RemoteTrack feature allows you to monitor employees precisely. There are 4 critical components: Optional Screenshots, Apps usage tracking, URL tracking and Activity & Engagement Analytics πŸ‘Œ

To track and monitor the productivity of employees, access the RemoteTrack panel from the left sidebar:

1. Screenshots

You can filter out by projects, tasks, employees and date. Click on the button β€œToday” to get back to today’s screenshots 😌

By default, 1 screenshot is taken in a 10-minute window πŸ—”. However, the owner/admin can change the rate/frequency from Activity Settings βš™οΈ

Apploye desktop app takes screenshots at a random time so that employees won’t be able to guess the exact time of the next screenshot πŸ“Έ

Apploye tracks and takes screenshots from multiple monitors. You can view these screenshots from the carousel by clicking on any screenshot 🧧. You can hover over the mini image/monitor icons to see how many screenshots are being taken and how many monitors are connected.

Employees can delete screenshots (with the reason). However, the owner/admin can also prevent employees from deleting their screenshots from activity settings.

If there are any missing screenshots, you can hover over the question mark and see the potential reasons. You can also check this Why is there No Image? article to learn more.

2. Apps

The software/applications used during the working time will be shown here, e.g. Google Chrome, Slack, Skype etc. See the exact spend time for an application usage πŸ”₯.

3. URLs:

Check which URLs employees visit during office hours, and for how long. See the URLs with their subdomains πŸ’₯

4. Activity Analytics

You can check the activity percentage from the screenshots page πŸ˜‰. You can also check it from reports.

Check the productivity in form of activity percentage. A breakdown between productive and non-productive time will also be shown, along with the total time worked.
Colors are used to indicate the level of productivity: yellow for below 60% and red for activity under 30% 🫢

Activity measures are based on keyboard clicking and mouse clicking.

Keep in mind that, RemoteTrack feature is only available on the Elite plan of Apploye.

Still have any questions 🫠? Knock us in the Live chat πŸ’¬ or mail us at βœ‰οΈ