Plan?

How will Apploye adjust the billing amount if anyone is using half of its total time

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