Hiring Remote Teams - Know These Essential Things While Planning

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Hiring Remote Teams - Know These Essential Things While Planning

Searching and recruiting top talents for your organization is not at all an easy job, especially when the concern expands to remote working. Whether you are thinking of hiring a full-time remote team or project-based, you are surely preparing your business to keep up with today’s changing working culture. According to HubSpot, nearly 44% of the employees say that part of their team is full-time remote. Then, why not put more emphasis on this aspect by conducting the recruitment process for the remote team?

Virtual hiring will give significant advantages to employers as they can access talented candidates from all across the globe. Further benefits are shown in the figure below, which ranks employee productivity at the top of all other aspects-

Employee Productivity

On the employee’s side, they will benefit from flexibility, freedom, better work-life balance, and autonomy.

Worried about conducting virtual interviews? Then all your concerns get converted into a full-proof plan after reading this article. Here the most prominent points are discussed thoroughly, which will help you to make remote recruitment a grand success.

Essentials While Hiring A Remote Team

Indeed, there is a colossal difference between the recruitment process carried out on office premises and on a virtual basis. That’s why it is pretty crucial to start from the very beginning to handle the new and a little complex recruitment process. Want to make your work a bit uncomplicated? Then you can do so by referring to the following points.

1. The Need To Amend The Hiring Process

Revise, revise, and revise. This is the foremost criteria you need to keep in your mind while hiring employees for telecommuting. The tactics you were following for undertaking the recruitment process days before for office employees could not proceed over here.

The requirement of skills in this working model is much more crucial. Without having those inside the candidates, you cannot even think to further process with them in the hiring process. The vast set of skills required for remote working includes:

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Self-discipline
  • Adaptability
  • Concentration
  • Problem-solving

Firstly you need to undertake a skill test to ensure that the respective individual can work adequately in this working culture. For doing so, conducting the pre-employment examination is one of the best ways you can approach it. This assessment strategy will help to make a clear decision for shortlisting the candidates. Supporting this point, factoHR rightly mentioned that creating a checklist of the pre-employment questionnaire is the best thing you can do to determine whether the candidate is fruitful for the company or not.

Another aspect you must look for in the candidate is their level of confidence and comfortability while communicating with you. It is one of the leading aspects you should look for in the applicant as they primarily need to communicate using virtual mediums with the team. The more you rank them up in this criteria, the more potent team you will get for this working model.

2. Determining Your Ideal Candidate

There is a considerable difference in the remote and in-office working environment. That’s why the second element you need to work on is the formation of the list of aspects you require inside the applicant to call them the ideal candidate.

Based on the job position you are looking for, you need to figure out those aspects. This will help you to know whether the candidate is a perfect match for your company or not. Let’s understand this by taking an example. For a particular company working with different time zones, they may desire to have such a candidate in their organization that works at different time periods and locations. Also, sometimes personality criteria take a major portion in finding the best talent.

That’s why you need to find out the top criteria and mention them in the job description to make the process easier for employers and candidates.

Instead of letting the job-seekers know about such information at a later stage, it will be better to tell them about it in the pre-selection stage only. This will reduce the time required for HR to look into the large set of resumes. And the applicant can get a clear view of whether they can apply for the vacant position or not.

3. Dentify The Right Sources

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of candidates looking for telecommuting jobs has tremendously increased, as shown in the figure below-

With such a huge demand, you need to figure out the right channels to find the perfect employee for your company. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor are some of the top job boards to find the best talent for your organization. But maybe they are not the ideal platforms you can use for remote team hiring.

Then which are the best job boards to consider? This question might be pondering in your mind. Then do not worry, as in the succeeding points you will get to know about the popular channels.


FlexJob is one of the best remote work job boards, having more than fifty career categories. You can post on this website by paying an amount for using it. If you want to hire freelancers or part-time employees, you can also refer to this website.


Due to its simplified layout, this virtual job board is one of the world’s largest remote work communities. The job categories include programming, DevOps, sales, marketing, and many more to get your best talent.


Whether you want to hire a remote worker for sales, marketing, software development, product management, or designing, you can use this website. You can even post for non-technical roles on this site. Hence, giving you a huge range to hire the best talent for your company.

4. Providing A Perfect Preview Of The Profile

Many cases generate where the candidate finds that this is not what they want after accepting the job offer. About 61% of the employees say that the job expectations set during the interview differ from reality. To ensure that such cases do not generate in your company, you must show them the reality of their remote role.

Getting them know to your organization’s remote working culture will make them aware of the working approaches you follow. It works as a self-evaluation stage for them as they can come to know whether they can work at that place or not.

For doing it in the most proper manner, you can share a set of resources with them, which makes them aware of your firm’s work. It includes personal stories of your employees, company videos, and many more you can add to give the best realistic view of the job.

5. Assessing The Candidate - Company Goal Alignment

It is a really tough job to find a candidate who works adequately, keeping in mind the company’s objectives. It will be better to determine whether the applicant is capable enough to understand the values and goals of your organization. This is one of the top-ranked aspects employees want from their company, as shown in the figure below-

There must be equal connectivity between their skills and the values and culture of the firm. Any kind of misalignment in it can drastically affect your company. Whether you want to hire for remote work or in-office, the importance of this aspect remains the same.

Understood this point, but what are the ways to perform its evaluation? This must be the next thought that comes to your mind. Then the answer is you need to form such an evaluation test that determines their view with respect to your company’s values. You can undertake the test in varieties of forms like surveys, tests, or interview questions.

6. Providing A Virtual Try Out

Many congratulations to you as after so many efforts you find the best talent for your firm. But wait, the process does not end yet. Before extending your relationship with them by giving away the offer letter, won’t it be better to conduct a trial session to succeed in remote recruiting sounds good? Surely it is as it will allow getting to know about the candidate on a much personal basis.

As the new employee will not perform their job in front of your eyes, you need to get extra assurance about hiring them. For doing so, this is one of the most applicable ways you can approach. With the proper set of conditions, you can ask the candidate to begin their work on a trial basis.

By performing such actions, you will come to know about the applicant’s skills, their applicability in completing the tasks, their grasping capability, critical thinking, learning abilities, and communication with other team members. Summing up all these elements will help you to mark their suitability for remote working rightly.

How Apploye Remains Helpful After Hiring A Remote Team

By hiring top talents for your company, you won half of the race, yet you need to keep a watch on them to ensure that they are working properly. But how to do so? Apploye rightly answers this question by providing an intelligent time tracker for the remote team, increasing your team’s efficiency by 20%. The one-touch clock-in and out feature for marking attendance along with the geofencing time clock ensures that the employees are working rightly at their place. Also, with the use of the dashboard, you can visually know about the team’s performance. It will help in understanding their pain points and will help in solving them faster.

One more key advantage of this tool is remote employee monitoring. The software tracks the apps and URLs opened by them and randomly takes screenshots to confirm that they are not spending time on unproductive work by determining their productivity level. All these together will help you to get a note about the progress made in the project for a booming remote working culture.


Recruitment is the most formidable job for every HR professional. And it has taken a high rise with the remote working culture. Regardless of the candidate’s resume and past experience, you need to search for the perfect candidate that thoroughly settles in this new working model. To pick the perfect one for your company, use the pre-employment strategies mentioned above to make your hiring journey more effective and fruitful.

Do not forget that technological advancements are making our job much faster and simplified. Hence use them properly to give a better face to the whole assessment cycle. Do not ever forget to miss a single aspect of the hiring process to get bright results for your company.