Remotely Productive Working from Home with Kids Is Impossible

Remotely Productive Working from Home with Kids Is Impossible

While working from home, we often face a lot of issues which we can not ignore as these are related to our daily life. We also can not allow these things to be ignored in our life.

As the office environment and the home working environment are not the same and there are several things which distract the mind when you are going to work in your comfort place as well. Also the new normal life is making things different than the usual time.

As we all are now working from home for this covid’19 disease, we all are being frightened and anxious about this. But to continue our daily lifestyle maintaining minimal presence that’s what is very essential. So for this trend and reality we all are going back to our home and working from there with all our house stuff together, few are maintaining and few are not. Here the real thing comes up that while working from home how can we maintain it all together and well with kids.

From office working people to being a home working person is not that easy thing to be maintained, it requires a good amount of plan and strategies where you can adapt yourself to it for a better working environment.

To be a good working home person you should follow these 10 tactics which may help.

Let's get started.

Establish a schedule

While working from home we all need to maintain a proper office hour which will increase our possibilities of positiveness while working. As office and home have several differences based on its environment, so syncing up and adapting with that environment for making the most out of your work would be the perfect thing to do being at home.

Now there comes about time scheduling of your every work, you can simply make a calendar, it can be a wall calendar or digital calendar on your mobile or laptop for scheduling all your important tasks from time to time and maintaining that will increase the rate of your success and perfect timing.

On the other hand you also don’t want to lose your kids time too, you can put these on another calendar to keep track of all of these separately. By maintaining these in this way it will also give you enough space to keep concentrating on your work properly.

Pick the right time for the right task

Keeping the right task on right time is the best move this time. As all of your work doesn’t require the same time and same concentration and consistency all the time. For these work you can simply give a block of time for these.

Such as if you can keep on separate blocks for your separate work with their priority it will create perfection on work and as you will give priority to your work based on their nature, you will also get a good time to nurture your kid on the other hand.

You can manage all your important work at the first hour of your duty time and later you can do easy work which doesn’t require deep concentration on work, so this will make your task more fluent and you will not get distracted while working with your kid along your side.

Assign regular task for kids

Sometimes working with kids is like working with your new colleague in a new place when you are working from home.

While working if my kids don't have enough things to keep them busy they will surely keep looking to me for doing something as this is a new trend they are experiencing.

While working this is a best choice to keep them busy with their scheduled task, such as giving them a space to do certain task, you can also assign them with several play work or brainstorming activity, puzzling games and also few more enjoyable task which will keep them busy as well it will help them to develop themselves for certain task too.

Take to-do list habit

While working from home we often see people get distracted and depressed, because they need to do several tasks with a rough estimation of time and task. To avoid this you can simply use a to do list, which will help you to maintain your own task as well as your children's task.

People get worried because childrens are unpredictable with their nature, so this may be distracting to you. But as we mentioned earlier to assign them a task, so this will keep them on their task and as well as their time will be passed. So with todo you can keep all these tracked and you can maintain a priority based workflow, which will give you keep working without getting messy.

Keeping daily to do list habit is a great thing which i personally have experienced, as a working man Mr james need to do several task sitting on his desk as for corona outbreak, he can now simply keep all his track and work flawlessly with maintaining proper work flow which will give him a great push to work more.

Make time for lunch

Now if you are maintaining all and you forgot one thing to take note and care about, that is your food.

While working you also need to fill up the required energy for your body and also same goes to your children, giving them treats and having lunch with them gives them extra understanding about their daily routine and they get to know the habit and how it will help you will just see it within glimph of your eye.

Lunch is also a midway break to have basic movement with your children and also you will have a great time to guide your children for the rest of your day successfully. This is the best thing you can do on your lunch break on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to exercise

While having lunch you have done all, now what ? you are thinking to get back to work ? or may be a great sleep between work ? absolutely a big NO !! Getting your body in a resting position after lunch is not medically healthy.

On a blog of Healthline they mentioned “A major potential benefit associated with walking after eating is improved digestion”

So no more resting after lunch take a short walk with your kids outside if possible and if not possible outside you can take a tour on your roof top shortly for 30-40 minutes.

Define reward

Kids need incentives and bonuses just like real employees do. If your child is begging for time on the iPad, make it a reward for them when they accomplish certain tasks.

You can simply use this as an advantage and reward both together, you can allow them to get assigned with their reward presenting, they will definitely do that for having that certain thing.

Now you can set beneficial rewards, not any rewards which may harm their productivity and health, you should keep a great eye on that. By doing this continuously, you would be able to control the messy thing with children on your hand and it will create a great day for their day and as well yours.

Set boundaries

Drawing boundaries on your work areas of your working zone is a great thing to do. Just think of our childhood time, when we used to see any boundaries by parents we used to do that much, but here one thing comes up that is creating boundaries with consistency will create a habit which we didn’t maintain in our childhood.

Once you are creating any boundaries and they are getting used to it, they will understand that this should not be my place while my mom or dad is on work. You can also put your phone on loud speakers so that they can understand that during a meeting I should not enter this area for a certain period of time.

By doing this thing you will see great changes in their discipline. It will also be beneficial for their life time task.

Close the door

Elena is a working woman who works from home now for this pandemic time, she couldn’t maintain boundaries for her children, now she made close door habit to their children, and she knows they are not going to come once the door is closed. Making things on daily life habit is not that easy as well not all points goies for all to all situation as elenas.

By creating a close area it will also keep you awake for your work and not to get distracted while working with other things in your surroundings.

Be gentle with everything around you and your kid

“Be gentle with your kid and to yourself” a working woman named raina said this. Being gentle simplifies tasks more easily and also it gives you a great peace of mind.

Don’t get it too hurry as this is new to you also to your kids, so give it time to get sorted and it will be sorted within a very short period of time if you can follow the above steps to get it done.