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What is Apploye?

Apploye is a time tracking software with more than 100 advanced features that makes a complete employee management package. Using this tool anyone can get the report on the personal and team members’ work hours with every detail. Few intuitive features of time reporting are highlighted below.

Advanced time reporting features of Apploye

Apploye has more than 100 features for better personal and employee time management. Let's know how helpful time reporting features of Apploye is:

Dashboard as a command center

Apploye's dashboard gives you insight into your team members' work hours. See what you can check from the Dashboard:

  1. Employees' total time with top performer serial based on time log.
  2. Top performer list based on activity level
  3. Total time spent on ongoing projects
  4. Total time spent on ongoing tasks.
  5. Weekly timesheet containing total work hours of the organization

Apploye allows you to check the time spent by the team members on a project. If you have budgeted the project with hours, you can see the total time spent and the remaining time.


Task time reporting

It is easy to track the time spent on a specific task that helps in better time estimation once the same task is undertaken next time. If you have already set the task completion report, it becomes easier to know the task's progress.


Timesheet report

From Apploye, you will get the timesheet report daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and custom date basis. Let's explore timesheet reports.

Daily timesheet report

Know how much time an employee has worked in a day. You can also know the breakdown based on if an employee worked on multiple projects or tasks in a day. Idle time report is also recorded if the employee is out of work for a certain time.


Weekly timesheet report

Want to know how much time an employee has worked in a week? Apploye lets you know from the daily timesheets, and also you can see the total work hours of a week.


Bi-weekly timesheet

Besides the weekly timesheet, Apploye lets you know the bi-weekly timesheet of the employees.


Monthly timesheet report

Employers are much concerned about the monthly timesheet of the employees. No more manual calculation of timesheets. Apploye can help you know the total work hours of your team members.


Custom date timesheet report

This is another cool timesheet feature of Apploye. If you want to see the total work hours of your employees in a definite time range. Select the start and end date; Apploye will show you the total work hours report.


Advance time report with export facility

Check the time report of your employees to know the detailed activities during work hours. Let's see what is there in the report section of Apploye:

i. Time and activity report: Know your employees' detailed time and activity report. It will show productive and non-productive time in total work hours.


This report section has other advanced features like:


Graphical representation of employees' productivity. You get the scope to compare the performance of your team members based on activity level.


Export time and activity report in pdf or excel format for further use.


ii. Manual time entry report

Get the details of manual time entries if there are any. Employees may forget to start the Apploye app. This feature allows the employee to add time with perfect cause. These entries can be exported for further justifications.


Apps and Urls usage report:

This employee monitoring feature lets you know your team members' time spent in different apps and websites. So, this tracking feature prevents employees from visiting unnecessary websites or using apps unrelated to work, mainly social media and online shopping.


Start time reporting with Apploye

It's straightforward to get started with the Apploye timesheet app.

  1. Create an Apploye account and complete the getting started process.
  2. Use the invitation link to invite your employees and ask them to become a part of your organization. They can also join using the organization's code.
  3. Ask your employees to install the Apploye desktop app. For outdoor employees they need to use Apploye mobile app.
  4. Ask your employees to start the Apploye app once they start working.

This is all done with the set up. Now you can check Apploye web app to check all the time reports.

Time reporting across devices

Apploye supports the following platforms to keep the record of employees’ work hours.








iOS(coming soon)


Chrome extension(coming soon)

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