16 Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2024

Employee monitoring software helps you keep a tab on your employees. To increase productivity, check out these 16 best employee monitoring tools & app.

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1. Apploye- The Best Employee Monitoring Software

Apploye is relatively a simple and intuitive app in the arena of employee monitoring. Given its brilliant UI and several outstanding functionalities, it is one of the best employee monitoring software out there.

Automatic Screenshots at random

Get multiple random screenshots every 10-minute interval. There is also an option for taking real-time instant screenshots and timesheet approval. This employee screenshots monitoring feature also functions as a timely reminder for employees. Thus, it helps them remain focused on their assignments and not get distracted.

Changing the rate of screenshots settings, superimposed over 3 employee screenshots

Real-time Instant screenshots

You can take real-time screenshots instantly to know what your employees are doing at any given time. You can also know which employees are working right now from Live Feed. This feature is very useful in monitoring remote employees.

Apploye live feeds with option for taking real time screenshots

Apps and URL monitoring

Know which software and websites your employees are visiting, from this employee monitoring software. You can check the total time of usage for those apps and website URLs.

Monitoring employee time on Apps and URL of visited websites

Keystrokes and activity tracking

Measure employee productivity using keyboard and mouse activity. If employees are inactive beyond a certain amount of time, that time will be logged as idle time, you can decide what to do with that.

Key Strokes and activity tracking, with active and neutral time calculation

Timesheet And Reports

Check out the online timesheets and take informed decisions on the employees. You will get a detailed report of all the employees from the reports section. You can also export the reports in PDF/CSV format to analyze further.

Apploye Idle timesheet monitoring for employees

Projects and budgeting

You can create an unlimited number of projects and tasks. You can set a budget for your projects. Then you can keep track of how much budget is left. You can opt-in to get a notification when the cost reaches a certain threshold.

Apploye Projects with Budget

Payroll and Invoice

Payment calculations can be done automatically based on the tracked working hours. All you need to do is set the pay rate and you are good to go. You can also approve the timesheets before sending them to payroll. You can also link any project to invoices or send invoices directly to clients.

Apploye Payroll for all the employees, who are being shown in a list

Monitoring GPS location

You can know the location of your employees with the GPS clocking feature. It is very useful for monitoring your employees who are working in the field or outside the office. You can also use a Geofence tracker to limit where employees can work from or clock in and clock out.

GPS Time Tracking with Apploye, the best employee monitoring software


Apploye has different kinds of pricing plans for each set of features. The Standard pricing will cost you $5.00 per user/month. The premium plan will cost you $6.00 per user/month. The elite plan is $7.00 per user/month. Enterprise pricing will vary depending on your needs. It also offers a 10-day free trial. You can also check the live product demo.

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Other 15 Best Employee Monitoring Tools of 2024

2. SentryPC: Best employee monitoring software for small teams


Employee Monitoring Software- SentryPC

SentryPC offers you a variety of monitoring tools. Besides having integrative solutions for businesses, they also provide solutions for homes, schools, and families.

In the case of businesses, SentryPC can show you exactly how your workers are using their computers and accessing the Internet in the workplace. This tool is handy to know which social media, games, messenger apps, and entertainment websites you need to block.

With the help of SentryPC, you can monitor employee activities, manage time, and filter specific content.

Some of the essential features of SentryPC include:

  • Offers cloud control
  • Tracks real-time activity
  • Capable of blocking social media usage
  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • Gives instant alerts
  • Creates visual charts
  • Offers free updates

SentryPC is relatively very easy to use. You won't require an IT team or a tech geek to get started. So, it is a pretty good choice for small and medium-sized businesses.


SentryPC has quite a large number of pricing plans. Here's a summary:

  • Basic Plan: $69.95 per year
  • Business 50 — $1495 per year
  • Business 100 — $2495 per year

There are also three more pricing plans:

  • Firstly, Business 250 costs $5,995 per year
  • Next up is Business 500 which costs $7,495 per year
  • Lastly, Business 1,000 costs $9,995 per year

3. Veriato: Best employee monitoring tool with AI analysis


Employee Monitoring Software by Veriato

Veriato is one of our top choices as an employee monitoring tool because it practically has everything you can ask for. It offers a cloud-based employee monitoring platform that tracks as well as records several activities.

Some of the top features include:

  • Capturing screenshots
  • Monitors website interaction
  • Oversees email and file movement
  • Monitors app usage
  • Network access
  • Monitors instant messages and chats
  • Records uploads and downloads
  • Tracks keystrokes
  • Facilitates printer tracking and USB device monitoring
  • Tracks web searches and social media usage

With the help of Veriato, it becomes straightforward to customize productivity reports. You can set up alerts for specific situations. For example, you'll be alerted when an employee attempts to enter a restricted website or download a malicious program.

Additionally, Veriato has several tools for security. Thus, with Veriato, you can get employee investigation software. This employee tracker software can be used to record employee activity for things like non-compete or nondisclosure violations.

Fraudulent activities such as compliance violations, corporate data theft, and misconduct can all be recorded and caught using this monitoring software. Also, you can silently enable it on both Windows and Mac devices without anyone's knowledge.

Moreover, Veriato features AI-driven threat detection, too. This feature will monitor employee activity automatically and analyze those activities using AI and big data. Your security teams will also be alerted if the tool detects a potential threat.


Veriato employee monitoring software's cost starts at $12.50 per device per month. Also, you can check it out with a free trial at first.

4. ActivTrak: Best employee monitoring tool for Productivity

Daily team pulse view of the workers, inside Activtrak Employee Monitoring Software


ActivTrak is a cloud-based employee monitoring software that specializes in measuring employee productivity. This employee tracking software analyzes the workplace activity of each employee. You will receive detailed reports that will help you identify your most productive employees and those who are being unproductive.

ActivTrak will also show you each worker's level of engagement. It will then alert you if an employee seems disengaged for too long. Therefore, ActivTrak is a brilliant tool to improve any inefficient workflows and monitor employees.

With ActivTrak employee tracker software, you can view the steps an employee goes through to complete the assignments in real-time. It also enables you to create benchmark times for different tasks and projects. ActivTrak has a straightforward user interface. Therefore, it is straightforward to set up and navigate.

Some of the top features of ActivTrak include:

  • Offers website blocking options
  • Consists of real-time monitoring features
  • Facilitates video playback
  • Records screenshots
  • Consists of risk scoring
  • Consists of activity alarms
  • Has screen playback options
  • Facilitates remote installation


Despite having a large number of features, ActivTrak is quite affordable. You can get this software without making a hole in your pocket.

Firstly, they have a forever-free plan. This is available for up to three users. Additionally, this pricing plan includes all of the core features of the software.

Next, for those with larger teams who want to access advanced features, ActivtTrak costs $7.20 per user per month. All the plans are billed annually.

5. InterGuard: Best employee tracker software for Remote teams

Employee Monitoring Software from InterGuard


InterGuard is one of our top choices for employee monitoring tools. This is particularly suitable for businesses that want to level up their security measures.

The key features of InterGuard can be divided into four different categories:

Monitoring Employee Productivity

  • Monitors real-time computer activity
  • Offers productivity measurement features
  • Capable of measuring idle time
  • Manages remote workers

Threat Protection

  • Prevention of data loss
  • Restricting access to malicious attachments, files, programs, websites, and USBs
  • Provides instant alert for suspicious activity

Blocking and Filtering Website Usage

  • Cloud-based control
  • Offers detailed reports and search activity
  • Consists of advanced blocking options

Compliance and Investigations

  • Does internal investigations
  • Regulations include PCI, HIPAA, CIPA, etc.
  • Records sessions
  • Provides screenshots

If your business has sensitive data that your employees have to handle, InterGuard will be a suitable choice. This tool is designed to not only restrict fraudulent or suspicious activities but also to respond to harmful situations effectively.

Additionally, this employee monitoring app has a feature for remote file deletion. If a laptop that contains sensitive information is stolen, you can quickly delete any file or folder from a remote location.

And that's not all. InterGuard also has an endpoint lockdown. With this feature, you can take control of a user's laptop or computer in case of a potential breach. You can retrieve files, delete files, and lock the endpoint.


InterGuard's pricing starts at $9 per month per user. This is in addition to an annual contract for the cloud-based version of InterGuard.

6. Teramind: Best employee monitoring software for comprehensive security

Employee Monitoring Software by Teramind


Next up on our list of the best employee monitoring tools is Teramind. This is an excellent employee monitoring software, especially for large organizations and enterprises. More than 2,000 businesses use Tamarind for employee monitoring, data loss prevention, and insider threat detection.

Some of the best features of Teramind include the following:

  • Provides user behavior analytics
  • Has a powerful employee monitoring system
  • Consists of insider threat prevention
  • Offers data loss prevention
  • Facilitates user activity monitoring

Tamarind has specific solutions that also cater to vendor access management and remote employee monitoring. Besides, both cloud-based and on-premise tools are available. But enterprises are more likely to lean toward the on-premise solution. Overall, Teramind is a perfect fit for business enterprises.


Here's a summary of Teramind's pricing plans:

  • Starter — $60 per month/endpoint
  • UAM — $125 per month/endpoint
  • DLP — $150 per month/endpoint

7. StaffCop: Best employee monitoring software for Large Enterprises

StaffCop, a great Employee Monitoring Software


StaffCop is another one of our top choices as an employee monitoring software. This software has the option to facilitate businesses of different shapes and sizes. StaffCop's standard Plan monitors up to 100 different computers within the same network. On the flip side, the enterprise plan can monitor up to 25,000 computers.

StaffCop Standard's key features include the following functionalities

  • Consists of screenshot recording
  • Offers keystroke logging
  • Monitors social network
  • Facilitates encoded traffic monitoring
  • Enables instant message and chat monitoring
  • Tracks search keywords
  • Monitors files and folders
  • Monitors employee emails
  • Tracks Skype
  • Monitors website usage

With the help of StaffCop, you can block certain actions and get access to specific websites, applications, and even devices such as USB storage. StaffCop also offers employee performance monitoring, real-time monitoring, and data loss prevention. It will help you increase employee motivation in the workspace.


StaffCop is suitable for both small and large businesses alike. Here's a summary of their pricing plans specifically for small businesses:

  • For 1 computer, StaffCop costs $43 per computer
  • For 2-20 computers, the cost is $39 per computer
  • Next, 21-50 computers will cost $36 per computer
  • Lastly, 51-100 computers will cost $34 per computer

Since StaffCop software is offered as a license, you do not have to pay a monthly or annual rate.

8. Work Examiner: Best for quick monitoring of employees

Work Examiner, one of the best Employee Monitoring Software


The next software we're going to talk about is Work Examiner. This platform has employee monitoring software that is suitable for both on-site employees and remote workforce.

Some of the key features of Work Examiner include:

  • Offers website tracking
  • Captures screen in real-time
  • Provides recorded screen capture
  • Offers web filtering
  • Facilitates PC tracking
  • Capable of email monitoring and data leak prevention
  • Records keystrokes
  • Monitors instant messages

One of the most excellent features of Work Examiner is its current activity monitoring option. You can monitor what someone is doing at a given moment from a single dashboard. You'll also know what tools they are using and view their currently active window.

Additionally, if a PC is not active, you'll get to know exactly how long that person has been away from the monitor.


Like StaffCop, Work Examiner is also a license, and its pricing depends on the number of devices you want to monitor. Work Examiner offers a free 30-day trial. That is quite a long time for a trial in this industry. Within a month, you'll know whether or not you want to use this product. Hence, it's worth a try.

9. Time Doctor: Best employee monitoring app for Hybrid teams

Time Doctor, one of the best employee monitoring app


Time Doctor doesn't need an introduction. Over 83,000 companies use this platform for employee monitoring and other purposes. Brands such as Verizon, Allstate, Survey Monkey, and Home Depot use Time Doctor.

This employee monitoring software integrates with a large number of tools and software. These include Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Salesforce, Freshdesk, and so many more. Time Doctor mainly specializes in time tracking to increase employee productivity.

With time, it has shifted its focus to an integrative system. Your employees will receive pop-up alerts when they are visiting websites irrelevant to work or just being unproductive. Each individual will also get a daily report on his productivity metrics. This will help them make adjustments of their own.

Some of the key features of Time Doctor include:

  • Monitors chats
  • Enables taking screenshots
  • Has time tracking features for clients and projects
  • Tracks attendance
  • Monitors web and app usage
  • Offers off-track reminders
  • Provides webcam shots
  • Tracks breaks

Moreover, Time Doctor also allows you to customize specific features for specific employees based on their designation.


Time Doctor initially offers a 14-day free trial. Then, it has three pricing plans. The Basic Plan costs $7 per user/month. The Standard Plan costs $10 per user/month. Finally, the Premium plan costs $20 per user/month.

10. Kickidler: Great employee monitoring tool for Activity monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software by Kickidler


The next software that we found quite efficient as an employee monitoring software is Kickidler. This platform is designed in a way to help you monitor your employees' productivity by ensuring complete transparency over their desktop activities.

Besides, through Kickidler, you can assign supervisors, department heads, and team leaders and give them remote access to their staff members.

Additionally, Kickidler features a live monitoring option. With this feature, you can access your workers' desktops, oversee what they are doing, and record the things on their computer screens on video in real time. Kickidler also features a keylogger that records everything an employee types on his keyboard.

Moreover, this platform also lets you set up violation warnings by forming a filtered list of websites, files, programs, etc. that employees cannot access or use inside the workplace. This violation monitoring feature is updated every minute. So, you can quickly review the history of violations an employee has committed and record how much time he has spent on each offense.


Kickidler's pricing starts at $9.99/month. However, this cost depends on the number of licenses you'd like to buy and how long you'd like to use it.

11. Hubstaff: Great for monitoring office employees


Employee Monitoring Software from Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an excellent fit for employers who have to manage a remote workforce. Keeping your employees focused when they are not working in an office can be quite a challenge. Hubstaff is there as a viable solution to tackle that problem by making them accountable.

Some of the critical features of Hubstaff's employee monitoring software include:

  • Enables time tracking
  • Facilitates geofencing
  • Consists of online timesheets
  • Facilitates GPS tracking
  • Offers productivity measurement features
  • Creates detailed reports

Hubstaff is a popular choice across various industries. These include construction, real estate, health care, consulting, cleaning, freelance, and professional services. This platform also integrates with Trello, Asana, Zoho, Liquid Planner, Basecamp, Insightly, and other popular software.

With the help of Hubstaff, you can easily app activity and URL. This tool will let you oversee work in progress, along with optional screenshots. You'll also be able to monitor employee activity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage on every device.

Moreover, Hubstaff consists of a mobile app that lets you track usage while you're on the go. You can access real-time activity and detailed reports literally from the palm of your hand.

Additionally, the employee GPS location and geofencing tool will help you get a better understanding of when your employees arrive or leave a particular remote location. So, this makes them more focused and accountable and resists them from slacking off.


Hubstaff consists of four different plans:

  • The free plan costs $0 forever. This is limited to 1 user.
  • The basic plan costs $7 per month per user
  • Premium plan costs $10 per month per user
  • Enterprise pricing costs $20 per month per user

All these plans are up for a 14-day free trial. You may take full advantage of the free version.

12. Deputy: Best employee monitoring software with scheduling


Employee Monitoring Software from Deputy

One of our top choice for the best employee monitoring software is Deputy. This is an integrated task scheduling and management software that helps in maintaining team allocations.

Deputy allows you to run your business more efficiently through effective management of daily assignments and administrative work. So, this is a pretty useful platform for many organizations such as government agencies, retail stores, education, nonprofits, restaurants, etc.

Additionally, Deputy helps you stay ahead of your game by creating jobs and delegating them to the most suitable team members. Next, you can monitor the assigned workload through a dashboard that facilitates color-coded messages. Deputy also has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. This ensures that users can check their workload and tasks even when they're outside the workplace.


Deputy offers a vast number of pricing packages. Its pricing starts from $2.50 per user/month. Next, Premium costs $4.50 per user/month. If you have a complicated and broad organization, you can avail of the Enterprise plan.

13. BambooHR: Best employee monitoring tool for HR Management

Employee Monitoring Software by BambooHR


BambooHR is a valuable employee monitoring app that enables you to deal with people's data with insightful analytics. Managers get access to BambooHR's employee records, pay data, and recruitment-related information. In addition, performance evaluations and leave requests are accessible to employees. Both employee and payroll information is available in real time.

Some of the best features that BambooHR offers are as follows:

  • Employee performance management
  • Document storage and management
  • eSignature feature and New Hire packet
  • Applicant tracking system for the employees
  • Six different languages such as English, German, French Canadian, Spanish, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Deadline and license renewal alerts
  • Global capacities for time and attendance tracking
  • Mobile App and open API
  • Email and phone support

Additionally, BambooHR enables you with numerous capabilities to manage the payroll administrations more efficiently than most employee monitoring systems. Finally, BambooHR provides a mobile app for the contemporary workforce. Employees and managers have mobile access to a team directory and time off the calendar for ensuring the management team about the availability.


BambooHR offers a diverse range of pricing plans. Contact the vendor to know the pricing plans before purchasing their product.

14. insightful: great software for monitoring employees

Insightful, one of the best employee monitoring software

One of the most advanced Workforce Analytics for Productivity-Minded Modern Teams, previously known as Workpuls, Insightful helps you with actionable data insights. It offers regular screenshots, Computer Activity Tracking and helps the HR managers with verified attendance. In addition, automatic Time Mapping is a huge benefit provided by Insightful, which helps you to optimize your business goals.

A few significant features of Insightful are as follows:

  • Real-Time Employee Monitoring
  • Automatic Time Tracking Customized for Specific Industry
  • Activity monitoring, Stealth Mode
  • Manual Time Entries
  • Productivity management
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Apps and Websites Usage
  • On-Premises Deployment
  • Role-based access

In addition to these functionalities, Insightful provides integrated reporting features so that managers can monitor project progress and boost employee efficiency. Additionally, the per-employee price structure of the product guarantees that organizations can get the most out of their investments.


  • Employee Monitoring: $8.00 per user per month or $76.80 per user per month
  • Time Tracking: $10.00 per user per month or $96.00 per user per month
  • Automatic Time Mapping: $15.00 per user per month or $144.00 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $18.00 per user per month or $168.00 per user per month

15. Controlio: Great for monitoring employees and checking productivity

Employee Monitoring Software by Controlio

Controlio is an employee tracking tool that offers vast arrays of features that helps you keep your workforce productive and fight time wastage. It has a very lucid dashboard that enables anyone to check and understand what’s happening in the organization. Controlio helps tackle unproductive employees by generating performance reports and investigating insider threat cases.

A few important features of Controlio are as follows:

  • Live screen monitoring
  • Full-time screen monitoring
  • Data storage and Web filtering
  • Real-time session info through web & apps tracking
  • Filles usage and keystrokes
  • Stealth or tray icon modes
  • Monitoring profiles
  • Remote agent installation (via LAN)

Additionally, Controlio shows you the productivity score calculation for users and departments and a wide range of integrations to integrate Controlio data with your applications and services.


  • Cloud: $7.99 per user per month; $79.90 per user per year
  • On-premises: Contact Vendor
  • Private Cloud (Enterprise solution): Contact Vendor

16. RescueTime: Best software for monitoring personal work

Employee Monitoring Software from Rescuetime

The time tracking tool offered by RescueTime can run in the background of your mobile device or desktop computer to provide accurate results. It does not require manual time entry and instead discreetly monitors your actions. That is why many organizations trust RescueTime as a good solution for managing the workforce most sensibly for monitoring employees.

A few notable features of RescueTime are as follows:

  • Focus Session vs Average Time
  • Goal Setting for daily task completion
  • App and Website usage tracking
  • Graphs, and visualization on productive vs unproductive tasks.
  • Mobile time monitoring, cell phone calls monitoring
  • Intuitive dashboard with goals and milestones
  • Integrations with more than 300 apps and services
  • Detailed reporting system

Additionally, RescueTime can help you understand simple patterns and be more productive. It runs quietly in the background on your computer, tracking how much time you spend on different apps and websites and providing you with a complete picture of your day.


  • RescueTime Lite: Free
  • RescueTime Premium: $9 per user per month

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What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is a system that helps you track your employees' work on your computers. You can follow an extensive variety starting from their Internet usage, the websites they visited, the time spent on specific pages, etc. You can also track their emails and critical logs. Employee monitoring systems will allow you to monitor your employees' usage in an extremely elaborate manner

However, you need to keep reminding yourself that you're not doing this to be Big Brother. With great power comes great responsibility. Hence, use this employee monitoring software wisely. Make sure you give your employees this message, too, not to feel like they can not be trusted. You need to assure them that this is solely a measure taken to boost the overall workflow and avoid security risks.

How Do You Choose the Best Employee Monitoring System?

How do you know which is the best employee monitoring tool? There are a few factors that will help you identify that. Your organization's needs may vary from another organization's needs. Hence, your requirements may differ widely.

We have sorted some of the critical factors that may help you to choose the best one.

The Size of Your Business

This is one of the primary factors that you'll need to consider. Different tools are made for teams of various sizes. While some systems are made for a group of just ten or fifteen, others are more suitable for businesses with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Additionally, your employee's location is quite important, too. Some software is cloud-based. Other systems may be on-premises. To monitor remote workforces, you will need a cloud solution.

Features of the Employee Monitoring Software Solution

The features of a platform are the most significant part of employee monitoring software. Features will dictate the level of control and monitoring you have over employees. Some people might like particular features, while others might not.

Some monitoring software may have the option to restrict specific applications and websites for your computers. Some other apps have a feature that lets you record and tracks what your employees are working online. Again, if you're looking for an employee monitoring tool that focuses on boosting productivity, you might choose differently.

These are the things you need to bear in mind. Ask yourself what your business requires. Does it need maximum security? Or does it need something else? Some monitoring software offers an all-in-one solution. However, you don't need to go for that and spend more if you're interested in a particular set of features.

Ease of Use

If you're a small/medium-sized business owner, it is more likely that your business does not have an internal security unit or an IT team. Hence, the user-friendliness of a system is also an essential aspect of choosing the right employee monitoring software.

You should ensure the flexibility of the product and don't have a lot of complex functionalities. Else, the entire process would become cumbersome.

Several tools offer a free trial. So, we'd recommend trying a demo first, before you make your purchase.


You need to determine how much your company is willing to spend on an employee monitoring tool. Some products charge you every month, while others have an annual subscription fee.

All of these factors matter when you consider getting employee monitoring software for your business. Make sure to jot down your requirements before making any purchase. Some employee monitoring solutions mainly focus on security. On the flip side, some tracking software emphasizes employee productivity management and time tracking. Your choice may vary depending on what you're looking for.

Final Words

All the tools we have discussed above offer a large number of features that will be useful to your business. As such, it is difficult to decide which is the best employee monitoring tool.

At the same time, we have our favorites. If you're searching for a wide range of solutions besides employee monitoring and within an affordable range, we'll recommend Apploye Time Tracker.

Lastly, your choice of software will vary, mainly depending on your business needs. So, make sure you know what your requirements are before you choose your desired software for monitoring employees. Then pick out the best employee monitoring tool that matches your needs.

Which one do you choose as the best employee monitoring software? Let us know via live chat.

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