Neutral time (Previously called Non-Productive time) is when a user is not being active. With Apploye, the user must have an activity every 20 seconds then it will count as active time.

Activity is calculated based on keyboard and mouse inputs. When there is no activity, it'll be considered Neutral/Inactive time. You can learn more about neutral time vs active time from this article.

According to the default settings, If your employee is Idle for 5 minutes at a stretch, i.e. doesn't have any activity for 5 minutes at once, this time will count as idle time.

If your employee doesn't have any activity for less than five minutes, for example, 1 minute, or 2 minutes, then this neutral time will not count as Idle time. To be considered "Idle Time", your employee must be inactive for at least 5 minutes at a stretch.

All Idle time is included in Neutral time. But, Neutral time that isn't more than 5 minutes at a stretch isn't considered Idle time.