Top 17+ Virtual Assistant Websites to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Top virtual assistant websites: Wing. Time Etc. Wishup. FancyHands. Zirtual. Belay. VA Staffer. 24/7 VA. Outsourcing Angel. Hello Rach. VaVa Virtual. and more.

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Before hiring a virtual assistant, you may be thinking about the benefits of having a virtual assistant. The first and foremost benefit is that a virtual assistant can save you time, and you can outsource a ton of virtual assistant services to grow your business. You can hire VA for Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Administrative Tasks, Customer Service, Research, and many more services.

There are hundreds of sites offering virtual assistant services. This article reviewed the top 17+ virtual assistant websites for finding highly skilled VA for your business.

Let’s get started.

Top 17+ Virtual Assistant Websites to Hire a VA

The following ranking is in no particular order.

1. Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant, one of the best VA websites

Wing Assistant offers you to hire dedicated VAs for part-time or full-time work. You can assign unlimited tasks. Their services include Sales Calling, Social Media Management, Lead Generation, Data Entry, CRM tools management, etc. Wing also uses AI to improve the work quality of the VAs.

How does it Work?

First, you have to choose a plan. Pick the plan based on how much work you need to be done per week. Apart from choosing general VAs, you can also opt for selecting specialized assistants. After purchasing a plan, the customer success manager will help you get started. You can reach out to them via live chat or schedule a call over Google Meet.


They offer three different pricing systems.

  • Part-Time: $599 per Month
  • Full-Time: $999 per Month
  • Full-Time 2X: 1699 per Month

2. Wishup

Wishup, a great VA website

Wishup is a web-based platform that connects you to virtual personal assistants. These assistants can help with research, scheduling, travel planning, social media management, expense tracking, communication, and other tasks. The platform promises to only have certified virtual assistants and ensures the privacy of your information.

How does it Work?

When you subscribe to an hourly plan, the Wishup team will have a conversation with you about your needs and then assign a virtual assistant they believe is a good match for you or your company. Their VAs are educated, vetted, verified, and trained in-house. Wishup's app provides added functionality and communication to track tasks, talk to VA, and leave feedback/ratings on mobile.


Wishup’s virtual assistant pricing starts from 8$/Hour and it varies on the services one requires and level of expertise.

3. Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker, one of the best VA websites

Remote CoWorker is a virtual assistant company who have extensive experience working with Filipino VAs. Their services include- customer support, back office/admin, technical Support, appointment setting, social media management, lead Generation, bookkeeping, cold calling, sales & billing optimization etc.

How does it Work?

Firstly, you have to choose a plan that fits your budget and needs. Then, you will interview the virtual assistants and find the suitable VA. Finally, you will have a conference call with your assistant’s project manager and trainer to finalize the details. You can also schedule a call with a specialist, who can help you assign a VA with proper skillset and knowledge with their profiling process.


They offer three different pricing systems.

  • Full Time Starter- $7.99/hour
  • Part Time Starter- $8.99/hour
  • Full Time Bilingual- $9.99/hour

4. Time Etc

Time Etc, a great Virtual assistant website

Time Etc is a USA-based Virtual Assistant company that provides VA services to business owners. You can outsource VA for general tasks, research, social media marketing, content marketing, sales administration, marketing administration, and more.

How does it Work?

First, you can try a virtual assistant for free. They are ready to do your first task for free, and no credit card is required. After completing the first task, you can hire a dedicated VA for your work if you liked their work.


  • Ten Hours- $290/month
  • Twenty Hours- $560/month
  • Forty Hours- $1080/month
  • Sixty Hours- $1560/month

5. VA Staffer

VA Staffer, a great Virtual assistant website

A virtual assistant company in the Philippines helps entrepreneurs with everything that they need to grow their business, like accounting, website, lead generation, email marketing, social media management, graphic design, and many more. VA Staffer has a diverse team with a unique skill set to collaborate with you.

How does it Work?

After signing up, they will reach out to you for the further procedure to hire a virtual assistant. An experienced project coordinator will work with you and delegate a VA for your tasks.


It offers three different pricing options.

  • Hours- Based on the hourly rate
  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant- Starts at $800/month
  • Hourly Plans- Starts at $298/month

6. Fancy Hands

FancyHands, a great VA website

Fancyhands is a US-based virtual assistant company. You can dedicate all of your regular tasks or occasional tasks to a virtual assistant. They serve English-speaking clients all over the world.

How does it Work?

You need to signup first; after signing up, you can assign the tasks to a virtual assistant. They have a mobile application. Download their Fancy Hands app and sign in. You can submit tasks by using Fancy Hands app.


It offers four pricing plans- Small, Medium, Large, and XL.

  • Small- $17.99/month for three service requests
  • Medium- $29.99/month for five service requests
  • Large- $74.99/month for fifteen service requests
  • XL- $149.99/month for thirty service requests

7. Zirtual

Zirtual, a decent VA website

Zirtual is a virtual assistant company based in the USA. They only accept college-educated virtual assistants living in the USA. They provide dedicated virtual assistants to busy business owners like you. You can hire a virtual assistant who can work for you regularly or support you with particular tasks. Virtual assistant from Zirtual can help you with administrative tasks and other tasks such as research, content marketing, event planning, travel booking, website maintenance, and more.

How does it Work?

First, you need to choose the plan then signup to hire a virtual assistant. After signing up, a dedicated virtual assistant will assign to make your tasks done. You can cancel your subscription anytime. If you need more hours to finish your tasks, you can upgrade your plan or purchase additional hours.


  • Entrepreneur Plan- $499/month for 12 hours of task
  • Startup Plan- $749/month for 24 hours of task
  • Small Business Plan- $1099/month for 36 hours of task
  • Team Plan- $1499/month for 50 hours of task

8. Belay

Belay, a great VA website

Belay’s headquarter is based in Atlanta, but their team is spread out across 48 states in the USA. They are ready to help you achieve your goals. They provide services such as virtual assistant, virtual bookkeepers, social media strategist, and website specialist. You can hire well experienced VA for your business.

How does it Work?

Before start working with Belay, you need to apply first. Then they will contact you.


  • You need to contact them to know about their pricing plan.

9. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant, a great Virtual assistant website

24/7 Virtual Assistant company based in the USA. 90% of their clients are from the US. It provides email marketing, administrative support, bookkeeping, data mining, inbound sales, live support, web development, and many more services to grow your business.

How does it Work?

First, you can select a membership plan then signup. You will get the client account. After that, you need to decide the type of service you require, and they will match you with the suitable VA for your tasks. You can take free consultation from them before hiring a virtual assistant.


  • Entrepreneur- $299 for monthly membership (Assistance 30 hours/month)
  • Professional- $499 for monthly membership ( Assistance 60 hours/month)
  • Office- $699 for monthly membership ( Assistance 90 hours/month)
  • Executive- $899 for monthly membership ( Assistance 120 hours/month)
  • VIP- $1099 for monthly membership ( Assistance 160 hours/month)
  • By the Hour- $15/hour

10. Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel, a great Virtual assistant website

Outsourcing Angel is an Australia-based offshore recruitment agency providing highly qualified virtual assistants from the Philippines to clients all around the world. They offer business owners both executive and specialised VAs experienced in: marketing, social media, graphic design, content writing, website development, administration and more.

How does it Work?

You can book a free Discovery Call with their Outsourcing Specialist to tell them all your business needs. Based on your requirements, they’ll shortlist the most suitable VAs for you to choose from. After selecting a VA, Outsourcing Angel will hold your hand through the on-boarding process and take care of all the HR matters for you.


  • Freedom Package - 20hrs per week
  • Paradise Package - 40hrs per week
  • Payment is based on working hours and scope of work.

11. Hello Rache

Hello Rache, a great Virtual assistant website

Hello Rache provides virtual assistant services for medical professionals. Their health care virtual assistants are highly vetted, trained, and well experienced to make your tasks done. You can get services such as virtual scribe,virtual receptionist, virtual administrative assistant.

How does it Work?

As a medical professional, you need to maintain a lot of appointments every day. But maintain a schedule properly is too hard. You can hire a VA to make your daily work flawless and smooth. Before hiring a virtual assistant from Hello Rache, you need to tell them your medical staffing need and they will suggest a top talented VA for your tasks.


  • Their pricing structure is simple and offers flat-rate hourly pricing—$ 9 per hour with no contracts, and no hidden fees.

12. VaVa Virtual

VA VA Virtual, a great Virtual assistant website

VaVa Virtual was established in 2023. They are helping business owners to maintain their work-life balance by making done their tasks. VAs of Va Va Virtual specializes in executive assistant, marketing, creative support, web design, and graphic design.

How does it Work?

Before hiring VA, you can request a free consultation. There are no payroll taxes and no long-term commitments.


  • For Pricing, you need to Apply for the quotations.

13. WoodBows

WoodBows, a good Virtual assistant website

WoodBows is one of the popular virtual assistant companies in the USA. Also, they have an office in India and the Philippines. They provide real estate virtual assistant services, graphics & web design, digital marketing, customer support, content writer, data entry, and app development. They have 98.9% client retention because of their quality service.

How does it Work?

After signing up, based on your requirements, they will select the best suitable virtual assistant for you. Your virtual assistant will available based on your time zone and office hours. You no need to sign any contract, and you can cancel your subscriptions at any time. You can book a free consultation to know more about their services.


They are offering a flexible pricing plan. You can hire a virtual assistant based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.

  • 4 Hours Weekly- $49/week
  • 10 Hours Weekly- $99/week
  • Full TIme- $359.2/week
  • 20 Hours Weekly- $189/week

14. Elite Virtual Assistant

Elite Virtual Assistant, a decent Virtual assistant website

Elite Virtual Assistant is the largest virtual assistant agency in Cleveland, USA. Their services include social media management, legal virtual assistant, digital marketing assistant. They provide high-quality virtual assistant services to businesses and law firms in Cleveland and throughout the US.

How does it Work?

You can start a free discovery call to learn more about their services and share what you need for your business. If you thought they are fit for your business, you could hire a virtual assistant from EVA.
You need to sign the contract, but it’s not for the long term, and you can cancel anytime.


  • Starter Plan: $420/month for 10 hours
  • Basic Plan: $800/month for 20 hours
  • Small Biz plan: $1520/month for 40 hours
  • Pro Plan: $2880/month for 80 hours

15. My VA360

My VA360, a great Virtual assistant website

My VA360 provides US-based proven and tasted virtual assistants. You will pay for the hours that you need. VAs are specialized in graphic design, social media management VA, sales, administrative, executive, and general tasks. They provide services to Executives, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Real Estate, Amazon Sellers, Non-Profit Organizations, IT Companies, and Coaches.

How does it Work?

You can tell them about yourself, your business, and what kind of support you need, and they match with a qualified VA for you. You can use phone, email, or your preferred communication app to connect with your VA to get instant support. If you need extra support or VA to make your tasks done, you don’t need to pay additional fees. To ensure confidentiality, both you and My VA360 will sign NDA.


They are offering simple and affordable plans. These are-

  • Savvy Officer- $360 Per Month for Hours
  • Life in Harmony- $690 Per Month for 30 Hours
  • Pro Masters- $1140 Per Month for 60 Hours
  • Virtual Jedi- $1440 Per Month for 90 Hours

16. Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee, a great Virtual assistant website

Virtual Employee is an India-based Virtual Assistant company. If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant from India , It's the best choice. They offer VA services such as IT outsourcing, digital marketing, content writing, graphic & web design, programming, finance and accounts, and more.

How does it Work?

You need to send the requirements by sending us your requirement page. After reviewing your requirements, they will contact you, and you can choose your team members through the interview process.


  • They allow hourly payment for their services. The pricing plan starts from $4.5/hour.

17. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour, a good Virtual assistant website

PeoplePerHour is one of the most popular websites for freelancers and virtual assistants. Over 1 million clients and freelancers are connected through PeoplePerHour. You can hire highly skilled professionals for design, marketing, social media management, translation, web development, and writing.

How does it Work?

As an employer, at PeoplePerHour, you can access global talent. To hire a virtual assistant, First of all, you will post the project with accurate details. Based on the project details, the best possible matches, freelancers will contact you with their proposal. Then you can pick a skilled virtual assistant.


  • It doesn’t charge you for posting a job offer. A virtual assistant or freelancer will pay a small fee to the website after getting the payment from the client.

Keep Track and Monitor Your VAs with Apploye

Dashboard of Apploye, to manage Virtual assistants

While working from abroad and far from your workplace, suppose you hired a Philippines Virtual Assistant, or from other countries, the virtual assistant's performance might seem a little vague and obscure. Time tracking software like Apploye can help you track down every bit of their activities with literally no manual labour. As Apploye offers 100+ features, holding your virtual assistant stick to their work is now a facile job for you. Here are some of the benefits you can rip out of Apploye while using it to monitor your virtual assistants.

1. Track the Performance of Your Employees

Checking reports with Apploye, to manage Virtual assistants

The online timesheet feature of Apploye helps you track down the employee activity time based on five particular bases.

A daily timesheet should enable you to see how your employees are working daily. Weekly and bi-weekly bases are for having views on performance in a definite week or two.

The monthly basis indicates the hours of work your VAs have been working during the month. Whereas the custom feature applies to how much time an employee worked for a specific period in the past.

You can select any project, any employee and any task while doing so. Addition and deletion are even possible based on any particular need in a given circumstance.

2. Have Absolute Control While Monitoring

Apploye has an all-around feature of tracking remote employees, which empowers business owners like you to exert overall control over virtual assistants.

It offers screenshots by which screenshots of the VAs' devices are recorded in a random timescale.

Screenshots managing with Apploye, to manage Virtual assistants

Its app usage feature measures the app usage of particular employees, and Apploye can even track the websites your employees are visiting while working.

3. No Need to Pay for the Idle Time Spent

An idle time tracker is set in the Apploye app to notify you when the timer keeps running after you become inactive for a while.

A clear timesheet would be there where you needn’t be concerned about the idle time your VA’s has spent.

That’s how you can prevent virtual assistants from billing you for those idle hours.

Checking idle time with Apploye, to manage Virtual assistants

4. Enjoy a Hassle-Free Payment

The payroll feature of Apploye eliminates the pain of paying off the employees significantly. You can generate payroll based on the hourly rate of your VAs.

We can send the virtual assistants their payment based on an hourly rate or at a fixed rate. Checking the payment history is super-easy, while you can pay them based on the projects they are working in, i.e., project wise payment.

As the VAs can be from different geographical locations, you can pay them in whatever currency they prefer.

Payroll management with Apploye, to manage Virtual assistants


Are you struggling to hire a virtual assistant for your business? You know, hiring a virtual assistant is not too complicated. These are the top 17+ virtual assistant websites that help you hire highly skilled VA. Along with these virtual assistant websites, you can also look into a virtual assistant on Fiverr. Fiverr is a popular freelance website for both virtual assistants and clients.

Hopefully, you will find talented VA from the websites we have listed here.

After hiring a VA, If you are looking for software to monitor or manage your VA’s work, you can check out our comprehensive article on the best software for a virtual assistant.

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