Top 11 Tsheets Alternatives in 2022-Apploye

11 best Tsheets alternatives 1. Apploye 2. BigTime 3. My Hours 4. ClockShark 5. When I Work 6.Boomr 7. Harvest 8.Buddy Punch 9.Quinyx 10.Journyx 11.Time Doctor

Tsheets is a famous time tracking, payroll, and invoicing software. It provides a fast, easy, and smart solution to business organizations.

If you are already a Tsheets user, you probably know the limitations of this app. If you are not, you might be a deep digger in the time tracking and monitoring field.

Are you looking for the Tsheets alternatives for a better and resourceful solution?

We will give an insightful discussion about the alternatives of Tsheets. Stay with us till the end.

The alternatives to Tsheets

Let’s check out the list below that contains the Top 11 alternatives to Tsheets. They are-

  1. Apploye

  2. BigTime

  3. My Hours

  4. ClockShark

  5. When I Work

  6. Boomr

  7. Harvest

  8. Buddy Punch

  9. Quinyx

  10. Journyx

  11. Time Doctor

1. Apploye

Tsheets Alternatives Apploye

Apploye is all-in-one time tracking, employee monitoring, scheduling, and payroll management software. It not only helps the organizations to detect the productivity lacking but also eases the solution procedure.

It assures maximum employee engagement and the roadblocks against their productivity. You can split your large projects into required tasks and simplify your work as your need basis.

It can be an alternative to Tsheets by its features, interface, and price. Enjoy your work with your mates by using Apploye. Be on track and energetic within time.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- automatic with the start/stop timer, manual time entry, and offline tracking.

  • Online timesheet- daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly records with customization.

  • Employee monitoring- activity tracking, screenshots, apps, and website tracking.

  • GPS tracker- tracking the attendance of outdoor employees.

  • Employee scheduling- managing holidays, shifting duties, leave, and attendance tracking.

  • Payroll- hourly payment or a one-time payment, billing, and invoicing.

  • Project and task- project hours tracking and project mapping,

  • Deployment- Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and Web.


  • The time tracking and employee monitoring give you accurate productivity analytics about your personal, employees, and organizational effort.

  • The dashboard is easy to understand and comprehensible.

  • You can identify the least active workers, projects, and tasks. Motivate those workers with the activity level reports, mark the least worked projects, and improve them.

  • It is easy to use, straightforward, and has a user-friendly interface.


  • Other app integrations are limited.

  • The iOS support is on the beta test.


  • Solo: $4 per user per month

  • Standard: $5 per user per month

  • Premium: $6 per user per month

  • Elite: $7 per user per month


Why would Apploye be the alternative of Tsheets?

Tsheets has some problems. Apploye can quickly eliminate those problems. Moreover, Apploye can add extra benefits to your business.

Employee monitoring: The employee monitoring of Tsheets is not sufficient. It has a lack of screenshot monitoring and keystroke tracking. On the contrary, the monitoring support of Apploye has a complete set of features to observe the movement, productivity, and working capability of each employee.

Easy user interface: Apploye has an easy app to use. You can choose the project and task and start the timer. The data synchronizes with the server automatically. Tsheets has a minor problem to sync into the server. The clock-in and out functionality have an error.

Scheduling: Apploye offers easy scheduling to its users. It is beneficial to line up the employees and control the workflow. Tsheets' schedule is more complex to use.

Pricing: One of the major factors visible between Tsheets and Apploye is their pricing details. Tsheets pricing is much costly than Apploye pricing.

2. BigTime

Tsheets Alternatives BigTime

BigTime is a cloud-based time tracking app that helps the remote teams to be aligned. It is used for team collaboration systematically. You can achieve the desired productivity by standard workflow and leadership.

It has many versatile features useful for project and team management, resource planning, tracking, and monitoring. It can easily alter the Tsheets.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- DCAA time tracking, automatic tracking, customizable timesheet,

  • Expense tracking- integrated expense tracker, credit card charge capture, flexible invoicing,

  • Review workflows- review timesheet, expense reports approval, project progress acceleration,

  • Project management- budget and task tracking, Gantt Charts, due date, and workflow management,

  • Integrations- Salesforce, Slack, Lacerte, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, Web.


  • It is rich in useful features and easy to use.

  • The customization of reports is very supportive of the team.

  • The billing and invoicing are secure, and customer support is very responsive.


  • The mobile app has limited features.

  • The integration is a little bit problematic.

  • The monthly view is missing for the timesheet.


  • Express costs $10 per user per month.

  • Pro is $30 per user per month.

  • Premier is $40 per user per month.


3. My Hours

Tsheets Alternatives My hours

If you search for the free Tsheets alternatives, My Hours could be an excellent suggestion for you. It is useful for individual use or team use. You can track your working hours, manage projects, and clients.

It provides insightful, high-level reports, invoicing software facilities, and team management. Run your business efficiently without any hassle with My Hours.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- billable hours tracking, project and task tracking, timer,

  • Reports- detailed reports, save and schedule email reports,

  • Project management- create a project budget and templates, delegate tasks,

  • Integrations- Quickbooks, Zapier, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, Web.


  • Project-based time tracking and project management are very intuitive.

  • You can easily handle your clients through this app.

  • The free version is sufficient for the individual or small team.


  • Setting up new clients is troublesome.

  • It has very limited integrations.

  • The reporting system needs modification.


  • It is free for individual or small startups

  • Pro is $7 per user per month.


4. ClockShark

Tsheets Alternatives ClockShark

ClockShark is all-in-one employee tracking, payroll, and scheduling software. It is used to manage the office employees, field workers, and franchises. It eliminates the hassle of paper timesheets rather than provides a faster solution to supervise all the business's ins and outs.

You can schedule your employees without calling or texting them. It has reminders and alerts with the notification.

Key Features

  • Time tracker- time clock, clock-in and out, biometric recognition,

  • Employee scheduling- easy and simple scheduling, easy drag and drop,

  • Reports- timesheet, time, job costing, reports,

  • Integrations- Xero, ADP, Sage, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, and Web.


  • The mobile app is rich in features with offline tracking.

  • The scheduling is quite fantastic and easy.

  • The app is very intuitive and provides real-time data.


  • The accounting system needs improvement.

  • The synchronization with the server takes time.

  • The file adding is not up to the mark.


  • Basic costs $3 per user per month.

  • Standard costs $6 per user per month.

  • Pro costs $8 per user per month.


5. When I Work

Tsheets Alternatives When I work

When I Work is scheduling software for team management, accountability, communication, and empowerment. It helps to reduce chaos with smart scheduling and time tracking.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- time clock, timesheet editing, and management,

  • Employee scheduling- shift management, trade shifts, time off,

  • Team management- 1-on-1 communication, easy group messaging, instant notification,

  • Integrations- Square, ActiveHours, Ultimate Software, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, Web.


  • The timesheet view is comprehensible and easy to use.

  • You can schedule employees for multiple jobs.

  • The mobile app is convenient and user-friendly.


  • The schedule format is sometimes problematic.

  • The free version has a very limited edition of features.

  • Clock-in and clock-out create trouble.


  • The app is free for one user.

  • The basic is $1.50 per user per month.

  • Pro costs $2.25 per user per month.

  • Enterprise is customizable.


6. Boomr

Tsheets Alternatives Boomr

Boomr focuses on easy timesheet management, hassle-free payroll, and accounting. It suits all the businesses of all sizes. It offers real-time monitoring, payroll reports, alerts, project, and overtime tracking.

You can manage your workforce by automating the procedure of text, notifications, emails, clock in and out. Get error-free time records and shift management.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- easy clock-in and clock-out, Geo-stamped timekeeping, timecards,

  • Payroll- budget tracking, payroll and invoicing,

  • Reports- error-free records, timesheet, productivity and payroll reports,

  • Integrations- Xero, Namely, ADP, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, and Web.


  • The time off and automatic alerts are amazing.

  • The reports and payroll management are well- functioned and handy.

  • The mobile application is rich in features.


  • It sometimes makes trouble in the clock in and out.

  • There is no desktop application.

  • It is a little bit problematic in count shifting.


  • The Standard is $5 per user per month.

  • Business is $9 per user per month.


7. Harvest

Tsheets Alternatives Harvest

Harvest has gained some acknowledgment in the marketplace because of having some qualities. The automatic reminders, team scheduling, project progress tracking, expense, billable hours tracking, and invoicing make this software user-oriented.

It provides a time tracking system with start and stops timers with easily accessible timesheets. You can add notes, track your working hours for specific client, project, and task. Track expenses with photo receipts and work without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- billable, and non-billable hours tracking, timesheet.

  • Expense tracking- billing and invoicing, expense tracking,

  • Integrations- Trello, Github, Slack, etc.

  • Deployment- Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Web.


  • The project-based time tracking is easy with Harvest.

  • The calendar integration is so spontaneous that there is no chance of missing any schedule.

  • Expense monitoring is precise and congenial.


  • The user interface may find a little bit complicated to use.

  • The project management feature needs some improvements.

  • The mobile application is not friendly to use.


  • Free for one person with two projects.

  • Pro costs $12 per user per month.


8. Buddy Punch

Tsheets Alternatives Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch offers an online punch clock, employee time tracking, and payroll. It helps to review and analyze the employee timesheet and their activity during the working time.

You can also control the multiple employees living in various locations and synchronize the workflow. The system is extremely flexible and blends with your system effectively.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- online timeclock, overtime calculation,

  • Attendance tracking- vacation and leave tracking, time off,

  • Scheduling- drag, and drop functionality, mobile scheduling,

  • Integrations- Zapier, ADP, Gusto, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, and Web.


  • It calculates overtime accurately.

  • The mobile app works amazingly.

  • The punch-in/punch-out works excellent.


  • The reports are not flexible.

  • The schedule needs more improvement.

  • The time entry is hard to edit.


  • Time and attendance tracking cost $29 per month.

  • Time, attendance, and scheduling are $39 per month.

  • They offer additional plans for 200 employees.


9. Quinyx

Tsheets Alternatives Quinyx

The ultimate goal of Quinyx is to provide a simple solution for workforce management. You can optimize your business policy with time and attendance tracking, scheduling, forecasting, and insightful reports.

It is flexible and smart with intelligent AI. It ensures employee engagement with real-time communication, surveys, and analytics.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- automatic time capture, mobile punch, timesheet,

  • Attendance tracking- vacation and leave tracking, overtime calculation,

  • Scheduling- shift swapping, staff management,

  • Integrations- Zebra, Sage, Unit4, etc.

  • Deployment- Android, iOS, and Web.


  • The scheduling is professional and straightforward.

  • It provides a mobile punch-in and punch-out option.

  • The web interface is quite intuitive.


  • The drag and drop are sometimes troublesome to use.

  • The shift interface is a little bit messy.

  • Sometimes it works slowly while fetching data.


  • For pricing, contact the vendor.


10. Journyx

Tsheets Alternatives Journyx

Journyx saves your valuable time by providing streamline timesheet, employee tracking, and resource management. It handles complex projects and schedules and enables capacity planning. You can track the budgetary estimation, project cost, and project timeline.

It is an excellent tool for all types of business organizations and agencies. It can be a great alternative to Tsheets. You can use it in your device and work seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- billable hours tracking, absence tracking, time tracking by projects or clients,

  • Expense tracking- billing, automatic payroll, project budget tracking,

  • Project monitoring- project planning and forecasting, project cost estimation, project status checking,

  • Integrations-HRS, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Paychex, etc.

  • Deployment- Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Web.


  • The time tracking for a specific client and expense tracking is straightforward.

  • Project management is very powerful and comprehensive.

  • The employee timesheet is excellent and detailed.


  • The interface is not enough intuitive.

  • The quality of reports needs improvement.

  • The dashboard is needed to be more organized.


The price is negotiable with the owner.


11. Time Doctor

Tsheets Alternatives Time Doctor

Time Doctor can be one of the best alternatives of Tsheets. It increases employee focus, provides time tracking, and focuses on productivity analysis. The employees’ timesheet analytics adds an extra level in the monitoring system.

It shows the comprehensive reports with the breakdown of time in the specific project, task, and clients. Control and supervise your employees and stay on the productivity track.

Key Features

  • Time tracking- project time tracking along with automatic tracking,

  • Employee monitoring- screenshots, video recording, keyboard and mouse activity tracking, app and web tracking,

  • Reports- activity, time, productivity, app and web used reports,

  • Integrations-Jira, Asana, Trello, Zoho, Slack, etc.

  • Deployment-Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and Web.


  • It has a pop-up alert if any user would sit idly or waste time.

  • The productivity analysis features and reports are very useful.

  • The reports are extensive and can be shared to CSV or XLS format.


  • It is more suited to the team than the individuals.

  • The customization service is not up to the mark.

  • The mobile version needs more improvement.


  • Basic costs $7 per user per month.

  • The Standard is $10 per user per month.

  • Premium costs $20 per user per month.


Which of the Tsheets alternatives have you loved most?

There are the best 11 Tsheets alternatives that have been suggested. All have distinct features and proficiency to work. If you read the article carefully you would probably find that some are suitable for start-ups while some may help the large enterprises.

Among them, you may consider Apploye for being an easy, smart, and reasonable. Also, check out others. We love to hear about your response.

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