Apploye Recognized as Top Rated Time Tracking Software in 2023

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Apploye Recognized as Top Rated Time Tracking Software in 2023

It's an immense pleasure to announce that Apploye is recognized as the Top 10+ Time Tracking Software in 2023 (Free & Paid). This list of top  time tracking apps is made by SoftwareWorld.

The list of top-rated time tracking software enables the business and marketers to sort and choose the best time management tool for their business. It shows the significant attributes of software, including its features, pricing, and advantages.

SoftwareWorld is an amazing site to get authentic reviews of the software you intend to use. It helps the small and mid-size companies to get the right tools for the consistent growth of their business. It showcases the features, pricing, reviews of the tools under different categories like time tracking software, project management tool, accounting software, expense management, process management, and many more.


Top 10+ Time Tracking Software

The fact that Apploye owns the place in the top list is its capability to serve the right and functional time management tools as well as employee monitoring platform. It not only eases the automation of productivity analysis but also helps the consumers to maximize time utilization.

Easy interface, simplicity of use, packed and specific features are the specialty of Apploye. You may have customizable timesheets, apps, URLs, and activity tracking, project budgets, team and client management, field service with GPS tracker, scheduling, invoice, and payroll management in one frame.

Last but not least, the reasonable pricing plans make the Apploye flexible for the customers. The team of Apploye is genuinely thankful to SoftwareWorld for appreciating the continuous and consistent effort.

Apploye Recognized as Top Rated Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is a blessing to businesses and organizations. Entrepreneurs and business owners are randomly seeking some of the best employee monitoring tools. Keeping in mind the urgency of the employee monitoring tool, SoftwareWorld has published the top 10+ employee monitoring software of 2023 (Free & Paid).

It has acknowledged Apploye as one of the best employee monitoring software on this list. SoftwareWorld is a software reviewing site that assists business houses in choosing the best tool to get the maximum output.


Top rated employee monitoring software

Apploye is one of the most dedicated apps to provide premium employee monitoring tools. Over the years, it is working continuously to support a transparent monitoring system. It helps to boost productivity and ensures employee engagement. Apploye comes up with some intuitive monitoring features. These features would help you not only monitor the in-office employees but also oversee the remote employees. Keyboard and mouse movement provides the activity percentage which means you may see how productive your employees are. Random Screenshots tracking allow you to observe what’s going on on the employees’ computers. Apps and URLs tracking gives you the idea of where the time is utilized. Employee GPS location tracking helps you to observe the movement of outdoor employees.

The Top Employee Monitoring Features of Apploye

Apploye has some modern features used for employee monitoring. These features are functional and advanced to oversee employee activities. These features of monitoring include-

  • Screenshots
  • Apps and URLs tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • GPS location tracker


Apploye takes random screenshots at every 10-minute interval. It will help you to oversee what is going on the employees' computers. You may customize the project and task, date, and member for in-depth observation.

Apps and URLs tracking:

Apploye tracks the app and website used during working hours. You may see complete reports on which apps and sites are used, and how much time is spent on them. You may see the reports for a specific task or project.

Activity tracking:

Top rated employee monitoring software

Apploye provides a productivity survey based on mouse movement and keystroke tracking. It shows the productive and unproductive reports. You may find who is more productive during the working hours.

GPS location tracker:

Employee monitoring is completed thoroughly with location tracking. You can observe the movements of outdoor employees.

Apart from these features, Apploye provides the top time tracking facility. The more you'll get from Apploye are scheduling, payroll, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, project billing, and budgeting.

The Apploye pricing plan is so reasonable that it is suitable for startups and small business agencies.

It's very cordial gratitude to SoftwareWorld for recognizing Apploye as the best employee monitoring software and giving it such a prominent position. Apploye team welcomes this opportunity humbly.