6 Best Harvest Alternatives in 2024

Check out these 6 best Harvest alternatives and the Harvest review. Check their details, features and reviews before you decide to pick one.

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1. Apploye - The Best Harvest Alternative

Apploye focuses on tracking, monitoring, and scheduling. As a business owner or a top-tier administration, you need a smart and straightforward way to manage your business, control your employees, and analyze the progress.

Apploye is an intelligent app to ease your work. It can ensure real-time data and remote worker time tracking for better transparency and management. The free timesheet app is very organized and easy to understand.

Apploye provides full features as an employee monitoring system, which is missing in Harvest. Additionally, it is a great time tracking software with screenshots.

This app is easy to set up. Just create your account with the necessary information and download the app for your device. There you go! Harvest needs more time and procedures to set up the account. Moreover, Apploye is comparatively more reasonable than Harvest in terms of pricing plans.

Time tracking and Timesheet management

Apploye offers an automatic start/stop timer with offline tracking and manual time entry capabilities. The free timesheet app is very organized and easy to understand. You can see the daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly time records or customize the timesheet as you want.

Time tracking and logging time in timesheets, with Apploye, one of the best Harvest alternative

Employee monitoring features

Apploye offers random screenshots, activity tracking, apps, and URLs tracking. These features are important in managing a remote team and if you want the best Harvest alternatives to gain mastery over this field, then Apploye can be the optimum solution.

Screenshot with option to change the rate in Apploye, the best Harvest alternative

GPS-Tracker for field and mobile employees

Apploye offers top-notch employee location tracking and tracking of the attendance of outdoor employees. Live location, Route map, job sites, etc. are some of the finest GPS-Track features which you can avail from Apploye while looking for a Harvest alternative.

GPS location with Apploye, the best Harvest alternative

Payroll and Member Feature

You may manage employee payrolls using the Apploye Payroll Feature, particularly for hourly wages. You can evaluate the data by project, assignee, and date, and you can also define roles and make one-time payments. In the member section, you may view the given tasks, payment, and Weekly Limit of work for your members.

Payroll of members in Apploye, one of the best Harvest alternative

Project budgeting and invoicing

The team can establish projects and generate bills for the clients using the numerous project and invoicing options that Apploye offers. Along with that, you will also get the active and archived budgeted view and the project billing feature. Moreover, project hours tracker, team, and project progress mapping are some of the features that you can get from Apploye while searching for Harvest alternatives.

Setting up projects and budget is being shown in a floating pop up, in Apploye, a smart alternative to Harvest


  • Solo: $4 per user per month
  • Standard: $5 per user per month
  • Premium: $6 per user per month
  • Elite: $7 per user per month

The pricing plans listed above are on a monthly basis. If you choose annual price plans, you can save as much as 50%.


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Let’s check the other Harvest Alternatives in detail

Harvest is well known for its extremely intuitive time and expense tracking, project and team management, invoicing, and scheduling. It is exclusive for freelancers and small business owners for its robust feature and support.

While hopping around the field of time tracking and monitoring, you may get a loud for Harvest. To fill your interest, we will represent some fantastic Harvest alternatives in detail. Also, we are going to cover in-depth discussion and review on Harvest.

2. ActiTime


ActiTime, one of the best Harvest alternatives

Actitime is a simple time tracking, team, and work scope management software. It provides management and accounting services as well. It helps thousands of business agencies with real-time data to run their business effectively.

You can improve organizational structure by getting a complete overview of the members' activities, analyzing projects, in-depth reports, and boosting productivity.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- billable and non-billable hours tracking, individual and neat timesheet, reminders, overtime calculation,
  • Work and team management- work structure customization, project scope creation, work schedule creation, team reports,
  • Data for accounting- cost calculation, billing and invoicing, billing reports,
  • Integration- Zapier,
  • Platform- Windows, Android, iOS, and Web.


  • It is reliable for all types of businesses to provide a wide range of customization.
  • It provides accurate data for customer billing and invoicing.
  • You can maintain an excellent organizational structure through its project and team management.


  • The app is complicated to use first.
  • The representation of the statistics should be user-friendly.
  • It has minimal integration.


It costs $6 per user per month.


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3. MinuteDock


MinuteDock, one of the top Harvest alternatives

This app is exclusive for small organizations that need a smart and easy solution for time tracking, client billing, reporting, and team management. The minutedock tracks the working time a little bit differently.

You can track your time by clients, projects, or tasks. The team building is flexible and practical with this app. It is manager friendly as well as meet the employees' requirement. It can be a good option as a Harvest alternative.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- simple time tracking by clients, projects or tasks,
  • Team building-billable rates per employee, personalization of employee target,
  • Budget and billing- tracking budget, setting goals, clients billing with flexible formating,
  • Integrations- Quickbooks, Xero, Wave, Sage, etc.
  • Platform- Android, iOS, and Web.


  • You can set a target to meet up the budget within the time. It is helpful for the business owners to achieve the goal within the deadline.
  • The time tracking system is speedy and organized.
  • It provides in-depth and flexible reporting.


  • You can not determine the billable hours with this app.
  • The price is quite high for large scale organization and individual use.
  • It has limited integrations.


  • Freelancer costs $19 per user per month.
  • The small team is $49 per month for 5 users.
  • Business costs $99 per month for 10 users.
  • Enterprise is customizable.


4. Replicon


Replicon, a Harvest alternative

Replicon is a time and attendance tracking software . It gives a project-based solution for tracking, billing, and resource management. It gives you an agile and configurable platform to control your business and make a fruitful decision for your organization.

This app is appropriate for all types of business organizations and agencies. You can easily handle your projects and customer portfolio. The versatile reporting system helps the HR, manager, and administration perform their job with ease.

Key Features

  • Time bill- configurable time tracking, billable hours tracking, in/out time,
  • Project tracking- project hierarchy, deep insights, project manager view,
  • Expense tracking- configurable expense policies, simplified expense tracking, invoicing,
  • Analytics- prebuilt reports, business metrics, schedule reports,
  • Integrations- SAP Concur, Atlassian, MS Dynamics, Xero, etc.
  • Platform- Android, iOS, and Web.


  • The UI is very spontaneous and easy to understand.
  • It provides custom reports which are very helpful for business organizations.
  • Excellent customer support draws attention to the clients.


  • It takes a long time to create projects.
  • The mobile app needs modification.
  • Some integration setups are problematic.


  • For the small business, the price starts from $5 per user month.


5. Toggl


Toggl, one of the best Harvest alternatives

Toggl tries to ensure that your time worth's the proper use and utilization. Therefore, it provides hassle-free time tracking, project tracking, and insightful data. It can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Harvest.

It runs flexibly through the mobile and desktop. All types of business organizations, agencies, freelancers, and individuals can use it as an easy and straightforward tracker and productivity analyzer.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- one-click timer, manual entries, tracking reminders,
  • Reports- comprehensive reports, project, and team dashboard,
  • Productivity- profit vs. labor costs, email tracking reminders, billable rates,
  • Integrations- Asana, Basecamp, Drupal, etc.
  • Platform- Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


  • The project dashboard contains the complete overview and status of your ongoing projects.
  • You can share the dashboard info with others that help to keep the team up-to-date.
  • To check the real history of employees, you can apply the Time audit. It will block the suspicious entries.


  • It has no payroll and invoicing support. It is pretty much essential to have payroll management for such good tracking software.
  • The customer support is not so fast.
  • Though it has a basic free plan, the paid plans are expensive to use. You can not deny the high price while choosing this app.


  • The starter is $10 per user per month.
  • Premium costs $20 per user per month.
  • Enterprise is customizable.
  • The free version is available for teams up to 5 members.


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6. TSheets


TSheets, one of the top Harvest alternatives

If you look forward to a cost-effective time tracking with a smart punch clock, TSheets is for you. It has a vision of simplifying business with tracking, invoice, and payroll. It offers billable hours tracking for jobs, projects, or customers.

You can use the job and shifts scheduling, alerts, and approvals. It also supports GPS location tracker and geofence time tracking for better monitoring of the employees.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- timesheet, timecards, billable and non-billable hours tracking,
  • Attendance tracking- leave tracking and shift scheduling,
  • Reports- time clock kiosk, GPS tracker and Geofencing,
  • Integrations- Xero, Sage, Namely, Square, etc.
  • Platform- Android, iOS, Web.


  • The app is user-friendly with an easy and automatic punch clock system.
  • You can avail of real-time reports time tracking for projects, timecards, and payroll summary. Export the data into PDF, Excel, or CSV files.
  • You can consolidate all of your work on the same platform.


  • The app does not support the activity monitoring of the employees.
  • It is a little bit costly for small businesses and startups.
  • The functions are critical to use to some extent.


  • Elite is $7 per user per month.
  • Premium costs $6 per user per month.


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Harvest Overview

Harvest tracks the billable or non-billable hours for your clients, projects, and tasks. It is beneficial for the business to get insightful information and analytics without any hassle.

Keep your project and team on track wherever and whenever your employees work for you. You can turn your time and expenses into an invoice seamlessly. Preplan with your team for a better management system and schedule your employees as per your preference.

Harvest focuses on tracking time, expenses, managing projects, team, clients, and creating professional reports for your business.

Image cover showing review of Harvest

Let’s dive deep more into Harvest.

Apps and Installation

Harvest has dedicated apps for desktop (Windows, Mac) and mobile (iOS, Android). It has a web app or extensions. You can choose any of the apps for your device. To get access to Harvest, create your account with the necessary information.

The account creation takes some time compared to other apps. You will get access to your account and enjoy working unless you have to put additional information like creating projects, adding clients, employees, and others.

Time Tracking

The time tracking by Harvest is very organized. You have to choose a client, project, and task, start the timer or choose the existing entries and start the timer. You can add notes for each of your entries. This is very helpful to get more specific to work.

Time tracker of Harvest

It is designed for the web app. You can use the dedicated timer for your device. This allows the same format of timer based on clients, projects, and tasks.


It has two formats of timesheet; day view and week view.

Day View

The daily timesheet or day view allows you to track time and show the details working status for the projects for the day. It holds up the timer and daily summary in one frame. Any user can delete or edit entries as long as the time is being unlocked. Once the time gets locked, you cannot change it.

Week View

The weekly timesheet summarizes the whole working status of the days on the specific project, task, and client. You can add time manually or edit your timesheet.

Weekly timesheet view in Harvest.

The representation looks a little bit chaotic. Because it shows all the projects and tasks for the specific client. You have to put extra effort into getting through the full information.


Harvest performs an easy and effective solution to manage your projects on budget, cost, spent, and, most importantly, working hours in each project.

You can set a project budget and analyze whole project progress in terms of budget. You can filter the projects by the client or manager. See comprehensive project status for a specific client. The manager can see the project status for what he is occupied.

Projects with budget and remaining amount, in Harvest app

For more details, check the task status, team performance, and invoices. You can export the data into Excel or CSV format.

The project reports are so detailed and extensive that you can get a clear view of your organization. Also, the client may get in-depth reports. It will build up the owner and client relationship in trust and transparency.


Harvest makes you able to get a full overview of how your team and each member are performing. No matter which location and time zone they belong, you can observe team and individual performance in the ‘Team’ frame of Harvest.

The report is quite impressive. You can set an allocated time for work for the individual in the ‘Capacity.’ Now, see the individual performance. The dark blue color is for billable hours; the light one is for non-billable hours. If anyone breaks the allocated capacity, it shows by the red color.

You can observe a deep search on an individual performance throughout the week. The team management of Harvest is unique and useful.


Harvest has comprehensive and authoritative reports. You can filter the time ranges or customize the field. The stories are available for clients, projects, tasks, and team.

Report system in Harvest

You can see the detailed history of time, detailed time, invoice reports, expense reports, and contractors' history. The reports can be exported or printed.

Expense and Invoice

Expense tracking is more comfortable with Harvest. You can set clients billing in hourly rate or a flat rate on the per-project within a time limit. You can track the expenses for lodging, meals, travels, and others. Attach or upload receipts in the Harvest.

Expense and Invoice system of Harvest

You can generate automatic invoices. Generate the billable hours into invoices and send them to clients. Set reminders for clients if there is any billing missed. Get the detailed invoice reports.


Harvest provides a wide range of integrations that make it more sustainable into various platforms. It can be integrated with multiple tools such as communication and CRM (Slack, Harvey, GSuit), development and connectivity (IFTTT, Zapier), finance, and payments (Stripe, Paypal, Xero), productivity (Alfred, Chrometa), project management (Asana, Trello), and others.

It has an API. So, you can customize integrations.


  • Harvest is free forever for one person with two projects.
  • The pro costs $12 per user per month for unlimited people with unlimited projects. You can save 10% of the price if you bill annually.

The advantages and drawbacks of Harvest

Harvest has some fantastic features and services. At a time, it has some drawbacks as well. For more details, let's check below.


  • The free version is quite sufficient for the individual to run the time and expense tracking and invoice system.
  • The project cost estimation, budget, and management are praise-worthy.
  • The invoice system is fast and advanced. The team reports are appreciable for team management.
  • You can schedule your employees with Harvest.


  • It does not support employee monitoring. You will not get the full control over your employees through Harvest.
  • The price is high for large companies.
  • It takes too much time to set up the initial account and setting the projects.


After coming to the last part of this article, we hope that you get an idea of Harvest and the alternatives to Harvest. We bring our best effort into making your quest filled.

Please let us know if you have some more things to know. Please comment below your experience with Harvest and other apps.

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