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Location Monitoring

No more barriers in monitoring mobile teams

Expel the barriers of communication with your remote teams using field service GPS location tracker. Constant observation of your team lets you plan out the areas you need to improvise for more progress and growth.

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Apploye’s GPS tracker-
a command center for the team

Apploye unites all the employees of both indoor and outdoor teams and acts as a command center. You don’t need to worry anymore about monitoring the teams or employees that are out of your sight

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The easy clock in and out function

The clock in and out feature makes it easy to record the starting time and ending time. It also allows you to turn it off when you take a break.

Easily accessible features GPS location tracker provides

  • Track outdoor employee location and their whereabouts.
  • Monitor working hours and attendance without a hassle.
  • Reassures about the progress level of remote teams.
  • Download GPS location tracker on iOS and Android app.

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