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Employee GPS location tracking app keeps your field workers productive and accountable. Use Apploye, the best employee GPS tracking app & software that lets you track the locations of your field & mobile employees.

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Accurate Employee Location Tracking System

Knowing the accurate outdoor positions of your employee is important so that u can understand whether he is following the correct route or not. Suppose you have instructed your employee X to go from point A to point B, but you don't know which route he will take. Mr. X may follow a longer route and take much more time to reach point B. This is nothing but a waste of time. With Apploye, you get the scope to track the outdoor employees accurately.

Employee GPS Tracking with route

Better Onsite Attendance Management

With the clock in and clock out feature of Apploye, outdoor employees can maintain their attendance precisely. Not sure whether your employee has clocked in from the site or not? No worries, Apploye is going to show you from where your worker has clocked in and clocked out.

Employee GPS Tracking with clock in and out time

Internet Connection is Not an Issue

Your field worker may have internet issues for some time. In this case, you won’t get the real-time locations of the employees. As soon as the internet connection is restored, you will get the previous location data.

Time Management with GPS Tracker

Real-time employee location tracking lets you know the positions of your outdoor employees. Apploye’s time management with GPS tracking provides you with the time spent on specific tasks and projects. Know how long your employee takes to complete the tasks and optimize later.

Employee location Tracking with live data

Timesheet calculation with location tracking

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheet is essential to know the time worked by the employee in that specific time spent. Other than employee GPS tracking, Apploye also lets you calculate timesheets of your outdoor employees.

Employee location Tracking system with timesheet of employees

Weekly time limit of the workers

With Apploye, you can set the weekly time limit of your outdoor staff. If you want a particular employee to work a specific amount of hours in the week, you can set that limit in Apploye. For any extra time, your employee will need to contact you.

Employee GPS Time Tracking with weekly limit

Easy payroll calculations

Have hourly paid outdoor employees? No worries; set the hourly rate of your field worker and let Apploye calculate the payroll based on the timesheet.

Payroll for Employee GPS Tracking

Location notes make communication easier

Apploye’s location note feature enhances the communication with the outdoor employees. Say your employee has done some specific work at a particular place and was late to reach the destination. Your employees can add the reason in the notes and keep you updated.

Adding helpful notes while Employee GPS Time Tracking

Intuitive Dashboard

Get a detailed overview of your outdoor employees' activities from Apploye’s intuitive dashboard. You will come to know the total time worked on the different projects and tasks, top project and task based on the time log.

Employee GPS Tracker dashboard

Supporting Platforms

Your field employees need to have Apploye mobile app only. Apploye supports the following platforms.

  • Android
  • iOS


Apploye offers four different pricing options. Employee GPS tracking option is available in 2 plans with many additional in-office and remote employee monitoring features.

  • Premium Plan: $3 per user/month(billed yearly)
  • Elite Plan: $3.5 per user/month(billed yearly)

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Best 8 Employee GPS Tracking Software Compared

With time, employee GPS tracking is undoubtedly becoming an essential part of running a business. Centralized and organized employee monitoring systems are often quite impossible to implement.

Fortunately, several third-party employee GPS tracking apps offer some features. If you’re a small/medium business owner, you can easily find various employee location tracking systems that consist of their own set of features and options. And we are here to help you select the right one for your workforce.

In this article, we’ll equip you with all the knowledge and information you need to choose the best employee GPS tracking app for your business. Without further ado, let’s dive in to see which employee GPS tracking software would best suit your workforce.

1. Apploye

Apploye is not only a time tracking app but an all-in-one solution to managing your workforce. This employee location tracking system helps big and small companies, and remote teams make the best use of their time and capital.

Apploye has brilliant features that offer employee location tracking and time tracking, employee scheduling, employee monitoring, and productivity checking. This app is easily compatible with both mobile and desktop.


Apploye offers a simple, effective, and user-friendly user interface. It also enables you to record your employees’ route, attendance, and position history. It also has a clock in and out feature, to let you record the starting and ending times.

Additionally, the locations tracker lets you oversee outdoor employees. Moreover, Apploye offers detailed reports to measure individual employee performance.


  • Offers real-time location tracking of your remote employees
  • Monitors attendance and tracking working hours without any hassle
  • Checks the progress level of small teams so that you can rest assured
  • Increases the overall work efficiency of your remote employee time tracking with its effective monitoring


  • So far, it offers a limited number of integrations.

Give Apploye a try!

2. Labor Sync

Labor Sync offers a massive set of features. It attempts to be a comprehensive platform that is capable of employee GPS tracking, time tracking, offering payroll integration, and simplifying project management.


Labor Sync widely focuses on tracking time for small and medium businesses. You can view every employee’s movement and location on an interactive map, with their route data. This means that managers can check out if an employee has worked overtime or left the work site without clocking out. Labor Sync is a viable option for owners of delivery or repair companies.

Labor Sync is completely cloud-optimized, so managers and employees can use the platform no matter what device they use. While Labor Sync supports batch entries, it does not support tracking time for team projects. This could be a potential dealbreaker for many companies.


  • Consists of a clear and attractive web platform
  • Entirely cloud-optimized
  • Facilitates mobile monitoring
  • Has a powerful mobile app that supports field notes, messaging


  • Does not have direct-payroll integration
  • Lacks group project time tracking
  • Consists of very basic GPS tracking features

3. Hellotracks

Hellotracks Employee GPS Tracking Sytem

Hellotracks is our next choice in the list of top employee GPS tracking apps. It is a platform that primarily focuses on field services. It provides many features for those who run logistics, delivery, transportation, sales, and other business types that rely on a remote workforce.


Hellotracks supports a web interface that allows administrators to oversee the entire workforce. It also consists of a built-in messaging system that offers accessible communication between the field and office employees.

With this software, you can also track every employee, assign tasks, and oversee those as that work progresses. Administrators also can enable automatic data collection to collect data about employees’ effectiveness and performances. You’ll also be able to track the number of tasks they’ve finished, the number of times they’ve experienced a delay in work, their average mileage, and so on.

Besides, the mobile app allows employees to notify managers when they finish an assignment quickly. The app also enables accessible communication among team members.

However, it lacks certain standard features like the app and web monitoring, taking screenshots, online timesheets, etc. Such features could be useful in monitoring remote employees.

The platform also doesn’t support a mobile monitoring interface. This makes administrators rely solely on its web platform with no other option.


  • Brilliant UI that makes it easy to navigate
  • Suitable for field services
  • Consists of several features related to GPS tracking
  • Comes with a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS


  • Lacks a set of standard features that are found in similar tools
  • Does not keep a mobile monitoring app
  • Not a good fit for office-centric businesses

4. AllGeo

AllGeo's Employee GPS Tracking software

AllGeo is another one of the top employee GPS tracking systems we’ve found. This app also focuses on field businesses. However, unlike Hellotracks, it does feature some standard features for those who work in the field. Additionally, it also offers a fair number of options that office-centric businesses can use.


AllGeo consists of a web platform to monitor your workforce. It supports literally every smartphone OS and also on feature phones.

This employee GPS tracker platform has a variety of features including but not limited to custom routes, real-time GPS tracking for employees, a visual dashboard that can display every bit of data about any worker, and so on. It will also show custom reports that display information related to assignments such as mileage.

AllGeo is very suitable for businesses that require employees to stay inside workplaces because it features site attendance. Employees can collect any data and share it with administrators.

This app also features an advanced IFTTT (If-this-then-that) rulebook engine. You can customize this feature according to your business needs. Moreover, it can integrate with all leading payroll tools.

Although AllGeo is a good location tracking system for employees and offers many features for field businesses, it still lacks some features that are needed for office-centric firms.


  • Hosts a large number of features for field businesses
  • Supports mobile monitoring features
  • Has a compatible mobile app for every smartphone OS
  • Supports safety features for even lone workers


  • Lacks some important features that are required for office-centric businesses
  • Lacks web and app monitoring options and automatic screenshot capture

5. Hubstaff

Employee GPS Tracking System from Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking solution built for teams to help them understand how they use their time. Founded in 2012, Hubstaff has developed powerful features to make the most out of its comprehensive employee monitoring system ever since.


Hubstaff consists of features that are designed to help your team the highest level of productivity. It has a complete set of features that makes it an attractive choice for teams in a vast range of professions. Be it landscapers, consultants, developers, or attorneys.

Hubstaff features employee GPS time tracking , activity monitoring, time tracking, app, and URL tracking, and screenshot capture. It also consists of online timesheets, invoicing as well as automatic payroll options. You can customize almost all of these features according to your needs.

This platform also integrates with more than 30 different project management tools, including Hubstaff Tasks, Basecamp, and Asana. Using an employee GPS tracking system, you can get the locations and total working hours for individual employees.


  • Offers a large number of intuitive features
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Supported on both Android and iOS
  • Suitable for teams across various industries


  • Offers limited features for lone freelancers
  • Primarily targets businesses that rely on a freelance workforce

👉 You can see the comprehensive list of best Hubstaff Alternatives in 2023.

6. Timr

Timr Employee GPS Tracking landing page in German

Timr is a project and employee time tracking tool that also includes some basic employee GPS tracking features. This is an excellent platform for office businesses because of its focus on time tracking, productivity, and project management.


Timr offers a brilliant web solution that lets administrators track time for each worker easily. It also tracks vacations and absences for payroll reports.

Timr’s mobile tracking app is available and compatible with every smartphone OS that offers GPS tracking and time tracking features. Individuals can track their mileage, total working hours, and routes are taken. Real-time GPS tracking is also available.

Timr does not offer advanced employee GPS tracking features. It does lack some advanced monitoring abilities, as well as a messaging function for teammates. Integration with project management platforms is also not possible with Timr. All in all, it is a pretty great time tracking app for office-centric businesses.


  • Mobile apps are available for all smartphone operating systems
  • Facilitates mobile monitoring
  • Offers a huge number of project and time tracking features
  • Has a great web app for centralized management


  • Lacks a good number of advanced monitoring features
  • Does not offer messaging functions
  • Does not facilitate integration with project management platforms
  • Consists of very basic employee GPS tracking features

7. QuickBooks Time

Employee GPS Tracking with QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time (previously TSheets) has earned a lot of name and fame as one of the best employee time tracking solutions that supports plenty of other features. It offers a large number of features that are handy for both field and office-centric businesses.


Its features include manual timesheet entry, automatic tracking of employees, automatic timesheet template and tracking , time off including sick leaves and vacations, and employee reminders. This platform also features a neat employee scheduling option that makes assigning shifts and coordinating different task assignments a lot easier.

This employee GPS tracking app enables tracking overtime hours as well as custom alerts. It can make and track daily timesheet reports and allows managers to create payroll reports. Moreover, QuickBooks Time lets you set up customized employee permissions and restrictions. It is worth noting that QuickBooks Time supports integration with bookkeeping and payroll solutions.

The mobile app for QuickBooks Time supports clock-in and clock-out features, employee GPS tracking, and support for crews.

Employees can have feature phones, and they’ll still be able to manually clock in and clock out through SMS. QuickBooks Time also supports tracking time via phone calls.

Although QuickBooks Time is a pretty powerful time tracking app, it does not support a couple of essential features. These include mileage, project management integration, web and app monitoring, data collecting for the mobile app, route features, and messaging options.


  • Consists of brilliant time tracking features
  • Facilitates mobile tracking
  • Consists of a mobile app
  • Supports a GPS tracking system
  • Has strong security


  • Consists of fundamental employee GPS tracking options
  • The mobile app is quite limited in functionalities
  • Not very suitable for field businesses

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8. Timesheet Mobile

Employee location Tracking with Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet Mobile is an efficient employee GPS tracking and timesheet app . It is primarily built, focusing on mobile devices. This platform offers an amazing set of features that make it easy to create reports, monitor daily tasks, and set up tasks.


Timesheet Mobile allows managers to speedily schedule shifts and different tasks for individual employees and oversee each employee’s timesheets. It offers a robust web interface that integrates location tracking, timesheets, jobs by individual workers, and many more elements.

Its mobile app gives administrators a way to oversee every individual part of the business and every employee from their tablet or smartphone. The app also supports an employee GPS tracking system for automatic time tracking. Moreover, it supports all sorts of automated alert signals- overtime alerts, late on shift, etc.

Timesheet Mobile provides teams with an easy way to communicate and coordinate while working on projects. The tool’s project-related features make it a wonderful choice for firms that occasionally need different employees and teams to work together on single or multiple assignments.

It integrates with several payroll and bookkeeping services for speedy invoicing and automatic payroll management.


  • Consists of brilliant project management features
  • Features an overall powerful and feature-packed mobile app
  • Supports mobile monitoring for managers/administrators
  • Supports note-taking and file sharing


  • Does not support real-time GPS tracking features
  • Not very suitable for field businesses


In this article, we have thoroughly analyzed all the eight employee GPS tracking apps. The features also vary in terms of what the app is focused on. Some of them are better for field businesses, while others are a good choice for office-centric companies.

For an all-in-one solution for office-centric businesses, we’d definitely recommend Apploye. Its wide number of features and brilliant customer support have made it our top choice.

All in all, your choice will really vary depending on the type of business you run and the team you work with. Hence, before choosing an employee GPS tracking app, you need to understand your business needs.

Frequently asked questions

How can I track my employees GPS?

Employers can track employees' GPS location with the help of a GPS track device or a time tracker software that offers field service add-ons. The tracker should be switched on in the mobile employees' devices to know the current location of mobile employees and the routes they are traveling.

Can a company track its employees?

Though there might be some regional rules regarding this, it is now a universal practice to track employees' time and activities for maximized productivity. Companies around the world track their employees with the help of advanced time tracking and remote employee monitoring software. It reduces their effort, ensures maximum accuracy, and the money invested behind them is worth it.

How can I find out if my employee is working somewhere else?

No matter what workspace your employees are working in, if they are online with a device, there might be some exploitation. So, if you want to find out if your employee is working somewhere else, afford an employee monitoring software like Apploye to take random and instant screenshots, track their URLs and measure their app usage.

Is GPS tracking an invasion of privacy?

No matter what workspace your employees are working in, if they are online with a device, there might be some exploitation. So, if you want to find out if your employee is working somewhere else, afford an employee monitoring software like Apploye to take random and instant screenshots, track their URLs and measure their app usage.

What is the purpose of location tracking?

Location tracking with the help of GPS trackers can help you track the movement of your mobile employees, see their route map, real-time presence, and if they accomplished the duty, they were assigned. Again, an advanced location tracker with a geofencing attendance feature can help your mobile employees clock in and out from their specific location.

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