Payroll shows the payable amount. Apploye calculates payroll based on the hourly rate and total time tracked by that employee. You can also send a one-time payment.

For using payroll, you need to set up the hourly pay rate first.

Setting up the pay rate

1. Go to "Members", click on "Set Pay Rate", or click on the "Actions" dropdown menu and go to "Edit Member".

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the hourly rate in the "Pay Rate" section and click on the Save button.

You are done. Now, go to "Payroll" to check employee payroll.

Payroll Section

If you want to pay for a specific amount of days, change the date range as you'd require. To check only an individual member, select the member from the "For" section.

Click on "Mark all as paid" to pay everyone at once. Or, click on the checkmark on the left side to pay separately.

If you are not seeing any data, please make sure that the timesheets have been approved (if you have timesheet approval on), or the hourly rate is set.

To send a one-time payment, go to "Send Fixed Amount". Select the member and amount and write a note to keep a record of the payment.

From History, you can check previously sent payments.

Apploye does not pay money directly to employee's bank accounts. Right now, payroll is mainly for documentation purposes. Employees will get an email about being marked as paid and the payment details.

More information

  • If you are concerned about employees tracking extra time, you can set up a weekly limit to limit the total hours employees can track per week. After this amount of time, the app will not allow tracking of any more time for that week.
  • If you want to approve employees' timesheets before sending them to payroll, you can do that from Timesheet>Approval. Check this support article on Timesheet Approval to learn more. You can change turn this on/off from Timesheets Settings> Timesheet Approval.
If you have Timesheet Approval turned on, you won't see payroll info until you approve a timesheet.
  • For keeping track of overtime,  you can create a project named "Overtime" and have employees track time with it. Then, you will need to manually adjust that.

Possible reasons for not seeing Payroll:

  1. Not adding hourly rate for that member.
  2. Timesheet approval is turned on, but you haven't approved the timesheets yet.