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What is project time tracking?

Project time tracking involves keeping track of the time being spent on the tasks of a project and the overall progress.

Why track project time?

Generally speaking, humans are not able to give a proper time estimation. We usually underestimate how much time a task can take, since we may only consider a few underlying factors, let alone factor in the less likely events and sudden changes.

That being said, tracking the time on tasks & projects makes it possible to know how much time was taken for that particular task in the past. Therefore, you can allocate a reasonable amount of time and correctly set the timeline and cost estimates for a project.

Apart from meeting the deadline easily, you can also do the following:

  • Better manage the projects.
  • Track task & project progress and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Increase project profitability.

Advanced features for project time tracking

Apploye project time tracker can do a lot more than just allowing you and your employees to track time in projects. Let's have a look at the most important features of Apploye time tracker:

Time tracking in project management made easy

The project's time can be tracked individually, just as it can be done with tasks. So, you get the data of time spent on the projects that will help in time estimation in future projects.

List of projects with tracked time, along with cost & budget options

Track spent and billable amount of the project

Get data on the amount spent from the total budget and the amount you can bill the client. Set up the notification percentage, to get notified when project cost reaches a certain amount of budget.

Billable time based on the tracked time in projects, along with an arrow pointing to the billable amount

Create invoices for the project easily

Know the uninvoiced amount or the total amount claimed based on the project's progress. You can easily send invoices to clients, based on the time tracked for a project. Previous invoices can also be tracked from Apploye. You can even know if an invoice was partially paid.

Invoice based on tracked time on projects

Intuitive project progress report

Check the progress of the project based on the time spent and cost. You can also track this data on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Progress report based on time spent.

Track time spent on projects, with data and graph

Progress report based on the total cost.

Project progress report with total cost of projects

Outdoor project tracking

Outdoor employees associated with a project can be tracked with time spent on locations they are supposed to be in. You can check the location, along with time tracked on projects.

Timesheet of an employee, alongside project routemap

Integrations with popular project management software

Apploye has integrations with many project management apps. This will allow you to track time on these project management software.

Trello time card, with Apploye project time tracking integration

Know who is working on what projects & tasks

Apploye has a feature called "Live Feed", which allows you to see employees with the tasks & projects they are working on in real-time. You can also check the assigned employees and know which tasks & projects your employees are working on.

List of employees with their latest start time, along with name of projects

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How to track time on projects?

Time tracking tools make it easy to track track time on the projects and tasks. Let's get you started with project time tracking in few easy steps:

Step 1

Create an Apploye account and invite team members.

Sign up at Apploye and create your organization. Then, you can invite your team members to the projects.

Creating account in Apploye, then inviting members via the time tracker for projects, shown with arrow and popup window

Step 2

Create projects

Go to the Project option and click on "Create Project" to create a new project.

Apploye Project Time Tracker web app, with arrows pointing to create project button

Step 3

Fill up the project details

Fill up the information like project name, code, start date, deadline, status, and project description. Selecting client is optional. Then, click on save.

Create project window, with an arrow pointing towards Save button

Step 4

Assign team members

Now add team members to the project and allow permissions.

Assigning members in Apploye, arrow pointing to a plus sign

Step 5

Add project billing and hours

Billing can be based on project hourly rate or person hourly rate. Add budget based on total project hours or total project cost. Set notification percentage for when you would like to get notified.

Setting up person hourly rate with project management time tracking, with a golden arrow pointing to Set hour rate section

Step 6

Creating and assigning tasks

Create tasks under project if required and assign them to your team members by clicking on the Plus button (+).

Adding and assigning tasks to members from Apploye project time tracking software, with task creation date and list of the tasks under that projects

Step 7

Ask employees to track time

Ask your employees to download the app and then start tracking time. After that you can see how much time they are tracking in which projects and tasks.

Apploye project time tracker app, with

Step 8

Track project progress and expenses

Go to "Edit Project" from the Actions dropdown. Then go to "Project Budget" under "Add Billings & Hours" section. Set up the budget and notification.

Step 9

Check details and Export reports

Click on "View Details" from the dropdown menu to check the details of the project. You can go to Time and Activity Reports and filter the time by projects. The time and data can be exported in CSV or PDF file.

Apploye project time tracker app, with reports of total time tracked and productive time and a green graph

Step 10

Invoice clients and Manage payroll

To send invoice to clients, go to "Invoice section" and click on "Create New Invoice" button. Go to "Payroll" section to check employee payroll and keep documentation of payments.

Apploye project time tracker app, with

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All You Need to Know about Project Time Tracking in 2023

In the past, companies used non-specialized software like Microsoft Excel for project tracking. However, using software not designed for tracking the progress of projects won't help your company in managing projects. Track time spent on projects to make accurate forecasts, increase resource visibility, and boost productivity.

Apploye simplifies project management time tracking through smooth task creation, continuous timesheet tracking, and systematic monitoring of cost & time usage. Apploye goes beyond normal time tracking to help you avoid hidden project costs, compare estimated and actual expenses, and assess project profitability.

Why is project time tracking important?

Tracking time spent on projects with the help of a project time tracking tool is a novel way to expedite business growth in the long run. Read on to know how you can be benefitted from a project time tracking software like Apploye while tracking time spent on projects.

Optimize time management

A project time tracking software helps track the time spent on different projects and their performance. It eliminates unnecessary time lapses and provides a precise understanding of actual time expenditure.

Create a more transparent process for clients

A project time tracking app enhances client management by providing better estimates, precise task records, and billing. It prioritizes high-value client dealings, strengthening relationships.

Project budget tracking

An advanced project time tracking software simplifies financial calculations, offering matrices that indicate project profitability. It provides real-time insight into budget utilization.

Billable and non-billable hours calculation

A project time tracking tool differentiates between billable and non-billable hours, ensuring accurate client billing and remuneration calculations. It allows you to track the billable hours accurately.

Better client billing

Efficient client billing requires tracking working hours and ensuring every second worked is accounted for. Project time tracking software simplifies billing and client management.

Increased profitability (Bill rate and pay rate)

An advanced project time tracking tool helps optimize profitability by managing employee and client complexities, ensuring accurate bill rates and pay rates.

Automatic Invoice generation

A project time tracking software automates invoice generation. It also supports multiple currencies, tax deductions, and discounts, with downloadable copies.

Task tracking under the project

Project management time tracking tools accurately track tasks, eliminating financial miscalculations. These ensures successful project execution, along with the associated tasks.

Identifying more and less profitable projects

Project time tracking software stores past projects for evaluation, including project details, duration, budget, tasks, and more. This helps assess project success and profitability.

Project records for further collaboration

Project time tracking software provides records of completed projects, facilitating collaboration with previous clients and addressing uncertainties regarding billing and budget allocation. You can check whether if a project was partially paid or fully paid, and when.

Project time tracking as a team or individual

A project time tracker app allows precise time tracking for teams, assignment of employees, and automating processes. Freelancers and independent contractors can benefit from project time tracking software by providing proof of work, tracking time, and billing clients based on hours worked.

Project time tracking benefits

Major benefits of tracking time on project includes:

Identify areas where you can improve your efficiency

Tracking projects' time allows you to know how each task is progressing and which took more time than usual. You can evaluate all the data to know where are the bottlenecks. Then, you can improve these areas and improve the efficiency of your organization.

Track and maximize time spent on most profitable projects

By tracking time on projects, you can find how many hours does it take for a project to be completed. Comparing your billable hours, you can identify which projects are the most profitable. You can measure ROI (Return on Investment) for each projects as well.

Better resource allocation by tracking project progress

Project time tracking can help you know the progress of the projects. Using the data, you can get better idea where to allocate more resources. You can assign more employees, if you see a project is less likely to finish on deadline.

Save time by tracking how long tasks actually take to complete

Tracking time on tasks allows you to know how long each tasks take. It leads to optimizing the processes, which will result in saved time.

Generate accurate reports for clients or managers

Apploye also allows you to generate and export reports for clients and managers. You can also directly invoice clients based on projects.

Apploye- Best project time tracking software

Dashboard of Apploye, showing the top members and bar charts for total worked hours on projects, along with activity and pie chart of projects

Apploye is the best software for project time tracking, known for its effectiveness in tracking time spent on projects, including an effective time tracking with a screenshot feature.

Few of the features you get from Apploye while managing projects

  • Active & Archived projects
    A separate view is available at Apploye, where you can find which projects are on the run and with which you are done.
  • Comprehensive project summary
    Apploye allows you to see the budget, spent hours, remaining budget, and spent amounts for all of your projects in one place.
  • Project billing:
    You can easily and quickly set up your project billing to invoicing your client through Apploye.
  • Project budget
    Through Apploye, you may create a project budget, receive notifications when objectives are reached, and keep track of the project's cost and profitability.
  • Budget alert
    Setting up cost and time budget for your projects will help you to receive an email/notification alert when you reach a certain percentage of the project budget.
  • Add people & permission
    While maintaining projects with Apploye, you may assign employees to projects and set permissions to ensure that project management runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Set Billing method
    Hourly or Fixed fee- any one of them can be chosen by you while running a project and billing clients using Apploye.
  • Project manager role
    After appointing someone as Project manager, he will be able to view all the data related to that specific project.

What are the costs of the Apploye project time tracker?

Project Tracker
$3.5/user/month (annually) and $7/user/month (monthly)

The table above highlights the significant price differences among major project time trackers. You can easily understand the value of choosing Apploye, especially considering its remote employee monitoring features. By opting for the annual plan, you can save up to 50%, and the monthly plan is also affordable.

It's time to elevate your projects with the best project time tracking tool, Apploye.

Frequently asked questions

What is meant by project tracking?

Project tracking generally means recording the process of ongoing projects and the sub-tasks that constitute the project. Through project tracking, you get insights into the project's overall progress regarding budget incurred, time spent and target fulfillment.

How do I track time spent on projects?

If you are a freelancer or an individual who wishes to measure time spent on projects, a project time tracking program can be helpful. You might work for your clientele, but you'll need assistance providing them with job samples. However, a project time tracking tool like Apploye can be of great use to you even if you decide to measure time spent on projects on an individual basis.

How do project managers track hours?

Nowadays, project managers track the hours of their employees working on any particular project. This is done through project time trackers such as Apploye. It gives them a proper idea of the employee performance, the real-time progress of the projects and an estimation of how profitable the project can be.

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