Monitor Your Employees, Sitting At Your Place

Keystroke tracking, app and URLs monitoring and screenshots make the monitoring service conducive. Ensure the best employee engagement and avoid unproductive time waste in your company.


See which apps are used by your employees without breaching their privacy


Random screenshots provide an instant preview of your employees’ activity in each 10 minutes interval


Records indefinite number of URLs visited by your employees throughout the day


Break the barriers of confinement with Apploye’s GPS Location Tracker. It helps in locating your remote employees at any time.

Discover how Apploye improves your productivity level spontaneously
Employee’s Screen Invigilator
Monitor your employee’s activity and improve transparency by getting consecutive screenshots with a fixed time interval.
Apploye runs on Mac, Windows, Linux & Android
#1 Intelligent time tracking app for in office, mobile and remote teams.
Observe the footmark
Don’t get bothered to observe the outdoor employees. Track the real-time location of your employees.
Manage Scattered Employees Across Single and Multiple Locations
Track the real time location of your employees at any point of time, measure their efficiency and manage them accordingly.

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Your time management solution is here with a timesheet, reports and monitoring.

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