TimeCamp Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

An in-depth review of TimeCamp. Get an idea of their features, pricing, pros/cons, and more. Learn about the alternatives of TimeCamp.

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Do you want to know about TimeCamp in detail?

Welcome, you're in the right place. Here you'll get an in-depth review on TimeCamp. This free time tracking app has already made its place in the space of time tracking and productivity monitoring services.

As most business owners want to assess time utilization, they are more likely to use the productivity app. It helps you grow constantly and motivates the team to be more engaged, efficient, and organized.

TimeCamp has come up with smart time tracking, project, and team productivity management solution helping small, medium, and large business endeavors in continuity.

But is it really worthy of you and your team? Just go through the rest of the article. We hope to have your answer by the end.

Short overview of TimeCamp

TimeCamp provides a smart system to monitor the team workflow. It has automatic time tracking, project, and task tracking, advanced reporting, team performance, productivity tracking, billable hours analysis, and invoicing.

If you are looking for a free time tracking app for your team management, TimeCamp is right there for you. Also, it is appropriate for large teams and enterprises. It has a desktop, mobile, and web app. You may get an insight into overall working progress without any micro-management.

Key features

  • Automatic time tracking, billable and non-billable hours tracking, time tracking by project and client,
  • Activity tracking, team performance monitoring, task management, project profitability,
  • Hourly billing, invoicing, tax calculation, multiple billing rates, multi-currency,
  • Attendance tracking, payroll, vacation and leave tracking,
  • Integrated with ClickUp, GitLab, iCal,etc.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Chrome, and Web.

The Features of TimeCamp in Detail

TimeCamp Settings

Settings of TimeCamp

Starting with the TimeCamp is straightforward. Without any credit card information or email confirmation, you may set up TimeCamp. Just register with your email and password or enter with a Google account.

You can get direct access to your dashboard. You may use the integrations to get a more smooth experience. Afterward, you can use their Chrome extensions, desktop, and mobile app. Or, you can use their web app.

It offers a free trial for 14 days. You may experience all the basic and advanced features free of cost within this period.

TimeCamp Apps

Desktop apps

You may get your native desktop time tracking app for windows, Mac, and Linux. TimeCamp offers two methods of time; one is automatic tracking, and another is manual time tracking.

For the automatic mood, you don't need to on/off your widget. It starts automatically with the starting of your computer. In addition, you can stop the task timer app, switch the projects and tasks, create tasks, and do a lot more things with TimeCamp.

From desktop app, it provides three primary services-

  • It tracks each of your computer activities and provides several reports accordingly.
  • It works both manual and automatic moods. You may also use it for monitoring your task and non-task activities.
  • You may use the well-equipped widgets for more effortless work.

Mobile Apps

TimeCamp mobile app

TimeCamp has apps for Android and iOS users. You may be able to track remote workers' time automatically for specific projects and tasks. You may create new tasks too. It synchronizes randomly with the web app. So you need not be tensed if you have to away from your computer but need to continue your job.

You can use the manual time tracker. You can access your dashboard through your mobile and see the reports. In addition, It has a GPS location tracker available in the beta version.

Web app and plugins

The web app is very intuitive with a start/stop timer. If you want to use a simple time tracking app merely, play with the web app. In fact, after getting registered in the TimeCamp, you will jump into their web version.

It will stack your timesheet with specific and detailed data. You can create projects, tasks and assign the people and groups too. It allows you to work with the team and manage the reports and billings.

But it is unable to track the computer time, application usage, and activities. For that, you have to use the apps. You may use their Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge plugins.

Time Tracking

Tracking time with Timecamp timer tracker

TimeCamp has eased the time tracking function in multiple ways. Mentioning above of the article, it tracks time through its desktop, mobile, web, and integrated apps. You can record your time through the automatic timesheet for specific tasks or projects.

Along with the fully automatic time tracking running behind your device, it offers START/STOP timers, manual time entry, project or non-project-based tracking, and most importantly, billable hours tracking.

Moreover, it has brought a unique tracking system called keyword-based time tracking. To ease your work, you may set different keywords for different projects, tasks, and clients. Just assign those keywords into the widget. TimeCamp will track all the information for you.


Timesheets of TimeCamp

Timecamp timesheet has covered basic and advanced properties that are fantastic. You can get a comprehensive data table showing your daily and weekly time records. It shows every activity with details, including spending hours, starting and ending time, notes, billable or non-billable, tags, and other essential activities.

The daily timesheet provides some more features. For example, you can create new time entries, edit or delete them. You can merge time entries with simple drag and drop. Also, you can categorize the unassigned computer activities.

Weekly timesheet view in TimeCamp

Source: TimeCamp

It has a bulk edit option. The week timesheet representation is really praiseworthy. It is amazingly represented with the calendar-like graphical view. A complete overview of your work throughout the week, it allows you to use the timer.

You can observe your performance, edit the time entries, and use the real-time tracker in the colorful interface.


Reports of TimeCamp, with summary

TimeCamp has brought over 10 insightful reporting systems. The availability of all reports varies with the plan. You can inspect all your reports in summary, detail, or by day. Furthermore, you can customize them according to your need.

The reports are grouped by time, people, budget, and others. Each group has multiple reporting. For instance, you may get the attendance, task, and project reports under the group of 'People'.

Likewise, you may get reports for billable, non-billable, invoiced, estimations, revenue, costs, and margin. You can filter for the specific days, people, projects, tags, and billable status.

All the reports can be exported and shared in any form, including PDFs, Excel, or emails. The clients can observe your reports for the specific projects as a guest.

Computer Time

Dashboard of TimeCamp

Apart from time tracking, TimeCamp collects some important data to provide a complete report for team performance and productivity tracking. This includes application and website usage, away time, goals, idle time, reminders, and efficiencies.

You can set and track your goals. It helps to stay focused and keep concentration. You can use the private time mode to complete your private tasks. It also generates an efficiency graph showing your performance for the week.

This particular feature helps to generate essential reports for an individual. On an important note, you can't avail this feature without any desktop app. It has a computer time dashboard. It represents total spent hours, distracted time, tool usage, top apps, top categories, and projects.

Attendance tracking

To aid the team management, you can track your team attendance . You can use it for your entire team. It can be set globally to ensure remote team participation. This add-on helps you to manage your staff, track employees' presence and make a balanced working environment.

This allows clock-in and out. It means you can set a virtual office policy for integrating office and remote workers. You can track the vacations, holidays, or absences of your employees. Besides, you can track their overtime too. All these functionalities are needed to automate payroll.

Billing and invoicing

TimeCamp offers a billing system for tracking project budgets. All you need to do is to set various rates for specific projects, users, or groups. TimeCamp will generate all the billing reports.

You can create invoices for your clients for projects and tasks. Fill up the invoices with the proper rates and send them directly via email. For a complete invoicing system, TimeCamp offers integrations with Paypal, Xero, and QuickBooks.

TimeCamp Pricing

TimeCamp has several pricing plans. Keeping in mind the start-ups, it has a free version that covers all the basic features. Other than that, it has 3 pricing plans to ensure the perfect business fit.

The plans are-

  • Free: for unlimited users
  • Basic: $7 per user per month
  • Pro: $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact vendor

You may get some discounts if you choose the yearly plans.

Pros and Cons of TimeCamp


  • TimeCamp has an advanced reporting system providing a wide range of variety.
  • It has an effective tracking system that provides the utmost variation for time tracking for its users.
  • The timesheet is well represented, showing all the essential information on a single page.


  • The project interface is not organized appropriately.
  • The mobile app needs some modification.

TimeCamp Reviews

Are you looking for more apps like TimeCamp?

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