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Use Apploye Time Tracker with Screenshots to see how employees are using their time. Track activity, take multiple screenshots, and apps usage monitoring to know when someone is really working or loafing.

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How It Works?

  • The software is designed to take up to 3 screenshots of the user’s computer screen every 10 minutes once they start the desktop timer
  • Users are notified with a little pop-up notification when a screenshot is taken
  • Users can create notes for each screenshot time frame
  • Managers can log into a web app and check the screenshots based on time, project & tasks

Features to track time efficiently with screenshots

Screenshot capture Notes

Users can add notes on the specified screenshot so that they are taken into account when necessary. They can write the reason why the screenshot is showing a non-productive task, or why the activity percentage is low. They can also add any specific remarks about the task as a note.

Apploye screenshot capture notes

Up to 3 Random computer screenshots every 10 minutes

The Apploye desktop timer takes a screenshot every 10 minutes at random. Additionally, you can change the frequency of the screenshots from settings, to take up to 3 screenshots per 10 minutes.

Apploye time tracker random screenshot feature

Support multiple monitors

Do you have heavy-duty employees who love using multiple monitors? Developers and designers like to have multiple monitors Apploye allows you to monitor multiple screens together, so we got you covered.

Apploye screenshot capture multiple moniotrs

Advanced Screenshot Control

Whether you want to stop users from deleting screenshots, or not require permission to take instant screenshots, you can easily customize it. You can also disable screenshots for the whole organization, or stop tracking any individual member.

live time tracking screenshot settings

Instant Screenshots

Besides random screenshots, what if you want to know about what your employee is doing right now? No worries, you can take an Instant screenshot at this moment to know exactly what is being shown on the employee screen.

capture instant screenshots with time tracking

Live Feed

Live Feed shows when employees are online and what tasks they are working on right now. All the data will be shown in real-time. You can also check their latest start time. Instant Screenshots can be accessed from the Live Feed page.

Apploye time tracker random screenshot feature

Features to Improve Employee productivity

Productivity Tracking

Apploye tracks activity levels based on the user’s interaction with the keyboard & mouse.

Check out what percentage of your employees are keyboard warriors, mouse mavens and touch typists to get a good idea on how they spend their time at work.

Apploye schreenshot activity tracking

Apps Tracking

Keep track of how much time your employees spend on each app & software. It helps managers to create the right decision on resource allocation.

Apploye apps time tracking

URLs Tracking

Keep track of the URLs your employees visit to ensure they don't go over their allotted time.

Tracking which websites employees visit and how long they spend on them allows you to not only monitor whether or not they are overusing specific sites, but also to keep an eye out for any unusual activity.

Apploye urls time tracking

Easy & Detailed Reporting

Apploye Time Tracker with Screenshots capture automatically generate visual reports of all tracked time.

You will get a clear picture of your employee’s work from start to completion, including what they were doing and how much time was spent on it at each step. So you can be sure that your staff is putting their time to good use and not wasting it away with non-work-related activities.

Apploye time tracker detailed reporting

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The Ultimate Guide to Time Tracking software With Screenshots

Time Tracking Software is now used by almost all result-oriented organizations.

The way we track our time has evolved as well, thanks to technological advancements. Gone are the days of "filing away" hours on a date sheet or punch card; today's forward-thinking businesses rely on smart software like Apploye 😎.

Apploye Time tracker with employee screen monitor with accurate hour tracking, openness in productivity tracking, and an evidence trail in the event that any doubts regarding what employees did during work hours arise (and not wasting them ⏲️).

It used to be considered a good thing to have, but with all the discussion about efficiency & remote teams these days, everyone wants it! So why waste time rummaging through old files when you can just sign up for Apploye.

Guide Topics

Why do I need to use a Time tracker with Screenshots software for my business?

1. Employee screenshot monitoring drives productivity especially for remote and virtual teams

Any company's main objective should be to keep its staff motivated. Using remote employee monitoring software one of the simplest methods to increase workplace productivity productivity, and it may also help you avoid any unaccounted-for hours, such as when someone is on social media instead of working.

There are numerous advantages to time tracking with screenshots, including checking who is online at all times (or not), providing clear evidence of how much productive vs. unproductive work each person does to ensure that everyone has an equal chance at success, and, most importantly, it drives productivity! 🎉

It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 50 employees; leveraging screenshots and time tracking will help you achieve your goal faster ! Time recorder app will boost the productivity of your team.

2. Tracking task time & project budgeting

Time management is more challenging for remote employees than for those who work in the same facility. While establishing trust and setting expectations takes time, there are methods you as a manager can expedite the process by using screenshots time tracking for each individual task, and defining a project budget accordingly. This transparency will aid in the acceleration of projects while also ensuring that each work is executed according to specification!

3.Workers that are stalled in a task can be tracked using automatic screenshots

The sophisticated time tracking app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux time tracking can be made available to your entire organization or to individual employees. Tell them you're going to use a employee monitoring software beforehand, and see how their productivity increases. 📈

What is the ROI of such time tracking tactics in monetary value?

After using a system like Apploye you should expect an estimated 20% jump in employee productivity. This means 20% more work done across your projects.

As we all know, the demographic difference can be a reason for salary variation; here is an illustration of three different cases that depict how business owners can benefit from time tracking software .

Case-01 (Low-Income regions)
Case-02 (Middle-Income regions)
Case-03 (High Incomeregions)
20% Extra Output using Apploye in Dollar terms
Price of Apploye (Monthly Elite Plan)
Monthly ROI from Apploye Subscription purchase
DemographiesSalary20% Extra Output using Apploye in Dollar termsPrice of Apploye (Monthly Elite Plan)Monthly ROI from Apploye Subscription purchase
Case-01 (Low-Income regions)$500$100$71428.57%
Case-02 (Middle-Income regions)$1500 $300$74285.71%
Case-03 (High-Income regions)$4000 $800$711428.57%

The above table shows us how a business owner can heavily be benefited from using Apploye as we can see that in low-income countries (Case-01), the ROI could be a staggering 1428.57% where in the high-income countries it could be above 11400%! 👌

Screenshot taking interval

Apploye captures your screen randomly at a 10 minutes interval. That means you can get 6 screenshots in a row in 1 hour. If you want more screenshots 📸, you can change the rate of screenshots to get up to 3 screenshots in 10 minutes, i.e 18 screenshots in 1 hour.

Which industries use Time tracker with screenshot most ?

  • Remote Work
  • Virtual assistants
  • Agencies
  • Developers
  • Recruitment firms
  • Offshore outsourcing & teleworkers
  • Ecommerce & online sellers
  • Software companies
  • Startups
  • Law firm
  • Call centers

Other associated features that helps you run smoother remote company

Along with the screenshots, you can avail more advanced features like multiple screen monitoring, the activity level on that specific period, screenshots notes, applications and website tracking, productivity percentage and many more 🎁.

Where do you store the screenshots? Is my data safe ?

Apploye uses AWS enterprise grade cloud where your data is stored safely. You data are completely safe as we maintain high security standards 🔒.

How do I choose a time tracker with screenshot capture features?

First, you need to ask yourself a question: What are your objectives for using a time tracker with screenshots ? Which solution is optimal depends on the makeup of your team and whether or not you require specific functionality. There is an upfront cost, but if it meets the needs of both the company and the employee in terms of how much time is invested in its use, the price may be worth it! Few time trackers like TimeCamp might offer a free plan, but those are very limited to be of any use.

In the later part of this blog, we’ll be discussing some alternative time tracking software with screenshots that you could consider besides Apploye to implement in your business. After comparing a few renowned time tracking software in the market, we can proudly name Apploye as the best time tracking software as it offers more than a hundred valuable features but giving them to the customer at a significantly lower price 💰.

What are the costs of time tracking software with screenshots?

The following table represents the costs of some of the most advanced time tracking software in the market.

Time tracking SoftwarePricing
Apploye $3.5 per user annually and $7 per user monthly.
Hubstaff $10 per user monthly
Desktime $10 per user monthly
Timedoctor $10 per user monthly
Timecamp $10 per user monthly

The above table shows us why choosing Apploye for your business is a cost-effective decision. Its annual plan can save you up to 50% while choosing the monthly plan isn’t so expensive at all 💸.

Is there a “ free time tracker with screenshots” ??

Developing these features requires complex problem solving and troubleshooting of desktop apps, high cloud storage to store images and mostly ongoing live support & maintenance. So you will rarely find any free time tracking with screenshot software in the market. However, Apploye has a 10-day free trial that you can leverage to see if there is any benefit to such time tracking at all or not. We believe 10 days is an optimum amount of time for you to really come out with a conclusion about whether such an investment is worth it for your company or not.

How do I introduce screenshots tracking software to my team?

Screen capture based time tracking has various applications, yet it may appear disturbing to others. However, if implemented effectively, this functionality can serve as the first step toward enhanced managerial openness and trust—exactly what we're trying 🎯! Here are three ways you can use screenshots without feeling creeped out:

1. It is critical to skim rather than scrutinize.

It is not required to investigate further if an employee is observed doing personal, non-work-related items during office hours. Don't go into too much detail; you've got proof, so that should suffice! Trying to get under their skin lowers your image in the team and micromanagement is not an option if you want to build up a long-lasting reputation.

2. Have sympathy towards your employees

Do not treat your personnel as though they are a group of robots. You can't monitor every move they make, and attempting to do so will eventually get on your employees' nerves; this is especially true in the long run, because excessive control leads to higher rates of stress symptoms (including anxiety) among employees, lowering productivity over time! So relax for a little - no one enjoys having someone watching their every move all day.

3. Communicate as soon as possible

Don't keep your team in the dark by announcing that you're turning on the screenshot feature right now then disappearing afterward. Because your new type of employee screen monitoring may be difficult to accept, it's essential that you inform them relatively soon about why this is happening, as well as offer them some time to get used to the idea while also answering their questions or concerns if anything arises later when they have more information. So make your point heard! Be approachable to all parties involved—trust is necessary, after all: Employees require assurance from management on how data will be handled so that they may do a productive job while ensuring privacy at all times.

How do I start using Apploye?

The decision to begin monitoring personnel in the workplace is based on the structure of your team, its goals, and the importance you place on productivity. It's never been easier with time tracker with screenshots like Apploye because as technology advances, so does our understanding of how best to meet an organization's needs with this type of employee screenshot monitoring tool that ensures all available information is neatly organized into one platform from which decisions can flow freely towards increased efficiency in any operation!

To start using Apploye, first go to the Signup Page Confirm your email and then, create an organization or join an existing one. Select the pricing plan that suits your workforce the most (Solo, Standard, Premium, Elite). Get started with opening a new project! Thats it! Its simple, easy and super-quick! 🎆

We are offering you a free 10-day trial. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to activate the Apploye trial under any plan. No credit card is required.

There are four different pricing plans for Apploye. As you’re considering a time tracker with screenshots, which one suits your organization the most?

To learn more about Apploye pricing, you can go through the pricing page.

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