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Apploye is a popular time recording app for tracking work hours spent on different projects and tasks. Time records are necessary While creating timesheet & payroll.

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Features that will take time recording to the next level

With more than 100 features, Apploye is helping many users to record work hours and use those for payroll calculations.

Simple and intuitive

Apploye is the most straightforward time recording app with an intuitive UI that helps users record time easily.

Apploye's dashboard showing employee activity and performance data

Daily, weekly, monthly time recording

Record your and your team's daily work hours with Apploye- the best app to record work hours. Learn how much time your employees have worked on a particular day, week, or month.

Monthly or weekly time recording with time recorder

Project and task time recording

Project and task time recording is important for managing clients more efficiently. With Apploye, ensure better task and project management with higher profitability.

Task time recording with Apploye time recorder

Works in offline mode

No internet connection! No worries, Apploye records time in offline mode. Upon restoration of the internet connection, all the time records will be available at Apploye.

Manual time records

Your employee forgot to start the Apploye time recorder app? There is no issue; this time can be added manually with proper explanations. You can justify the reason of manual time with the note provided by the members.

Adding manual time records with Apploye

Idle time recording

With Apploye, you get the scope to track the idle time of your employees. That means how much time your team member didn't work.

Idle time tracking recorded by Apploye

Productivity monitoring

Being an employer, you must be concerned about the productivity of your team members. With Apploye, you get the scope to monitor your employees' productive and non-productive time. This productivity is calculated based on the keystrokes and movement of the mouse cursor.

Monitoring productivity with Apploye, the best time recorder app

Advanced time recording report

From the report feature of Apploye, know the manual time entry, time, and activity report. Get insight into the time utilized by the team members on different dates. Apploye remote track feature also lets you know the Apps and Urls usage report with time spent on various apps and websites.

Time recording report with arrows showing the acitivity percentage and time worked, with a green graph

Time recording of outdoor employees

Concern about the on-site time spent by your field employees? The Apploye time recording app will let you know the time spent and show you the location of your field employees. It ensures a timely presence on the site.

Time recording of outdoor employees with attendance data

Manage remote employees' time more efficiently

It is more difficult to manage remote employees' work hours than in-office employees. With the Apploye time recorder, you can more efficiently track remote employees' time .

Custom time record of employees

How to start time recording with Apploye

Know the simple steps to get started with the Apploye time recorder app.

Step 1: Create an Apploye account and invite team members. Sign up at Apploye and create your organizations. Add projects and invite your team members. You can add a single member to multiple projects.

Creating account in Apploye and inviting members to the time recorder app

Step 2: Ask your employees to install the Apploye desktop or mobile app and join your organization with the invitation link.

Desktop and mobile app for time recorder

Step 3: You are done with the setup. Create tasks and assign your team members. Employees can also create their tasks and record time.

Adding people and permissions within a time recording app

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Ultimate Guide to Time Recording App: All You Need to Know

Nowadays, businesses worldwide solely depend on automation to eliminate manual labor wherever possible. In this fast-paced world, every second matters, which inspires businesses to afford tools that enable them to be better at operation by shortening the execution time. That’s why affording tools that make processes more straightforward and faster is a wise decision.

Bringing a time recording app in your office is one of those timely decisions that would help you leverage the potential of automation to make things easier. Just imagine, you need not put a part of your workforce to watch over employees, record their attendance, check when they leave, and calculate a massive sum of remuneration using a calculator and miscalculate that few times in a while! Even if you use an online timesheet calculator, the process of maintaining timesheets for multiple employees can be tedious. These are precisely where a Time Recording App kicks in!

A Time recording app or time recorder provides you with different business solutions to automate some manual work and helps you to build up a productive workforce. It can automatically track employees working hours, attendance entries, leave reports, and work schedules. Most advanced time recording apps can operate in the background, offline, yet can generate accurate timesheets.

Why do companies need a time recording app?

There are a plethora of reasons why companies of today’s age should afford time recording apps. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Easy to manage

A time recording app doesn’t need you to be a rocket scientist, not even an amateur technician! Anyone without any prior knowledge should be able to operate it. Most advanced time recorders offer some advanced features, yet they are not that difficult to put into action. The simplicity of the time recording app is one of those intangible amenities that attract the companies more towards it.

2. Data is safe and secured

Data protection from different types of data breaches is one of the concerns companies have. In this age of cloud computing, we depend on third parties to protect our data on their server, but still, many people are not convinced about the security and privacy issues. A time recording app should ensure you secure your position as an organization that generates a massive string of data and information every day. So, while choosing an advanced time recorder, you can be assured of their security protocol.

3. Getting the accountability of work hours

Time recorder apps bring ease in tracking the employees' working hours right from the start of the day. It provides you with a dashboard and report section where the admins and owner of the business will be able to see the time their employees are spending every day.

Hence, employees won't be able to dodge the system by wasting time in other places that don't bring anything productive. This sense of accountability helps the company grow from its core, and employees also get motivated to stay right on track.

4. Better project and task management

A time recording app helps employers oversee the employees' performance in different tasks and projects. As the total system is automated, the authority might check the dashboard of the time recorder to get a synopsis of the undergoing projects and how the time is being managed there.

Many projects are budgeted based on time spent there, so even a loss of a single hour might prove very costly. A time recorder helps you get rid of this issue as you get to know how to manage the tasks and projects in the most streamlined way possible.

5. Automatic payroll calculation

Payroll calculation is one of an HR manager's essential tasks on different bases. But this task can be automated given that it is a tedious and time-consuming task that requires hour-long calculation and people tend to make mistakes there. A time recorder app helps you to track the employee work hour for a definite period for which you want to remunerate the employees.

The payroll management option in a time keeping software enables you to calculate the employees' remuneration if the proper input is being put there. So, you can evade manual labour and silly mistakes both- which are not bad things to have!

Uses of time recording app for different purposes

Time recorder apps are now changing the managerial practices in different parts of the world as managers and business owners nowadays want to get rid of the manual and menial jobs that cut down a significant portion of their time and energy, which they could otherwise use in developing new ideas, working with more intuitive and innovative tasks and handling top-level difficulty in the overall business processes.

So, affording a time recording app will help you to become a more efficient manager and support the workforce to be more productive, given you have the remote control of the business at your hand, which needs just a few clicks to work for yourself!

Below are some of the uses of the time recording app you need to know.

🕒 For personal time recording of tasks and projects

If you think from an individual perspective, a time recorder can help you become more productive at your work. For example, you are a freelancer or a contractor who works independently on his own. A time recorder can help you track your time correctly in different projects by which you can bill your clients and get the payment for the work you provide. So, a time recorder can be a wonderful app for you to ensure a personal level of efficiency.

🕒 Recording work hours of office employees

While thinking from a manager’s perspective, time recording software can help you gain more control over the workforce you manage. Without a time recorder, you have to do so many things on your own, from overseeing how many works your employees are working on to calculating their monthly payment. But as a time recorder helps you record the work hours of the office employees, now you can focus on something of more emphasis rather than running into the desk to desk to see whether the employees are really spending their time on valuable stuffs.

🕒 Recording time of the remote employees

If you are a manager of a business consisting of both in-house and remote workers, then a time recording app is a must for you. Managers sometimes fail to grab hold of themselves while managing the workers working in front of their desks. How do you think you can get a hundred percent out of remote employees? So, bringing a time recorder for supervising the remote workers' work would help you hold them responsible, track their working hours, check the clock-in clock-out time, and get the most out of them.

🕒 Time recording app for field employees with GPS location tracking.

Tracking the work hours of the employees working outside of your office is tricky. Holding them responsible for their job requires you to walk an extra mile if they are absent in the office and don’t know how to measure their performance. A time recorder app like Apploye, which offers a mobile app, helps you locate those field employees using GPS location tracking 48 and detect their entrance and exit time which is required to report to the upper management. The absent count will start trending towards zero, and you can get the most out of those field employees, given the key to success is now on your hand!

Apploye- The best time recording app

Recording time with Apploye time recorder

We are calling Apploye the #1 time recording app for numerous reasons. It is that one app that can help you get rid of every monotonous job you dislike engaging yourself with. Apploye is acclaimed in different parts of the world, in various types of organizations as a time tracker with screenshots which can also be a fantastic employee monitoring solution. But the features it offers as a time recording app are vigorously useful for any type of business.

Why people are loving Apploye time recording app?

Apploye is an intuitive time recording app that helps you maintain a sound activity flow and provides you with every weapon you need to automate your workforce. It offers everything you require to make your workforce more productive and proactive.

It gives you numerous features related to tracking employee activities, maintaining daily timesheets, tracking time in different tasks and projects, and generating reports based on the works of the employees.

Here are a few features that Apploye offers you to become unprecedently better at your business activities.

  • Billable and non-billable hours calculations: Making a distinction between billable and non-billable hours by using this billable hours tracking software to ensure errorless remuneration calculation. Apploye, the best software to track billable hours will help you get all this with a few clicks.
  • Timer - Automatic & Manual: Start tracking time in just one click and click once more to stop. Add manual time if you forgot to start the time while beginning the work.
  • Timesheets - customized views: In the Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Custom Range Timesheet views, you can see how much time employees have tracked.
  • Clock-In, Clock-out: The start and end of the work for each day for every employee will be recorded.
  • Dashboard: An all-encompassing dashboard that shows the top five employees based on work hours and activity rate, time spent on different projects and tasks, and provides information about the performance of individual workers.
  • Track time on projects & tasks: Keep track of the time spent on specific projects and tasks in order to stay on top of your workload.
  • Pomodoro Timer: To increase productivity, utilize the online Pomodoro timer that is both flexible and simple to use.
  • Idle time: To remove inactive time from the salary computation, simply discard it.

Thus, incorporating Apploye, the finest time recording app, into your organization can provide a significant boost in terms of productivity, profit, and overall performance management.

What are the costs of the Time Recording Apps?

Time Recorder App
$3.5/user/month (annually) and $7/user/month (monthly)

The table above illustrates the significant differences between Apploye's alternative options, demonstrating why choosing Apploye is such a prudent decision. You can save up to 50% if you join up for the yearly plan, while the monthly plan isn't too costly.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time keeping app?

Apploye is the ideal solution you should consider when it comes to keeping track of the amount of time spent on each project and activity. It is the most efficient program for keeping track of time, making it possible to improve job and project management while simultaneously increasing profitability.

Why time record is important?

The recording of time is the foundation for organizations' work process planning. Using the statistical data created by time tracking, it is possible to get information regarding job expenses at any moment. This information can also be utilized to calculate dependable delivery deadlines and organize resources efficiently.

How do you keep record of daily work?

With Apploye, you can keep track of your daily work. It gives you numerous features related to tracking employee activities, maintaining daily timesheets, tracking time in different tasks and projects, and generating reports based on the employees' work. That's how you can keep a record of your daily work.

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