Top 7 Time Management Activities on how to improve team productivity in 2024

Top 7 Time Management Activities on how to improve team productivity in 2024
Time Management Activities

Time is the most valuable thing in our life. On the other hand, the most important human activities are time management activities.

These can affect your life in a thousand ways to make your life easy and less complicated which will help unleash the true meaning of time management. Let's see how it works!

Think a bit about time management. Ask yourself- is time management important enough to ponder over? Time management is a learning thing we all should know. But there are a couple of people who don't care about it. As a result, they can't use their time correctly. They often think about where their time has gone so quickly. Time management plan examples in this article shall help those who think it is challenging or unimportant.

Okay, today we will be talking about some time management activities that make your life smoother than before.

This Article Contains:

  1. What Is Time Management?
  2. Why Is Time Management Important?
  3. Top 7 Time Management Activities
  4. Conclusion

What Is Time Management?

Time management is designing and maintaining the time between our activities.

Time management plan is a skill. By upgrading this skill, we can enhance our productivity and will be able to achieve our goal with less effort yet a better result. Time management activities for individuals or teams, thus, carry a lot of weight in this era of unprecedented productivity.

We all get 24 hours, but there is not enough time in a day. During this time, some people get much more done than others. Why does this happen?

The answer is "good time management," which is vital in every part of our life. To realize the true meaning of time management, it's necessary to learn why is time management important.

Why Is Time Management Important?

Time management is essential because this is the only thing that can control your day through your priorities. You can follow some techniques for proper time management.

By knowing how to manage your time, lots of benefits pop up.

So let’s get into these benefits.

Less stress

Proper time management can reduce your stress so that you don’t need to worry about your missing deadlines, office meetings, and many more office journals because you already planned your time due to your work priorities.

So it’s subtracting your stress, no doubt.

Get more done and faster

When you know the value of time management, you will get motivated to do your work more than before. As a result of your hard work, you will achieve your goal faster. Also, it will save you time for those activities you love the most.

Increase your confidence

When you reach your goal faster without any hassle, it will give you another level of confidence in yourself.

So after finishing all the to-do lists, you will improve your time management skills and take you to new work opportunities.

Top 7 Time Management Activities

Learning new things practically is more fun and effective for everyone. When it comes to time management techniques, this will help you manage your time better and make you more productive.

Remember, time management is the ability to schedule activities well, and learning how to improve team productivity requires proper time management techniques.

Let’s get deeper into time management activities for individuals to help us improve our time management skills and increase workplace productivity.

The Mayonnaise Jar

Mayonenaise Jar, a time management game

The Mayo jar lesson mainly demonstrates the importance of time and a great time management plan example. This lesson is primarily for those who are kids or students. However, this could be a great lesson for everyone who wants to go through time management training activities.

What will you need to do for this test?

  • A big empty jar
  • Some large rock
  • Sand
  • water

If you put sand first on your jar, others will not fit except the water. But your ultimate goal is to get everything into the pot. So you have to start with the big rock first, then sand and lastly water. After that, every material will fit into the jar perfectly.

This jar represents your life, and the big rocks are your most essential things. Sand is less critical than rocks but still has some value in our lives. And lastly, water is a comparatively unimportant stuff in our life.

So the lesson taught us the importance of doing the most critical task first, then the other job. This is an excellent time management tip.


86400, a Time Management game and activity

The $86,400 time management activity makes sense of using time wisely. It can be played on your own or with a group.

The rules of this time management technique are:

  • Everyone will get $86,400 to spend where they want.
  • You can spend it anywhere within a day. Otherwise, the rest of the money you will lose. You can’t bank it.
  • Tell them to write down where they would want to spend the money and for what.
  • When all the members are done, ask them where and how they spent the money.

This time management lesson plan is not about money. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. You can’t save the time for the other day, but you can spend it wisely for your betterment. During this time, you can improve yourself rather than waste it.

This activity taught us the actual value of our time and awareness of the limited time. It also helps us choose the most important task on time and complete it over the priority.

The Big Picture Challenge

Time Management game of jigsaw puzzle, where people are arranging the puzzle pieces

This big-picture challenge is another excellent time management group activity and effective time management exercise too. Make an individual group for time management activities and try this game with them.

The rules are:

  • Divide your group into a few smaller teams.
  • Give them a puzzle to solve, but don’t give them the big picture. So team members will try to solve it without knowing what the big picture looks like
  • They must be facing some difficulties. Ask them what makes the process so difficult and what they need to solve it more quickly. They will likely tell you they don’t know what they are solving, what it is supposed to look like
  • Show the big picture to them so that they can complete the task without further delay.

So this activity was getting harder without the big picture, same as our life when you want to do something without setting your goal for the day. You work limitlessly, which kills your valuable time for other tasks and will not reach your destination.

Circadian Rhythm

A clock, representing circadian rthythm

Circadian Rhythm can be played by yourself or your colleagues, or groups. It is a great activity to recognize when you are highly energetic and when you are less enthusiastic within a workday.

The rules are:

  • Give each member a piece of paper and instruct them to write down the daily routine. Start from waking up in the morning and sleeping at night.
  • Then tell them to list down at that time what is their energy level. For example, when they are “on fire,” “hungry or distracted,” “At 70%, and so on.
  • Now discuss with them about their routine.

This activity shows us the energy level during the day. So, according to this level, we can schedule our routine. This is a great time management plan example.

When the energy level is high, we can do the most crucial task. When it’s slow or distracting, we can take a rest. This helps to maximize our time better and complete the most important task first.

Time Squared

Time squared, a Time Management game

Want to identify those times you didn’t even know you could have? Time squared can help you to figure it out.

Try this fun activity by yourself and of course with your friends too. It can be an excellent choice to find your extra time and use it for a good purpose.

The rules are:

  • Take three pieces of printed paper with 24 squares. It will represent 24 hours in a day.
  • On the first page, fill out the squares with your daily activities outside of your work. For example, you watched TV for 2 hours and filled out 2 yards from the 24 courts.
  • Now time for the second page, to fill out the squares with the non-productive work in a day.
  • Include the last two pages of activities on the third page. Now you can see some empty squares that will represent productive time.

This activity helps to know how you spend your 24 hours and the rest of the empty squares you can use for any productive work. So you’ll identify where you’re wasting your time, and then you can minimize them with your work.

How long does a minute take?

Time squared, a Time Management game

Sixty seconds can be different from one and other perceptions. With this exercise, we will know how we can see and experience time differently though we all have the same amount of time.

Try this with your colleagues as it is one of the time management team-building activities. It can be either a fun game or a learnable thing for everyone.

The rules are:

  • Gather a group of people without any clock or device which shows time.
  • Tell them to stand up and close their eyes. They will have one minute. When they feel one minute is done, they have to sit down or open up their eyes.
  • What will you see? Some people open their eyes before completing one minute. Some will open them afterward.

This activity will clearly show you how everyone’s perception of time is different.

Desert Island

Desert Island, a Time Management game and activity

Desert Island will help to analyze what are the top priorities of your life. It shows your preferences and the reason for giving them top priority. This activity can be played either by yourself or with a group.

The rules are:

  • Give everyone a piece of paper and pen and tell them to write down what they will bring with them if they are trapped on a desert island.
  • Set a time of about 2 minutes. Within these 2 minutes, they have to write down.
  • They will get points if they bring essential items.
  • No points for non-essential items.

Lastly, it will help you to choose the most prioritized items first. The same goes for your life. If you choose the most valuable task first, this will give you the best value in your life. So you’ll be more careful about using your time through your priority to learn how to improve team productivity.

Wrapping it up…

Time is crucial. We often waste our time without knowing it’s a waste. The above discussion on why time management is important and the time management plan example should acquaint you with time management activities and also team building activities.

Today’s world is filled with thousands of time management tools that can drastically shift Employee Productivity Upward, help employees avoid burnout, and manage the workload proficiently.

You may also change the work schedule, arrange a remote work monitoring atmosphere via virtual office management, or apply productivity techniques like Pomodoro Timer. You can also check out various time management quotes.

Yet, self-discipline and individual-level time management won’t lose their value, and it will come first place if increasing workplace productivity is the #1 concern.

So, the above seven ways would be helpful in that case to make yourself a productive and agile individual from which your team and company can benefit.

Please share this article with your friends and family to see their thoughts. Stay productive and proactive 24/7!