10 Best Time Doctor Alternatives in 2024

Get the 10 best lists of Time Doctor alternatives in time tracking and productivity apps. You can get the details of the apps i.e. pros, cons and reviews. Try Apploye as the best Timedoctor alternative.

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1. Apploye - The Best Time Doctor Alternative

If you want to implement a smart and active time tracking app that can run in the office, mobile, and remote teams at a time, Apploye is here for you. No matter where your employees are, Apploye can serve all types and all sizes of business entities.

It has a time tracker with screenshots, a productivity analyzer, and an employee monitoring facility. The employee timesheet app and organized dashboard enhanced your management one step ahead. You can easily find the roadblocks on the way to your target and eliminate them with Apploye. Apploye also allows you to keep track of time and billing for accountants.

Key Features as a Time Doctor Alternative

Automatic time tracking

Offline tracking, and manual time entry for missed logged hours. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android. It also allows time tracking in Linux.

Tracking time with Apploye desktop, one of the best Time Doctor alternatives

Detailed timesheet

Daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets to preview the working status of each employee. You can check projects, tasks, and dates for each timesheet.

Timesheet for weekly and daily time recording with Apploye, a Time Doctor alternative

Employee monitoring

Apploye has supreme employee monitoring features. Random screenshots, real-time activity tracking, applications, and website reports are the main remote employee monitoring features. Employee activity is tracked based on Keyboard, and mouse movements.

Taking multiple screenshots with Apploye, the best Time Doctor alternative

Live Feed and real-time Screenshots

Check which employees are working at a given moment, from the Live Feed section. You can also choose to take a real-time instant screenshot to know what are the workers doing at that moment.

Taking real time screenshots and checking employees with Apploye

Project and task management

Not only Apploye has project-based time tracking, but Apploye also helps you in managing the project cost and time budget. You can add unlimited tasks, assign members to each task and project, and see the project's growth and budget cost.

Setting up project with Apploye, along with budgets

GPS Location

You can use GPS time tracking to oversee the mobile and outdoor employees. Also, you can avail the geo-fencing to oversee the outdoor employees' attendance.

Tracking location of employees with GPS data in Apploye, an alternative to Time Doctor


A one-click payroll solution for hourly payment and one-time payment. Payroll is calculated based on the total time tracked and the hourly rate, for the selected dates.

Payroll of all employees with Apploye, one of the top alternatives of Time Doctor

Client and invoice

Client management and invoicing are easy and swift in the Apploye platform. It helps you keep track of paid and unpaid billing and invoicing.

Time Doctor alternative showing invoice sent to clients

Other Features

The automatic and manual timer makes your workflow at pace with the required time. It provides incredible timesheet results and a record of every detail of your activities. Also, you can get a Pomodoro timer, time entry notes, time off, billable and non-billable hours, etc.

Head-to-head comparison between Apploye and Time Doctor:

Time Doctor
Initial Pricing(Per user)
Time tracking
Multiple organizations adding
Employee ranking based on activity and time log
Screenshot monitoring
Chat support
Multiple admins and managers access
Pomodoro break feature to avoid monotony
Employee GPS location tracking
Productive and non-productive time calculation
Report generation and export
Project details by cost
Project details by time spent

Pros and Cons of Apploye, as a Time Doctor alternative

Pros of Apploye

  • The app is straightforward with an intuitive UI. Using it, you can line up all types of employees in your organization.
  • It tracks the working hours on a project basis. Add several projects and tasks and monitor the project progress in the organized dashboard.
  • Get real-time data and a thorough review of the activity of each of the employees in your organization. See who is working with full dedication and who is not.
  • It creates several reports on time and activity, manual time entry, app and URL usage, and payroll reports on the due amount, paid amount, and one-time payment.
  • The customer support is pretty fast and responsive. Also, the price is very reasonable to match up with the small agencies.
  • Rich onboarding documentation and tutorials.


  • The app does not support iOS yet, but the team is working on it.
  • There is a limited number of integrations.


Get a 50% discount by choosing the yearly plan


Remote teams like this app for the all-in-one service of Apploye. It provides tracking, monitoring, and reporting. It is very popular to measure the productivity of the team.

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Other 9 Best Time Doctor Alternatives

If you search for the time tracking apps in the market, probably you will get to know about Time Doctor. It has proficiency in tracking and productivity monitoring.

Then why do we search for the alternatives of Time Doctor?

You might find it expensive to use, or it is not suited to your organization, or you want some more facilities than Time Doctor has. It is wise to keep looking and get updated on the substitutes for getting better options for the service you use.

We are here to put together all our experiences to bring the best alternatives of Time Doctor to you.

2. Toggl

Toggl, one of the top Time Doctor Alternatives

Toggl has the motto to proffer simple time tracking and powerful reporting. It ensures error-free time tracking to make your team smarter. The mobile, desktop and web extension applications ease your work wherever and whenever you want to work.

Break your productive time into projects, tasks, and clients. Focus on your progressive work and take less time to manage your team.

Key Features

  • The basic feature includes one-click timer, reminders, and manual time entries.
  • Reports, billable rates, projects, and team dashboards.
  • The advanced feature has the facility to visualize profits and labour costs.
  • Email tracking reminders and schedule alerts.
  • Above 100+ integrations including asana, basecamp, drupal, etc.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


  • Toggl draws the attention of individual users and freelancers with its sophisticated tracking system.
  • The vast integrations explore it to work with a versatile platform.
  • It offers to share the dashboard info with others which help to keep the team up-to-date.


  • It has a strong basic time tracking feature, but you can get upset with it when it comes to tracking and monitoring.
  • The Mac version is a little bit faulty.
  • The customer support is disappointing if you need them for any urgencies.


  • Starter costs $10 per user per month.
  • Premium is $20 per user per month.
  • Enterprise is customizable.
  • The free version is available for teams of up to 5 members.


The individuals and small teams get benefited from the free version. The timesheet is pretty simple and organized. Overall, this app helps most of the customers review this app quite satisfactory in time tracking.

Capterra: 4.6/5

G2: 4.4/5

Positive review: It's effortless to use, and the FREE version is all I need. I have a little app that runs on my computer that reminds me to track my time if I'm not timing. I get wrapped up in what I do, so it's easy for me to spend way longer than I anticipated on things. It's handy having a desktop app running the timer directly in a browser.

Negative review: I have some syncing issues while changing one desktop app of the computer to another. The timer I thought was still running would have stopped or not stopped, and I ended up with some odd blocks of time. I haven't figured out the exact issue to prevent this from happening. It can also be a pain to find an older project and start that timer again.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

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3. DeskTime

DeskTime, one of the best Time Doctor alternatives

Desktime helps your team to outreach a new level by time and productivity tracking software. You can rely on the data as it ensures 100% real-time data.

You can observe your employees' applications, websites, and programs, categorize them into productive and non-productive sections to mark how the employees utilize the working hours. It also helps plan the vacations, track employee attendance , and calculate the costs and payments for you.

Main Features

  • Fully automatic online and offline time tracking with Pomodoro timer.
  • Project, screenshots, app and URL tracking, the document title track.
  • Absence calendar and shift scheduling.
  • Third-party integrations with Google calendar, Outlook calendar, Trello time tracking, and others.
  • Available for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Web.


  • Desktime allows you to track time-based on each document. It helps you to estimate the time needed for that specific work and specific employee.
  • It saves the contact information of the team members to avoid interruptions and boost team communication.
  • The Pomodoro timer aids the extra service to make the employees more focused by minimizing employee burnouts .


  • It doesn’t have the manual time entry option. If you miss the timer, there is no option to enter the lost time.
  • The reports need some modification for better improvement.
  • It is tailored for the organizational purpose rather than the individual use.


  • Lite is free for one user.
  • Pro costs $7 per user per month.
  • Premium is $10 per user per month.
  • Enterprise is $20 per user per month.


Most users review this app as a productivity perk and team management tool, and time tracking. In a word, it is a great and simple application for business enterprises.

Capterra: 4.3/5

G2: 4.6/5

Positive review: Desktime is an excellent way for employers to track what employees are doing and use that data to enhance or adjust operations. With a hybrid remote workforce, I can easily see what everyone is working on, what hours they've worked, and how they divide their time between projects. Adjusting "productive" vs "not productive" or "neutral" is easy.

Negative review: The platform's design is old and needs to be upgraded to the design trends. It should be more flexible. For example, print screen time should not be only 3-5 min. It is my choice, not a product manager choice, what is essential for my business or not.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

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4. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time, one of the top Time Doctor alternatives

QuickBooks Time aims to simplify your business with time tracking, payroll, and invoice management. The digital clock-in-and-out solution centralizes on-site attendance. You can track billable hours against projects, jobs, or customers. Then, you can create costs and estimations.

Employee scheduling helps you to synchronize the workforce. Also, GPS tracker and goefencing time clock increase the employer's and employees' transparency.

Main Features

  • Online timecards, timesheets, billable and non-billable hours tracking.
  • Time clock kiosk, GPS tracker and Geofencing.
  • Attendance tracking and shift scheduling.
  • More than 40 integrations.
  • Available for Android, iOS, Web.


  • Easy automatic clock-in and clock-out make the app user-friendly. You can manually enter the time entries into the timesheet.
  • You can get real-time reports for timecards, projects, and payroll summaries. Export the data into PDF, Excel, or CSV files.
  • Time tracking, scheduling, and accountant make this app sufficient to consolidate the work in one platform.


  • You can not monitor the activity or performance of the employees.
  • It is a little bit expensive for small-size companies.
  • The functions are a little bit complex to use.


  • Simple start is $8 per month
  • Essentials costs $12 per month
  • Plus is $17 per month


The software is rated high for its clean and intuitive interface. It draws attention to its scheduling and payroll management.

Capterra: 4.7/5

G2: 4.5/5

Positive review: The features of QuickBooks Time are easy to use both by my staff and me, easy clock in and outs without using the clunky software, which saves a lot of time. The mobile app features make it easier to record times accurately and make mistakes or miss-outs.

Negative review: The employee(s) could not access features by phone or computer even though their permissions were identical to another employee. Some particular issues arose while entering hours manually.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

5. ManicTime

ManicTime, a top Time Doctor alternative

If you want to know your business, how the employees perform, and keep updated about every ins and outs of the progress, ManicTime would be perfect for you. This time tracking software allows you to get accurate insights into your organization.

The features make the tools useful for small and mid-size business owners, freelancers, and remote workers' time tracking. It can track the working periods, both automatically or manually. Moreover, it provides valuable timesheets, reports, and payroll management.

Main Features

  • Automatic timekeeping, overtime calculation, vacation and leave tracking.
  • Stopwatch, online timesheet, payroll reports.
  • Integrate with Jira or GitHub, etc.
  • Effective for Windows, Android, and macOS.


  • You can scan the automatic screenshots to get accurate billing.
  • The interface is easy to use and navigate.
  • The timesheet creates only the billable hours which is really effective.


  • There are minimal integrations.
  • The free edition has limited features to use.
  • The mobile app is a little bit problematic to use.


  • Free with very limited features.
  • Pro is $67 per user per year.


This tool is remarkable for personal time tracking and billing solutions. The setup is easy and simple to implement.

Capterra: 4.2/5

G2: 4.4/5

Positive review: The automated screenshot combined with the highly effective UI for scanning the screenshots to determine the billing. My time makes ManicTime essential for my workflow and business. I bill multiple clients/projects daily and track as my work is challenging. I have realized that using ManicTime enables me to work productively.

Negative review: If you can not program the software, you can't do anything with what it tracks. ManicTime follows it, but you can't get it out. Nor can you readily understand what it does. A lot of the settings are reversed. Meaning it says what you do not want to track, and then if you check it, that is all it tracks.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

6. Tick

Tick, one of the alternatives to Time Doctor

Tick values your money and profit. Therefore, it provides a secure time tracking system to hit the budget. It considers your time as your inventory. It helps you to make the best use of your time to do a profitable business.

Run the tracker from any device, anytime and anywhere. Track your budget in real-time and make insightful reports by client or timekeeping software for employees on your need basis.

Main Features

  • Simple and straightforward time tracking with timecards and timers.
  • Project budget with budget feedback.
  • Time reports for client or person.
  • Integrate with 750+ apps and tools.
  • Available for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and web.


  • You can get an overview of the time used for individuals or teams.
  • The administrator can easily get through the project budget and observe the breakdown of hours by task or people.
  • The feedback from the budget keeps every member to be focused and on track.


  • Though it is very useful for time tracking and budgeting, it does not perform better for other functionalities like employee monitoring and scheduling.
  • The reporting system has some lacking.
  • The mobile app needs some modifications


  • 1 project is free.
  • 10 projects cost $19 per month
  • 30 projects are $49 per month
  • 60 projects cost $79 per month
  • The unlimited project costs $149 per month.


It is a time tracker and project management software. It is flexible and effective for all kinds of business entities.

Capterra: 4.5/5

G2: 4.2/5

Positive review: For a busy person, wrong with keeping track of time like me, Tick is the solution. The accounts and projects are flexible and very easy to set it up. It helps quickly track time by indicating the time allocated, time billed, and the remaining time, enabling the user to hit the set target. It's easy to import projects, different tasks, and produce comprehensive time reports by company project and task.

Negative review: It doesn't have a good, easy to use interface. Time budgets are visible or represented until timers are "entered", almost defeating the purpose of showing them in the timer. Also, it doesn't have a native desktop app, only a sorry excuse for "something". Time can't be added based on the time of day.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

7. TMetric

TMetric, one of the top Time Doctor alternatives

This time tracking software focuses on personal productivity. You can get an in-depth overview of your efficiency as TMetric observes your working pattern. It tracks the billable hours and breaks of your total working hours.

You can get control over the onsite employees and remote teams and get the highest productivity perk. To increase the mobility of your organization, generate automatic billing and invoices.

Main Features

  • Timer, tags with bulk edit time entries, team management
  • Detailed or summary reports for projects, app and site usage, and rounding.
  • Billable rates estimation for personal or projects purpose.
  • Integration with Quickbooks, Gitlab, Jira, etc.
  • Available for Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS.


  • You can make your project budget easy by its time or monetary value.
  • The team management is filled with activity level monitoring, screenshots, attendance tracking.
  • The client’s billing is very much easy and effective, especially for freelancers.


  • You can face some trouble with manual time entry.
  • The timesheet should be more user-friendly.
  • You may not add the project directly from the extensions. You have to follow the external links.


  • Free for one user.
  • Professional costs $5 per user per month
  • Business is $7 per user per month


This app is pretty decent for time tracking, team monitoring, and project management. Most users review this app for its clean and easy invoice management system.

Capterra: 4.5/5

G2: 4.6/5

Positive review: I like that with the click of a button, I can switch between clients and sub-projects for each of those clients. I can run a report, pull everything into a spreadsheet, and send each client a complete snapshot of how much time was spent on which aspects of their business. If I do some work from my tablet or on a call, I can click the button and track every minute.

Negative review: It often breaks or bugs out, leaving my team unable to track our time in the software. It breaks every three weeks or so, but I suppose I did expect it to work all the time. The other very annoying thing is when you manually enter your hours, starting in AM and finishing in PM. It is easy to leave a timer tracking - even overnight accidentally.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

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8. Timely

Timely, an alternative to Time Doctor

Some people are bored with the start/stop button of the tracker apps, whether some forget to start the app. If you are on the list of those people, timely is only for you.

Timely integrates automatically with your device calendar and track the date and time. It is a tool to manage your productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Main Features

  • Project planning and time management.
  • Team planning and time management.
  • Over 100+ integrations.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


  • It presents the reports in the graph-level view. It makes the reports easy to analyze.
  • The AI ‘Memory Tracker’ saves a lot of time.
  • The dashboard is precise and detailed. It also produces automatic tags.


  • It is costly for individual and small team users.
  • It overlooks features like reminders, offline tracker, screenshots, GPS tracking.
  • The offline support should be improved.


  • The starter is $10 per month per user
  • Premium costs $18 per month per user
  • Unlimited is $26 per month per user
  • Unlimited+ costs Contact the vendor


Timely provide better visualization of business in the form of project and team management. Automatic and hassle-free software offers great customer service.

Capterra: 4.7/5

G2: 4.8/5

Positive review: I use this daily for planning and scheduling. For work, to keep track of my workouts and my cleaning schedule. I love it. The responsive design and layout provide other staff members and me with multiple options for viewing and an efficient way to collect payment with automated tasks that we would otherwise have to do manually. We claw back hundreds of hours of manual administration!

Negative review: There are many features, so that the learning curve may be higher at the start, but I'll have to wait and observe how I assess and move forward with other features that could be beneficial. An additional cost is associated with the number of staff you have. The more staff, the more the price.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

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9. Hubstaff

Hubstaff, an alternative to Time Doctor, for employee monitoring

Hubstaff is another gem in the time tracking and monitoring field. This app is straightforward to navigate and user-friendly. The Hubstaff has a smart tracking method. It not only tracks the time but also tracks apps and URLs used during the work.

You can get the details in the dashboard on how you spent your time on projects and tasks, the projects' relative progress, activities with screenshots, and more information in a single frame.

Main Features

  • Time tracking and online timesheet.
  • Employee scheduling and monitoring, productivity measurement.
  • GPS location tracker and Geofencing.
  • Integration with Active Collab, Asana, etc.
  • Available for Windows, Android, iOS, web, Linux, and macOS.


  • You can assign projects to corresponding employees by setting time and budget limits
  • It gathers the clock in and clock out timings and activity records and prepares an online timesheet report. This report can be exported into different formats.
  • Complete set of features for time tracking and monitoring


  • The interface should be more simplified.
  • The mobile app needs some modifications.
  • The scheduling features should be more specified with alerts.


  • Free for one user.
  • Basic is $7 per user per month.
  • Premium is $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise is $20 per user per month.


The app is robust and insightful for employee monitoring. Increase your efficiency and productivity with Hubstaff.

Capterra: 4.6/5

G2: 4.4/5

Positive review: Integrated Task Management platform allows us agile style task management that feeds suitable tasks to user's timers. It has a friendly UI and good reporting features. The client and project budget tracking is excellent. The customer support is also good.

Negative review: Some functionalities of this product are not fully customizable (e.g. idle time is set to 5 minutes). More flexibility would be great. For example, you can`t enable or disable the idle timer or disable manual adding/editing records within a specific project/task.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

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10. TimeCamp

TimeCamp, a top pick as a Time Doctor alternative

Timecamp is not only time tracking software but also a productivity management tool. It is a web-based application. This app is best suited for solo users, freelancers, small and big teams.

The project and employee management tool covers all the necessary features. Simplify your task time tracking with its automatic mode and enjoy your work.

Main features

  • One-click visual time tracking, Graphical timesheet template
  • Billable hours tracking, GPS location tracker.
  • Online invoicing and calendar integration.
  • Over 50+ integrations.
  • Available for Windows, Android, iOS, web, Linux, and macOS.


  • It has fully featured with an advanced time and expense tracker.
  • It is very much cost-effective and provides a free plan for one user.
  • The desktop and mobile versions are quite moderate and fast.


  • The reports should be more detailed.
  • The user interface is a bit complex.
  • The Linux version needs improvements.


Most users rate this app as a versatile time tracker for team and project management. They love the advanced features and multifunctional properties.

Capterra: 4.7/5

G2: 4.6/5

Positive review: TimeCamp allows you to track an employee's time spent on a project. It will enable you to have multiple seats with different permissions and create various projects divided into tasks. It is also possible to assign just some team members to a project. You can track projects but idle time and attendance. Reports are complete, comprehensive and have many options to filter and present the data.

Negative review: I have tried the Desktop time tracker, an excellent idea, but you cannot perform certain things from the widget, so you will have to return to the website. It would be nice to switch projects or create new ones directly from there.

Source: Summarized & Modified version of reviews taken from Capterra. Original review link here & here.

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What is Time Doctor ?

Time Doctor is an employee monitoring, automatic time, and productivity tracking app. Whether at home or in the office, Time Doctor will track who was working to complete their tasks quicker while still getting enough hours clocked on time every week!

The features of this app that make it so popular among its users all over the world. This software aims for the individual business owners to track their time and activities to a large extent. The app is available for mobile and desktop, competent with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android time tracking.

If you would love to learn in detail about Time Doctor, check the last part of this article. We have got a detailed review on Time Doctor.

Main features

  • Time tracking, time use alerts, off-track reminders.
  • Reports, web and app usage, optional screenshots.
  • Productivity tracking, payroll, billing, benchmarking.
  • Integrated with Asana, ClickUp, Podio, etc.

Time Doctor Pricing

  • Basic: $7 per user per month
  • Standard: $10 per user per month
  • Premium: $20 per user per month

The reason to explore the alternatives of Time Doctor

People search for other alternatives because of some reason.

  • The response from the support team is a little bit slothful. This leads to a troublesome situation when you need any emergency support.
  • The pricing plan is a little bit higher than the others. It demoralizes the small business owners or the individual to use this app.
  • The mobile app has limited features to use.
  • The automatic alert creates a distraction while you are watching an official video or reading relevant documents.

The selection criteria of Time Doctor alternatives

We have compared the best Time Doctor alternatives to find you an even better service. We studied all of our competitors, but here are some things that make us stand out:

Interface: To some extent, the Time Doctor's interface may seem difficult and gets a little annoying to use. We have got some simple apps that are easy to use.

Features: For productivity monitoring, Time Doctor can be a helpful tool. For employee monitoring, though it lags behind competitors' software with better features and more advanced functionalities.

Pricing: The price tag can be off-putting, and there are other apps out in the market which perform similarly or better at comparable functions than this one does but don't cost quite as much money per month.

Are you searching for a comprehensive review of Time Doctor?

This software has taken the market by storm due to its incredible features. The hybrid workplace, in which in-office and remote employees work together, has been a popular trend. Time Doctor exerts influence in these workplaces to promote resource utilization and employee engagement.

We've tested Time Doctor. All the features and interfaces we experienced helped us understand this industry-leading time tracking and employee monitoring application properly. Before deciding to go with Time Doctor, get an in-depth review.

A Comprehensive Review on Time Doctor

After completing a full-fledged journey through Time Doctor, here is an extensive review of their features to the market.

TimeTrack Features


Time Doctor features a well-organized dashboard that displays certain key functions in a single frame. It allows you to see your updates and current working progress. It has two types of interfaces namely Team Dashboard and User Dashboard. The former gives you a teamwise view as you can see the members' performance and productivity rates. The latter gives data for a single user.

Time Tracking

Time Doctor allows you to track your time automatically. When the computer is turned on, it begins tracking the active projects. When it begins tracking, you can add a notification. It allows for time adjustment if necessary. You could work in an offline mode. It will not interfere with the tracking; instead, when the internet connects, synchronize all data.


In Time Doctor, the timesheet is known as the hours tracked report. It is simply a time report that displays the overall amount of time spent during the activation period. Additional things you can get out of the Timesheets of Time Doctor are Groupwise and memberwise views, Customizable reports which also provides daily, weekly, monthly reviews exporting facility.

Employee Monitoring Features


Screenshots page of Time Doctor, showing multiple screenshots of an employee

Though it’s an optional feature but it's no brainer that you should be using this in order to have complete control over the workforce. This is an intuitive feature in Time Doctor. It enables the capture of screenshots of the display, which aids in maintaining consistency and transparency.

  • It captures continuous screenshots at regular intervals. The time intervals are 3, 15, or 30 minutes.
  • To manage this feature according to your needs, each member can adjust the intervals.
  • If you are worried about privacy, you can edit or blur the screen.
  • The screencast includes reports on mouse movement and keystroke monitoring.

Web and app usage

Time Doctor develops app and web usage reports by tracking internet history and apps that have been activated. Because it is normal practice for employees to do personal activities during work hours, this function will assist you in keeping an eye on this type of unethical behaviour. Additionally-

  • The report's view can be customized based on users and the date period.
  • You can customize your views based on productive and unproductive websites and apps.
  • The trends are the graphical representation of the report.

Activity Summary

The activity summary indicates how much time you've been active. Because your activity is tracked in percentages of idle time, the representation is slightly different. In this section, you can see-

  • Idle minutes refers to the amount of time spent without using the mouse or keyboard.
  • The idle minute percentage which is calculated by dividing the overall amount of idle time by the total number of hours tracked.
  • It also keeps track of time spent on useless websites and apps. The admin or manager rates the site and apps as productive or unproductive.
  • Total worked time, manual and mobile time.

Advanced Features


Time Doctor's payroll system is highly user-friendly. The administrator has the ability to create the payroll and grant permission to others. It's worth noting that this service is not available to users of the silent app. It accepts payments through PayPal, Gusto, TransferWise, and ADP. It's incredibly simple to set up. The files can also be exported.

Project Management & Budgeting

Project management in Time Doctor is an extensive feature that helps businesses streamline the processes for better time management. Time Doctor allows you to keep track of your time using timesheets, generate thorough productivity reports, monitor employee attendance, and link with various apps. It enables you to measure and analyze your company's work time and plan your workflow for optimal project management. It gives a single view to see multiple project management stuffs in one place.

Distraction Alerts

A gentle nudge is given to the user if Time Doctor finds that the user is spending his time in unproductive apps and software. A popup comes to the screen, alerts the user, and insists he go back to the track.



Installing Time Doctor is simple. You can sign in to your account without any email confirmation or payment card details by following a few simple steps.

  • You can do it by yourself or in a group. First and foremost, include the company's name and members.
  • The automatic time tracker has two methods- Visible and silent app.
  • You can enable or disable specific features as needed when setting up your account.
  • It has integrating capabilities that allow you to track your time. You have the option of allowing or disallowing time tracking with integrations.
  • With the team invitation, you're set to have a great time working with Time Doctor.

The User Interface (UI)

Time Doctor is a mobile and desktop timer that is simple to use. Important note: If you try to utilize both desktop and mobile apps, the data acquired by the desktop may override the data collected by the mobile app. To avoid the mistake, the support team recommends not using both apps at the same time.

Time Doctor Mobile App

The mobile app lacks features like application and website tracking, screencast, GPS tracker, and keyboard and mouse movement tracking.

Time Doctor Desktop App

The desktop app has two systems: The silent app and the Interactive app. When you turn on your computer, the silent software launches immediately. The app's user interface is hidden. It runs in the background and keeps track of all relevant data.

On the other hand, an interactive app has a user interface. The 'START/STOP' timer can be used. The tracking information is identical to that of the silent version. You can also work on tasks or non-tasks mood.


Customer Support

The customer support of Time Doctor is excellent. It offers 24-hour multilingual customer service. You can talk with them for sale or have technical support from their end.

A Long List of Integrations

Time Doctor has a huge list of integrations in various fields such as project management, CRM, communication, help desk, payment, and invoicing. Currently, the list holds a total of 64 integrations. Some of the most renowned ones are Asana, Azure DevOps, ClickUp, Github, Jira, HubSpot, Office 365, Monday.com, Notion, PayPal, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Zoho etc.

Pros & Cons of Time Doctor

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Time Doctor is shown below:


  • Time Doctor is extremely automated and user-friendly. There's no need to be concerned about beginning the timer.
  • Idle time detection in Time Doctor is an advanced one.
  • Changing the task throughout the activation period is simple and quick.
  • The method for tracking and reporting performance is incredibly comprehensive.


  • Individual reports for hours tracked reports cannot be displayed on a single page. You've to see all the users' reports on one page.
  • It can be used to improve time tracking and productivity analysis, but employee monitoring is lacking.
  • The reporting section in Time Doctor is very limited.

Reviews of Time Doctor

  • G2: In the G2 platform, Time Doctor has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.
  • Capterra: In Capterra, Time Doctor has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Personal opinion

Time Doctor is a solid recommendation if you just want to utilize an advanced time tracker. Its payroll management is my favorite feature. It is simple to set up. You can also rate the useful and ineffective websites and apps.

Some members may find some of the sites useful, while others may find them ineffective. For instance, social media is beneficial to marketers but not to others.

More work needs to be done on the worker monitoring system. Apart from project time monitoring, you may not be able to use other project management features.

As an alternative to Time Doctor, we strongly recommend you use Apploye. Apploye's tracking and monitoring system is what sets it apart. It provides the best monitoring and tracking of productivity for employees.

Scheduling, project monitoring, budgeting, and invoicing are just a few of the additional features of Apploye. employee GPS time tracking, goefencing time clock, attendance, and leave management are also included.

Time Doctor alternatives at a glance

Key Features
Best For
• Automatic time tracking, Pomodoro timer,• Apps and URLs tracking, screenshots,• Payroll, invoice, clients management,• Productivity tracking, reports
Solo: $4/user/monthStandard: $5/user/monthPremium: $6/user/monthElite: $7/user/month
Remote teams, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises
• One-click timers, background tracking• Autotracker, reporting, Project and revenue tracking, Team scheduling and management,
Free: up to 5 usersStarter: $10/user/monthPremium: $20/user/monthEnterprise: Contact vendor
Startups and small and midsize business
• Automatic time tracking, private time option,• Pomodoro timer, document title tracking,• Cost calculation, absence calendar,• Screenshots, invoice, project tracking,
Lite: free for one userPro: $7/user/monthPremium: $10/user/monthEnterprise: $20/user/month
Freelancer, small and mid-size business organization
QuickBooks Time
• Online timecards, timesheet, billable and non-billable hours tracking, Timeclock kiosk, GPS tracker and Geofencing, Attendance tracking and shift scheduling.
Simple start: $8/monthEssentials: $12/monthPlus: $17/month
Large teams
• Timesheet, Attendance tracking, Computer monitoring, Time recording, payroll
Free: limited featuresPlus: $67 per user per year
Large teams and enterprises
• Timecards, Timers, budget tracking,• Budget feedback, reports,• Payroll, billable and non-billable hours.
• 1 project is free. 10 projects cost $19 per month• 30 projects are $49 per month• 60 projects cost $79 per month• The unlimited project costs $149 per month.
Freelancer, small and mid-size business organization
• Timer with manual time entry, tags,• Idle detection, apps and URLs tracking,• Reporting, project management• Team management, screenshots.
Free: for one userProfessional: $5/user/monthBusiness: $7/user/month
Startups, small and midsize business
• Automatic time tracking, timesheet,• Project and team tracking,• Team and project planning.
Starter: $10/user/monthPremium: $18 /user/monthUnlimited: $26/user/monthUnlimited+: Contact vendor
Small and mid-size business
• Automatic time tracking, manual time entry, Apps and URLs tracking, productivity tracking, Geofencing, payroll, project budget, Timesheet, reports,
Free: for one userStarter: $7/user/monthPro: $10/user/monthEnterprise: Contact vendor
Freelancer, mid-size business and large enterprises
• Time and productivity tracking, Team performance tracking, Timesheet, attendance tracking, Billing rates, invoicing.
Free: for unlimited usersBasic: $7/user/monthPro: $10/user/monthEnterprise: Contact vendor
Startups and small and midsize business

Which Time Doctor alternatives do you prefer?

It is no doubt that Time Doctor has a distinct quality of time tracking. But sometimes you need something particular. For example, you want only the time tracker, you need to be more specific about your team's progress or need only some basic service free or at a lower price.

So, check all the app details carefully and best time tracking app for your purpose that may be used as the Time Doctor alternatives.

You can check out Apploye as the better alternative of timedoctor at any comparison. Let us know if you have any further queries.

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