World’s Top 31 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Companies

An interconnected world with skyscrapers and high raise buildings fostering progress through Business Process Outsourcing.

Are you intending to pair with a BPO company but are confused about choosing one? Or, you can’t set your objectives to outsource the services. If these are the reasons for coming on this page, you are on the right track.

Though the concept of BPO was aroused in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with technical advancement, it has become popular in large enterprises for back-office support.

Now, you can see many dimensions of BPO. Large businesses, enterprises, and small and mid-level businesses are embracing BPO.

However, this article will present the best BPO companies with their details and additional suggestions to help you find the right one.

This Article Contains

  • What is a BPO company?
  • Best BPO companies at a glance
  • Detailed list of BPO Companies
  • BPO Categories & Types
  • How to choose a BPO company
  • A pro tip to outsource a BPO service provider

What is a BPO company?

Before learning about BPO companies, let’s know what BPO is.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a system for delegating third-party organizations or partners to carry out specific responsibilities or management. It gives you higher efficiency at a lower cost.

The BPO company is the external service provider that specializes in specific expertise. It’s expected to grow of global BPO  market at a CAGR of 8.5% within 2030.

Multiple companies contract with the BPO provider to execute the non-core operations. Any company can outsource some functions to a single or various BPO companies.

Best BPO Companies at a Glance (with category & details)

Company names
Industry expertise
Client reference
Total employees
Automotive, banking, financial markets, defense, energy, federal, government, healthcare, etc.
Walmart, Amazon, Renault, The Home Depot, Pandora, etc.
Communication, media, banking, high tech, travel, healthcare, public service, energy, aerospace and Defense
Škoda Auto, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Commerzbank, Body Shop, etc.
Restaurant/hospitality, manufacturing, construction, financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare, payroll, etc.
Accounting, bookkeeping, customer service, human resources, marketing automation, healthcare, retail, startups, etc.
PayPal, HBO, Microsoft, Chelini, Toyota, etc.
Innovature BPO
Accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax preparation, compliance, payroll, etc.
AT&T, Vodafone, Oracle, SAP, VMware, etc.
Media, communication, technology, energy, utility, travel, hospitality, transportation, retail, consumer, insurance, etc.
Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, healthcare providers
NTT Data
Automotive, healthcare, life sciences, media, banking, insurance, data and intelligence, cybersecurity, etc.
Toyota, Mayo Clinic, AstraZeneca, HSBC, Progressive, etc.
Capital markets, communications, education, engineering construction, retail, public sectors, oil and gas, etc.
Barclays, Citigroup, Siemens, Airbus, Verizon, etc.
Transportation, logistics, travel, education, information services, life sciences, hospitality, manufacturing, etc.
Pacificsource, Siemens, Orkla, FedEx, BBC, etc.
Consumer goods, retail, high tech, insurance, manufacturing, private equity, healthcare, life sciences, etc.
Olympus, GE Lighting, Garden of Life, Fortune 100 global insurers, etc.
Agriculture, chemical manufacturing, automotive, financial services, communication service, education, etc.
Brent Council, Leviton, Hershey, Versum Materials, Analog Devices, Inc.
EXL Service
Banking, capital markets, business services, travel, health, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, retail, etc.
Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, State Farm, etc.
Automotive, energy, utilities, healthcare, media, insurance, government, retail, e-commerce, etc.
Nestle, Santander, Wish, Samsung, etc.
Crypto, web3, disruptors, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media, retail, e-commerce, technology
Amazon, Best Buy, LVMH, Nike, Shopify, etc.
Banking, capital markets, consumer goods and distribution, media, communications, information services, etc.
Axis Bank, Kroger, AT&T, Apollo Hospitals’, Tata Motors, etc.
E-commerce, retail, gaming, entertainment, fintech, public sector, healthcare, SaaS, software, etc.
Google, Microsoft, HealthComp, Samsara, Headspace, etc.
Healthcare, pharmaceutical, hardware manufacturing, financial services, advertising, marketing, etc.
Motorola, Panasonic, Verizon, Sprint, LG, etc.

The details of the listed BPO providers


IBM's website speaking about ai driven task to promote business growth.

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is one of the oldest and most prominent tech giants. It has started its journey as a BPO service provider.

Now, it has conquered the world’s marketplace, providing insightful services like IT automation, middleware, analytics, supply chain, etc. Appearing in 175 countries, IBM is increasing the future hope to provide the most advanced technical support.

Headquarters: Armonk, New York, United States

Key Services:

  • AI, machine learning, business automation
  • Data management, security
  • Finance, middleware
  • DevOps, quantum


Accenture's website promoting growth through their BPO.

Accenture believes in building supply, production, engineering, and operation resiliency. Therefore, it has gained the highest rank among the world’s most prominent BPO consultants. Emerging in over 120 countries, It helps its clients shape their business with data-driven decisions.

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Key Services:

  • Sourcing and procurement, supply chain, marketing
  • Finance operation, global business service
  • Marketing, sales, and customer operation
  • Talent and HR, health


ADP's website promising better HR management product with other BPO services.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) has started its journey as an HR management service provider. Now, it occupies the leadership in payroll and HR management. This data management company has a vast customer base all over the world.

Headquarters: Roseland, New Jersey, United States

Key Services:

  • HR services, payroll
  • Time and attendance
  • Workforce management
  • Retirement, Insurance


Triniter's website with 2 men working for better business success and opportunites.

Triniter offers multiple BPO services, including customer support, back-office support, automation, and AI. It has attained particular expertise in its services. It has a higher client retention and customer repetition rate.

Headquarters: Miami, United States

Key Services:

  • Customer support, multilingual support
  • Technical support, web research
  • Data entry and management
  • AI tools and automation

Innovature BPO

2 person handshaking in Innovature BPO's website emphasizing trust and transparency in BPO.

Innovature BPO is a Vietnam-based qualified BPO service provider. It is a cost-effective, high-yielding BPO company that aims to grow the client's businesses and control turnover. It provides a unique solution to its clients and helps to achieve a great return on investment.

Headquarters: Vietnam

Key Services:

  • Accounts payable and receivable services
  • Financial reporting, payroll processing
  • Business analyst, data warehousing
  • System administrator, support


Conduent's website home page featuring technological progress with improved statistical graph on mobile and computer screen.

Conduent provides digital business solutions to streamline your non-core activities. It offers flexibility, flow, and security with its performance and experience. It works mainly with healthcare, medicine, insurance, etc.

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

Key Services:

  • Finance, accounting, and procurement
  • Automated document solution
  • Banking and financial solution
  • Legal and compliance solution

NTT Data

NTT Data US's home page featuring smarter city with their BPO work.

NTT Data runs consultancy and IT services. The mission of NTT Data is to face the challenges with a positive spirit. The vision is to build a trusted long-term relationship with clients and help them improve from the core. Valuing a client's need as a responsibility, NTT Data works to achieve success.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Key Services:

  • Cloud strategy, transformation, and optimization
  • DevOps, service centricity, consultation service
  • Unified managed detection & response
  • Business strategy, innovation and AI


Wipro's website homepage, fuel your growth written on it.

Wipro is a leading BPO consultant providing efficient, innovative, and customer-centric solutions. It helps companies streamline their business processes across a broad spectrum. With its diverse and skillful talents, it works for the organization’s sustainable future.

Headquarters: Sarjapur Road, Overseas: U.S

Key Services:

  • AI, business processes
  • Cloud, cyber security
  • Consulting, engineering
  • Data and analytics


Cognizant's website home page, reinventing world of work written on it.

Another famous BPO company is Cognizant. This multinational IT company has remarkable performance in various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, banking, insurance, manufacturing, etc. It helps businesses understand profound insights and act accordingly.

Headquarters: New Jersey, U.S.

Key Services:

  • Quality Engineering and assurance, data and AI
  • Software engineering, IoT, cloud, consulting
  • Security, application modernization


Genpact's website home page image; written we do the work that makes business work better for people in it.

Genpact provides business and technology services globally. It incorporates with the companies to transform the challenges into opportunities and innovation. It serves its clients and their customers to yield a digital platform to shape the future.

Headquarters: New York, U.S.

Key Services:

  • AI, intelligence automation, cloud
  • Data and analytics, sales and commercial
  • Supply chain management, risk, and compliance


Infosys's website home page mentioning their digital core capabilities and case studies of their mega projects.

Infosys has a vision of leveraging an ecosystem between the physical and digital arenas of an organization. Infosys's experienced talents can accelerate your business progress. It takes your non-core business activities as core elements and brings innovative solutions.

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Key Services:

  • Digital marketing, digital commerce, and interactions
  • Blockchain, IoT, engineering services
  • API economy & microservices
  • Data analytics and AI

EXL Service

EXL's website mentioning their 2022 sustainability report on their BPO & other related work.

EXL provides industry expertise, data science, and automatic tools to power your business. It prioritizes clients first to address their specific challenges and deliver unique, data-driven solutions. It believes in its people as the most significant asset. It empowers its employees through quality training and skill development.

Headquarters: New York

Key Services:

  • Data-driven finance, digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence, data governance
  • Finance and banking services
  • Customer analytics, operation management


Teleperformance's home page with a statement of making change together.

Teleperformance owns an extensive range of global and local marketplaces for its digitally-powered BPO services. It has a blend of high-tech support and geographic expertise.

Hence, it can provide a better, more advanced version of deep insights into your business status. It makes it easy to handle your front-office and back-office support.

Headquarters: Paris, France

Key Services:

  • Back-office support, integrated sales
  • Finance, and accounting
  • Digital CX, HR services
  • Sales, translations


Foundever website with a promise for better customer experience written on it.

Foundever provides customer experience management services. It hooks up the customer with the brands worldwide. It helps you identify the client’s needs, expectations, and challenges. Retaining the customer base, it redefines the organizational value, maps the CX strategies, and implements them in the right way..

Headquarters: Florida, United States

Key Services:

  • Back-office support, intelligent automation
  • Customer care service, CX outsourcing
  • Sales and retention, technical support


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) webpage written, collaboration for transformation on it.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has a global presence to serve diverse sectors and clients. It associates with companies with innovation and collective knowledge to achieve the best outcomes. TCS brings cutting-edge technologies into the field to improve efficiency and productivity.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Key Services:

  • IoT and digital engineering
  • Cybersecurity, consulting
  • Cognitive business operations
  • TCS Interactive


Helpware's website's content, written about their core services.

Helpware's mission is to provide a prominent customer experience. The blend of people, culture, and innovation will give you premier support. It helps you spread brand loyalty through all the digital platforms. It expands your brand and can also control the content, secure it, and detect fraud and impersonation.

Headquarters: Lexington, KY

Key Services:

  • Digital customer experience, AI operations
  • Back-office support, data labeling
  • HITL, digital marketing support


Belkins website; closing more deals with roi written on it.

Belkins provides B2B lead generation and appointment setting. It identifies your potential consumers and reaches them. Though it was established in 2017, it has achieved an outstanding position because of transparency, creativity, and experience. The combination of human expertise and technologies, it drives sales growth and connects businesses with relevant customers.

Headquarters: California, United States

Key Services:

  • Lead generation, appointment setting services
  • Demand generation, cold email outreach
  • Sales development services, CRM consulting services

Other BPO companies

  1. Fusion
  2. Octopus Tech
  3. Invensis
  4. 1840 & Company
  5. Remote CoWorker
  6. Vserve
  7. Unity Communications
  8. APEX Call Center
  9. Open access BPO
  10. Maxicus
  11. Suntec
  12. Plaxonic Technologies
  13. TaskUs
  14. Quantanite

BPO Company Types & Categories

Back-office outsourcing

This type of outsourcing includes the internal work of an organization, such as administrative support, HR, accounting, payroll management, finance, IT, supply chain, etc. It involves non-customer-centric functions that don’t directly interact with customers.

Front-office outsourcing

Front-office outsourcing refers to all customer-centric tasks. This includes direct interaction with the customers such as customer support, sales, client relationship management, marketing, etc.

Offshore BPO

Offshore BPO means outsourcing your BPO from a foreign country. You can outsource people far from your geometric location, culture, time zone, and language. The primary purpose of Offshore BPO is to reduce costs, hire skilled professionals, expand markets, etc.

Nearshore BPO

Near-shore BPO incorporates outsourcing services from neighboring regions or countries. Some more vital reasons for this type of BPO are cultural alignment, similar time zones, geometrical proximity, cost-saving, etc.

Onshore BPO

When you outsource BPO providers from the same location or country, it is called onshore BPO. This approach facilitates the same cultural understanding, local norms, and ease of communication, and most importantly, both of you know the customer base well. It can be most beneficial if your business is regional.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

KPO is the part of BPO that involves knowledge-intensive business activities. This includes services such as legal process outsourcing (LPO), research process outsourcing (RPO), and IT-enabled services (ITES).

We’ve discussed all the BPO categories for you so that you can clear your concept search for the right BPO aligned with your objectives. These categories may help you to narrow down your queries.

How to choose a BPO company

  • Clear your objectives for what you want to outsource
  • Identify the selection criteria
  • Search and shortlist the potential BPO providers
  • Evaluate their expertise
  • Starting with a small pilot project
  • Assess the performance
  • Adaptability to your company culture
  • Pricing
  • Try to confine with one BPO provider

Clear your objectives and what you want to outsource.

Before contracting with any BPO company, you must define your goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. It will help if you convey the context to the outsourced company.

It'll help you establish shared insights into what you aim to achieve. Detailing your objectives helps you show the performance expectations, protocols, and mutual understanding with the BPO provider.

Identify the selection criteria.

Before proceeding to a random search, you should enlist some significant criteria that the company should have. It will narrow down your queries. You do not necessarily need all the services of any BPO company.

Specifying the criteria helps you get your potential outsourcing BPOs. This could include cost reduction, improved efficiency, access to specialized skills, or scalability.

Search and shortlist the potential BPO providers.

Now, conduct in-depth research to identify potential BPO companies. You can do this through online searches, referrals, industry forums, or consulting with business associates.

Based on your research, create a shortlist of 5 to 10 companies that fit your business needs well.

Evaluate their expertise

Before finalizing, it's wise to check the shortlisted companies. It would help to consider factors such as industry expertise, service offerings, technology infrastructure, scalability, cost-effectiveness, employee turnover, client references, and financial stability.

For a more effective evaluation, you can run the actions below.

  • Starting with a small pilot project
  • Assess the performance
  • Adaptability to your company culture
  • If it is GDPR-compliant or not

Determine your budget

Most mother companies need to pay more attention to this step despite it being one of the vital things to consider. It helps to forecast the budget to avoid overspending or compromising on quality. The financial constraints set realistic expectations and transparency between you and the BPO provider.

You better understand your abilities and create a fine line between demand and need.

Try to confine with one BPO provider.

Working with one BPO company rather than many is essential for several advantages. First of all, it simplifies your workload and maintains consistency. You have a better way of collaborating, coordinating, and communicating.

You can unify the data. This ensures data security and data loss prevention. Also, it increases visibility and transparency.

A pro tip for outsourcing a BPO service provider

One of the biggest challenges to working with a BPO company is to ensure productivity and transparency. Thanks to employee monitoring and productivity tracking apps like Apploye. With this kind of tool, you can oversee the employees or all categories of BPO service providers.

Let's get into more detail about how can Apploye be your best tool to meet many challenges of BPO outsourcing companies.

Apploye provides you the time tracking, employee monitoring, and productivity measurement techniques. It is a powerful tool for managing remote, hybrid, and office employees. The key features are-

  • Automatic, manual time tracking, timesheets,
  • Billable and non-billable hours tracking, reports,
  • Project hours tracking, scheduling, screenshots,
  • Apps and website tracking, and productivity tracking,


So far, we've made our best effort to bring the details of the BPO service providers, how you can choose the right one, and how to work with them.

As this industry is rapidly growing, many newcomers are servicing various sectors. You should carefully consider the BPO needs and select the right BPO partner.

Also, make your outsourcing fruitful and productive with the employee tracking and productivity app Apploye.