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Freelance Time Tracking Features of Apploye

If you are a freelancer, independent contractor, or a consultant, Apploye can help you to manage your time more efficiently. You can keep track of work hours with Apploye time tracking app and generate reports. That is why Apploye is considered as the best time tracker for Freelancers.

Seamless Time Tracking from Anywhere

You get the easiest way to track time with Apploye. You can keep track of your seconds that you use for your clients. In case you forgot to start the timer, you can add the missing time through manual time input. With Apploye’s desktop and mobile apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, start time tracking and concentrate on your work.

Timesheet showing the idle time and total worked hours in a day

Tracking the Progress of the Project

Apploye offers you the straightforward way of managing projects with best time tracking app . Working with clients as freelancers on a project basis is made easy for you by Apploye. You can keep track of the project based on the time spent or by cost. So, you get information about how long projects took, which will help you estimate how long future projects will take.

Green graph showing budget and spent amout percentage, with uninvoiced amount

Make the Project Easier with Tasks

Keeping every detail of the projects is difficult as it contains several other tasks. No worries, you can divide the projects into multiple tasks and track time. Apploye gives you the scope to switch among the tasks with a single click from the desktop app. Remember, you need to create tasks under the specific project in Apploye desktop or web app.

Tasks with assigned members and projects, along with creation time

An app to track billable hours

With accurate time tracking, you get the scope to measure billable hours that will create transparency between a freelancer and a client. Apploye, an app to track billable hours, offers you to work on projects with a fixed budget or hourly rate. Once the project is finished, Apploye will calculate the billable amount for you. Make an invoice with the billable hours and send it to your client directly from the web app.

Task with project budget and status, for freelance time tracking

Accurate Invoicing

Invoice is required to receive payment from the client. As a freelancer, you do not need to look for other invoicing tools as you can do it with Apploye and send it to your client directly. Create an invoice based on the fixed budget or your hourly rate.

Generally, freelancers work on an hourly basis and Apploye makes the calculation of payment very simple for them. You have the scope to set the project hourly rate as well. Create an accurate invoice, send to your client, and receive the payment.

PDF invoice showing the due amount and detailed amounts

Track Earnings

Along with project progress tracking, you get the scope to track your earnings as well. Set the project or person hourly rate once you work with your client. Based on the time tracked, you can see how much you have earned. If the project has fixed payment, that’s different.

Freelancers getting payroll based on the tracked time

Reporting and Dashboard

From the Apploye dashboard, you can check your overall activities. Get the time tracking overview from the advanced reporting feature of Apploye time tracker. From daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheets templates , you can know how much time you have worked during those periods. Share the report with your client and show them how you have worked for the project.

Reports of time worked with activity percentage and notes and graph

Internet is not an issue

There can be internet interruptions and it’s normal for many locations in the world. You can track time with Apploye even if you have issues with the internet. With Apploye you have the flexibility to track time offline which will be synced once the internet connection is restored.

Track time from other apps

Integration of Apploye other popular apps like Trello Clickup, Asana, and more, helps anyone track time from there directly. You can create tasks on the Trello board and track time with Apploye. You will get the details for work and time spent in the Apploye dashboard.

Adding Apploye power up and tracking time to Trello card

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Get Started with Apploye Freelance Time Tracking App

You can get started with Apploye with minimal effort and start tracking time. Let’s see the simple to onboard into Apploye freelance time tracking app.

Step 1

Sign up and create an organization. 🎉

Go to Apploye sign up page and create an account. In 10 Days free trial, you even do not need to add any payment methods. Choose the plan suitable for you. Now create an organization.

Sign up page in Apploye, the best freelance time tracking software

Step 2

Create Project and Start Tracking Time

Under organization, you will have created at least one project to get started. You can create multiple projects, which will helpful for managing multiple clients. Once the project is created, you are now ready to start tracking time. You can also discover more about Apploye’s project time tracking feature.

Creating projects in Apploye and starting to track time from desktop app

Step 3

Create tasks to divide the project and track time

If necessary, you can divide the project into various tasks and complete the project smoothly. You can also track the time of your separate tasks.

Congratulations! You are done with the onboarding process of Apploye. Now download the desktop/mobile app and start tracking your time.

Check the dashboard of Apploye for timesheets , reports, payroll, invoices, and other features.

Tasks marked with a red square in the list of projects with assigned members

Why do I need Freelance time tracking software?

Well, as a freelancer, you might have this question in your mind. A freelance time tracking software will help you not only to keep count of your times but also other supporting client management activities.

Time tracking tools for freelancers are one of the most demanded tools in the world of productivity. Let’s see how you can get the best output from Freelance time tracking software.

  • Time tracking app is a kind of personal assistant for freelancers. Not only do they measure time, which is particularly useful if you are paid on an hourly basis, but they also aid in project management, accounting for freelance work, and putting all the data in one place.
  • Who doesn’t like to optimize and automate the manual process? Being a freelancer, you can keep automating your projects and tasks progress by tracking time. While working on the same type of projects, you can take lessons from the previous one optimize and save time this time.
  • Client management activities like calculating billable hours and payroll, and invoicing are made easy with a freelance time tracking software having invoicing feature.
  • Keeping transparency with clients is a great tool to attain customer satisfaction. By sharing a detailed report of work from the time tracking app, you can create a good impression on your client.
  • Personal improvement can be achieved through a freelance time tracking app. Once you have completed a project or task, you can review your performance based on the time taken to finish. Improve the lackings and complete the next missions in shorter time.

So, you are equipped with knowledge of how time tracking software for freelancers is going to make your life easy and seamless. It’s time to take decisions and start using time tracking software.

Don’t forget to try Apploye while choosing the best freelance time tracking app.

Frequently asked questions

How do I track my time as an independent contractor?

As an independent contractor, you can keep track of your time with the help of a time tracking software like Appploye. It offers four types of piercings, among which one is Solo which is suitable for independent contractors. It offers convenient features related to time to help independent contractors track their time in the workspace.

What should an independent contractor keep track of?

An independent contractor needs to keep track of their work hours (both billable and non-billable), tasks and projects he is assigned. These records are crucial in generating invoices, managing payroll and boosting productivity.

How do I keep track of hours for billing?

To keep track of the hours for billing, you should set an hourly rate, maintain a regular invoicing schedule in a specific time interval, track time against your work and calculate the total hour. A time tracker software like Apploye will help you keep track of hours for billing following all these procedures.

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