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Apploye offers you the simplest time tracking experience with ClickUp. Integrate Apploye with your ClickUp, import the projects with task and start tracking time from Apploye app or chrome extension.

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How Apploye-ClickUp Time Tracking Integration Works

It is very straightforward to get started with ClickUp time tracking using Apploye. Let’s see the simple steps to get started.

Step 1

Create Apploye Account 🎉

Create an Apploye account and add your organization. If you are already and existing Apploye user, you may check from step 2.

Creating account and inviting members to the organization, in Apploye

Step 2

Connect Apploye with ClickUp

Go to the integration option, you will find ClickUp. Click “Connect” and you will be redirected to ClickUp log in page.

Arrow pointing to Connect button in Apploye's ClickUp integrations page

Step 3

Connect ClickUp Workspace with Apploye

Log in to your ClickUp account and select the workspace that you want to integrate and click on “ Connect Workspace”.

Connect workspace button in ClickUp, to connect with Apploye, for ClickUp time tracking

Step 4

Import ClickUp Tasks to Apploye

Once you have connected your workspace, you wll be taken back to Apploye web app. Now turn on the option “Import ClickUp Task” and click “Activate”.

Importing the ClickUp tasks to Apploye, for ClickUp time tracking

Step 5

Sync New ClickUp Projects and Tasks

Your tasks from ClickUp will be imported to Apploye web app. In this case, folders in ClickUp will be added as Projects in Apploye and the tasks under the lists will remain as the tasks. If you have add new folders or tasks to ClickUp, click on “Sync Projects and Tasks” to import them to Apploye web app.

Using the sync button to synchronize the data between Apploye and ClickUp on tracked time

Step 6

Assign Projects to Members

Now you can assign the projects and tasks to your employees so that they can track time from Apploye desktop, mobile app or chrome extension. Go to the “Project” option to assign projects. To identify the projects and tasks imported from ClickUp, you will see the ClickUp icon beside projects and tasks.

Projects view in Apploye, with assigned members for ClickUp time tracking

Step 7

Assign Tasks to Members

From the “Tasks” option, you can assign your team members.

List view of multiple tasks, with assigned members, along with ClickUp logo indicating ClickUp task time tracking

Step 8

Track Time from Apploye App

Instruct your employees to track time from the desktop app/mobile app/chrome extension by selecting the projects and tasks.

Tracking time with Apploye app, showing both desktop and mobile app

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Why Should You Integrate Apploye with ClickUp for Time Tracking?

Apploye integration with ClickUp provides you benefits including time tracking, payroll calculation and lot other.

Time tracking

Apploye lets you track time from various places like desktop app, mobile app and chrome extension. Whichever is suitable for your and your employees, you can use that to keep track of work hours. You can also keep track of projects with Apploye.

Timesheets of various types

Once you track time with Apploye, you can have overall idea on the time spent by your employees from the timesheets. Apploye offers you daily, weekly, monthly and custom timesheets as you want.

Weekly timesheet of multiple employees, with a daily timesheet at front, for ClickUp time tracking

Apploye works without internet

Internet connectivity issues are not uncommon in many parts of the world, and users should be prepared for them. Even if there are troubles with your internet connection, you may still track time using Apploye.

You have the freedom to track time offline with Apploye, and that data will be synchronized as soon as an internet connection is restored.

Idle time and break time monitoring

With Apploye, you get the scope to track the idle time of your employees. That means how much time your team member didn't work. You can set the time period after which the idle time will be tracked. This another good technique to keep the team members more productive.

With idle time tracking, with Apploye’s pomodoro break feature, you can arrange systemic breaks for the employees to avoid work monotony.

Payroll calculation made easy

ClickUp lets you track time of the tasks. But, what about the payment calculation of your employees? Again, if you have hourly paid employees, you need to calculate the payment based on the time tracked with ClickUp. Apploye makes the payroll calculation easy with time tracking. Apploye will figure out how much to pay your employee based on the pay rate you set. Apploye will do the rest for you after you set the hourly or fixed pay rate.

Advance Apploye Reporting Feature

From Apploye’s web app get a detailed report of the work hours of your employees. You can analyze the performances of your employees from the report section. Specifically, you will know-

i. You can see the time worked by your employees in a day in a single place.

ii. Get the overview of the manual time entry as well. You can export the report in PDF or Excel.

Optional Remote Employee Monitoring Features of Apploye

Remote or work-from-home employe monitoring features are also available in Apploye to keep the employees accountable and productive. Let’s see the optional remote employee monitoring features of Apploye.

Employee Screenshot monitoring

Apploye’s screenshot monitoring feature allows you to take up to 3 screenshots within 10 minutes for employees' screens. Screenshots will be taken randomly. Apploye is also concerned about employees’ privacy. The screenshot can be deleted and a mandatory note needs to be added while deleting.

Apps and URLs Tracking

From the apps and URLs tracking option of Apploye, you will get the information on which apps your employees are using and which websites they are visiting. Also, time spent will be calculated for the specific app and the URLs.

People are loving Apploye around the globe

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Kiran feedback
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Frequently asked questions

Does ClickUp have time tracking?

ClickUp offers time tracking where you can track time, add notes, and see how the time is used. Yet again, while managing projects via ClickUp and integrating it with Apploye, you’ll be able to track time with Apploye, which is smoother, more user-friendly, and gives precious insights into how teams are utilizing the time.

Does ClickUp have pomodoro?

Though the Pomodone chrome extension is available in all of the plans of ClickUp, while using Apploye, you will be able to reap the benefits of a robust Pomodoro timer with customizable work and break time to increase your work productivity from the micro level.

How does ClickUp track attendance?

To enable attendance in ClickUp, go to Settings in the ClickUp app, go to Spaces, then ClickApps, and enable Time Tracking to track employee attendance. Meanwhile, you can check out Apploye, which is an excellent solution when time tracking and attendance monitoring are concerned.

Why do people love ClickUp?

Clickup is a wonderful solution for the teams who want to manage multiple projects and tasks with numerous related features. This is simple with ClickUp because your deadlines are available on your calendars with the tasks, making it super easy and quick to plan how you will execute the team plan.

Is ClickUp good for freelancers?

ClickUp is a handy tool when it comes to project management and task tracking. So, freelancers can use it to keep a note of their tasks. However, if you track your task with Apploye, its Solo plan would help you track time accurately, keep focus & bill clients errorlessly.

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