With the timesheet approval feature, you can approve or reject any time to be calculated in payrolls. Business owners can use timesheet approval to review the timesheets before paying the employees via payroll.

If the timesheet approval setting is on for a user, then it will reflect on his/her payroll. Only the approved timesheets will be considered for payroll. Non-approved/Rejected timesheets will not be considered.

You can approve/reject timesheets from Timesheets>Approval.

By default, the current week's timesheets will be shown. However, you can choose any date range, from the top.

Click on the timesheet, from where you want to reject some time.

After you have rejected the unwanted time, click on the checkmark on the left side to select all the timesheets. If you don't have a member selected, You will be able to select all the members at once by clicking on the checkbox at the top and bulk approve everyone.

After the timesheet has been approved or rejected, a tick or cross symbol will appear, depending on acceptance/rejection.

You can also view the idle time from the Approval section, you can reject this specific amount if you want to not include idle time in the payable amount.

If you want to find out where you can turn on these settings or change the approval option for any member, check this article to know how to turn on timesheet approval.

On the payroll page, one icon will be shown to indicate whether timesheet approval is required for a particular user or not.

You can check the history of past approval/rejections by clicking on History.

Note that: If you want to totally remove a wrongly input timesheet, you'll be able to custom delete any time from that timesheet. You can learn about deleting timesheets from here.