10 Best Practical Tips in 2023 to Avoid Burnout While Working from Home

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10 Best Practical Tips in 2023 to Avoid Burnout While Working from Home

“Sometimes the most important in a whole day is the rest we take in between two deep breaths” - Etty Hillesun

We work to live, we work to live our present with a great future and that future prediction leads us sometimes to greater misery when often we forget that we are human too. We are humans and we live for ourselves and for our future, humans make mistakes and they learn from that too but while working with a lot of pressure leads us towards an uneven corner of our life, that’s when burnout comes. WHO has declared burnout an occupational phenomenon.

On a survey of Deloitte they found 77% respondent regarding burn out, expressed they have experienced burnout while working. A gallup survey found that 23% of employee faces burn out very often and even always, and also they found 43% feels burned out sometimes.

Burn out is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when we feel very overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet constant demands. We often work too long with all our miseries and all our troubles in our life, that creates a chaos which leads us to concentrate in many windows when you are the only person.

Here it is leading us to another stressing level, with these parts we often work in an uncontrolled way, such as making the same mistake and not recognizing this again and again. This sort of silent distortion on our work is leading us to an unseen journey with draining our mental health. For employees, burnout can result in heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, even death. It can also put them in harm’s way on the job.

There is a huge disadvantage to this sort of discussion but we found out a few major points which should be recognized and which should be cleaned up from all our life early. That will help you to avoid burnout at work.

  • Excessive mental stress
  • Lack of flexibility on work
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Low self esteem
  • Hopelessness
  • Extreme exhaustion

These are the things which are making our daily life very dull and most importantly it is affecting our lifestyle as well, person to person this changes with very parameters but although these are affecting in every human life, few are noticing and rest are here burning out without noticing the actual fact.

So here i am going to share a few important basics which will change or it will help at least to minimize the risks or disadvantages of having burn out on your work life, also you have to take a important care about burn out overcoming is a process which requires time and space, it won’t happen overnight as it didn’t come over the night.

Acknowledge burn-out

The first and most important step is to acknowledge the situation you are having while working, if you can’t find the pin point of your burn out, it will drive in the wrong direction and you may be wasting your time, but if we can find out first then the solution will be very easy to treat. Finding a proper time zone to relax and thinking about the good deals of the day will add value to the action.

We often forget about dividing our time of a day, such as if we work for 8 hours long, we try to work the whole day without any distraction and we often think this is just to concentrating on work and working hard, the answer is no, this is the first step you are approaching towards burn out. Instead of doing this you can divide your time for relaxing and we can also maintain the regular house chores which will add a positive energy for the work.

Get up early and go for a walk

Getting up early in the morning is both medically and scientifically proven things for betterment. Waking up early and getting out with a positive wind is always a great thing, this should be the first positive thinking of a day for a person, before thinking about his/her bank balances and liabilities.

As this time people are working from home, they can get outside for a small walk nearby by maintaining all possible safety measures. By walking in the morning fresh air will add a positive vibe to the mind to work with fresh thinking. If we look at different famous writers, they walked and discovered ideas for betterment and have done more productive things in life.

Now walking can be done in several ways, it will vary to person to person lifestyle. As of this time for COVID’19, we can walk around our rooftop/apartment. We can also go for an early morning walk where people will be less than the normal time, so there is no risk of gathering.

Take a break

Now while we started working from home, and as usual we are not in the office so our work speed won’t be the same as usual. Now here we forget about our time, here it will create an unwanted work pressure silently, though the person is working without breaking concentration, it will create an out flow, it will add more stress when we will see that is not going well with trying several times on a raw.

Now at this time we need to take a break to make this process frequent not fast, if we make the situation by comparing with others. Everybody should listen to their limit and ability, now if someone takes 10 minutes break and that goes fine for him and on the other hand if that’s you who is taking a lot more than that that is totally fine, do not push yourself on any unwanted measure where everything will make yourself into a fog.

We often find a guy from our surroundings that works 24/7 and multitasks, do not make comparisons between them and you, you are the person who is special and you are to serve your duty on your way. So here taking break will work to improve efficiency and will increase your workability throughout the day, you can take break such a way going for a quick walk around, you can take break around with small snacks which you like the most, or you can also scroll a bit social media to know about your surroundings by this time.

Take a day leave

Taking leave sometime adds a great measure to our work life, some companies are trying to improve their employees work ability as a refreshment. If we think about waking up in the morning and sitting up for the same work every day, it will make a boring scenario which you don’t want to experience every possible hour, and now if that is 8-10 hour long this will create an unpleasant situation for you.

To avoid that unpleasant situation you can take a day leave from work, you will give that time for your own choice, do what your mind wants to do, make every possible list done on that day. This work gap will increase your mental ability to know the unknown area of pleasantness in your surroundings, this will make your comfort zone on another level without taking so long. We always desire to work in a space where we can work in peace, but to create this you are required to check down your mental health first.

You can have all possible ways just to have your mental capabilities enhanced with leaving for just one day.

Make a reward game within your workspace

We often see that humans are giving treats to pet so that they can get attached to the desired attitude, and by attracting few steps we give that pet a treat as a reward so that he can understand yes if i continue making that i will get more treat by this time he is also getting attached to that work from next time. What we can learn from this situation?

We can see that an employee reward system is always attractive no matter what work is this, rewarding is awarding and by this time that person is making his/her uncomfortable zone on to a new comfort zone.

You can create a time frame and deadline by yourself to cover specific task and if you can cover this by the time, you will give yourself your favourite little thing within that time, this little treat will differ men to men, some will like to have a chocolate bar, some will love to scroll his favourite site and some will love to enjoy a nap in between working. This rewarding system will be set on our habit and this will enhance the working


Meditating is one of the mind refreshing tool, you can do it within 10 minutes to 60 minutes session finding out a perfect fit from the huge list of youtube, there are several fantastic coach who does these session on mobile app as well, you can simply download few session for availing offline if you are out of connection, there are also paid options to find few premium specialised courses online as well which enrich our self knowledge about yourself it continuing regular basis this will create a major impact in your life which everybody should try once.

While working we often forget about our good things from life, we always try to negotiate with mixed feelings and our negative options from life, but while meditating regularly this thought will be changed and it will help to find the good things with good possibilities while working. So in one sentence doing meditate on a working day is just a reset button which will help to rejoin on work with full energy.

Stop working when its not office hour

Finish the work on weekdays no matter what it takes, if you take your unfinished job on the weekend this will create a silent hole where you are going to step on the next day while you start working.

While being at home there is also a life of yours which should not be removed from the list of priorities, on this time if you bring the task you forgot to finish it will give you headache the next day and as follows the next days will be spoiled with that fault.

Stay connected with colleagues while working

While working the most important thing you should do first to greet and learn if there are any new changes on updates about work, you can also chat for a few minute for getting socially connected, you can plan instantly going out for a small trip around, you can plan for a small coffee break at the next weekend, these planning on that chat will give live to the work for the day.

Allowing yourself to avail for human interaction will add value to work no matter what the situation, although you are human who can not do work alone and though the work doesn’t require any helping hand still you need to interact with others so that you can get your mind a proper signal and you can run with your other fellows with massive energy. If we don’t get connected while working from home it will add an extra disadvantage in mind and will be hard on working speed usually. So try to stay connected at work.

Find a corner for office work at home

One of the major and important notes to be covered is this, if you can not make your home a sweet place to work while being home, this will create your circumstance a great misery at the end.

Make a corner where all your office stuff will be stored and safe and sound. You will start working once you are done with pre work stuff, do not bring your normal time on this corner, it will create a mismatch for the environment and this type of misplaced thing will lead to breaking the environment which you are supposed to create.

While creating a corner like this keep that in mind you should maintain your office environment there so that you can feel that is the only place where you will work and except that place rest of your place will be free from that restriction, that way you will get a freedom and once you are not feeling well you will just jump out from that place and rest of the places are your comfort zone.

Priorities your food and wellness

While working you also require a good amount of food which should be well balanced and prepared for your health. As we all know that there is a relation between food and mind relation.

Once you are creating any food for yourself, make sure that it is well balanced and well prepared for your healthy diet and also comfortness while working. If you eat something which is creating bloating and other medical disorders, it will make your mind get distracted and you won’t find your work in the right way. So be serious about the food you are taking and making for your health while working from home.

From the above discussion, it is very clear that our mental health is very much related to our work life. If you are planning to start your own business keep in your mind the tips to avoid burnout. As an employer or employee, If you can not maintain a proper routine or balanced routine your entire working hour will turn into a burnout zone, and you will not be that much consistent with your work for a long time.