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By hiring remote employees, you get the scope to acquire the best talents from all over the world and minimize office costs. However, monitoring remote employees and tracking their work progress is not easy. No worries, you can now monitor your remote workers' every task with time spent using a premium time tracking tool Apploye.

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Apploye Time Tracker Features for remote worker monitoring

You deserve to get the best output from your remote employees. Apploye Time Tracker will assist you all the way to keep your remote team more productive and efficient. Check the following features of Apploye to get more insights.

Monitor remote employees’ work time and activities with Apploye Time Tracker.

Know where your remote employees are utilizing their time and monitor them more efficiently.

Time tracking

Get insights into the time spent by your remote employees on different tasks. It improves remote employees accountability.

Employee desktop screenshots

Check the spent time of your remote workers in different tasks. Random screenshots taken by Apploye will give you more assurance of your employees' activities.

Apps UsageTracking

There is no need to ask your remote workers about what apps they are using. Using Apploye Time Tracker, you get the detailed time logs of your remote employees on different apps and notify them if you find any anomaly.

URLs tracking

No more worries about the websites your remote employees are visiting during work time. With Apploye Time Tracker, you get the scope to know which URLs your remote employees are visiting.

GPS and Location track

For monitoring field employees, you can locate their position via GPS, can track time in the job location, and employees can put any location note if necessary.

Automatic timesheet calculation

No more manual calculation of timesheets using excel, google sheet or different timesheet calculators. Apploye is there to calculate your remote employees' daily, weekly, monthly or custom dates timesheets based on their time logs.

Comprehensive Reports of Your Remote Employees' Actions

Detailed time and activity report

Get a detailed report of your remote employees' activities with time spent in different apps and websites with manual time entry in a single place. Generate report in pdf or excel to analyze further.

Apps and URL Usage Report

Get a detailed report of the apps used and URLs visited by your remote employees. You will get the detailed time spent on different apps and websites as well.

Comprehensive Reports of Your Remote Employees' Productivity

You are definitely concerned about the productivity of your remote workers. Here is how Apploye is going to assist you.

Remote employees' performance

Get an overall idea of your remote workers or work from home employees working on the same task or project from Apploye Time Tracker's Dashboard. You get the scope to compare the performances among the remote employees.

Productivity monitoring

Apploye Time Tracker measures productivity based on the users' interaction with the keyboard and mouse. You can get an idea of your remote employees productivity.

More important features of Apploye Time Tracker for remote employee monitoring.

Task Management

Assign tasks to your remote employees and know the time spent with Apploye.

Projects & Budgeting

Create projects and assign employees to them, allocate budget per project, see the details based on cost and time spent and export the project report for evaluation.

Clients & Invoice

Assign projects to the clients, generate invoices for their work and add custom tasks and discounts.

Teams & Members

Create remote teams and add remote employees to your organization and delegate the tasks to them.

Payroll Management

Manage your remote employees’ payroll according to the pay rate you set, whether hourly payment or fixed.

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Employee Monitoring & Remote Worker Time Tracking

There are many benefits of hiring remote employees as it provides the versatility of acquiring the best-fit candidates worldwide. Remote workers can bring diversity, brainchild better ideas, and be efficient enough to withstand business operation pressures.

In 2022, remote or virtual teams will become more prevalent. Indeed, by 2030, it is expected that there will be 255 million remote workers.

Being a business owner, you can also reduce the office management cost and leverage that for other works.

Guide Topics

Benefits of hiring remote employees

1. Gain from the global talent pool

Recruiting remote employees opens the door to a massive chunk of global talents. Behemoth corporate giants like Apple, Google, IBM hires people across the globe to give a shot to a diversified pool of talent and ideas which ultimately helps them grow larger and larger.

2. Reduce employee churn rate

According to statistics, 51% of workers would switch jobs to work from home. So, that's your point to make the breakthrough. Recruit remote employees to get a happy workforce, and if you are concerned about how to track employees working from home, there are many remote employee trackers available.

3. Employees can eliminate the cost of commuting

Remote workers can avoid the hassle of commuting which ultimately helps them save time and spend more time with the family members. So, ultimately it helps them stay happy and be more productive, which, as an employer, you won't dislike.

4. Let your employees save extra money

Working from home is likely to save over $4K per year, enough for two months' worth of house payments or other essentials. Thinking from an employees perspective, this is an amazing gain. So, leverage that by hiring remote workers who love to work from home.

5. Employees can design their customized work atmosphere.

Flexibility is a soothing term in the fast-paced corporate culture. Designing the workplace according to one's wish could be a significant factor in boosting productivity. So, recruiting remote talents who like to work from their place could help an organization get the best out of the employee.

6. Cut down on office costs.

The office expenditure is a significant cost item in companies' balance sheet which can be reduced considerably. Recruiting remote employees can help companies reduce this cost and deploy the saved quantity in any other field where required.

7. Get a more diverse group of professionals to your strength.

You obtain deep knowledge on many aspects of your profession when you bring together people from different cultures, countries, faiths, and lifestyles. You can reach out to more people afraid to attend face-to-face interviews by hiring remote workers and being open to diversity.

8. Employees get scopes to raise the productivity bar.

According to Forbes, remote workers are 35 to 40% more productive than those who work in an office. An office, in general, could be full of chaos and distraction due to the presence of a lot of people, which might obstruct the workflow of a motivated employee. Recruiting him as a remote worker might help him increase his output.

9. Environmentally responsible, so recruit remote workers!

In the age of devastating climate crisis, being environmentally sensitive is the smartest thing you can do. Recruit remote employees instead of in-hose workers to reduce carbon emissions and ecological pollution, eliminating worldwide environmental imbalance.

10. Work-life balance

Working from home helps the employees to get more time in their personal life as they needn't spend time behind dressing up, waiting for the bus and getting stuck in a traffic jam. Thus they can ensure work-life balance.

11. Get rid of the morning rush.

Typically people have to rush at the beginning of the day to catch the office. It's the time of the day; they face problems getting up, freshening up and getting ready for the office. Remote workers don't face the hassle as they needn't go through this kind of stuff, which might drain energy at the very outset of the day.

12. Reduce the absent count drastically

According to new research, employees who are allowed to work from home take three times fewer sick days than those who are not allowed to work from home. So, you can reduce absenteeism in your organization if you choose remote workers to strengthen the workforce.

With lots of advantages of remote employee hiring, there are some common problems that may arise in your workplace:

  • Tracking the time spent on the tasks by remote workers
  • Tracking the progress of the tasks
  • Time zone issues as remote working involves workers from diversified territories
  • Finding out the real productivity rate of the remote employees
  • Tracking the usage of apps and websites not related to work
  • Excessive use of social media and distracting websites
  • Attendance management of the work from home employees
  • Payment calculation of the hourly payment based remote employees
  • Assigning multiple workers to the same tasks
  • These are some of the common issues that employers face while recruiting remote employees in their business.

    A new survey on workplace distractions from Mopria Alliance showed that today's employees experience 77 distractions a week on average, or one distraction every 31 minutes. Again as 29% of fully remote employees report feeling burned out on a frequent or constant basis, it’s very natural to be distracted to get some respite at work.

    So, you need to monitor your remote employees efficiently to ensure maximum productivity from them. It requires a systematic approach to do so.

    Remote employee monitoring best practices

    As an employer, you have the right to monitor and track task progress with the time utilization of your remote employees. It would help if you kept in mind that monitoring should not cause employee stress or distress.

    Monitoring remote employees shouldn’t be bothering, or it shouldn’t possess micromanagement traits. It should be organized, flexible and friendly.

    We have enlisted some important best practices to help you with the best guidelines to monitor remote employees in your organization.

    1. Prepare an employee monitoring policy.

    You should prepare a clear and transparent policy pertaining to remote employee monitoring. Your policy should include the following:

  • How you will conduct the remote employee monitoring
  • Purpose of remote employee monitoring
  • How you will ensure the data privacy of the remote employees
  • What are the tools you are going to use to monitor your employees?
  • However, make sure that your employees understand and agree with the policy before they start working for you. This policy will help you to avoid some unwanted situations later.

    2. Enlist the prohibited software or tools

    Remote employees are not working in front of you in your office premises. So, you don’t really know what they are doing during the work. For remote workers, there comes the reason for work distractions with flexibility. Commonly, remote workers may go out of track and start using software, apps, or social media unrelated to work.

    Remote workers may work from home, favorite couch with complete relaxation contrary to what happens in an office environment. So, they might be distracted by the calling bell sound, children, even the ongoing TV shows. Whereas you don’t have much control over some of these factors, you can still enlist some other kinds of distraction over which you may exert control.

    You can minimize those work distractions by enlisting the prohibited tools and websites during work time. Do carefully select those tools as some may still require them for work-related purposes. Ensure that your remote workers know the list of tools and websites that are not allowed during work time.

    3. Use remote employee time tracking software.

    It is not possible to monitor all the remote employees manually. You need something automated to help you assign tasks, track the progress, evaluate performance, and calculate their payments. Here comes the use of remote work tracker like Apploye.

    You need to hire the best fit remote workers, work from home employees or virtual assistants and assign the tasks at the right moment; a time tracking app will do the rest of the jobs to keep your remote workers on the right track. You’ll be left with nothing to be worried about!

    To learn more about how a remote employee monitoring software like Apploye Time Tracker can help you in monitoring remote employees, check the later part of this article.

    4. Acquaint the remote workers with the tools

    To manage the monitoring, collaboration, and communication with remote employees, you need to use different tools. These tools will help you manage different workflow spheres in numerous capacities. All organizations will not use the same tools though. For a general idea, here is the list of the tools used for various purposes:

  • For monitoring and time tracking: Apploye, Hubstaff, Time Doctor, Desktime, TimeCamp, Everhour, Clockify
  • For communication: Zoom, Slack, Skype, Google Meet, etc.
  • For project and task management: ClickUp, Trello, Asana
  • 5. Remain transparent about employees' privacy

    As an employer, you should remain transparent about the privacy of your remote workers or work from home employees. You should not monitor any of their personal data or hover around their secrecies. If the employee spends time on personal work during the work hour, that's a different issue. You should notify them about their distractions and motivate them to concentrate on the work.

    So far, we've discovered several best practices for remote employee monitoring. You can very effectively ensure remote employee monitoring by utilizing various software and applications.

    Let's know more about remote employee monitoring software with its implications.

    What is remote employee monitoring software?

    A remote employee monitoring software can help the employers monitor the different activities of the remote employees with detailed time spent during the work time.

    The prime concern of remote employee tracker is to keep the employer tension free and provide the space to concentrate on the diversified activities on their screen. Besides time tracking, a remote employee monitoring software can also help the employer with the following actions:

    1. Measuring the productivity
    2. Taking screenshots of remote workers desktops during work hours.
    3. Tracking the time spent on different websites and URLs.
    4. Tracking the specific time spent on other apps.
    5. Generating a comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly, or custom work report.
    6. Calculating the payment of the hourly based remote employees.
    7. Generating invoices.
    8. Managing tasks and projects.
    9. Calculating bill rate and pay rate for clients and employees.

    How to choose a remote employee monitoring software

    There are many remote employee trackers monitoring software available on the internet. Moreover, if you are in search of the best remote employee time tracking and monitoring software, you should look for the below-mentioned features and capabilities.

    1. Accurate time tracking based on the employees' time log.
    2. Attendance management.
    3. Screenshot monitoring feature of employees' desktop.
    4. Apps and URLs usage monitoring.
    5. Ability to add manual time with justified reasons.
    6. Accurate daily, weekly, monthly, or custom timesheet calculation.
    7. Productivity measurement.
    8. A flexible way to create tasks and projects and assign remote employees.
    9. Automatic payment calculation based on the pay rate of hourly employees.
    10. Generates detailed time and activity reports according to your desired time span. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or custom dates.
    11. GPS location tracking for the outdoor remote employees.
    12. Idle time tracking feature.

    These are some of the essential features that you should look for while selecting a time tracking software. Remember, you will need time to acquaint the software with your remote workers.

    So, select the one that provides you with an easy way to understand and set up.

    Above all, you should also check the tool's pricing and compare it with its competitors.

    Why do companies use remote employee monitoring software?

    Employee monitoring software is essential to ensure the best use of work time and keep the workers more productive. It holds people accountable and provides them with the drive to uphold their work ethic.

    Remote employees work from home with lots of flexibility. With flexibility, there remains the chance of getting distracted. It is found that employees often get distracted and start browsing social media, news websites, online stores, etc.

    You don't know where your remote workers or work from home employees spend time as an employer.

    A work from home monitoring software can ensure proper time management and other activities more smoothly as you’ll get the information of their internet itinerary and other aspects of work time.

    Why should you use time tracking software for your remote employees?

    This is a question that might pop up in your mind as to why you should use the time tracking software for your remote workers.

    Already we have discussed the importance of time tracking software for remote workers. Another best way to get the answer to this question is to ask yourself about the feasibility of remote employee monitoring software for your business.

    However, you can also understand the necessity of using time tracking software for your remote employees if you are struggling with the following issues

    1. Miscalculation of your remote workers' time log due to false clock-ins and clock-outs.
    2. You do not know which websites or apps your work from home or remote employees are visiting
    3. Employees are not completing the tasks timely.
    4. If you think remote employees are not remaining productive
    5. Remote outdoor employees are taking more time than as expected by you
    6. Remote employees waste time browsing social media, personal emails, online shops, etc.
    7. Facing difficulty in calculating the payments of your remote employees. Most employers are concerned about the productivity and better output of their employees. Many of them have already started using time tracking software to manage and monitor remote employees more efficiently.

    Why should you fall back if you have a talented remote team? Start monitoring your remote employees today and keep them on the right track.

    Pros and Cons of remote employee monitoring software

    Incorporating time tracking software for your remote workers is a major decision. There are both pros and cons of remote employee trackers.

    In this part of the article, we have tried to add some established pros and cons of remote employee monitoring software.

    Pros of remote employee monitoring software

    Let's look at some key pros of introducing remote employee time tracking software-

    1. Proper time utilization

    As an employer, you want that your employees should make the best use of their working hours. If the employees are working remotely, then it should be a major concern for you.

    A time tracking app can assist you to ensure the best use of time for your remote workers. Remote employees will be much cautious once they will know that their time is being monitored.

    2. Productivity Amplification

    Once you introduce the remote worker time tracking software for your remote employees, they will remain more vigilant about their tasks. As you will actively monitor their time and activities, they will concentrate more on their responsibilities, which will ultimately boost the productivity rate.

    3. Performance evaluation

    You do not need to evaluate the performances of your remote employees. Using remote employee time tracking software, you can easily get an idea of the performances of your remote workers.

    You can also get the work report with time spent on different activities from your remote employees.

    4. Good for ROI

    The amount of money you are spending for the remote employees' payroll is a kind of investment in your business. You deserve to get the best return from them.

    A remote employee time tracking software is here to assist you to get the maximum ROI from your remote workers.

    5. Transparency in work

    A remote worker monitoring software gives you the edge to remain transparent about the tasks between you as an employer and the employee.

    6. Accountability enhancement

    Once your remote employees know that you are actively monitoring their activities, they will definitely think about the accountability of their actions.

    6. Management cost reduction

    You probably spend a handsome amount once you manually monitor your remote employees. A time tracking app can help you to get more optimized data of your remote employees' works and reduce your management costs.

    7. Easy payment calculation

    If you have hourly based remote employees, that means you pay the employee based on the time they work for you, then payment calculation should be a concern for you.

    No worries, a remote employee time tracking app calculate the total payment based on the time log. You have to put pay rate only.

    8. Building up a Performance standard

    Many companies struggle to create a benchmark while going through the evaluation process. They generally compare their performance with industry standards or set a vague expectation from the employees and eventually fail to materialize the whole context. Bringing a remote work tracker can tilt the tide towards you as you know what your actual performance is. You can now compare your performance against the historical data you have gathered and thus push your standard upward.

    9. Retention of top performers

    While choosing to recruit overseas talents, you decide to dive into a far bigger talent pool. Despite having a replacement for almost everyone, you don’t want to lose the best performers as they offer you more than you expect from them. But how to find them out?

    A remote work monitor software can show you the way. You have all the necessary information regarding workhour, activity, productivity of the employees and you can quickly evaluate based on the prospects. Retention of the top performers hasn’t been easy, but it is now!

    Again, with the help of integration with different payment processors, you can send the payment to your remote workers from the time tracking app.

    Cons of remote employee monitoring software

    Like the advantages of remote employee time tracking software, there remain some disadvantages as well. It wouldn't be wise to ignore the downsides of affording remote work monitor software. However, compared to pros, the number of cons are minimal.

    Let's look at some of the cons of remote worker time tracking and monitoring and software

    1. Early adaptation issue

    Many of the employees would take more time than usual to adapt to the new flow of work that you create while bringing the time tracking software into your organization. Some people will hate that they will be monitored by software that can track everything they will be doing on their screen from now onwards.

    2. Employee turnover

    If you introduce the time tracking software once you have already hired the employees, there remains a chance that employee turnover will increase. Many employees will not like accountability as the time tracking software ensure. Some may take things personally, whereas a few may dislike it straightway just because they want to work with total liberation.

    However, it would be best if you had the efficiency and productivity of the employees. So, you better keep the employees who will oblige to your policy.

    3. Sometimes cost may increase

    When choosing a time tracking software for your remote employees, you will consider the price of the tool. However, if you do not research well and end up choosing a costly time tracking software, which may increase your management cost.

    Our suggestion would be to spend some time analyzing different remote employee monitoring software and choose the most cost-effective one.

    4. Fear of being micromanaged

    Micromanagement has been an issue circulating in the corporate world for years, and it's unsurprising that after bringing a remote work monitoring tool, some of your remote employees might fall into the fear of being micromanaged. It can considerably impact their productivity, as well as their motivation towards work, which can deteriorate.

    But, if you can make your remote employees understand the monitoring policy, this disadvantage can be well managed.

    6. Complex software may consume your time

    As human instinct says, we always look for the easy things. Once you choose a remote employee monitoring software, you should go through the onboarding process. You can also ask for the live demo from the tool's organization.

    7. Everything cannot be monitored

    There are certain intangible things that you cannot monitor. For example, once your employee spends time brainstorming, you cannot track that data, right? Likewise, there are other certain things that you cannot measure with remote employee monitoring software.

    Types of Organizations that use remote employee monitoring software:

    1. Companies having all employees as remote workers

    A remote worker monitoring software is the most suitable for this organization. There are companies where all the employees work remotely, and maybe they don't even have a premise to represent themselves. By using remote employee monitoring software, they ensure their remote employees' time utilization and productivity.

    2. Virtual assistant companies

    There are many virtual assistants companies worldwide. Employees of these companies generally do not work permanently. Many employees work from home. These virtual assistant companies choose employee monitoring software to manage their workers. It helps them supervise the employees working miles away from them.

    3. Mixture of both in-office and remote employees

    There are organizations where both in-office and remote employees work. Sometimes companies also outsource works by hiring remote employees. Managers can take care of the in-office employees, But, what about the remote employees? Yes, they use remote employee monitoring software in order to track the work progress of the remote workers.

    4. Companies having work from home employees

    There is a culture where companies offer work from the home system to some employees. During the COVID-19 period, the number of employees working from home exceeded any previous record and day by day, the practice will be transforming into a new norm.

    Employers are really anxious about how to track employees working from home. So, time tracking software is necessary by which, employers can easily monitor the work from home employees

    However, work from home monitoring software with time tracking is used not only for remote workers but also for in-office employees to boost productivity and instil accountability in workers.

    Apploye Time Tracker- The best remote employee monitoring software

    From the inception of Apploye, it is being widely chosen by employers who have remote employees, work from home workers, virtual assistants, independent contractors.

    Apploye is all in one platform for remote employee monitoring with time tracking. This remote employee time tracking software has the essential features useful for better employee management no matter from where the employees are working.

    Let's explore more about Apploye........

    Essential features for remote employee monitoring software and availability in Apploye.

    FeaturesAvailability in Apploye
    Screenshot monitoring of remote employee’s desktop
    Different apps usage tracking with time
    Url tracking and time spent
    Daily, weekly, monthly and custom timesheets
    Pomodoro break feature
    Idle time alert
    Time and activity report
    Manual time entry report
    Apps and URLs usage report in details
    Productivity measurement
    Assigning task and projects
    GPS location tracking for field employees
    Project overview based on cost
    Project overview based on time spent
    Invoice generation
    Automatic employee payroll calculation
    Integration with Trello
    Easy invitation to team members

    Monitor Your Remote Employees, Sitting At Your Place

    Let's see how Apploye features help you in remote employee monitoring and save your valuable time.

    Attendance monitoring

    Attendance is part and parcel of all organizations. You cannot expect physical attendance from your remote employees. If you have a fixed time for your remote workers, you will be concerned about their attendance.

    Let us make more clear with an example.

    Suppose you have remote employees of different time zone for managing your 24-hour customer support system and that employee works in a definite schedule.

    However, timely clock in and clock out with the Apploye app can ensure the attendance of your remote workers.

    Time tracking with screenshots

    Apploye has the time tracking with a screenshot feature that helps an employer check the employees' activities. It takes a screenshot in an interval of ten minutes randomly.

    If they find that their data is too private to be shown in a screenshot, they can delete that particular screenshot. But in that case, they will have to write the exact reason for deleting the screenshot. This is a wonderful feature to hold your employees responsible for their actions and stick them to their work.

    Apps usage monitoring

    We have suggested enlisting the prohibited apps during work hours in remote employee monitoring best practices. But there remains the chance of getting distracted.

    Apps usage monitoring feature of Apploye Time Tracker will give you the details of the apps that your remote workers have used with time spent. It’s a wonderful feature considering that you can easily detect which apps are related to the works and time killers.

    So, that’s how you can deter employees from running such software that can potentially break their attention and bring distraction to their workflow.

    URL tracking

    This is another fantastic remote employee monitoring feature of Apploye. How will you feel if you can see what websites your remote employees are visiting?

    Apploye will give you detailed data of your remote workers' URLs during the work hour. You will get to know whether they are visiting the web pages related to their work or simply passing their time on the Facebook newsfeed.

    Now you will see where the employees are spending their precious work hours.

    Online timesheet for recording working hours

    You can check out all your remote employees' daily activities in a fairly organized interface. The daily timesheet helps you visualize the activities for specific projects and tasks. It also provides weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheets.

    Again, you will be able to see which part of the day a particular employee was working and in which part he was inactive.

    Besides, there are options to add manual time if your employee forgot to turn on the app at the beginning of the work. He has to show the rationale behind adding the manual time. For that added time, the productivity would be zero.

    Productivity monitoring

    Apploye measures the employees' productivity based on the keystrokes and the movement of the mouse. So, if you have remote employees who consistently work on a desktop or laptop, you can very well measure their productivity.

    In the report section, under the title ‘Time & Activity Report’, you’ll be able to see the average activity (which is productivity) based on the ratio between productive and non-productive time.

    Pomodoro break feature

    Pomodoro break is another cool feature of Apploye that is closely related to productivity. With this feature, your remote employees can fix their work time and break time without affecting productivity.

    A notification will be shown to the employee once it is break time.

    For example, An employee can design the work time as 50 minutes work with 10 minutes break or 25 minutes work with 5 minutes break.

    Idle time alert

    By idle time, we mean that an employee is out of work for a definite time. You can set the alert for idle time. Suppose you have set the notification for an idle time as 10 minutes. So, if an employee remains out of engagement with the devices, he/she will be notified as shown below.

    Time tracking for managing projects and tasks

    Apploye helps you to maintain all your remote employees' tasks and projects in a disciplined way. You can create projects or tasks and assign responsible remote employees.

    You can also check the time usage on different tasks and projects.

    GPS Location tracking

    If you have remote employees who work on the field or outdoor, this GPS location tracking feature of Apploye will be super useful for you.

    You can easily track the location of your employees and have a clear idea of your employees' outdoor activities.

    Easy Payroll Calculation

    It is now easy to calculate the payroll of your remote employees. You need to calculate the time and payment of your hourly based remote workers. Based on your remote employees' time logged, Apploye will calculate the payroll automatically. You need to set the pay rate once, Apploye will do the rest.

    Team feature

    If you have different teams of remote workers for various tasks, then this feature will be helpful for you. You can make a team leader provide admin access to monitor the team, and as an employer, you can oversee the team leader's activities.

    These are some of the key features of Apploye for remote employee monitoring. This tool has also got the following features:

    1. Access to multiple organizations adding
    2. Ability to assign multiple admins for better monitoring
    3. Invoice generation for employees and clients
    4. Integration with project management software like Trello
    5. Blog section for keeping you updated with different industry trends
    6. Essential support materials
    7. World-class support to help the users
    8. Supported platforms of Apploye are macOS, Windows, Linux, Android.

    We are offering you 10 days of the free trial. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to activate the Apploye trial under any plan. No credit card is required.