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Apploye is a simple construction time tracking and timesheet software. Keep track of your construction employees’ work hours and manage their payroll from a single place.

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Time Tracking Software for construction workers clock in and out

With the correct time tracking tools, construction employees can clock in and out effortlessly and you'll know their payroll hours. Apploye is one of the best construction time tracking software on the internet. Let's see the notable features of the Apploye construction time tracker.

Keeping track of the work hours of construction crews

Apploye is a premium work hours tracker that enables you and your team to monitor the amount of time that is spent on a variety of activities, projects, and tasks. Apploye is equipped with work hours tracking features in various forms.

i. Work hours by project and task

Time tracking for projects may be an extremely helpful tool for businesses that collaborate with customers on various endeavors. Apploye lets you create projects for the construction workers that will work as milestones. To make the projects easier, you can create multiple tasks under projects and assign the responsible construction workers.

ii. Timesheets of various types

Work hours are recorded in various timesheets to help you get a detailed overview. You can view detailed work reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date selection basis with the Apploye Time Tracker's timesheet feature. You can specify how much time an employee can work each week by setting a timesheet limit. If there is any unnecessary timesheet, you can delete that.

iii. Manual time entry

There can be mistakes in starting the timer. Apploye has got a flexible feature for that to add the missing time manually. Of course, valid reasons need to be added for the manual time entry.

iv. Timesheet approval

Payroll won’t be calculated for the construction workers whose timesheet is pending. Apploye lets customize the timesheet approval of the employees. You can also limit the work hours of the employees. Approve the timesheets once you have reviewed those. You have the authority to delete the timesheet that is not necessary.

Approving payroll before paying construction workers

Construction project, task and time management

Check the progress of your projects on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis based on the amount of time and money that has been spent. With Apploye you can manage time in a construction project very easily. You can get informed about the progress of the projects and tasks from the Apploye web app.

Graph of time spent on project, for Construction site time tracking

Checking the locations of outdoor construction workers

Be aware of the locations of all of your outdoor workers that have clocked in. With the help of the Apploye construction time tracker, you are able to monitor not only the locations but also the movements of your remote and outdoor construction workers.

Construction time tracking location with path

Better attendance management of field workers

Your distant outdoor staff can ensure timely clock in and clock out with the help of the Apploye mobile app. Based on the time your workers have started the Apploye timer, clock-in will be counted. The same is the case for clock out. You can also see the location from where your employee has clocked in or clocked out. This attendance management is going to be more seamless with Apploye's geofencing feature.

Time Clock for constuction crews

Live construction task monitoring

With Apploye's live feed, you can see who is working on which tasks at the moment. Find out which worker is doing the right job at the right time. As the construction workers remain onsite, it’s difficult to know who is working on which task.

Check Who Is Working From Live Feed, with time tracking software for construction companies

Payroll calculation based on time tracked

Apploye will calculate the payroll automatically for your construction workers based on the time they have tracked with Apploye. As an employer, you just need to set the hourly limit for your workers.

Easy Payroll and Overtime Payment Calculation with Apploye's Construction time tracking app

Advanced Construction Time Tracking Reports

From Apploye’s web app get a detailed report of the work hours of your employees. Specifically, you will know-

  1. You can see the time worked by your employees in a day in a single place.
  2. Get the overview of the manual time entry as well. You can export the report in PDF or Excel.
Advanced construction time tracking report

Apploye works without internet

There can be internet interruptions at the construction work site. Again, it might not be possible to remain connected by the workers. No worries, Apploye construction time tracking app works without the internet. Once the connection will be restored in the worker’s handset, you will be able to see the data in your Apploye dashboard.

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How to get started with Apploye construction time tracker

The onboarding process of Apploye is quite straightforward and easy. Let's know the easy process of construction time tracking with Apploye.

Step 1

Sign up for an Apploye account

Create an account and complete the onboarding process.

Sign Up in Apploye Construction Timeclock

Step 2

Invite your employees to join the organization.

You can invite the employees while creating the organization. You may also invite them later.

Inviting Members To Organization

Step 3

Ask your employees to install the Apploye android app

Your employees can download and install the app from the play store and sign in.

Desktop App of Apploye Construction time tracking software

Step 4

Instruct your employees to start the project once they arrive onsite

Employees will start the project after arriving on the site or stop the timer when they leave the site.

Starting project with Apploye Construction timesheet

Step 5

It's all done.

Now, check the locations of your outdoor employees from Apploye's GPS time clock option. Once the work is over, your employee can stop the timer on the Apploye android app.

Know the time tracked on different projects and tasks from the Timesheet option.

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Why do construction companies need time clock software?

A construction time card app helps you not only by keeping track of work hours but also it assists you with other employee tracking features and payroll calculations. A construction time clock app can be the best companion for you if you have field crews. Let’s have some ideas on some of the important benefits of using a construction time tracking app.

For increasing employee productivity

Employers want their employees to remain productive, But lack of accountability it may deteriorate for the employees. Once you introduce construction time tracking software for your employees, they will remain more vigilant about their tasks. As you will actively monitor their time and activities, they will concentrate more on their responsibilities, which will ultimately accelerate the productivity rate.

For automating the admin and accounting task

Automation can help you to save your time. Tasks like payroll calculation of the hourly employees might take longer time in a manual process. A construction time card software will automate this process by calculating the employee payroll automatically based on the pay rate you have set.

For better task management

Managing tasks in an organization are not that easy. In the workplace, it's very common to miss deadlines. But a task time tracker can help you keep better track of the tasks. By keeping track of how long a task takes, an employee can see where the time goes.

For better project management in construction sites

If you are working with a client on a project basis, a time tracking software having project tracking can be very useful. You can check the progress of the project and the budget spent. Know how much time is being spent on the project completion. Increase efficiency by taking lessons from previous projects and quote future clients with a better prospect.

Client billing and invoicing

Construction company owners need to bill the client and send the invoices to get paid. You do not need to look for separate invoicing software as an ideal time-tracking software includes this feature. Enlist the items in the invoice and send it to the client to get payment.

Attendance/Clock-in Clock-out management

If you are not working with the crews onsite, you should be concerned about their regular attendance. It might not be possible to check the attendance physically. However, a time tracker software app with employee GPS time tracking and the geofencing feature can keep you tension-free. You can see from where your employee has clocked in and clocked out. So, the attendance will be error-free and transparent.

Payroll generation

By setting the hourly pay rate of your construction workers, you can get automatic payroll calculated by a time tracking software. You just need to set the pay rate, agency time tracking app will do the rest for you by calculating the payment based on the time log. This will reduce your manual accounting task.

Managing overtime of construction workers

Overtime is an unavoidable occurrence. Projects with tight deadlines frequently necessitate staff working overtime to ensure the job is completed on time. Overtime is approved and budgeted using automated time monitoring tools, which helps you prevent going over budget due to mishandling over time.

Saves money and administrative cost

Managing time cards of construction workers with pen and paper or maintaining an entry register lacks transparency. Employees may round up their hours to mask a late or early arrival. This time theft implies they’re being paid for hours that weren’t performed and slowing down the production of your firm as a whole. Automated time tracking prevents time theft and ensures correct payroll.

More Accurate Quotes

Construction companies are now able to provide more accurate project quotes because of online time tracking apps . Customers will receive more accurate pricing information for a given project

Additionally, it enables companies to correctly forecast project costs by comparing them to similarly scaled-back projects.

If you are looking for an all round construction time tracking software having required features, do not forget to give a try to Apploye.

Frequently asked questions

How do construction workers track time?

When it comes to keeping track of their hours worked, many construction workers still rely on spreadsheets or paper timesheets. However, using a time tracking software like Apploye can diminish their problem by helping them with accurate time tracking, job site location, and related features.

What are construction timesheets?

Timesheets for construction are depended on by contractors to keep track of the total amount of time that employees spend working at a building site. The information gathered in a construction timesheet can be valuable in various situations, including billing, making insurance claims, assisting with evacuation attempts, and a great deal more.

How can I monitor my work in construction industry?

In the construction industry, you can monitor your work in several ways. However, affording a time tracking software for construction workers would help you get the best out of your time and track the utilization and waste of time proficiently, which ultimately helps in accurate payroll management and billing calculation.

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