Time Management Quotes in 2024 That Will Inspire Your Team

Time Management Quotes in 2024 That Will Inspire Your Team
Time Management Quotes


That's a precious piece of gold; if you lose it, you will never have that same time again in your life.

On the other hand, now you are the hero of your own life; you have to play a crucial role here to keep it up and be motivated with the flow of time. It would be best if you acknowledged why is time management important for you and your team.

Here at Apploye, we work on time, which is one of the most precious things for a human being, and our software is keen to maintain the thing you are looking for.

Often we are very anxious about our time and the flow and the way it is behaving; yes, the thing you are thinking now, you are not alone in this dilemma; we all are in the same boat, some are for less time, some are for longer.

So we compiled a few quotes here so that you can keep your chin up with confidence and be motivated at the same time by reading these. Some say these famous time management quotes of the world's most successful and prolific people whose wise words for time management are both inspiring and uplifting. Let’s dive right into the article!

Best Time Management Quotes

Below are the top 10 famous quotes about time management said by 10 of the world’s most famous men across eras.

1. “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

Said By: English playwright, poet, and actor.

So as we saw that wasting time is one of the bad things we are doing, we often feel this is important to acknowledge, but it's sometimes late. So we should make a possible early turn on this, and we should not dare to waste any hours of life.

The epoch-maker English playwright wisely advised us to stay ahead of time for even three hours rather than to make a delay of just a second. There's no shame in attending an important session earlier than the projected time. However, being late won't do any good to anyone, no matter how worthy you think that is.

We all understand that each person's value in life varies, and based on our birthdate, we can see that this particular event is one of the most important aspects of our lives. As we develop into adults and gradually age, we must complete many tasks that we should have planned from the beginning.

Without planning, approaching life would be a bit tough, and once you are planning for something, you have done 40% of your job. That's why you should plan to attend something or do something of value earlier than the time fixed for that. If you can't do that, don't try to find excuses- it simply doesn't work.

2. “The trouble is you think you have time.”

Said By: Jack Kornfield, American author, and teacher.

This is a funny time management quote by Jack Kornfield yet it has an implicit wit. We all have this sort of goal to put our job off till later in the day so that we can rest and enjoy the day today; nevertheless, when this time rolls around, we find ourselves in a bind.

We are constantly under the impression that the ideal moment and place will present themselves and that we will be able to deliver our best work on time. In reality, we become entangled in another assignment, and we frequently experience difficulties meeting deadlines in this manner.

People who engage in these behaviors frequently experience decreased productivity at their jobs and are generally dissatisfied with their jobs. People who are punctual enough can conceptualize the actual value of time, thus, helping increase workplace productivity.

As an alternative to having them, we may all concentrate on our daily activities and create an attitude in which that specific activity will be accomplished within a specified time frame, rather than extending it for our current enjoyment; this is the worst habit we all want to break!

3. “Time is a created thing, To say, “I don’t have time is to say, ‘I don’t want to."

Said By: Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, and writer.

It is true that the great Chinese philosopher spoke everything he needed to say about the most precious thing before passing away, but this time management quote is something that cannot be expressed in a thousand pages.

The passage of time was the same here and there, but the effects were different, as were the perceptions. We are all aware of the importance of time and the effective usage of our lives.

However, we are also oblivious to the fate of our generation, which is a mistake. Before we make any excuses in our minds, we should remember that we should not overestimate our abilities based on outward appearances; while the human mind is vital to the analysis, thinking about nature is always realistic and shifter in nature.

As a result, thinking negatively will lower your management abilities. People frequently think compassionately when they are on the road since what they believe and what they explore to have a different sense of perception from what they are used to.

That’s why, never claim you don't have time to finish something when you can complete it now.

4. “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

Said By: William Penn, English writer and religious thinker.

Exceeding the speed limit without a plan is dangerous and can result in severe injury or death. It has been established that you will be highly active if you do not have a vision for your life and do not have a good strategy for the next step.

It is always a good idea to use time efficiently, and as William Penn mentioned in his inspirational remarks, there is nothing more desirable than time. We make a huge mistake in thinking that we have a lot of time on our hands, but this thinking is repetitive and recurring. It pushes you to the edge of your time limit, and suddenly you start realizing how badly you’ve conjectured the fast flow of time.

As a result, laughter, tears, and happiness should be shared, but you must recognize the value of time and use it the way you want it. It would be best to move forward with appropriate planning and continually review your plans before implementing them because they will impact your subsequent steps.

5. “Tough time never lasts, but tough people do.”

Said By: Robert H. Schuller, American pastor, motivational speaker, and author.

If you look around your area, think, is there anyone without a problem in life? Is there even one on the planet? Don't think about your next door; are they delighted with their lives? Still, they are surviving on this planet to live with the last thing they can afford in their life.

There will be difficult periods in our lives, yet we should not give up because of trivial consequences. We can move on with the best strategy we can devise; we can deal with challenges using methods we have learned throughout our lives and thus, can avoid burnout to stay productive.

Consider taking on more challenges; you will be amazed by God eventually if you can perform at your peak even when things are at their worst; remember not to give up hope at any cost. If you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you should be aware that there are options for getting out of your predicament.

If you also look at the most famous people worldwide, they are in their position just with their patience and their time management for every move. They made mistakes, and they solved that too. You should overcome all these possible obstructions in life and be successful with your definition.

6. “Time and the hour run through the roughest day.”

Said By: William Shakespeare, English playwright, poet, and actor.

There will be difficult periods in our lives, yet we should not give up because of trivial consequences. The words for time management by the great English Playwright William Shakespeare similarly prescribed to us.

We can move on with the best strategy we can devise; we can deal with challenges using strategies that we have learned throughout our lives. Consider taking on more challenges; you will be amazed by God eventually if you can perform at your peak performance even when things are at their worst; just remember not to give up hope at any cost.

If you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you should be aware that there are options for getting out of your dilemma.

7. “Punctuality is the thief of time.”

Said By: Oscar Wilde, Irish poet, and playwright.

Punctuality is defined as being on time; we are not recommending that you be on time in every element of your life today; nonetheless, you can strive to be more punctual in order to achieve more success in your life.

To get further, you can take small tactics and work on them, and to get even further, you can take multiple motivated actions all on your own. You may master your timing in order to get greater opportunities, identify what you have to gain in your life, and learn what works for you and what does not, and by doing so, you can make use of your essential timing talent. You would be more punctual if you followed the requirements that you were given throughout this step.

So, try to stay one step ahead of your allocated time in different scenarios and see how you can steal the show everywhere. Try learning and mastering the art of increasing your efficiency through different resources such as online courses, Productivity books, etc.

8. “The way we spend our time, defines who we are.”

Said By: Jonathan Estrin, American Producer, writer & actor.

Each hour, minute, and second of our lives is critical, and the way we spend them determines what and who we are as individuals. However, not all of us are good at managing the workload.

You are consistently working toward your dream, and you have a specific objective in mind as well; in order to take advantage of this, we simply need to get back on track with what we are doing.

Your identity is defined by time, which decides what and how your time should be spent; we are conditioned to neglect and fail to recognize our time in almost every part of our lives; as a result, you should be knowledgeable about time and how it should be spent.

9.“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Said By: Steve Jobs, American business magnate, industrial designer, media proprietor, and investor.

We are all familiar with Steve Jobs and what he has accomplished in his life, but few of us are familiar with the process by which he accomplished it. He dropped out of college and went on to start an amazing firm known as Apple. Jobs used all of his inventions and ideas to mold his life, and he also made his life more of a fulfillment of his dreams by putting them into action.

Always keep your attention on what you require; you will eventually discover what makes you happy and perform something that will leave you satisfied, which will eventually make you excellent.

In order to make the most of your limited time, don't be a slacker and invent something that will be useful to the rest of the population. Time budgeting will help you immensely in this regard. You may do this from anywhere, from your workplace to your study room to a lab room, and it will be appreciated by everyone.

10. “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”

Said By: John F. Kennedy, American politician & 35th US President.

We know what our most rewarding job for the day will be before we make a single move in our lives; nevertheless, we often forget what else needs to be done as a result of following this plan. To put it another way, you should spend your time living your life rather than simply following the clock.

Not the time that should be encouraging you about your life, but your own time will be nurtured. In life, we are all aware that we are working toward our objectives, but we might lose sight of this by following someone else's timetable. When we notice that others are achieving success with their timetable, we begin to follow suit, and the process becomes a vicious cycle.

It should appear as if you are following your religion and objective with your time, rather than with the time of others. You will be a master of your own time in this manner, and you will be successful in your life as well.

In a word, Time has always been your weapon. It's your choice whether you want to use the weapon for you or against you. So, learn to unveil the secrets of shifting the productivity gears upward using this important weapon for yourself and your team. If needed, change the team’s work schedule to make things more flexible and accessible.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can understand how time is essential in our lives and thereby introduce a remote work monitoring system where you can make a record of your time and productivity percentages day-wise, and this will increase productivity in our day-to-day work; it can be an office or remote job. Also, a few supporting tools will be a plus point to manage the time, such as projects, tasks, and payroll.

So, let us know in the comment section which of the above quotes crossed your mind and lifted your mood to stand up and act. Share this article with your friends to make the world more productive, just like what Apploye is doing right now!