If someone leaves before the billing date, the unused time will remain as credit. That will be adjusted on the next billing cycle. For example,

1. Yearly plan case

Let's say you have purchased the Elite (yearly) plan for 5 employees. If the price of the Elite (Yearly) plan is $3.5/user/month, for 12 months the cost is $42 per year for a single user.  The total cost will be $3*5*12=$210 per year.

Now, you want to terminate 1 user after 6 months. The cost of unused time is $3.5*6=$21. This $21 will stay as credit and adjust on the next billing cycle.

In the next billing cycle, for the remaining 4 employees, you are supposed to be charged $3.5*4*12=$168. But, since you have $21 as credit, for this year, you will be charged $168-21=$148.

If you remove more members from your organization, the billing adjustment will be similar.

2. Monthly plan case

Let's say you added 5 employees in the Elite (monthly) plan, the total cost will be $7*5=$35 for every month. So, if you terminate any employee from your organization halfway, Apploye will keep the cost of the remaining time (15 days = $3.5 ) as credit, and this credit will be adjusted to the next month's billing date.

Next month's cost for 4 people would be: $7*4=$28. But, you will get an automated adjustment by your previous credit ($3.5), so the cost will be $28-$3.5 = $24.5.

N.B. VAT is applicable based on your region.