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Apploye helps remote workers track their time. Track remote employees and their work progress to increase productivity.

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Remote worker time tracking features

You deserve to get the best output from your remote employees. Apploye will assist you all the way to keep your remote team more productive and efficient. Check the following features of Apploye to get more insights about remote employee time tracking.

Simple Time Tracking

Get insights into the time spent by your remote employees on different tasks. It improves work from home employees’ accountability.

Time tracking with Apploye desktop App, with a timesheet at background

Automatic timesheet calculation

No more manual calculation of timesheets using Excel, Google Sheets, or a timecard calculator. Apploye is there to calculate your remote employees' daily, weekly, monthly, or custom dates timesheets based on their time logs.

Daily and weekly timesheet report of remote workers

Idle time tracking

Worrying about remote employees being idle? Apploye tracks idle time automatically. You can leave it up to the employees or you can decide what to do with the idle time in timesheets.

Idle time tracking in timesheet of WFH employees

Live Feed

See who is working on which tasks, in real-time. From the Live Feed section, there is also an option for real-time screenshots as well.

List of remote employees tracking time right now

Time tracking on Apps and URLs

Remote workers can check the usage time in apps and URLs. Which websites or software your remote employees are visiting and how long they are using them will be seen here.

Apps and URLs with tracked time and activity percentage, for remote worker time tracking

Remote mobile worker time tracking

Do you have field employees to track? No worries, Apploye got you covered with robust GPS time tracking from mobile apps.

Route of Pizza delivery, along with worked time of remote worker

Optional screenshots

You can have screenshots with timestamps to know more about the work of your work from home employees.

3 screenshots of time tracking by remote workers in multiple monitors

Reports on remote employee working hours

Get detailed reports on the worked time and activity of the remote workers. You can download the reports in PDF or Excel (.CSV) format.

Weekly timesheet of multiple remote employees with option to export reports in PDF or CSV

More important features of Apploye, Remote Employee Time Tracker for WFH employees

Managing Tasks

Assign tasks to your remote employees and know the time spent on each task.

Remote employees with their assigned tasks and tracked time


Create and manage projects, and set a budget per project. You will be able to check the cost and time spent and export the reports for further analysis.

List with details of multiple projects, with spent amount and hours, and billable hours, along with a floating popup showing project budget and remaining budget


Get automatic payroll based on the tracked time of remote employees and their pay rate. You can also send one time fixed payment.

List of remote employees' payroll with tracked time and pay rate

Invoicing and Clients

Connect invoices to the projects and bill your clients for the worked hours. You can also add custom taxes and discounts.

Printable invoice in PDF for clients, based on tracked time by remote workers

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User feedback by Survran
User feedback by CEO of DentistFind

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How do I track my remote workers' time?

No need to think about tracking the time of remote workers. Apploye will help you in work from home time tracking. Here’s how you can do that.

Step 1

Sign up and get onboarded 🎉

Create an account for a free trial

Sign up page in Apploye, the best remote work time tracking software

Step 2

Invite your team

Invite the team members via email invitation or the organization code.

Inviting members to your organization during onboarding

Step 3

Setting up new projects in Apploye

Create projects and tasks, and assign members to them. You can also connect projects with invoices for clients.

Setting up new projects in Apploye

Step 4

Start tracking time

Your team members can track time using the desktop or mobile app or the chrome extension. They can also add time manually in the online timesheet.

Track time from Apploye mobile or desktop app

Step 5

See who is working right now

From the Live Feed section, find out who is working at this moment. You can check their last start time on which tasks and projects. You can also take real-time screenshots.

Live feed showing who are working right now on which tasks

Step 6

Check the reports

Find the workers’ activity and how much time has been tracked on each task and project.

Reports showing total time worked, average activity with graphical comparison

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Time Tracking 🏡

You might be well aware of the numerous benefits of employing remote workers in your business. However, if you have worked with remote employees, you should also be aware of the issues that come with this. However, most of these issues can be resolved by using a work-from-home time tracker.

Why should you use remote time-tracking software for your employees working from home? 💻

This is a question that might pop up in your mind as to why you should use a work-from-home time tracking software for your remote workers.

Already we have discussed the importance of remote work time tracking software for work from home employees. Another best way to get the answer to this question is to ask yourself about the feasibility of remote worker time tracking app for your business.

However, you can also understand the necessity of using remote time tracking software for your work-from-home employees if you are struggling with the following issues

  1. Miscalculation of your remote workers' time log due to false clock-ins and clock-outs.
  2. You do not know which websites or apps your work from home employees are visiting.
  3. Employees are not completing the tasks timely.
  4. If you think remote workers are not remaining productive.
  5. Remote outdoor employees are taking more time than expected by you.
  6. Remote employees waste time browsing social media, personal emails, online shops, etc.
  7. Facing difficulty in calculating the payments of your employees working from home.

Most employers are concerned about the productivity and better output of their employees. Many of them have already started using remote employee time tracking software to manage and monitor remote employees more efficiently.

Why should you fall back if you have a talented remote team? Use remote time tracking software with your work from home employees today and keep them on the right track.

Pros and Cons of work-from-home time tracking software

There are many benefits of using remote worker time tracking software in any organization. However, there are also some downsides that you need to be aware of before you make a decision. We’ll try to inform you about all the pros and cons of work from home time tracker.

Advantages of remote employee time tracking software

1. Optimal time utilization

As an employer, you might be concerned about how to track employees when working from home for knowing if they utilize time properly. Using remote time tracking software, you can ensure that they keep proper logs of their time worked.

A remote time tracking app can help you achieve the best use of time for your remote workers. Work from home employees will be much more careful once they start tracking their time.

2. Increase in remote work productivity

Once you introduce the remote worker time tracking software for your employees working from home, they will remain more vigilant about their tasks. Also, by tracking their time, they’ll be able to identify where they are wasting their time or where work processes can be improved. As a result, workplace productivity will increase.

3. Transparency in work completion

A remote worker time tracking software allows you to know the tracked hours and how much estimated time is remaining so that you can plan around the work schedule.

4. Easy payroll calculation

When you are thinking on how you can keep track of your work hours and pay, a remote work time tracking tool like Apploye, can help you immensely. You only need to set the hourly rate for the workers or by projects, and the payroll will be automatically calculated based on the time tracked.

5. Reduction in Management cost

It is a hassle to manage employees working from home. It often leads to decreased efficiency or increased cost. Remote work time tracking tools can help you get optimized data of the employees working remotely and reduce the overall costs.

Cons of remote work time tracking software

Like there are advantages of remote worker time tracking, there are also a few disadvantages that you should be aware of. It would be wise to consider both the pros and cons, before making a transition.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of remote worker time tracking tools:

1. Early adopter issue

Many of the remote employees would take more time than usual to adapt to the new flow of work that you create while bringing the remote work time tracking software into your organization. Some remote workers will hate to track their time and definitely won't like time tracking with screenshots.

2. Micromanagement fear

Micromanagement is an issue in the corporate world. It’s understandable if some of your remote employees are afraid of being micromanaged with a remote work time tracking tool. This can lead to decreased team productivity and their motivation for work may also decrease.

However, with proper policy and understanding of those policies by your WFH employees, this disadvantage can be managed.

3. Cost might increase

Cost plays a significant portion in choosing a remote time tracking software, If you don’t do proper research, you may end up choosing a costly remote employee time tracking app, which may increase the remote work cost.

4. Not everything can be tracked

There are a few works that you can’t track. E.g. brainstorming time can’t be tracked, nor can you track the impromptu meeting time. You have to understand that and work around this factor.

Apploye - The best work from home time tracking software 🏠

Apploye has been widely chosen by employers who have remote employees, work from home workers, virtual assistants, and independent contractors.

Apploye is all in one platform for remote employee time tracking. This remote employee time tracking software has essential features useful for remote worker time management.

Availability in Apploye
Simple time tracking
Assigning tasks and projects
Apps usage time tracking
Url time tracking
Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and custom timesheets
Pomodoro timer feature
Idle time alert
Time and activity report
Manual time report
Productivity measurement
GPS location tracking for field employees
Project overview based on cost & time
Automatic payroll calculation
Integration with Project Management Software

Let's see how Apploye features help you in remote employee time tracking

Remote and Hybrid work attendance

List of employees with clock in/out time with total time worked

While remote workers can’t give physical attendance, they can still give attendance or clock in and clock out using work from home time tracking software.

Using Apploye, you can simply get the clock in time when the employees start the timer in the app. You don’t have to install any special devices or complicated systems.

Time tracker with screenshots

Apploye has time tracking with a screenshot feature that helps employers understand how employees are working or if employees are working at all. Employees can delete a screenshot if there’s private information or something sensitive. However, they’ll need to write the reason before they can delete the screenshot.

Apps and URLs time tracking

Apploye also tracks time by the apps used and websites that your remote employees are visiting. Owners and admins can see the total time spent by the software and the URL of the websites.

This will help employees identify where they are spending most of their precious time and optimize accordingly. You can also see if they are using any apps or visiting any sites they are not supposed to.

Online timesheet for recording working hours

Timesheet showing the employee total worked time and idle time

You can check out all your remote employees' daily activities in a fairly organized interface. The daily timesheet helps you visualize the activities for specific projects and tasks. It also provides weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheets.

Again, you will be able to see which part of the day a particular employee was working and make sure remote employees are working .

Besides, there are options to add manual time if your employee forgot to turn on the app at the beginning of the work. He has to show the rationale behind adding the manual time. For that added time, the employee productivity would be zero.

Pomodoro timer feature

Pomodoro break feature in Apploye desktop app

Pomodoro tracker is another cool feature of Apploye that is closely related to employee productivity. With this feature, your remote employees can fix their work time and break time without affecting team productivity.

A notification will be shown to the employee once it is break time. For example, An employee can design the work time as 50 minutes work with 10 minutes break or 25 minutes work with 5 minutes break.

Idle time tracking

Idle time is when a remote worker is not working for a period of time. In this idle time, there won’t be any mouse or keyboard activities. Let’s say, you set idle time as 5 minutes. After that idle time will be detected.

You can let employees decide whether to keep it or delete that from timesheets, or you can directly log all time idle time and then decide later.

Time tracking for managing projects and tasks

Apploye helps you to maintain all your remote workers' tasks and projects in a disciplined way. You can create projects or tasks and assign responsible employees, who are working remotely.

You can also check the time usage on different tasks and projects and App usage. Track the time spent and get detailed reports.

Tracking time with GPS feature

If you have remote employees working in the field or outdoors, you might need remote employee GPS time tracking. Remote employees will be able to track time from their smartphones.

You will also be able to easily track their location and time spent on each task and timestamp for the locations.

Easy Payroll Calculation for Remote Workers

It is now easy to calculate the payroll of your employees working from home. You need to calculate the time and payment of your hourly based remote workers. Based on your remote team members' time logged, Apploye will calculate the payroll automatically. You need to set the pay rate once, Apploye will do the rest.

Frequently asked questions

How do you track remote work productivity?

Remote work productivity can be measured by tracking internet behavior and app usage and measuring remote employees' mouse clicking and keyboard use. An advanced remote employee monitoring software like Apploye helps employers track the productivity of remote employees in percentage and see them in the dashboard.

How do employers track remote workers?

As an employer you can use a remote work monitoring tool to monitor remote employees workflow and efficiency. It can give you information about how they are utilizing their time. Features like Payroll, client & invoicing, performance analysis and reporting are also available in such tools.

What is remote time clock?

A remote time clock is necessary when you’re monitoring a remote team staying far away from them. It allows remote employees to clock in and out from their respective areas. Employers and managers can get data regarding remote employees' presence in the virtual workspace. This tool also allows them to keep track of their daily work hours, schedules and leave management.

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