10+ Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines (2024)

Are you looking to hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines to get more job done while you can focus on your top priorities? You can check out our top 12 selection of Virtual Assistant companies in the Philippines.

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Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

Virtual Assistant Companies are the platforms from which you can outsource your work. They can efficiently complete your work and deliver you desired results while you can save both time and money. Nowadays, Virtual Assistant Companies have scattered their branches worldwide as the distance is not a barrier to your daily works and can be done by anyone from anywhere with a computer connected to the internet. Many business owners depend on Virtual Assistants for their daily activities.

Except for virtual assistant Philippines, there are several virtual assistant websites where you can hire a virtual assistant from anywhere in the world. For example - Fiverr virtual assistants, Upwork, Time Etc, PeoplePerHour, and many more.

It isn't easy to hire Virtual Assistants based on your requirements to get the work done more efficiently. If you're preparing to hire a Virtual Assistant but can't figure out where to start, check out our step by step everything you need to know before hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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Let’s Jump into the Main topic …...

List of Tasks Virtual Assistants Generally Works on

Business owners usually look for Virtual assistants once they need them for a task. Here we have prepared a list of VA tasks that Virtual Assistants can perform. This list will help you understand the tasks that you can easily assign to virtual assistants.

  1. Data entry
  2. Content writing
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Social media management
  5. Email management
  6. Schedule Management
  7. Graphic design
  8. Video editing
  9. Schedule Management
  10. Travel planning
  11. Customer support management
  12. Lead generation
  13. Website maintenance
  14. SEO for websites
  15. Content translation
  16. Research works
  17. Proofreading of our articles
  18. Lead generation from Facebook groups
  19. Telemarketing
  20. For real state business
  21. Recruitment assistant

Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines are growing and doing better by receiving projects from around the world. The Philippines has had a steep growth in outsourcing for the last ten years. It has also gained a higher reputation for its best remote workers with cheap labor costs. And for this reason, Virtual Assistant Companies from developed countries like Canada and the USA have their branches in the Philippines.

Why Virtual Assistant Companies from the Philippines?

According to a study done by Onlinejobs.ph, the Philippines offers one of the most reasonable rates for full-time Virtual Assistants at $400 per month compared to the USA, where the average Virtual Assistant Salary is $4,000 per month. So, you can easily understand the differences.

Graph showing monthly salaries of Virtual Assistants in the world

There are also other reasons attached to it. The Philippines has gained the "offshoring destination of the year" award three times, and again, this country is one of the largest English-speaking countries. The people from this culture seems product service-oriented. If you're from western countries, you can have easy sync with them. Living cost in the Philippines is comparatively less than the other countries. You can get remote workers at a low price with a higher efficiency rate. Big companies like Ford, Nestle, IBM have their virtual Assistant working for them from the Philippines.

Well, you have come to know some of the benefits of choosing virtual assistants from The Philippines. It's time to go through some top Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines.

1. VA Staffer

VA Staffer homepage, a filipino virtual assistant company, with title 'VIRTUAL OFFICE ASSISTANT'

The Philippines-based staffing company VA Staffer specializes in giving executives virtual executive assistants. For technological organizations, they hire professionals with track records in technical assistance and customer service. For clients to be able to concentrate on their core business operations, VA Staffer covers the entire recruiting process, including hiring, managing, training, and onboarding.

The services of VA Staffer can help clients who are dealing with quick business growth, hectic schedules, missed chances, stagnant social media, missed calls, lack of time, and working in the business rather than on the business. These executive assistants have already gone through background checks, received training, and are proficient in office work, social media involvement, lead generation, and content development.

Committed Executive Assistants start at $800 per month, and Pay-As-You-Need Hourly models start at $9 per hour, both are available through VA Staffer. There are backup executive assistants accessible in case the primary EA needs to take time off or encounters emergencies, and communication channels between the executive assistants can be flexible.

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2. Task Bullet

Task Bullet, one of the top Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

Task Bullet is a US-based company that has offices in the Philippines and Manali too. It provides Virtual Assistant services to entrepreneurs and executives worldwide, including assistance in Real estate, lead generation, sales assistant, personal assistant, marketing, etc. The company is committed to the assurance of streamlining your business process effectively.

Their plans and pricing are slightly different from other virtual assistant companies, which they call bucket systems with no hidden fees. In this system, you'll be buying some hours instead of a project or virtual employees. If you're comfortable with this system, you can hire this company to get your job done. This company offers you a money-back guarantee for unused hours.

After purchasing hours through the Bucket System, the company will be delivering you an app from which you can communicate with your virtual assistant and delegate them the tasks by which your work can be organized and be updated about your project progress.

Check out how their Bucket System works →

3. Remote CoWorker

RemoteCoWorker, one of the best Virtual Assistant Companies working with Filipino VAs

Remote CoWorker has vast experience of working with Filipino VAs. They started out as a response to seeing jobs not being filled with VAs with proper skillset and virtual assistants taking less suitable projects. They specializes in- virtual assistants, customer support, admin outsourcing, technical support representatives, bookkeeping, sales & billing optimization, cold calling, appointment management and many more tasks.

Remote CoWorker makes it easy to find suitable VA for your needs. You can choose a hourly plan and either interview the virtual assistants and find the right one. Or, you can schedule a call with specialist, who will match a virtual assistant with you. You will be assigned a dedicated manager, who will work with the VAs to ensure the tasks are getting finished properly. After selecting VA, you will schedule a kick-off meeting with project manager and trainer of that VA to go over the details.

Remote CoWorker also lets you hire bilingual VAs, who are proficient in both English and Spanish languages. They also have options for full time hiring and testing services.

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4. VirtualCoworker

VirtualCoworker, one of the Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

VirtualCoworker is also another popular name among the Philippines virtual assistant companies. They are a startup that is above and beyond your regular virtual assistant services.

The difference between VirtualCoworker and other traditional virtual assistant companies is that they hire people on demand, making their hiring virtual assistant process a piece of cake. When you contact them, they will share some of their most incredible resumes with you. When you select the perfect virtual assistant for you, they'll get all the paperwork done and set the virtual assistant's profile for you to communicate. This process of hiring makes it easier for you to hire a virtual assistant with minimal effort.

Get started with VirtualCoworker →

5. OnlineJobs .ph

OnlineJobs .ph, one of the top Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

If you're looking for a site that lets you hire multiple virtual assistants in the Philippines without dealing with a virtual assistant agency or a middle-man, then OnlineJobs .ph is the best choice in the market right now.

The only problem of working directly with a virtual assistant is that you'll have to set everything up by yourself or your agency, from payment policies to time tracking and hiring processes. Besides this, you'll get an equally talented virtual assistant from the Philippines who will work around the clock. You will also find the recently updated resumes of the Virtual assistants with their details and can hire the best suitable one according to your requirements.

Onlinejobs.ph will also let you post jobs so that you can get quotes from the candidates and select the one fit for yourself.

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6. FreeUP

FreeUP, one of the Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

FreeUp is more like a freelance network that provides the best talented virtual assistant in the market. From full-time employees to part-time workers, FreeUp can assist you in solving a variety of your hiring remote employees related problems.

Being a freelance network, FreeUp provides many services such as data entry, Shopify store development, customer service, marketing, SEO, graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing and management, and much more.

The downside of this VA providing platform is that you'll have to deal with their terms of conditions that depend entirely on the freelancers whether they'd like to continue with your project or company once the given task is completed. If a freelancer discontinues your agency, then you'll have to do the whole hiring process from scratch.

If you're someone who doesn't need a long-term employee and wants some tasks completed, FreeUp is the right choice for you.

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7. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

Bottleneck Virtual assistants, one of the top choice as a Virtual Assistant Company in the Philippines

This platform provides a quiz that can help you figure out if you need a virtual assistant, and if you need one, what type of virtual assistant would be best for your business needs.

This is a great way to appeal to a customer. With this quiz, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants get all the necessary information that they'll need to set you up with one of their talents. You can start within the first 48 hours with your tasks on this platform.

With the following four simple steps, you can easily delegate your work to the virtual assistant.

  1. Complete the short inquiry form.
  2. Schedule a free consultation.
  3. Tell them what your business
  4. Begin delegating your tasks!

You can get guides related to Virtual Assistants from their website.

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8. 7 Virtual Assistant Services

7 Virtual Assistant Services of the Philippines

A virtual assistant service platform that focuses on providing the best service possible at a very affordable price. This platform helps you in every administrative task that can be done remotely, from web development to real estate and anything that fits properly, 7 Virtual Assistant services can be the only VA company you'll ever need.

This is one of the cheapest virtual assistant service provider companies on this list. It is offering 20 hours for just $199 per month. This company is budget-friendly and will attract many startups and agencies that want to keep the hiring expenses to a minimum.

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9. MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk, a great VA company from Philippines

MyOutDesk specializes in delivering real estate virtual assistant services. Its virtual assistants are highly trained professionals who will help you boost your real estate business revenue without spending so much money on marketing and cold calling.

Their top services are real estate ISA, virtual receptionist, transaction coordinator, customer service, loan processor, telemarketing, and more. Besides this, they also deliver dedicated services in content marketing and the property business industry.

From establishing your presence online to writing content for your blogs, this platform will assist you in building your brand online without spending on human resources outsourcing and development.

Learn more about MyOutDesk→

10. SupportNinja

SupportNinja, one of the Best Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

Suppose you're not looking for a single employee but a whole agency with multiple virtual assistants to handle more than one task daily. In that case, SupportNinja is undoubtedly the best option for you. With customer support services, content moderation, lead generation, and back-office admin tasks, SupportNinja is one of the best virtual assistant services for online entrepreneurs, e-commerce websites, and bloggers.

They provide a dedicated quality guarantee team. You'll never have to worry about low-quality service or disruption. If something goes wrong, you can immediately get the issue resolved. Their teams are specially trained in Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and more.

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11. Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual staff finder, one of the top Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

One of the best Virtual Assistants providers in the Philippines is Virtual Staff Finder. From their name it well understandable about the works they do.

If you need qualified and dedicated virtual assistants to grow, support and manage your business, this platform can be the best suitable one for you. More than 8000 Virtual Assistants were hired from this platform by thousands of business owners.

With a few simple steps, you can hire the best suitable VA for your business.

a. After you sign up to their platform, you will get a job description where you can put your requirements.

b. Virtual Assistant Finder will find the best three candidates based on your requirement through their interview, screening and background check process.

This simple process helps you to get the best suitable Virtual Assistants with less time, and you get some extra time to focus on your business.

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12. GoHireNow

GoHireNow, a great Virtual Assistant Company in the Philippines

The best way to find the best Filipino virtual assistant would be to look in the right place. Because of this, you can check out GoHireNow as a great starting point.

GoHireNow makes sure that both employers and virtual assistants are happy. The processes for both hiring and applying for jobs are seamless and easy. The best part is, GoHireNow makes sure that employers get their money’s worth while also making sure that virtual assistants are paid well for the work they put in.

Check out how it works→

To choose the best tools for your virtual assistant, read our extensive article on virtual assistant software tools.

In Conclusion

In this article, we've listed the top 10+ virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. All the above-listed companies have their distinct individual features designed to help you hire the most talented remote employees who'll get your job done.

So, why are you waiting? Pick one of these and solve your human-resource-related problems without breaking your bank.

If you need your Virtual Assistants to be monitored and maintained efficiently to get a better output, here is Apploye for you. A premium employee time tracker and remote employee monitoring software with cost-effective pricing plans.

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