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Online timesheet calculator with Clock In/out, lunch brakes & overtime payment rules. Easily print or export your employee’s weekly or bi-weekly timesheets with total hours & gross pay.

Stop wasting time calculating employees’ working hours by hand. This timesheet app or calculator is designed for managers and employees who need a quick & easy way to calculate working hours and generate payment. After employees track time for the week or Bi-week, you can insert their worked hours to calculate their payment, include or exclude break time, add overtime, print, download, reset and more…

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How To Calculate Your Employees’ Timesheet?

Multiplying an employee’s weekly or bi-weekly hours worked on their hourly rate to calculate time and payment. You can add Clock In and Clock Out times for your employees. You can add a lunch break or any other break time; breaks of less than 20 minutes can be counted as paid time. You can exclude the time if it’s more than 20 minutes or an employee takes an unpaid break.

If an employee is eligible for overtime pay, multiply all hours worked over 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day by 1.5 or 2.0 times their base hourly pay rate. You can use time tracking software to automate calculating work hours, payments, overtime to save your time and so on.

Some Basic Features Of Timesheet Calculator

Here are some basic features of the Timesheet Calculator. Let’s have a look!

A calendar icon showing 7 days in a small calendar


In most of the world, the workweek is from Monday to Friday. But it differs from country to country as well as company to company. Many companies are following a 4-days work week strategy to help employees maintain work-life balance. So, you can set the weekdays based on your preference to calculate the employees’ Timesheet and Time Card.

Timesheet Type represented with a document sheet

Timesheet Type

Daily Timesheet, Weekly Timesheet, Bi-weekly Timesheet, Monthly Timesheet, Custom Timesheet. Here you can calculate time and payment for daily, weekly, and bi-weekly worked hours using the Work Hours Calculator.

Overtime Payment represented by a clock

Overtime Payment

Overtime payment depends on the overtime rules of your country. Overtime pay is usually 1.5 or 2.0 times more than the regular hourly rate pay . Here you will get these two options to generate overtime payment for your employees.

Hourly Pay Rates represented by an hourglass

Hourly Pay Rates

The amount you are going to pay your employee per hour. It varies from state to state as well as country to country. You can hire remote employees or virtual assistants from the Philippines or India at a lower hourly pay rate.

Autofill Similar Timesheets, being shown with a bucket


If your employees have the same login and log out time for daily work. After inserting the time for one day, you can fill it out the rest of the days automatically by clicking on the autofill button.

Download being shown with a down arrow icon


You can download the timesheet in a CSV file or print it directly. From the payroll hours calculator, you can generate a timesheet for each employee by clicking on the reset button.

How To Use Free Online Timesheet Calculator

Here is the step by step guideline to use our automated timesheet calculator

1. Select The Details Of Your Timesheet

To begin, you need to set up the timesheet calculator. First, select the timesheet type- what kind of timesheet you want to make. You will get two options: Weekly & Bi-weekly timesheet. For each employee, select the weekdays of work. You can choose weekdays based on your preference.

2. Add Hourly & Overtime Rates

Second, add your employees' hourly rates. If any of your employees are eligible for overtime, select the employees’ overtime rules. If the employee is not eligible, you can add data without this section.

3. Add Overtime & Breaks

For each day, add your employees' Clock in & Clock out times. Those must include overtime hours and breaks. If your employee took an unpaid break, add minutes or hours in the particular box given.

4. Calculate Gross Pay & Total Hours

Gross pay means the amount your employee receives before any deductions and payroll taxes. As you have added the Clock In & Clock Out times, now our tool will track the total worked hours and Gross pay.

5. Export & Print The Data

To record your data or timesheet, you can download it in a CSV file or print it.

The Definitive Guide to Calculating your Employees’ Timesheet and Timecard

Time card calculators come in handy when trying to calculate employee timesheets. Whether you are looking to keep records of the worked time, manage payroll, measure overtime pay, or time tracked invoicing clients , a timesheet calculator will be able to help you.

What are Time Cards and Time Clock Calculator?

A time card contains a time clock that keeps track of when employees clock in and leave. Employees must fill out a time card template with their shifts' beginning and end timings. Some time card designs additionally let you enter lunch break or total break time and overtime. Time clock calculator gives you the sum of daily and weekly billable work hours. With a time card calculator, all you have to do is enter the clock-in and clock-out time, the total break time, and the hourly rate; that’s it.

No need to worry about maintaining cumbersome paper templates or excel sheets. Apploye’s work time calculator will speed up the process of maintaining timesheets and give you a simple, streamlined process. This pay calculator records employee working hours and gives you the total payment. Overtime is also taken into consideration while calculating using a work hour calculator.

weekly timesheet calculation with hourly rate

⭐️ Download the timesheet /timecard template.

How can a Work Time Calculator help you?

  • Calculate the total working time of each team member in your company.
  • Monitor employee attendance and absences by keeping track of employee attendance records.
  • Use the time card data to process payroll automatically.
  • Logging daily, weekly work, and break time accurately.
  • Improve employee productivity by gathering statistics.
  • Generate and share detailed reports with your clients.
  • Estimate overtime with accuracy.

Who can use a Time Card calculator?

Apploye’s work time calculator can be used by any business or professional. It helps:

  • Many professionals use the data and record time in work time calculators.
  • Lawyers and consultants who bill by the hour use a payroll hours calculator to track the billable hours.
  • Accountants and engineers calculate billable hours and payroll.
  • Freelancers who need to keep records of work hours to bill clients and send invoices.
  • Start-up teams can manage payroll and process timesheets using a time clock calculator.
  • Small, medium, or large businesses use time card calculators to record employees' and contractors' working hours and break time.

Advantages of Apploye Time Clock Calculator

By using the Apploye Payroll hours Calculator, you will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily calculate the work hours.
  • Manage your project time more effectively.
  • Calculate overtime hours and include them in the payroll.
  • Automate the billing process.
  • Analyze your team’s performance and reduce time wastage.
  • Choose from multiple different currencies and overtime rates.

Want to get more done with Apploye Automatic Timesheet Calculator?

Weekly timesheet in Apploye, an automatic timesheet and time card calculator

If you are looking for something more than a work hour calculator, you should look at Apploye, one of the best time tracking app . While Apploye’s free time card calculator lets you record work hours and payroll without hassle, it isn’t as feature-rich as a full-fledged time tracking app.

Apploye helps you keep track of the work hours accurately. It allows you to start tracking time with a single click. You’ll also be able to add a manual timesheet and track clock in/out time.

Some other features of Apploye include

Apploye has features like Remote Employee Monitoring , Activity - Apps & Url Tracking, Time Tracking with Screenshots and many more.

Being an excellent time reporting and time recording app , Apploye allows your team to analyze performance and increase productivity. So, instead of worrying about creating timesheets and calculating payroll manually, just use Apploye to make you free from manual work.

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