Tekpon Selects Apploye as the Premier Time Tracking Software for Businesses in 2024

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Efficient time management is crucial for success in today's fast-paced business environment. Businesses are constantly seeking ways to boost productivity and streamline operations. This has led to a growing demand for efficient time-tracking solutions.

In response to this need, Tekpon, a prominent online marketplace for software solutions, has carefully selected the best time-tracking software for businesses in 2024. And one solution stands out: Apploye.


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Apploye offers a wide range of features tailored for today's businesses. With a robust platform for time tracking, employee monitoring, payroll management, and scheduling, Apploye is a versatile solution for enhancing productivity and ensuring efficient project management.

Tekpon's recognition highlights Apploye's commitment to empowering businesses and showcases the tools needed to succeed in today's competitive landscape. Apploye empowers organizations with an intuitive interface, cool features, and seamless integration capabilities. It helps track time accurately, monitor employee activities transparently, and optimize workflow effortlessly.

Key Features of Apploye

Time Tracking

With Apploye, tracking time is effortless. Its intuitive time-tracking functionality lets employees log their hours seamlessly, whether on-site or remote. Managers can easily monitor time spent on tasks and projects, ensuring accurate billing and resource allocation.

Timesheet Creation

Say goodbye to manual timesheets. Apploye automates the timesheet creation process, making it easy to generate detailed reports with just a few clicks. Whether you need to track billable hours or monitor project progress, Apploye's timesheet feature has you covered.

Screenshot Monitoring

Apploye's screenshot monitoring feature allows you to gain real-time insights into your team's activities. With randomized screenshots captured at regular intervals, you can ensure accountability and transparency across your organization.

Apps and URLs Usage Record

Are you curious about how your team spends its time online? Apploye's apps and URLs usage record feature provides valuable insights into employee productivity. Track which apps and websites are being used during work hours and identify potential distractions that may be affecting performance.

Project Task Management

Keep your projects on track with Apploye's project task management feature. Within a centralized platform, you can assign tasks and track progress in real-time.

Budget Friendly Pricing

Apploye's dedication to being budget-friendly appeals to those seeking time tracking for startups and small businesses. Apploye offers transparent pricing plans and a variety of customizable options. This ensures that businesses of all sizes can easily access the tools they need to succeed.

Apploye's pricing plan has two options, Standard and Elite, both available with yearly or monthly payments. For the Standard plan, it's $2.50 per user each month if you pay for the whole year at once, or $5 per user each month if you choose to pay monthly. For the Elite plan, it's $3.50 per user each month with the yearly payment, or $7 per user each month if paying monthly.


Apploye empowers organizations to achieve their goals and drive success by providing businesses with the necessary tools to optimize their time management practices, which is crucial in today's dynamic business landscape.

Tekpon's support of Apploye as the top time-tracking software for businesses in 2024 solidifies its standing as an industry leader.